A Sacred Message to Mankind Interview with DeAnna Emerson

Interview with DeAnna Emerson The Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind, Galde Press, 1996 on 21st Century Radio with Dr. Bob Hieronimus, June 16, 1996.

Dr. Bob Hieronimus: Welcome back to award-winning 21st Century Radio!!! I’m Dr. Bob Hieronimus, half of Hieronimus & Company. The other half is Zoh Hieronimus, host of The #1 “Zoh Show” Monday through Friday 9-12. Our Executive Producer and Research Assistant is Laura Cortner. Our Engineer is Robin London-Dean.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: the most important story of this century… this millennium… or perhaps for the past three to five million years is: we Earthlings are not alone in the universe, and we never have been. But of course you wouldn’t know that by reading the corporate agenda press or watching corporate agenda TV. They have vested interests, big advertising bucks, and mega corporate investments that won’t pay off top dollar if ETs become part of the picture. How do we know that? By reading the report NASA commissioned from the Bookings Institute in 1960 which concludes that the discovery of ETs will make big trouble for the status quo politics, religion, medicine and sciences especially technologies. In other words, top dogs won’t be top dogs anymore, so you won’t find real reporting about them in the corporately-controlled press. To them ETs are only good if they can increase their income. They make good box office material when ETs are shown to be murderers, rapers and blood and guts demons. More on that later.

While the talking heads repeat ad nauseum that UFOs and ETs don’t exist, over 20 million Americans have reported seeing them and 2-5 million Americans are estimated to have been abducted by them. Over 58% of Americans believe they exist. American people have been led to believe that if ET life was discovered anywhere in our solar system, NASA would jump for joy and their budget would runneth over. What a bunch of BS! NASA is afraid to face the reality that ETs exist and are in no way interested in proving it, which they could do simply by returning to nearby Mars and photographing and “sampling” the unusual Martian surface features. Instead, for 20 years since the face on Mars was discovered by their own cameras, they have dragged their feet. They called the face a “trick of light and shadow,” but recently backtracked through Carl Sagan, saying they may have misinterpreted the data. 20 years of suppressing what they know to be positive evidence for the probability of structures on Mars that were created by some intelligence, and probably not Earth people.

For the past eight years on this program, we’ve brought you researcher upon researcher who say these formations on Mars need a careful look — and now even Prince Carl Sagan (after 20 years!) confesses there might be something to it. Many of our guests have worked with NASA and for various government agencies, as well as renowned physicists, geologists, and researchers in computer science including Vince DiPietro, Greg Molenaar, Dr. John Brandenburg, Richard C. Hoagland, Dr. Randy Pozos, Dr. Norman Bergrun, Ray Bradbury, Zecharia Sitchin, Dr. Erol Torun, Dr. Michael Malin, Dan Drasin, Dr. Mark Carlotto, Dr. Brain O’leary, Dr. Courtney Brown, Dr. Stan McDaniel, Dr. Horace Crater, and Jim Erjavec, most of whom you can find listed in the 21st Century Radio Catalogue of tapes that also depicts the NASA photos of the face and monuments. On page 128 you can see Viking photo 35A72, the Face on Mars, on page 129 you can see the D& M Pyramid in Viking Photo 70A13, and on page 130 there is an excellent shot of the entire Mars Cydonia region. If you don’t yet own a catalogue, send $5.00 to Hieronimus & Co. Catalogue P.O. Box 648 Owings Mills, MD 21117

Tonight our first hour guest will provide another perspective on the Mars monuments. Our guest this hour is DeAnna Emerson, author of Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind (Galde Press, 1-800-777-3454) in which she presents compelling evidence suggesting that extraterrestrial life visited both Mars and Earth in the distant past. Part of her exploration details the ageless and elusive “Great Mother Goddess” the worship of whom we will discuss before going to Mars. If you can remember some of the shows I did with Zoh several years ago, perhaps you’ll remember my correcting a particular caller several times about his reference to God’s gender as male. I kept saying that God the Deity, and not necessarily the Supreme Deity, could also have been a female or be both female/male. There are many reasons for my views that the creator of the human race was female, but tonight’s guest will say it more convincingly. It’s certainly not important for you to believe this, but I expect it will make it easier to understand humanity’s creation on planet Earth.

