This is a collection of my some of my writings that I have compiled in order that people might be able to learn in more depth about information that DC is wrongly keeping secret from you, but that you must learn about. I do believe they have it mislabeled “CLASSIFIED”.

In the past I have spoken on numerous occasions with both Secret Service and FBI agents and they have told me that this information is the truth.

I have a Summa Cum Laude BA with two majors, psy. and soc., and a minor in social work. I have researched this matter in depth and to the best of my knowledge the following information is correct.

I am in the process of working on a much more organized web page, but I care to publish this information now as I need it for people to read immediately. I do believe that if you read enough of the following information you will get a good picture of what is going on. Since the truth always proves itself to be true, so shall my writings always prove themselves to be the truth.

PLEASE help spread the TRUTH to everyone as that is the only way things shall improve.

Note: I am in enormous pure excruciating pain, therefore it is very difficult for me to type, to concentrate, etc., but I shall in the future, very soon, do a much better job of writing. I am so very sorry that I cannot do better right now.

Who are you?
I do receive some great questions!!

Well, back at the end of President Reagan‘s first term in office, when the Pentagon was publicly stating in all our mass media that they had proven ESP to be some 70% correct, I started to pick up ESP that kept saying “tell those slow learners in DC that the ESP they have proven to be real is coming from Russian sputniks with x ray, gamma ray, lasers”!

So I wrote to Ronnie Boy as I called Reagan and told him. The fools in the Pentagon suddenly stopped begging Congress for more and more money to research ESP and started to beg for money to build Star Wars to copy those sputniks and piggy back anti missiles to get those sputniks down with. Reagan, after not having any summits with the Soviets his first four years in office, suddenly started to run to them to talk. He stopped sleeping through all is meetings and even over studied for his TV debate to get re-elected … trying to learn all those things he should have known prior to being elected the first time. I had the Conspiracy of the Rich sending people around to tell me that if I wrote any more letters they would kill me, enemy Russians using their sputniks to torture the hell out of me by sending me pure excruciating pain to force me to write letters as they said they would not let the Mafia of the Rich kill me, and Reagan busting his buns to freak me out, turning every word that I wrote to him into pure lies to use on his weekly Saturday radio speech … I had to start to send copies of my letters to the Democrats in the US Congress to get Reagan to stop doing that. But Reagan kept sending his Secret Service Agents around to ask me how I was doing, to tell me if I learned any more to write to him, etc., as Reagan refused me a safe house from that Rich Mafia that kept threatening me!

I believed it both immoral and unconstitutional with so very many dead, disabled, injured, and suffering from such enormously huge property loses that Reagan refused to make it public that those sputniks were attacking the USA, all on this earth. If we can not democratically vote on the only huge issue, things related to those sputniks attacking us, like taking traditionally American civil defense measures to feed, to house, to get medical care, etc., to each and every American while under siege, to reimburse folks for lost property up to some middle class level, to pay cripples a decent disability check and to stop torturing them in hellish poverty with checks far below the poverty level, to pay decent orphan benefits, to have the federal government pay the total cost of funerals as we are not all rich enough to afford them as they are very expensive indeed, etc., we do not have any democracy left at all! And the Russians kept telling me that they had total mind controlled Ted Bundy like a mindless zombie to kill those people and he was utterly innocent! The Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military would send me thoughts related to some murder to soon happen and total mind control someone to commit that given murder, over and over again they would do that to me, and those folks would be sentenced to death with me knowing they were utterly innocent and that the Russians using their sputniks had committed those murders. I am an human being with MORALS, I could not tolerate that crap going on at all. Well, I could not get Reagan, Bush, Congress, the FBI, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court, etc., anyone in DC to stop those executions of utterly innocent Americans, so I started to write to all kinds of other folks in the USA and all around the earth. I am disabled and I spent a back disability check of about ten thousand dollars trying to get someone to help me stop those executions, etc.. It was fringe groups in the USA that I wrote to, that freaked out and organized the Militias.

When I sent 100 letters out to rich and powerful folks in Japan, Europe, North America … the global stock markets crashed out! Later I learned from Holly Sklar’s books that the majority of those rich and powerful folks I wrote to were members of David Rockefeller’s (the Republican) and Senator Jay Rockefeller‘s (the Democrat) Trilateral Commission! Their Rich Man’s Mafia that was threatening to kill me must control BOTH of those parties that is why both refused to stop those executions. It was the late Nelson Rockefeller that had made H. Ross Perot rich when Nelson was governor of New York by illegally giving Perot a huge NY data processing contract, so he is another Rockefeller man and his party controlled by them, also.

Anyhow, I have been spending every cent that I can to spread the TRUTH in hopes that some day soon we will be free and no longer slaves of lunatic Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia to which virtually all our rich belong! I write to over 150 heads of state, etc., about this all … all kinds of other folks, too. Each time I wrote to some head of state our mafia controlled mass media would say “Nancy Reagan was controlling foreign policy” to tell me, Nancy Luft, they did not like my letters at all. Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia thinks only they control everything, including all our foreign policy!

Please send or email your questions, thoughts, opinions, to me … if you write to me you need not give your name and address … you can call me from a pay phone so no one can trace you and I will answer your questions at the newsgroup that you specify.

Nancy Ann Luft
1515A S. 10th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 645-2390

PS: I was writing to Ted Bundy and I could get no one in DC to stop his immoral execution … the saddest, most painful letter of my entire lifetime was the last one in which I had to tell him that I would not be able to do anything to stop his execution! It still hurts me greatly to think about that. Ted Bundy was executed soon after Bush became President. My god, those sputniks can do what they did to Ted to any American! No one is safe from that as long as those mafia controlled pigs are in DC, no one, and no one’s family, friends, are safe. either!

What all do the sputniks do?

Someone wants to know what all the sputniks can do.

