Rick Yoes has just been locked up behind bars. His crime? Not mowing his lawn.

Yoes turned himself in last night at the county jail, as a warrant issued for his arrest ordered.

The warrant was issued after Yoes received a fine of $1,700 last September. Since there was no way that Yoes could pay the fine, he took his vacation days at the South east campus for Tarrant County College where he is an electrician. By taking all of the vacation days at once, this allowed a replacement to fill in for him while he spends the next 17 days in the county jail.

So what crime did Yoes commit?

The regulation for the city of Grand Prairie says that lawns may be as high as 12 inches. But Rick’s daughter Angel explains that this new regulation wasn’t familiar to her or her father, according to Fresno Peoples Media.

Angel continues, “Yes, we should have been more on top of it, but we were so busy with work, and when we got a warning from the city we handled it.”

Angel explains that last fall both she and her father were working long days and they admittedly did neglect their lawn a bit.

Once the city sent them a reminder to mow the lawn shorter than 6 inches, Angel explains that she did and kept it “buzzed” down ever since.

Neither of them thought about it again, until a postcard came in the mail a couple weeks ago from the city. It said that there was a warrant for Rick’s arrest, as well as a fine of $1,700. Angel told me the sum of the fine is the equivalent of 3 mortgage payments.

Yoes told the Fresno Peoples Media that he and his daughter Angel are seriously disappointed in the local government, which they describe as squandering tax dollars by prosecuting him.

“I’m seriously disappointed with the way Grand Prairie is handling this situation. I think there are better ways to spend tax payer money than locking up dangerous grass growers.”

(Article by Jackson Marciana; h/t to Fresno Peoples Media)

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