The book, The Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind is published by Galde Press (phone: 1-800-777-3454)

DeAnna Emerson is a writer and scholar. Educated at the University of Washington and a member of the Pacific Northwest Archeological Society, she has devoted a lifetime to the study of ancient religions, history and archeology. DeAnna has also worked as a remote viewer with the mysterious crystal skull, an ancient healing tool used by the Maya and the subject of her forthcoming book, Secret of the Grail.

Welcome to award winning 21st Century Radio and TV News, DeAnna Emerson!

DeAnna Emerson: Thank you very much, Robert.

Bob: Now we have a great deal to cover and not much time in which to do it, so I’d like to start with the Bookings Institute Report of 1960. We’ve covered this before, but for new listeners, briefly tell us who commissioned it, what part did NASA have to do with it, and what did it conclude?

Emerson: Well, NASA requested the Brookings Institute issue a report on the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life, as you know, and when the report came back they basically stated that the concern over the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life meant that scientists in particular, and politically influential religious groups would be the most affected by the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life. For me, that was a clue because I have a background in ancient history and I understood the Mother Goddess and the worship of the Mother Goddess, or they were called idol worshipers in the Bible. And so of course the Brookings Institute created quite a stir with their report.

Bob: Who were the status quo groups that Brookings concluded would suffer most if ETs/UFOs were proved to exist? I know you mentioned this, let’s do a little bit more detail on that.

Emerson: Well, the scientists in particular, and politically religious groups would be the most affected. The Buddhists in Burma, basically because there’s an agenda, there seems to be an agenda of politically influential religious groups that have been controlling the political system and they were concerned over that, over the discovery of extraterrestrial life would affect that.

Bob: In your work you’ve put a great deal of emphasis on the effects the discovery of ETs would have on the traditional religions — why?

Emerson: Well, because there is, as you know now, a political far right religious agenda in our political arena, and it seems to be tied into the suppression of constitutional rights as we’re seeing on a yearly, actually monthly basis sometimes. And there is that connection there with religious groups and what seems to be women’s rights, in particular the rights of the control over her body which may have to do with the extraterrestrial Great Mother and perhaps with MtDNA that may have been passed on in her genes, so there’s a lot of under-cover controversy there.

Bob: It certainly is undercover! It’s not that this is brought out in great detail, but a lot of it is hidden, as we will see later on. Hopefully you’ll have time to touch on the Vatican, certain aspects of the Vatican, that is. The feminine deity — what evidence exists that confirms that the creator god was a woman and how far back does the Goddess religion go?

Emerson: Well there is a lot of research that indicates it goes back to 20,000-25,000 B.C. There’s even some evidence that shows that perhaps it goes back as far as 2 million years. In fact there was a goddess figurine discovered in Idaho of all places that has been carbon dated at 2 million years old. That’s a classic figure, it’s not a crude figurine, it’s a very classic figure of the goddess. And there are thousands and thousands of figurines of the Great Mother goddess, depictions of her on temple walls, numerous, numerous evidence; archaeological sites that have been uncovered with altars dedicated to the Great Mother goddess. She seems to have been worshipped as the serpent goddess in particular which I feel is tied in with discovery of a planet associated with Ophiuchus/Serpens constellation.