First I care to state a few things so you now your rights and never freak out and surrender. The sputniks have been up for millenniums, the Russian Military created the religious saviors and religions with them to keep mankind backwards, superstitious, anti-scientific, to hide their technology. Homo sapiens are primates, evolving primates. Dominant male primates rule the pack. But homo sapiens are very special primates, their feet makes them mobile, their hands enable them to use tools, PLUS their vocal cords enable them to develop language, to use conceptual thought … unlike other primates … which enables them to develop modern, complex, advanced, civilizations. Homo sapiens are in the process of evolving from dominant males ruling them or variation of that, ie., royalty, tiny rich and ruling class, The Russian Military, etc., which used to be the only ones that could afford to be educated, … to evolving toward the pack or the people or the masses all being educated and very capable, therefore of ruling itself. Because of the average level of education in the USA, WE THE PEOPLE have a right to self rule, to a completely democratic system in which WE THE PEOPLE RULE OURSELVES, make all our own laws, etc.. Education means we are no longer children in need of others ruling us. Therefore, I would rather die then to ever surrender and live under a Russian or anyone else, because the only valid political system for an educated people is self rule, true, real, meaningful PEOPLE POWER, ie., democracy, one person one vote, a bill of rights, etc.. A computer literate nation means, morally, the only correct way to rule is by Americans voting at home using computers or inexpensive webtv that only costs one hundred dollars and The People having that line by item veto power, the right to vote on national referendums, etc.. The more educated and technologically advanced a nation gets, the more morally correct it is that the PEOPLE have more power.

The Russian Military has a network of satellites up with gamma ray, x-ray, lasers that they call sputniks. Sputnik is a Russian word that means traveling companion. DC is in the process of tyring to copy them with its Star Wars. If you read a book called The Zapping of America: The Dangers and Hazards of Microwaves, there is a huge footnote in it about CIA Project Pandora in which the CIA microwaved thoughts to folks. Well, since I wrote to the CIA about the sputniks they can not figure out if they actually really microwaved those thoughts to folks or if the Russian Military using their sputniks read the minds of the folks sending the thoughts and sent the thoughts to those folks receiving the thoughts. (I first wrote to the director of the CIA when Bush was President and Bush forgot to tell the director of the CIA about the sputniks with damned near his entire CIA budget going to messing around inside of Russia, so immediately upon reading my letter and learning Bush double crossed him he told Bush to take his job and shove it and immediately resigned.)

The Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military sent the fools in our Pentagon that ESP that they stated in the mid 1980’s was some 70% correct, they sent Jeane Dixon all her predictions in her books, of which some 97% have come true to date, they sent Nostradamus his predictions in his book, they sent King Henry VII of England’s psychic, I think his name was Robert Nixon, his predictions, which are in a book called They Foresaw The Future, written by Justin Glass and I think it was published by Putman, they sent the biblical prophecies to those that wrote the Bible, they sent President Abe Lincoln’s psychic’s predictions that enabled him to win our Civil War, etc.. The Russians send folks their predictions and then do things to make those predictions come true with their sputniks.

From those predictions one learns the Russian Military controls all the weather on this earth, causes hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, droughts, etc., and can even hit things and people with lightning if they care to, like them hitting the air conditioner in the building across from where I stayed last summer and burning up that building. Usually they love to hit outdoor TV antennas in places I live or visit .. so I no longer believe in outdoor TV antennas because even if grounded the TV sets catch on fire. Well, the Russians cause earthquakes to happen and volcanoes to erupt with their lasers and I think there need not be an earthquake fault near to do that all, either. They cause all kinds of accidents and crimes by overriding folks’ minds with thoughts they send to them, to total mind control people as if they are mindless zombies. The thoughts appear like a person’s own thoughts. BUT they can also send folks all kinds of hallucinations, too, to hear voices, see things that are not really there, smell odors that do not exist, etc.. They send folks those hallucinations of aliens, spaceships, etc.. True body snatching technology like in horror movies that Hollywood produces. They total mind control tiny kids to drink drain cleaner, adults to take illegal drugs and rape and murder infants, children to shoot each other and adults to shot themselves, etc..

The Russians use their lasers to cause all kinds of illnesses, ie., heart attacks, strokes, MS, cancers, etc.. They can do heart attacks, strokes, etc., directly, immediately, with their lasers and cause arteries to burst, cause cancers from radiation poisoning, etc., or they can total mind control folks to eat all the wrong foods, etc., to cause them. They did the faith healing for Jesus, still do faith healing today, at times. They do those melting tricks for magicians in which a stainless steel spoon melts into two parts. They make all those crop circles in England and at times in the USA with their lasers. They have been causing most airplane crashes, do the pilot error thing, the explosion routine, the bad weather thing to take them down, the micro brust, air turbulence thing. Their lasers can cause parts to crack, etc., to crash airplanes and cause electrical fires to happen. They love to zap anything that is computerized so all that comes out of the system is garbage, also. They levitate people and things, Jesus to walk on water that as not frozen, the guru in Japan that gassed to death those folks on the Tokyo subway to levitate at will in front of his followers, etc.. We have some haunted houses in the USA in which objects just get up and fly towards folks in them, Russians do that all. In Justin Glass’s book, They Foresaw the Future, is mentioned a huge boulder weighing many tons, moving from land to sea in one night, way back when all the King’s horses and man could not have done that!

Robert Nixon, lived in the 1200’s I think, (forgive me as I currently lack books, reference books, etc., am I am writing this from memory) well anyway, he was King Henry VII personal psychic that always correctly predicted the weather and crop size, and he did predict three wars to come, when they would start, who would fight, how long they would last, and who got to win them. There was a psychic in Ceylon that predicted correctly Hitler getting into power, the nations he would conquer, when he would reach his peak in power, when his decline would begin, and when he would be defeated. He did that prior to it all taking place and got himself arrested for being a Nazi, no joke!
The Russian Sputnik Military writes the scripts for their wars long before they cause them to take place, ie., what is now happening they wrote most likely over a century ago!

The Sputnik Military caused the near melt down at Three Mile Island and caused the melt down at Chernobyl. They can melt down, anytime they care to do so, all our nuclear reactors. Their sputniks can locate things underground rather easily, too, like water, oil and mineral deposits, pipe lines, fuel storage tanks. Yes, they can blow up oil and gas lines that are under ground along with underground fuel storage tanks. A number of years ago the USA did not have enough anti-freeze, because the Russians blow up the refineries that produced it.

