Miss. — A Missouri man has come forward with a claim that he encountered a Bigfoot creature.

The man, whose name was kept anonymous, told the BFRO that he was hunting with his son when the biped showed up in October 2016.

He claims that he was near a pond in Reynolds County when silence suddenly took over.

“It was around 5 p.m.,” he said. “The squirrels disappeared, birds became silent, so I started to become concerned about human activity.”

He goes on to say he was scanning the area to see if he could see people in the area when his eyes came upon “this large black figure”.

“It came walking down the other side of this hollower. I thought it was a man, but as it kept walking, I noticed how massive it was,” he explained.

The Missouri resident reports that this two-legged creature appeared to notice his presence and that it began staring at him.

“I could clearly see its eyes and nose. It looked at me for 15 or 20 seconds, then turned and walked down the ridge and disappeared into the woods.”

He described it as a 7 and a half-foot-tall ape with hair covering its face and “flesh around its eyes and cheeks”.

“It was massive. It became clear it wasn’t a man. There were clear skies, I realized it was a Bigfoot. I was scared out of my mind and didn’t want to climb down the tree, but I had to go meet my son. I then told him what I saw.”

The eyewitness reportedly provided a specific location but the BFRO was asked to keep it anonymous, he said, in order to protect these creatures from ” folks who want to harm them”.

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