Bob: We’ll get into that near the end of the show. You know, what you’re saying (and I don’t have any conflict with it at all, other than with just about every male on this planet, and that’s unfortunate) is that the oldest religions on this planet dealt with a feminine deity. This goes back to a minimum of 20,000 years ago and you mentioned perhaps up to 2 million years ago. That is extraordinary, extraordinary age! We’re going to take a break, when we come back, we’re going to ask what are the basic beliefs of the goddess tradition — how is that religion practiced, etc. Because it is within this tradition that I am most at home. And I know lots of our listeners out there are shocked, but I have mentioned this a number of times. All of us, every human being on this planet is like this: being a male at this time, I may be about 49.999% female and about 50.0001 male. And just about everyone on this planet has this very fine line as to how much maleness and how much femaleness is in them. Unfortunately a lot of males are very much afraid of that, and I find that unfortunate. We want to get to the religious practices, and I think that when most people understand that, they will easily understand why I believe or why I feel most at home in the goddess tradition…. [Return from break] Well, DeAnna, what are the basic beliefs of the goddess tradition and how is that religion practiced?

Emerson: Well, the evidence that goes back clear, at least into the early Middle Ages where there is a text that shows what their practices and beliefs were, is that they believed in very simple premises. One was the freedom of choice, and the other one was self experience. And they believed that they did not need an intermediary to communicate with a higher source.

Bob: There you probably have the big rub, don’t you?

Emerson: Right.

Bob: They believe basically, the freedom of choice, self experience, and you do not need an intermediary.

Emerson: That’s correct.

Bob: And that probably is what, in part, brings down traditional religions upon the Goddess tradition. Do you think that’s accurate?

Emerson: Yes, I would certainly agree with that. That is one of the factors. I believe very strongly that freedom of choice in particular, and that may tie in, as I said earlier with MtDNA that has been associated with the female in particular.

Bob: Talk to us a little bit about MtDNA before we go on.

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Emerson: Well, in the nucleus of the cell, around the perimeter there is a mixture of both male and female, however, there is also an area that is exclusively female and that’s called mitochondrial DNA, MtDNA for short. They’ve been able to trace the ancestry of that particular DNA back to a single female ancestor as far as 500,000 years old. However, I have a hunch that it may go even further to an extraterrestrial mother, that it may have been a gene or a part of a DNA code that’s been passed down through an extraterrestrial. That may even be why this whole agenda to suppress women’s right of abortion, contraceptive and that type of thing.

Bob: How and when did the paternalistic deity come into being and what was its affect on the Goddess tradition?

Emerson: The established religions? Well, it actually goes back a long way, and it’s a wonderful question you ask because it looks like it began with an Aryan civilization that was Hittite and may even have occupied old Europe, what was called Old Europe where the sacred script was discovered, the sacred script of the Goddess, that predates the Sumerian language by at least 2,000 years. And it looks like this Aryan civilization or Hittite civilization may have, they did in fact, invade and conquer goddess-worshipping civilizations and perhaps moved into the Middle East where they did the same thing there. They began usurping the rights of the female, matrilineal rights for one thing. That is, descent in other words was passed on from mother to daughter, probably because of the MtDNA. And in addition, their language was taken by the scribes and the priesthood who of course, in order to conquer the civilization had to use their own language to convert the masses. So it looks like it began back with the Aryans and came forward through the Semites, the Hebrews and into Rome.

Bob: How many thousands of years ago was that?

Emerson: We’re talking 8,000 years for sure. We’re talking 8,000 years.

Bob: So we’re saying basically, that paternalistic deity concept is in the area of about 8,000 years old.

Emerson: Right. There’s archaeological evidence that shows that these goddess-worshipping civilizations, their lands were invaded, especially in the area of Yugoslavia. That their lands were invaded and they were conquered around 8,000 years ago and that these invaders (whoever they were is unsure, there is some question although it’s generally accepted that they were Aryan or Hittite) then just kept moving forward. Of course it took generations and generations to eradicate this religion. In fact, in some areas there’s still matrilineal descent practiced as with the Basques in Spain.

Bob: Within the League of the Iroquois that is still also practiced, and of course the League of the Iroquois had great influence upon the founding fathers and most history books today ignore that totally, and that’s very unfortunate. As a matter of fact I have colleagues on this station who will swear that that’s just a bunch of lies.