If you read a book called When The Impossible Happens (by Orbis Press I believe) you can read about well documented cases of Unexplained Human Combustion in which folks have their limbs. etc., burn up, including their bones, BUT not the clothes covering their missing limbs which are intact and the rooms they are in do not burn up. A conventional fire hot enough to burn bones would burn the entire building to the ground, no joke! The rooms have a bluish glow in them that one sees inside of a nuclear reactor. Sputnik gamma ray lasers split the atoms in those folks to burn them up. In that same book is the Tunguska, Siberia, 1908, explosion and that book proves it could not have been either a nuclear bomb or a meteor. Recently our mass media has been trying to brainwash folks to think it was a meteor, but it could not have been if you research that in depth for yourselves. There were sores on reindeer that were from something radioactive that refused to heal therefore it was not a meteor, but there was no fallout of heavy atoms, isotopes, like from nuclear bombs. The sputnik lasers zapped something on the ground there to take out everything for a fifty mile diameter … and they caused a similar explosion somewhere in Canada, also. When they zap something deep in the earth, they produce earthquakes, that is why some psychics can correctly predict them.

Recall the mass media complaining about possible radioactive fallout over India, some years ago, from a Russian sputnik that was nuclear powered? Today’s sputniks are far more powerful then the ones that caused that 1908 Tunguska Explosion because they are nuclear powered … the Russians are not using nuclear power to only spy, no way! Plus today’s sputniks are fully computerized and do things much faster. The Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military tell me that they care very easily kill over 95% of all Americans, with their sputniks alone, no nukes, without any warning what so ever, in a matter of a few minutes any time that they care to do so. The Russians can only vaporize a fixed number of cities then they will cause a nuclear winter sort of event that will kill them, too.

Read a book called Nuclear War What’s In it For You?, by Ground Zero. Oppenheimer and all his fellow scientists got five times too much yield of tons of TNT for their atom bombs for their physics and math to explain, ie., they should have gotten five tons of TNT yield, but they got twenty tons of TNT yield. Atom bombs, by the way, trigger all nuclear bombs and it sure does look like enemy sputniks set off all those atom bombs.

That recent spy event means that China now has our nuclear bomb secrets, right? IF China launches them against the USA, the Russians might set them off. In WWII the Russians using their sputnik lasers set off the two atom bombs we dropped on Japan.

Recall Reagan promising no summit with the Soviets prior to the elections, repeatedly promising that in the mass media, it was a non presidential election year back then, then breaking his many promises and suddenly running to Reykjavik to talk to Gorbachev about total nuclear disarmament … Gorbachev saying that Star Wars was extremely dangerous? Well, that took place because I wrote to Reagan … “Dear Ronnie Boy might you please find someone that can do that third grade math that you joke that you can not do and try to figure out if those sputniks are setting off all your nukes … ! It took less then 24 hours after he received that letter from me for Reagan to announce he was having, immediately, that Reykjavik summit with Gorbachev!

I suggest you read all of my postings, spread the TRUTH to all your fellow Americans as everyone greatly needs to know the TRUTH. We are under siege with an enemy attacking US all, so folks MUST know the truth in order to try and cope with this ordeal!

You are a fool, an idiot, if you do not know what is going on all around you and your votes are those of an insane person utterly out of touch with reality, after all, all things related to this information I share with you, are the only greatly important entities to be voting on!


Persian Gulf: War or Atrocity?


Care to learn the TRUTH about the Persian Gulf War? Yup! Well, England had defeated the nation, culture, of those folks in that Mesopotamian area, what we now know as Iraq-Kuwait, which was one nation, one people, for thousands of years. And in 1964, I believe it was, England controlled by Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia divided those folks into two nations, Iraq and Kuwait. So today all Iraqis call the Kuwaitis renegade thieving Iraqis for stealing the most valuable oil fields from the Iraqi people.

Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia are the “thought police” in George Orwell’s book, 1984, that was written in England in 1948. David Rockefeller went to college in England to learn about it so his family could take it over completely. The Rich Mafia knew the renegade, thieving Iraqis that renamed themselves Kuwaitis would have to run to their rich Man’s Mafia to keep those stolen oil fields, therefore they could control them. Keeping the Arab world fighting among themselves, weakens them, and makes it much easier for the lunatic Rockefellers to control them and their oil.

Anyhow, the Rich Mafia was inside of Iran, the Shaw of Iran was their puppet, and they were very busy brainwashing folks with that religious hoax bullshit and trying to get their huge international corporations into Iran, etc.. It blow up causing the Iranian Revolution … as the tiny merchants, business folks, united with the religious clergy to ousted the Shaw of Iran, Rockefellers’ puppet. He had cancer and wanted to go to Rockefellers’ hospital in the USA, but to make is look like Jews were controlling the USA, Rockfefellers controlled everything to not let him into the USA in a double cross of the Shaw. The Rich Mafia, messing around inside of Iraq, then brainwashed Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and caused the Iran-Iraq War, because they wanted to get another one of their puppets that they could control in power to rule Iran. Well, back then I kept writing to both of the heads of state of Iran and Iraq trying to stop that insane war … which eventually did stop after god only knows how many dead Iraqis and Iranians, millions of dead, I think, because Iran ran out of adults to send into that war and was sending children! Recall back then Iran being the bad guys in all our mass media and Iraq and its Saddam Hussein being the saints? Yup! So the Rich Mafia during the Iran-Iraq War, the war that lunatic Rockefellers’ Mafia of the Rich had caused, armed Iraq and Hussein to the nth degree. So the Iran-Iraq war stops, but leaves Iraq with a huge military build up, and Rockefellers Rich mafia freaks out, worried Hussein might take our the middle east oil that the Rich Mafia so love to control completely! So Rockefellers’ Rich Mafia has our female US embassador to Iraq tell Hussein that he can invade Kuwait and take back his oil fields from those renegade Iraqis, that had renamed themselves Kuwaitis, that had stolen Iraq’s richest oil fields! Then after Hussein invades Kuwait to get back his stolen oil fields, we get brainwashed by all our mass media which the Rich Mafia owns and censors completely at all times, that Saddam Hussein and Iraq are the evil pigs! So General Powell, that always said things in time to my thoughts for the Rich Mafia, at President Bush’s orders, who also always said things in time to my thoughts for the Rich Mafia, uses the US military to butcher over a half million utterly innocent Iraqis in a few days in the Persian Gulf War … that mad, lunatic Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia set up, caused completely. After the Persian Gulf War, only once while I was living in Denver, I saw a video tape that Saddam Hussein had made in which our female US ambassador to Iraq is telling Hussein that he can invade Kuwait and take back his oil fields … that tape airs in Iraq often. I would bet that if you wrote to Saddam Hussein and included a few dollars to pay for a copy, he would gladly send you a copy of it! Next thing I know is President Bush is ordering that female US ambassador to Iraq to never, ever, talk to reporters or anyone about that entire happening! So I write to General Powell and inform him that he just used the US Military to butcher over half a million utterly innocent Iraqis in a war that the mad, utterly insane, lunatic Rockefellers had set up, caused! Then President Bush gives a State of the Union speech and the only time General Powell applauding Bush’s speech was when Bush said he was pulling the US Military out of the middle east! And after all that bullshit, I still can not get Clinton to lift those sanctions, etc, against Iraq and Iran, like I could not get Bush to, either!

