I am always getting a request to cover mermaids and I always reply that if I ever find an interesting story about them I will cover it. And to my surprise, I just recently found one. To most of us in the west mermaids are nothing more than crazy folklore but in other parts of the world especially certain regions in Africa they truly believe that mermaids exist. Not that long ago in Zimbabwe, three boys were herding cattle near a dam when they saw what they thought was a huge fish.

So 2 of the boys jumped into the dam hoping to catch it with their bare hands. But this wasn’t a big fish it was a mermaid or a water spirit according to the other boy. He claimed to have seen a mermaid come out of the water, grab the boys, pull them underwater then it brings them back to the bank of the river. And this boy who was watching all this was really scared by what he had just seen so he ran to go get help.

And when the parents got there the 2 boys where still alive but very badly injured. Then the mermaid returned, grabbed the boys again and pulled them back under the water until they drowned. Now if it was just one boy claiming to have seen a mermaid I am sure we would have never heard about this.

But when the mermaid returned the 2nd time the parents and many other adult witnesses also claimed to have seen it. Which is very interesting. And there is also another report that happened shortly before this when 2 young boys told their parents that they had seen a women who had the body of a fish in the water close to this same dam. And the next day one of the boys went back to this location and he was later found dead.

Then  in 2012 when this dam was being built the workers were plagued by setbacks and equipment failure. And one day they told their bosses that they actually saw a mermaid messing with their equipment. And some of these workers went missing and still to this day have never been seen again.

Then just last month a 45-year-old teacher named Rose was walking home from work when she decided to take a shortcut. And most people within that area don’t like to take this shortcut because it involves crossing the river. But this women decided to risk it as she wanted to get home fast.

And as she was crossing the water she was attacked by a mermaid and a merman but luckily she was able to escape and she survived. But on her way home blood started oozing out her mouth and her leg and arm was badly injured. And later on she told the authorities and the press about her encounter and she also stated they were extremely beautiful.

And then a couple of days after this there was also another identical attack that happened to a 32-year-old. And even most of the police believe that these mermaids and mermen are real and they are scared to investigate these cases as they believe that if they get to close to the water they to will end up getting attacked. And these sightings, encounters, disappearances, and deaths keep coming in and they have been going on here for centuries. So what exactly is going on here?

When I first looked into these cases I figured that the people within this region identify a snake or some animal as a mermaid but these eyewitnesses clearly state that it had the face and upper body of a human but the tail was that of a fish. So could this be the work of some sort of mass hysteria or are these people simply lying? Now one thing is for sure a lot of people have died or disappeared so I hope that someone goes out there and does a proper investigation and finally gets to the bottom of this mystery cause I would love to know what is causing this. And If any new information comes forward I will be sure to let you guys know.

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