Emerson: There’s just overwhelming evidence to support that that’s indeed what happens. In addition I’d like to mention that in the earliest archaeological sites there were no weapons of war that were discovered. These were peacefully co-existing agriculturally based civilizations. They also had high technology which may have been the reason they didn’t need to war, but nevertheless, they were peaceful and they used a sacred script to communicate with deities, and they wore ET-like masks that were also inscribed with the script.

Bob: A frequent guest on Hieronimus & Co. productions is Zecharia Sitchin who concludes that the Ancient Sumerians were the first contact or in fact related to ETs themselves. You say not so — it was the Ubaidians. Who were the Ubaidians and what kind of relationship did they have with the Sumerians?

Emerson: There were actually two civilizations in Mesopotamia that predated what came to be known as the Sumerian. There were the Warka civilization and the Ubaidians. Again, they were goddess-worshipping civilizations who used the same sacred script that has been discovered in Yugoslavia. They were agriculturally based, no weapons of war were found in their grave sites. They had the large, goggle-shaped eyes, looked very much like the depictions of the goddess Inanna, almost as an astronaut. And the Sumerians invaded their lands and conquered them. Numerous scholars have been very curious as to why the Sumerians had so many slaves and servants and it’s probably because when they invaded these lands of the peaceful civilizations, they didn’t resist and they were very easily captured.

Bob: What was the relationship between the Ubaidians and the ETs?

Emerson: Well, it appears that they were the descendants, maybe the direct descendants of the ETs. There’s several reasons that I’m convinced of that. Number one is the script that was used to communicate, it was used as a form of communication between humans and deities and this has been stated by archaeologists. That sacred script is in the crop circles. Five of the symbols from this script turned out to be on the Mars face, according to the computer enhanced photographs. Their appearance of the large goggle eyes leads me to be really emphatically convinced that they are the direct descendants of extraterrestrials. And that they were peaceful civilizations.

Bob: And you believe that status quo paternalistic oriented institutions intentionally altered historical documents so that every vestige of the Ubaidians (and I want to remind our listeners that we knew nothing of the Sumerians until less than 100 years ago, which is amazing in itself) and every vestige of the creator goddess knowledge was eliminated. Is that correct?

Emerson: That’s correct. It took them hundreds of centuries to do it. In fact, one of the…

Bob: Too bad they didn’t have a shredder. If they could have had a shredder, DeAnna, it would have been a lot quicker.

Emerson: Right, right.

Bob: The cover of your book contains some symbols taken from an 8,000 year old language. You’ve referred to it a number of times so far this evening. Where was this language discovered — well, you mentioned it was in Yugoslavia — and what relationship does it have to the goddess tradition?

Emerson: Well, the script was an exciting discovery. I actually had that script laying around for some time while I was working on another book and happened to really take a look one day at some old crop circle footage and realized that it was in the crop circles! That goddess script is 8,000 years old. It’s been carbon dated that age. However, I want to add that Michael Cremo has a little piece of evidence in one of his books that mentions a slab of marble that was discovered in Philadelphia and it looks like it may be about 500,000 years old, and on that slab of marble are two characters that, they had no idea what these symbols were. I found them in the script. So now we’re talking about an ancient script, that is carbon dated 8,000 years ago in Yugoslavia, was used by the Ubaidians in Mesopotamia and somehow was used in Philadelphia by obviously another goddess worshiping civilization 500,000 years ago.

Now this script was used a number of ways. Number one it was inscribed on hundreds of figurines of the female Great Mother Goddess. In addition, the followers of this, and I hesitate to call it a religion, the religion basically was around nature and the Mother as creator. But they used this script to inscribe ET-like masks that they wore perhaps in some type of ceremonies where they were communicating with the extraterrestrials. And it also became associated, in fact it’s the core language associated with the mathematics of Pythagoras. I’ve also tracked it into the Rune symbols as well as into the Knights Templar cypher code.