Oh, I almost forgot, when I wrote a letter to Saddam Hussein and asked him who brainwashed him to attack Iran for The Conspiracy that controls the USA and sent copies of that letter to a bunch Arab heads of state … well, a few days later what I saw on my TV set is someone saying that at a cabinet meeting Saddam Hussein pulled out a gun and shoot dead some of his cabinet and two of his sons in law fled Iraq and where in Jordan. Well, I think, I heard much later they tried to get back into Iraq and Hussein had them butchered. The Shaw of Iran, like the King of Jordan, were players in Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Conspiracy, and both got to die of cancer, as mad Rockefellers blacklisted Dr. Max Gerson’s cancer cure, because Gerson bitched in his book, A Cancer Therapy, about fertilizers made from oil .. and the Rockefellers love oil and all things made from it. Rockefellers double crossed both the King of Jordan and the Shaw of Iran and forgot to tell them there was a cure for their cancers, that Rockefellers were blacklisting, so they got to die from their cancers. I guess that is OK because lunatic Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia had driven insane the King of Jordan’s father and he did not know that until I wrote and told him that fact prior to his death. All kinds of rich and powerful folks are players in lunatic Rockefellers’ Conspiracy and the lunatic Rockefellers routinely double crosses them!

Well, that all, very unfortunately is the TRUTH! So when our Pentagon asks for more money, I ask for what? To butcher US next? They seem to make a habit of butchering innocent folks for the mad Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia. If they copy those sputniks with Star Wars they would all be too afraid to attack the Russians, but have great fun using it to attack us, their fellow citizens, joke!

Yes sir , so the Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military tell me that they want a treaty with the USA, that they have documentation to prove that mad Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia is their humanoid weapon system, that in the treaty they will take full credit and responsibility for all that the Rich Mafia has done, and also publicly state they and only they are responsible for this all, they intentionally did this to us, all Americans are their victims, etc..

For millenniums to date, the Russians always do this sort of crap to enslave and control the masses, by using a few in number rich and ruling class surrogates, plus their religious brainwashing hoax bullshit. The Rockefellers are the third tyrant that they had Nostradamus predict. After all ONLY the Russians are responsible for anyone getting the abusing that receiver when they go around doing their thing to make all believe in their religious hoax bullshit all the time, so that no one could learn of those sputniks and prevent this all. The United States of America does not care to end up holding this bag of shit, NO WAY! The Russians and only them are responsible for this all, as they KNEW the rich were legally and clinically insane psychotic psychopaths and intentionally exploited that fact and used them as an humanoid weapon system to cause this all, because that is what really did happen. What do you think really happened … yup the very same pigs that created Jesus Christ the Super Hoax, had to have created Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia, because for millenniums to date they always wipe out democracy, always use surrogates to control, to brainwash, etc., the human race for them, etc.!

READ  World's Before Our Own

Nancy Ann Luft

PS: So what the hell is Clinton doing in Yugoslavia now when he knows it is treason to use the US Military against any nation that has not attacked US, according to our US Constitution? After all this bullshit, why doesn’t he have the common sense to let Europeans worry about that crap in their part of this earth … if it does not bother them enough to do something about it, why the hell should it bother US? We already have TWO nationalities of Native American Indians genocided to death by the lunatic Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia, why does not Clinton worry about the GENOCIDE on our soil first?


Left vs. Right?

Enemy Russian using their sputniks (The Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military) that sent Nostradamus and Jeane Dixon their predictions, did the prophecies in the Bible, etc., tell me their sputniks have been up for millenniums, thousands of years. They created Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Ali, etc., all the religions of this earth, to use to brainwash mankind with superstitious garbage to hide their sputniks, so mankind would not be rational and scientific and learn of their sputniks. They tell me that they paired the religious hoax with the Rich ruling to control all on earth for them for millenniums to date.

The Sputnik Military says that they made the Rockefellers oil rich and nuts and after they made them into “thugs” and “robber barons” as all used to call the Rockefellers when the People were freer and less brainwashed and controlled by them. The Russians say they armed the lunatic Rockefellers with that receiver that picks up on those mind reading sputnik lasers, knowing the Rockefellers were crazy enough to terrorize all that sputniks tracked in time to their thoughts to freak them out crazy to prevent them from learning of those sputniks. Rockefellers feared if all knew of those sputniks, the People would tax the rich out of existence to get funds to reimburse disaster victims to a middle class level for their loses, to pay decent, livable disability checks to sputnik made cripples, decent orphan benefits, etc..

With all so very brainwashed by the Rich Mafia of the Rockefellers, what really is Right vs. Left? Religion is a hoax, Russian sputnik made hoax. Man is a primate and dominate male primates rule the pack of primates, that is right wing. Variations are popes, royalty, rich, tyrants, dictators, tribal chiefs, etc., ruling the pack of homo sapiens. The left is the pack of homo sapiens ruling themselves. When the masses, the People, became educated with mass public education, the masses, the pack, the People, evolved enough to rule themselves and no longer needed a tiny rich and ruling class that used to be the only ones with education to rule them.

Russians using their sputniks created all the religions to hide their sputniks by keeping mankind none scientific and stupid, superstitious. And the Sputnik Military enslaved the masses, the People, by always using a few in number rich and powerful to rule, no matter what they were called, because that way the Russian Sputnik Military, by controlling those few in number that used to the only educated ones, could control the entire human race. With mass public education mankind could rule itself, therefore the only morally correct kind of rule is PEOPLE POWER, the People ruling themselves via freedoms, one person gets one vote democracy, bill of rights, etc..

