Here is an excellent video from Project Camelot, a good resource for all of your alternative perspective ideas about the world now, in the past and into the future. Project Camelot is interviewing Joseph P Farrell, who has produced a very impressive body of work that would be labeled “alternative history” in the bookstore.

I recently read one of Joseph Farrell’s more recent books – Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda, and I enjoyed it and wanted to find out more about his research so I decided to look for a video interview. The video is not all that new and when I heard what the topic of the video was, the Nazi Bell, I was not all that excited (I’ve seen too many boring History programs about Nazi military escapades) but decided to give it a try because I wanted to see more from Farrell. We’ve covered a bit of Nazi occult information, with the Nazi UFOs, but I knew nothing of the depths of the Nazi secret research programs and I found the interview to be extremely interesting.

Here’s another interview from George Noory’s Coast to Coast program. In this one, Farrell talks about one of his more recent book from last year – Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men (he has published 2 or 3 more since then, I don’t know if we can keep up with him) and some of his other books putting together the theory of an ancient cosmic war long before the history we know of on Earth. But if you want to sleep at night maybe you should avoid all this stuff because otherwise thoughts of all these otherworldly overlords controlling our humble human lives may keep you awake.

Still need more? Here is an enormous archive of radio show recordings covering all of Farrell’s books and much more at The Byte Show

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