Bob: OK, now, I know most of our listeners are wondering when we’re going to get to Mars, and now we are. Very generally, with what we’ve discussed thus far, what kind of relationships have you found between the Martian monuments and the goddess tradition? Let’s do a general overall and then let’s go step by step, the face, the crown, the teeth, the teardrop, the pupil, etc., etc.

Emerson: That sounds good to me. Let’s start with the face on Mars, then. One of the things that I noticed when Dr. Mark Carlotto sent me computer enhanced photographs of the face was that there were five symbols on it. And these five symbols, one of them was a triangle or a cone in the eye, the pupil of the eye. And there is what appears to be a diadem crown on the forehead that forms a crescent or even perhaps a cross, an X, I might say, on the forehead. And there are four lines that run down the side of the face that are visible. All of these symbols are in the goddess script. There’s also a single tear in the eye of the Mars face, and that’s the first thing I noticed, of course, because that was the thing that’s been talked about for some time now. And I realized that this had to do with the Great Mother Goddess, because she was in the past, clear back into the beginning of history, to the flood in particular, associated with the tears as rain, as water, as the source of life on this planet. Then I also found the other symbols, of course, and found a similar depiction of a head with the same symbols, as far as the four lines running down it in a “Sumerian” pictographic language. We have to be careful when we call it “Sumerian”, they adopted or took on the language of the previous civilization so these depictions were most likely Ubaidian.

Bob: We touched on the pupil in the eye socket?

Emerson: The pupil, the triangle in the eye socket? Yes. Thank you. The triangle in the eye socket: number one it is the symbol for the birthing triangle of the female Goddess as Mother creator. It is also a portion of the script and it can be found in the Ophiuchus/Serpens constellation as well, where it’s again called the birthing triangle of the Goddess. So that was an association with her as well.

In addition, when you look at the D & M pyramid or even the other mound over to the right of the D & M pyramid, what’s been called the tholus, which means mound, those structures themselves represented the pregnant belly of the Goddess. And there were similar structures on earth, in fact, when the structures were built on earth they were again usually associated with the head stones just like on Mars. However, as the patriarchal religions came through and began invading these lands of the goddess-worshipping civilizations they destroyed the headstone, so often what is found is only the mound. Although there is the Sphinx.

The other Mars structures that no one has brought up before and I’d really like to emphasize is: with every goddess-worshipping culture there were quarries associated with them. And opposed to the view that they were mining gold for their planet, the evidence strongly suggests that they were using gemstones, precious gemstones and gold and a number of other elements to build their temples, their grain silos so they could store grain, as the Bible says, for up to twenty years. They cast-molded everything on the spot so they always had quarries associated with them.

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Bob: That was fascinating to see your reference to Dr. Joseph Davidovits and his research on those works of stone. We’ve had Dr. Davidovits’s co-workers on the air with us (he’s in France, of course) discussing how the Great Pyramid could have been built with molds of stones, semi-precious stones, etc. That is a fascinating theory. Of course, Egyptologists won’t have anything to do with it as you probably well know, unfortunately.

Friends, we’re going to have to take another break here. There’s an awful lot to cover and we’re only going to be able to touch on most of it, but we strongly suggest you get a copy of the book The Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind, by DeAnna Emerson. You can order it by calling Galde Press at 1-800-777-3454. As you know, we’ve done dozens of shows on the face and pyramids on Mars and this is a perspective that most of the other researchers wouldn’t touch, or didn’t touch or maybe they didn’t have the knowledge to touch it with. Is that possible, DeAnna?

Emerson: Well, yes it is possible and part of the reason for that is because most of the books on the goddess religion are found in the womens spirituality sections. They’re not put in areas in bookstores where it’s mainstream. So a lot of men of research have not had access to it.