History, real history! Sputniks created Jesus Christ the Super Hoax to use to put all of Europe backwards into he Dark Ages to hide their sputniks. When the popes tried to circle Russian with their Holy Crusades, the sputniks create Ali and the Islamics to prevent that. When the popes ran right wing death squads in places too near to Russian like Poland, killing all they could not brainwash as they called them pagans, the Sputnik Military stopped it by creating some two million witches and total mind controlled the popes to burn them to death, thereby creating a huge backlash against the Catholic Church … as the Sputnik Military created the Protestant Reformation and its new freedoms which caused the Industrials Revolution. That got the serfs, the People, moved from farms into cities as workers where they got educated and created Socialism or PEOPLE POWER. Then to enslave the masses, the People, the Sputnik Military perverted the PEOPLE POWER of Socialism into the Dictatorship of the Proletarian or Workers and got Stalin into power … as the Sputnik Military made Rockefellers rich and nuts and then armed them with that receiver so they would enslave all in the so called free world. The earth became divided into two camps, the Stalinistic and Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia that controlled democracies. Lenin that Russian sputniks murdered with strokes, called Stalinism “right wing state capitalism”.

It is always those who rule that decide all other things., ie., what kind of economy they want, the incentive system they want, the educational system they want, etc.. We have some stupid idiots that speak of Marxism-Leninism ruling, that is basically an economical system and as such it rules nothing … only people rule, no joke! So what is the main difference, say, between our type of democracy and the PEOPLE POWER of socialism? Socialism and its PEOPLE POWER gives the People more power to do more things, the PEOPLE are freer then we are to do what they want. Why? If the People want private ownership capitalism, they can have it, it is their right to democratically decide that, just as long as all are educated completely to the pros and cons to it and all other kinds of economies. If the People want to put maximum limits on incomes and assets, they can under socialism. If they want government ownership of all things that have huge assets they can vote it in. Our democracy is based on a religious hoax that brainwashes folks it is stealing to take wealth form the rich, etc., therefore the People can not vote to limit wealth, etc.. God was DEAD in the 1950’s and virtually no one went to church and that is why the Conspiracy, the Rich Man’s Mafia, created the Moral Majority to cut taxes for the rich and cut social programs for the poor, constantly, so that rich pay less and less taxes causing the to all get richer and more numerous! We never, ever, had so very many rich, being so filthy rich in all our history, and as they get richer, all others work harder, longer, for less pay and benefits!

It was a coalition of socialists, communists, and Democrats that kept voting FDR into power back when most Americans were to one degree or another socialists or communists … when we were freer. The Rich Mafia controlled things to put a limit of two terms for the President because of FDR. And they murdered JFK and RFK and when so many loved King, Jr., that they thought he would be President, they murdered him, also. They used King to do away with segregation to prevent Jeane Dixon’s predicted huge race riots … then killed him. The main difference between socialists and communists in the USA, I think, was that socialists believed education would change things and the communists thought it would take wars. Both had their pet economical theories, so both had many factions, or parties that supported various economical theories.

Anyhow, evolution at this stage dictates that the only morally correct political system is true and meaningful PEOPLE POWER and the People decide all things via a one person one vote system, bill of rights, freedoms, etc..

That was a great question that I received!

Email me or send me more of them to answer for you!

The One and Only!

Nancy Ann Luft
1515A S. 10th Street
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Letter – A……………part 1


Have you ever read the books written by psychic Jeane Dixon, in which some 97% of her predictions, to date, have already come true?
Her predictions come from the Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military who send them to her via their sputniks with gamma ray lasers.
Read a book called The Zapping of American The Dangers and Hazards of Microwaves. In it there is a huge footnote about the CIA’s Project Pandora in which they microwaved thoughts to folks. I, just like Jeane Dixon, have those sputniks tracking me all my entire life, every second of it.

The Russian Military tells me that if you read a book called The Rockefellers An American Dynasty, you will learn who really controls the USA. In that book, it is stated that the FBI knows the Rockefeller Family controls many dozens of right wing groups. The Russian Military tells me that their mind reading sputniks read Rockefellers minds for a very long time and they have video tapes of that treasonous family in action.

They say The Conspiracy consists of the Rockefeller Family and the Old Money US Families that they married into along with the Old Money US Families their old Standard Oil Monopoly married into … which is virtually all our Old Money American Families. Those families blacklist for business loans, sabotage the businesses of, ruin the businesses of by making sure goods orders are not filled, etc., all business folks that refuse to be players in Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia, Conspiracy, for over a half century now, therefore virtually all our New Money Families are also part of The Conspiracy of the Rich, which by the way is global. The Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military also tell me “if we care to be free, we must kill all the rich, only the rich, and pardon all others”.

The Conspiracy has a receiver that picks up on those mind reading sputniks and they terrorize, in time to their thoughts, all children and adults, that sputniks track to freak them out psychotic, crazy, and that is why so many psychotics say TV’s, radios, newspapers, magazines, other people, can read their minds. The Rich Mafia intimidates etc, folks to say and do things in time to the thoughts of those that sputniks track. That is TRUE as it has been done to me all my lifetime and I have had those sputniks tracking me for over 56 years now.

Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia controls both our major political parties, as well as H. Ross Perot who the late Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of NY made rich by illegally giving him a huge data processing contract. Dixon predicted no more elephants (Republicans) in times to come, so Jay Rockefeller became a Democrat … the rest of his family are Republicans.

Have you read books by Holly Sklar about David and Jay Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission? You really should!

The sputniks tell me they have been up for a few thousand years now. They say they wiped out all the scientifically advanced cultures and created all the religious savors, including Jesus Christ the Super HOAX to use to keep everyone superstitious and backwards. They say they used Jesus, the Catholic Church, to put all of Europe into the Dark Ages for centuries and centuries.

The Rockefellers took over the entire USA after WWII to cause the Cold War and Nuke Race, and brainwashed all that commies were taking over the USA, causing the late Senator McCarthy’s witch hunts.

Sputniks tell me that the Rockefellers created the Moral Majority, because God was dead in the 1950’s and they wanted to politically exploit its members to forever make the rich still richer and to cut social programs to hell.

