by Frederic Wiedemann, Ph.D

We started three years ago with a vision and no money. Now we have our dream a ranch, spiritual retreat and community in the heart of the Rockies! We have named it the Diamond Joy Retreat. And we used Abraham and other manifestation principles to handle every twist and turn of the drama. What an adventure it was (and continues to be). We share this with you in hopes that it will inspire you. The Course In Miracles says that “there is no problem in wanting, but only in wanting too little.” If we can do it, you can do it.
We decided two years ago that we wanted to shift our consciousness to a “much bigger game” than we had ever known. That entailed a physical move from Southern California, giving up our successful professional careers in counseling, and LEAPING off the precipice. Late at night, when fear would strike, we would try to comfort each other by whispering our favorite saying: “Leap…and the net will appear.” It did. A starting point of this manifestation journey was when we had a simultaneous vision of wanting a spiritual community in the mountains where we could practice a new connection “with non- physical”, have room for our friends and families, and prepare for Earth Changes. We remember having a private session with Abraham soon thereafter, and being all hot and bothered about the details of this vision: How would we get the money? Where were we to look? You can guess that Abraham counseled essence rather than form. What did we want to feel in this new space? As we focused on essence, we started getting inspirations. We took “research” trips to the western states to browse which was all we could do at that time both of us were locked into professions, no extra money, and obligations at home. It was almost comical to ask a Realtor to show us property and not be able to answer their logical questions: what is your budget? How many acres? How many structures? What elevation?

Through our intentions, constant elaboration of the vision, and the use of contrast (“Well, not that…this, well maybe…that is definitely a NO,”) we gradually got clearer. We started to write down a list of all the attributes that we wanted. It started as simple notes. After each trip, we would revise the notes. It soon evolved into a typed page, and ultimately took form as a two-page detailed description of exactly what we wanted from size to price to structures to elevation to water to privacy to location. We then faxed this out to Realtors.

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In the meantime, we still didn’t have any money for this bold purchase. But we trusted. We undertook much psychological work on ourselves and our relationship during this “middle period” of the journey. Both of us were transforming limiting beliefs we had about money. I had initiated a program for myself about a year before which l called a “financial quantum leap.” It involved daily meditations, journalizing, and penetration into hidden belief restrictions about wealth. Cynthia was getting courage to sell her 23 year business as a successful Shaklee distributor. One of the techniques we used to clear old beliefs was asking ourselves why we DIDN’T want all that money. We came up with a list over 40 reasons! Things such as, “It will take too much effort.” “I don’t want to be that responsible.” By really listening to our unconscious resistance, we were in a position to deal with each fear through a variety of transforming techniques. We were living in two worlds through this period the everyday world of clients, families and responsibilities, and the realm of vision, intense inner work and surrender. The money started to come through from an unexpected source.

Cynthia and her ex-husband, Michael, had created a high-tech company some years before. He had built it into a success and sold it. He was so grateful for Cynthia’s vision and support, that he want to give her a generous portion. Conventional wisdom and friends had been urging her to push for a divorce settlement. By staying clear in her intentions to have a harmonious relationship with her ex-husband, she received far more money than if she had followed others’ advice. We are very grateful to Michael for his incredible generosity.

Believe it or not, when the money came through, we had to redouble our inner work! Having money raised intense issues for both of us. We had heard that idea, but always said to ourselves, “Yeah right, well money won’t bother us!” But since the money was coming through Cynthia, I had issues about my worth, my maleness, my ego. It was amazing to watch the small mind kick and scream! Gratefully, our intention of harmony, freedom, joy and clarity was a laser cutting through.

Our relationship went through several MORE layers of clearing and rising to a higher vibratory rate. Everything (from sex to commitment) had to be expanded to this bigger game we both wanted to play. We include these intimate details of our relationship because they were a natural consequence of our wanting something big. We continue to see that when we expand, the internal psychological status quo always throws a fit. Transformative techniques helped us not only “talk” to these undeveloped parts of our personality, but more important, to stay on track with our higher vision.

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Within several days of the money coming through, a Realtor called to say she had “just the property for us.” We took yet another research trip and by now the universe “had handled the details.” The property was magnificent 227 private acres near Aspen, Colorado with a river, ponds, meadows, extraordinary views and bordered by National Forest. It answered every one of the items on our “wish fax list.”

We agonized briefly, made an offer, and closed within three months. There was a whirlwind of Lawyers, title searches, water rights specialists, broken down fax machines, red flag deadlines, and the required hundreds of on-the-spot decisions during this period. We kept asking nonphysical to help us clear the decks if this property was meant to be ours.

We have a dream. We have a place for our spiritual work to blossom and a place for YOU to blossom. We are ready for Earth Changes. And we are incredibly, boundlessly grateful. We are grateful that the universe has well-defined laws of creation, and grateful that Abraham teaches those laws, and grateful that the Hicks and others make these teachings available, and grateful that those laws work just like all the metaphysical teacher’s claims they do. We welcome you to contact us if there is anything in our story that moves you. We invite you to come stay with us, join our “expansion shops”, and contact us regularly as you manifest YOUR dream.

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