Bob: When we return, we’re going to get to a number of other things that are tangential to this and that deals with The Dead Sea Scrolls, which is one of my most favorite topics in the world. There were so many wonderful things in this book: the Vatican connection, crop circles — because all of this is covered. And especially the Vatican in relationship to the “Ratline” and the Nixon, Reagan and Bush administrations — shows that Zoh and I did, my goodness, four, five and six years ago concerning the Nixon, Reagan and Bush administrations’ continuing support of known Nazis and Nazi war criminals and our listeners know that the documentation is overwhelming. It’s overwhelming. This is not a hairbrained idea is it, DeAnna?

Emerson: No, it isn’t. It’s very real.

Bob: It’s unfortunate that most of the other media again buried their head in the sand and paid no attention to these reports seven and eight years ago, and they actually showed you where we’ve been heading. The loss of our constitutional rights and corporate fascism in America is going strong. Time out on the playing field. We’ll be back.

I have twelve more questions and we have less than ten minutes to cover them so, DeAnna, we’ll have to move rather rapidly through this. There are so many important things within this 300 plus page book.

What turned me off of Christianity was the way the Dead Sea Scrolls were politicized and controlled by status quo religions who had much to hide and everything to lose if the contents of the scrolls were revealed. You spend considerable time on this problem. How is this related to the subjugation and annihilation of the goddess tradition and the monuments on Mars?

Emerson: You mean the Dead Sea Scroll material itself? Wow, wonderful question. Well, I am convinced that the evidence in the Dead Sea Scroll material directly relates to the suppression of the goddess-worshipping religions. And that perhaps what’s been called the war between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness may have been related to the first racial war, and that again we’re talking about goddess-worshipping civilizations.

Bob: I’d like to spend more time on that but there is…

Emerson: I would, too, but I realize that we have to move on.

Bob: Crop circles: how are they linked to the goddess tradition and the Martian monuments?

Emerson: Well, the goddess script itself is on the Mars face. It is also in all of the crop circles. And it’s not any wonder that the crop circles are showing up in fields of grain because the ancient text talks about the Mother Goddess who brought grain to earth, and there has been some upgrading, you might call it, of the grain in the areas where the crop circles show up.

Bob: Interesting. The grains we’re discussing or mentioning I believe, were barley, wheat, and hemp. And we’ve done a number of shows on hemp and the medicinal uses of marijuana, certainly controversial topics on the radio to say the least. But they are extremely important grains to the Earth.

Another subject you review is the Vatican connection. How, in your opinion, have higher-ups in the Vatican used their power to erase the Goddess tradition and downplay extraterrestrial life?

Emerson: Right, well, over the hundreds of centuries they eliminated hundreds of goddess-worshipping civilizations or converted them. We can look as recently as what happened to the Native Americans whose cultures were dramatically altered from worshiping the Mother and of course began to be established into Christianity. And, of course, going way back to the beginning they took the idea of Isis as the mother who is actually depicted with a daughter on her lap in most of the statues and converted it into the Madonna with a child. Coming forward of course, the goddess-worshipping civilizations in the Middle East and in the Middle Ages were eliminated. In particular in the 1600s, well, in between the dark ages and 1600, they were ruthlessly suppressed. Nine million men, women and children were murdered. And of course, there’s been an ongoing agenda that’s gone into the Baltic region, where, to quote the New York Times, at one point during the Second World War they stated that the Pope’s dream was of a central European confederation of Catholic states which would stretch from the Baltic to the Black Sea. And there is also the agenda ongoing for some time in Ireland where there’s a war between the Protestants and Catholics. So there is an agenda on the part of hierarchy in the Vatican to eventually suppress every religion except their own.

Bob: You also reviewed the “Ratline” and how upper echelons and we’re referring to the upper echelons…

Emerson: Right, during the Second World War the Vatican itself was directly responsible for housing known war criminals, Nazis, giving them Red Cross passes so they could emigrate to the United States and escape Germany and prosecution, of course. Also Hitler took for himself symbols of goddess-worshipping civilizations and Native American Indian culture, too, using the swastika. It was a symbol that meant “all in all”. Many of the Nazis that they helped to escape ended up being announcers on Voice of America, American Broadcasting Systems.