The sputniks levitated Jesus to walk on water that was not frozen, just like they did for that Japanese Guru that gassed those folks to death in the Tokyo subway. The sputniks do faith healing today like they did for Jesus. The sputniks sent an hallucination of Jesus to the Apostles at the Last Super … like they send hallucinations to Dixon she writes about in her books.

We Americans are sure in very bad shape, no joke, our rich brainwashed US to pray to an enemy made savior!

Know that part of the Bible that says that God will come down to earth to dwell with man? The Russian Miliary using their sputniks wrote the Bible and that by total mind controlling people as if they were mindless zombies with their sputnik lasers. I, personally, think those sputniks are more like the devil, then god, as they total mind controlled those kids at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado to have that shoot out. Well, the Mafia of the Rich were terrorizing those kids in time to their thoughts because the sputniks were tracking them, trying to freak them out, so the kids freaked and and shot up their school.

Tornadoes that the sputniks caused were really bad news, I sure hope the sputniks do not next send us more earthquakes.

Bye for now!


Letter – A……………part 2


I had to run off to answer my door, so I did not quite finish, please do allow me to continue.

Who am I? Well, I have written endless letters about the sputniks that are manned by The Special Sputnik Forces of the Russian Military and the conspiracy … I call them the goons. I wrote to Reagan, Bush, Quayle, Clinton, Gore, The FBI, the Pentagon, the CIA, in fact over 150 heads of state, all kinds of fringe groups in the USA some of which decided to create the Militias. But I do not belong to any Militia group although I write to some of their leaders at times.

The Russians not only know my thoughts, but they can actually see and hear what I do … so can the goons listening in to me.

The sputniks send me pain to the right side of my head IF they like what I am thinking about, to the left side of my head if they do not, they at all times track me, through tunnels in mountains, in fact everywhere! If the sputniks get upset at me they send me excruciating pure pain and torture the hell out of me.

The goons love to take things out of stores, which is easy for them to do knowing my thoughts and where I will go and want I need to buy. They control all kinds of police in the USA … put bombs on their police cars, etc., to get and keep control of them all. The goons love to put my thoughts on TV, radio, etc., have even strangers at bus stops say things to me. The pigs steal me blind all the time and I am disabled and I can not afford to eat most of the time because of it.

Last year I got cancer, and read A Cancer Therapy by Dr. Max Gerson who bad mouthed fertilizers made from oil … you know top goon Rockefeller’s oil causing him to get blacklisted. Gerson could cure all advanced cancers in the 1930’s to late 1950’s, … his daughter is on the Internet and she runs the Gerson Institute, they still cure cancers, but in Mexico. I learned that the Rockefellers’ blacklisted them after my cancer surgery last year. BUT if anyone of you have cancer or know of anyone that does, PLEASE SEND THEM TO THE GERSON INSTITUTE the only place that can really cure the incurables. Oh, I researched that all and if they write to me, I can tell them the modern day science as to why Gerson’s cure worked.

To prevent sputniks from being public the Russians, using their sputniks, made the lunatic Rockefellers rich and armed them with that receiver, after they made them into thugs that would use it. The Sputnik Military say they have documentation to prove the goons are their humanoid weapon system. The Sputnik Military perverted socialism which is PEOPLE POWER into the right wing slavery of Stalinism with their dictatorship of the proletarian, workers, to enslave half the earth, as they made the Rockefellers OIL rich and nuts and armed them with that receiver to enslave the other half of this earth … to hide their sputniks.

The Rich Man’s Mafia or the goons as I call them, do all this treason and atrocities because they do not want to pay their just and fair share of taxes for things the sputniks cause, ie., pay disaster victims in full for their loses, pay decent disability checks to cripples, decent benefits to orphans, etc..

The profits of capitalism, say the sputniks, are motivating and conditioning folks to become psychotic psychopaths that treat their fellow citizens like things, objects, slaves, disposable diapers.

The Enemy KNEW all rich would join in the conspiracy because they are all nuts, that is why the waste money of luxuries as even infants, pregnant females, elderly suffer going without basics to life itself, etc..

Recall Reagan breaking his many promises to not have a summit with the Soviets prior to a national election and running to Reykjavik to talk to Gorbachev about total nuclear disarmament? Well, read a book called Nuclear War: What’s In It For You?, by Ground Zero. It states that Oppenheimer got four times too much yield on his atoms bombs to explain by science, because the sputniks sent off all atom bombs and atom bombs trigger all nuclear bombs. Yup, when I told Reagan to find someone that could do that third grade math that he joked that he could not do and check if the sputniks set off all his nukes … he immediately ran to Reykjavik to talk about total nuclear disarmament with the Russians.

The sputniks cause earthquakes by splitting the atoms of things deep in the earth, if they split the atoms of things on the surface of this earth they cause a 1908, Tunguska, Siberia explosion that took down everything for a radius of fifty miles. The Rich Mafia tries to brainwash fools and idiots that a meteor did that, but IF you research it completely you learn it could not have been a meteor as radiation caused sores on animals, etc., and there where no isotopes from a nuclear bomb, either. Gamma ray lasers, x ray lasers, from sputniks had to have done that. Read the book called When the Impossible Happens to learn the truth.

Well, the Russian sputnik Military can bury over 95% of all Americans in a matter of nanoseconds with their sputniks alone, no nukes. Fact of life.
I will, never, ever support a surrender and being their “niggers” as PEOPLE POWER, democracy is our birth right. BUT I do think it very wise for you all to think very seriously about a treaty to end this bullshit.

Recall poor folks a few decades ago writing on their ghetto walls all across the USA “EAT THE RICH”? Because of that the Rich Mafia flooded the USA with illegal drugs to wipe out the poor. Now we have our prisons overflowing with lizards from the bottom that rich lizards intentionally messed up with drugs, drug gangs, etc.

I read a posting about arresting and locking Clinton, etc., up. I have had Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Quayle, Gore, damned near all in the USA Congresses, etc., all doing and saying things in the mass media in time to my thoughts. Rockefellers’ rich Man’s Mafia ONLY lets players in their conspiracy get elected at all levels of government in the USA!

