Cop watchers with the police accountability group Cop Block took to the streets of Texas to demonstrate for individual rights and liberties.

The group stood near a busy mall, open carrying rifles, and announcing to citizens that police do not have special rights over the citizenry. The protesters explained that this includes special firearm carrying rights.

To make the point, they carried weapons to emphasize that the police are not above the citizens.

On megaphones they announced to passersby and drivers that police do not trust citizens and since they do not trust us, we should not trust them. The solution? “Always film the police at every interaction with them.”

Kory Watkins from Texas Cop Block explains, “we decided to head out to Irving, Texas during our open carry cop watch marathon. We were active from 9am until about 10pm. We posted up near the mall and got a good spot with a lot of traffic. We were out holding signs, passing out material and dropping knowledge bombs to all the people shopping and traveling in the area. We were there for about 10 minutes until two Irving Police officers showed up and tried to move us to the sidewalk. We stood our ground.”

At the beginning of the video, we hear the officer demanding that the activists cross the street. After trying three different ways to tell them they have to cross the street (and being shot down at every attempt), the officer tries to pull a “Jedi Mind Trick,” saying, “We’re gonna go across the street, and…”

But the scam didn’t work, as Cop Blockers stood their ground and said, “You’re going to go across the street.”

The protesters added, “tou don’t get to tell us where to stand.”

“We are sick and tired of being told what to do,” they continued.

They insisted that they will not move until the police prove that there is a real law that they were citing. “We are waiting for a city ordinance saying that we cannot stand there.”

“We’re not afraid of the police. The police need to be afraid of the citizens. Because if the police are afraid of us, then there is liberty.”

Once the police moved to physical block the road, the activists announced on their bullhorn: “You are obstructing traffic officers, please move from the roadway.”

Watch the video below for a good laugh and a lesson in putting authoritarian bullies in their places.

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(Article by Moreh B.D.K. with reporting by Kory Watkins)

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