Bob: The documentation of this is overwhelming, friends. This is no flaky idea. I mentioned earlier, the Nixon, Reagan and Bush administrations continued their support of known Nazis and Nazi war criminals. We’re not going to get into that, but again, we did specials on that particular area six or seven years ago.

You review how the new inquisition has gained great power through the Cult Awareness Network. How is that?

Emerson: Well, the agenda with this whole idea of cults by the government has been to basically classify as cults a list of neo-Christian cults, Hindu and Eastern religious cults, occult, witchcraft, spiritualist cults, race cults, flying saucer and outer space cults, to name just a few. These types of cults are classified as being mentally ill and with an eye, I suppose, on institutionalizing people for believing in these things.

Bob: Doesn’t it sound like Nazi Germany, friends?

Emerson: And of course you can find the name Nazi in ancient Sumer which is traced back to the Aryans and the Hittites.

Bob: There are all kinds of things I’d like to cover, but you note in conclusion: “Is it possible, then that the existing power structure is not in collusion with the extraterrestrial civilization visiting Earth, as a great deal of propaganda would have us believe, but that the governments of the world are well aware of what they stand to lose — control over Mankind through religions — religions whose theological concepts would be disproved should the discovery of extraterrestrial life be revealed, creating complete chaos in a political system backed by politically influential religious groups?” Will you touch on that please? That’s a major statement.

Emerson: That is a major statement and I thank you so much for bringing it up because I am convinced that the extraterrestrial civilizations that have been coming to earth for thousands of centuries have been coming here in peace. The archaeological evidence that goes back to the script that’s on the Mars face and the crop circles shows that they were peaceful. I’m convinced that the government would like us to believe that there are evil ETs coming here and that we have to fight the evil empire. However, there is absolutely no evidence to support that, and there is evidence to support that these are peaceful civilizations visiting here.

Bob: Let me also emphasize here friends, remember Dr. Steven Greer who’s been with us a number of times? Remember Dr. C.B. Scott Jones and Bob Dean and others? They would all say the same thing. DeAnna, you believe you have located the area of our galaxy from which our Mother Creator came and you link it to Planet X and the 13th sign of the Zodiac. You’ve got about a minute to explain that.

Emerson: That area is in the region of Ophiuchus/Serpens, the constellation which stretches from east of the head of Hercules to Scorpio. And the 13th astrological sign is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. There is a star there called 70 Ophiuchi, which was originally named Inanna for the goddess. And there is a stream of stars that form a serpent, and at the head of the serpent there are five major stars that form an X and at a 90 degree angle above it is the Corona Borealis, shaped like a U-shaped face, and it forms basically the skull and cross-bones symbol that was a symbol honored by all goddess-worshipping cultures in the very beginning of time.

Bob: So basically they’re saying that that is the origin of perhaps the creator Goddess to this planet?

Emerson: Yes, because the serpent has always come through history associated with the Garden of Eden, in fact the Babylonians recorded in 272 B.C. that a planet associated with either Mars or Scorpio came close to earth and I’m convinced that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a historical way of passing on that secret.

Bob: Interesting. Very fascinating. We’re going to have to stop, unfortunately. Have you ever heard of “Uranology” the science of celestial and terrestrial maps?

Emerson: Yes.

Bob: If we take a map of the Stars and place it over a map of the Earth, with the Pole Star resting over the North Pole, then you have kind of like a heavenly clock, in which all the constellations above reflect the symbols below. Our listeners who are Hieronimus & Co. Newsletter subscribers if you want more information on Uranology just give us a call now at 922-6680, that’s WCBM 680, and give us your name and we’ll include it next week with your copy of newsletter #6. But you must call tonight at 612-922-6680, that’s WCBM 680 and you must be a subscriber to the Hieronimus & Co. Newsletter.

Thank you for joining us DeAnna Emerson. The book is The Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind.

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