The rich are trying to brainwash folks that the conspiracy is ZOG, Zionist Owned Government, a conspiracy headed by Israel, Clinton is their Puppet, Liberal American Jews and Democrats belong to it. Read Jeane Dixon’s books sputniks had her predict a Second Holocaust. The Rich Mafia brainwashed Nazi Germans that Jews were the conspiracy and got half this earth’s Jews gassed to death. Having worked once, The Russian Sputnik Military KNEW the rich would pull it again, so they used their sputniks to total mind control Jeane Dixon to predict that Second Holocaust.

I have had those goons after me for over 56 years now, and they are NOT Jews. Of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich ONLY is what the USA has become since WWII … they are very obviously the filthy rich!

Life is very hard for me, I just had my gall bladder out last Wednesday, I got my immune system to work again, thanks to Dr. Gerson, but it attacked my infected gall bladder in a grand way so that it with its massive stones had to be removed.

I had a choice being very poor, to eat or have webtv to educate folks .. I took the webtv.

Well, my full name is Nancy Ann (Schnabl) Luft. My phone is (414) 645-2390.
My address is: 1515A S. 10th Street …Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

I have spent damned near half of my lifetime locked up in the United States of America as a political prisoner because of the enemy sputniks and their goons.

No one has yet to help me as all US Presidents deny me a safe house from the goons, all deny me help to cope with those Russians and their mind reading sputniks that track me, that use their goons to mess me, that torture the hell out of me, etc..

If you have any questions, etc., email, mail, or call, I am very happy to try and answer them, as I hate brainwashed, uneducated, uninformed people, greatly.

I am completely socially isolated, as the goons knowing all my thoughts do not let me have any friends at all … if I make a friend the goons very soon get control of them. I would love hearing from some friendlies, as I do not know what a friendly is … not allowed them in my life time.

WHO IS THE CONSPIRACY? The goons blame all but themselves, naturally! They do not blame those that I do, because I mentioned the correct ones … you can read in books published about all kinds of conspiracy theories, except the filthy rich who they really are!

Must run again.

Bye for now.
Take care, be you right or left, take care.


PS: If freed, democracy would decide all things once again. The USA now has no left parties, as our Democrats are far, far to right to most nation’s far right parties! Fact of life. The Rich are always right wing and they are the goons, the conspiracy.

Letter – B……………part 1


I have been told that all you Militia folks talk about privately are the sputniks attacking the USA and the conspiracy. I have had those mind reading sputniks tracking me since birth and they want to me write to you Militia members,

The Sputnik Military (Sputnik Special Forces of the Russian Military) tell me via their sputniks that the conspiracy is not ZOG, Zionist Owned Government … a conspiracy that is headed by Israel and includes liberal American Jews, Democrats, with Clinton being a puppet of Israel
They tell me to tell you that they created the conspiracy and the conspiracy is headed by the lunatic Rockefeller Family. READ a book called The Rockefellers An American Dynasty, says the Sputnik Military. It states the Rockefeller Family and the heads of its old Standard Oil Monopoly married into virtually all the Old Money Families of the USA … the Russians say that the Rockefellers corrupted them all to the nth degree and they formed a Rich Man’s Mafia. They all refuse business loans, mess up orders for goods and services, sabotage, etc., … in short ruin business folks that are not players in their conspiracy and only promote to wealth those that become players in the conspiracy and have been doing that for some 70 or so years. Therefore they made virtually all the New Money in the USA and all filthy rich, virtually, are part of that conspiracy. The above book states, also, that the FBI does know the Rockefeller Family controls dozens and dozens of right wing groups in the USA. The Russian Sputnik Military that sent Jeane Dixon all the predictions in her books, 97% of which have come true thus far, told me the above information and told me to tell it to all Militia members. They had Dixon predict in her books a Second Holocaust because the conspiracy caused the first one … when they lost control of Europe they brainwashed Nazi Germans the Jews where them and got half this earth’s Jews gassed to death, some six million says the Sputnik Military … so the Russian Military knowing the conspiracy would try to pull that again had Dixon predict Second Holocaust. The Conspiracy has a receiver that picks up on those mind reading sputniks and they, like the Sputnik Military, not only know the thoughts of all that sputniks track, but they can see and hear everything, also. The receiver is like a TV set.

The conspiracy, Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia, which I call the goons for short, controls all our mass media, about everything in the so called free world in fact. READ Holly Sklars books on Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission … they took down our trade barriers to buy the buns of very rich and powerful foreigners to become players in their conspiracy of rich folks … gave away our factories along with our good paying union jobs to do it. Controlling all our mass media, it is all owned by the rich, they brainwash Americans about all kinds of things, they lie on opinion polls all the time, rig who speaks for or against things on TV, in the mass media, to make it look like things they support have widespread support, etc. The goons do things like infiltrate groups or threaten their leaders, etc. to control them and use them to spread lies, disinformation, use them as their spies, etc. Nothing much goes on the USA any more that the goons do not manage to get control of. I tend to get only goon controlled stooges posting replies to me on the Internet, they always say things to attempt to discredit me, that I write too long of responses, I can not spell (my WebTV does not have spell check), etc. Honest folks tend to not care to write to me as they always believe me and know the goons can learn how they are … by checking out the records at WebTV, others, etc.. So I publicly give the following information so folks can write to me and not give their names and addresses, call me from pay phones, etc., if they care to do so. I can answer their questions on the Internet, just tell me at what newsgroup to post my replies.

Nancy Ann Luft
1515A S. 10th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Ph.: (414) 645-2390

Letter – B…………….part 2


Folks can write to me and they need not tell me their names and addresses and ask me any questions they care to, or call me from a pay phone, and I will answers them at a newsgroup that they specify … as The Conspiracy of The Rich (or the goons as I call the at times) can access phone records very easily to learn who calls me, learn who posts replies on the Internet to me, etc..

Long ago David Rockefeller went to college in England, so England is all goon controlled and Jay Rockefeller went to college in Japan, so Japan is all goon controlled … I was there a few years ago so know first hand. The goons promote trade with China to get into China and caused The Tiananmen Square Uprising in Beijing that the government of China had to use its military from outside of Beijing to put down. I tried to get political asylum in China, since all the so called free world nations are controlled by the goons, BUT the goons controlled all that spoke English in Beijing and the goons had me deported. I was in Japan just prior to President Bush barfing at that state dinner there. The goons get democracy into all nations that they can and then go in and take them over completely or as much as they can. They use the USA military, the UN, etc. to wage endless wars against any and all nations they do not control to defeat them to get democracy into them so they can then take over.

The goons will soon be DEAD one way or another because they moved into Russia to try and take it over and NO one lives all that long that messes around inside of Russia! The Sputnik Military complains to me lots about the goons being in Russia, all over Moscow, etc.

READ  2013: The Rockefeller-Pentagon-Mafia Connection!!

I wrote endless letters to Reagan, to Bush, and now to Clinton. They were players prior to being President, BUT Rockefellers forgot to tell them what this bullshit was really all about as they double cross and exploit damned near everyone. David Rockefeller wanted Bush for President, endorsed him in the New Yorker, but could not rig him into office, so they got Reagan as President, Bush as VP, and tried to program me to kill Reagan, but I refused. Hinckley, Jr., and I lived in Denver area then. Sputniks were tracking both of us, anyhow, the goons brainwashed Hinckley, Jr. to shoot Reagan in that double cross of their player Reagan. Bush belonged to Rckefellers’ Trilateral Commission and Reagan did not, so the goons wanted Bush for the presidency more then Reagan. Carter and Mondale, also, both belonged to the Trilateral Commission. Nelson Rockefeller when governor of NY illegally gave H. Ross Perot his big start to wealth by illegally giving him a huge NY data processing contract. The goons control both the Democrats and Republicans, also Perot’s thrid party.
Jay Rockefeller became a Democrat only because sputniks told Dixon there would be no more elephants, ie., Republicans, in times to come … the of the family remains Republican.

The Sputnik Military say they have been up for millenniums, they wiped out all scientifically advanced societies and created all the religious saviors .. used religions to hide their sputniks, keep mankind superstitious and backwards, none scientific! God was dead in the 1950’s and next to no one went to church in the USA. Dixon predicted in her books that USA would be defeated because our religious fiber would break down, so the goons created the Moral Majority to prevent that from happening and to brainwash those poor folks to politically control their minds, ie., they use their Moral Majority to forever make the rich, richer, cut social programs because their greedy rich buns hate paying any taxes at all, cut farm aid to run family farmers off their lands because they join Militias, etc.

The traditionally American thing is to feed, house, get medical care to, etc., each and every American when an enemy is attacking US. BUT the goons rig players into office at all levels, and only they get elected, and they keep cutting those entities, those simple American civil defense measures.


Letter – B……………part 3


Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia was created by enemy sputniks to defeat US. The enemy made the Rockefellers rich, nuts, into thugs, etc., and then knowing they would use that receiver, armed the crazies with it. One’s standard of living is very addictive, the virtually all of the rich joined in to keep their extremely high standard of living. The profits of capitalism are conditioning and motivating folks to become psychotic psychopaths and treat their fellow citizens like objects, things, slaves, disposable diapers.

Anyhow, the Rich Mafia did not care to pay taxes to reimburse folks in full for their disaster loses, to pay cripples a decent income, to pay orphans decent compensation, to pay the full cost of funerals, etc., all of which they would have been taxed for IF the People learned of the enemy sputniks because the People would have demanded it all to cover their own buns, not being rich like the Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia and not being able to afford endless insurances, etc., to cover their loses from those Russian sputnik caused disasters, personal disasters, etc.. So the Rich Mafia decided to drive insane all those sputniks track by terrorizing them in time to their thoughts, to hide the sputniks. In short, pure and simple GREED motivated the rich to do this all, as they knew that if the TRUTH was public, the People would have long ago taxed them out of existence. There is no human right to be filthy rich, now is there? NOPE!

The Russian Military had me write to some Militia leaders and tell them that “if you care to be free, you must kill all the Rich, only the Rich, and pardon the rest”!

Read a book called A Cancer Therapy by the late Dr. Max Gerson. He could cure all advanced cancers in the 1030’s – 1950’s. His book bad months fertilizes made from black gold, oil. So lunatic oil rich Rockefellers blacklisted him and his cancer cure, plus cures for many other degenerative diseases … the same thing that cures cancer ought to also cure Alzheimer’s Disease, as both lack potassium inside of all their cells in their entire body. I read we currently have 2.3 million Americans suffering from Alsheimer’s!

The Sputnik Military predicted three tyrants in Nostradamus … Napoleon, Hitler, and a third that would control middle east oil, the oil made rich, crazy Rockefellers. Enemy sputniks predicted them, then created them, and then defeat them … Napoleon and Hitler were both defeated and soon the lunatic Rockefellers will be. The sputniks tell me that they can very easily kill all the big, top goons, along with all their loved ones, in one’s night’s time. I keep telling them to please kill the pigs and we do that treaty with them, to end this crap. We the People do NOT need this bullshit, no way. The New World Order (NWO) has been in place for a very long time, it is Rockefeller’s global conspiracy. Look all around the earth in so called free nations, they are Rich Mafia controlled and all The Working People are suffering more and more from Rockefeller’s … of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich ONLY, policy!


Letter – B……………part 4


We get brainwashed that we must cut social programs to save our current economy by the rich Mafia that controls everything. Nice, but only the rich benefit from saving our current economy, as the rest of us are better off scraping it and writing off our huge caused national debt that the rich caused.. The Rich Mafia took total control of the entire USA right after WWII … they are the commies that the late Senator McCarthy was looking for … the Rich Mafia had control of so much they simply brainwashed all to look for the wrong entity! David Rockefeller promoted the use of nuclear energy to have lots of radioactive crap to make nukes and Nelson promoted the Cold War and they charged their Rich Man’s Cold War and Nuke Race to our national debt. Now the Rich Mafia cuts social programs to the truly needy because they buried the USA in red ink with THEIR national debt, that only the Rich should be paying off! The filthy rich brainwash folks that it is a bunch of “niggers'” that live on welfare to get support to cut social programs… but reality is that the largest single group on welfare are WHITE CRIPPLES AND THEIR DEPENDENTS!

The Sputnik Military says that they can kill over 97% of us Americans, with their sputniks alone, without any warming at all, in a matter of nanoseconds. I tell them that I think what they have done is crime, not war, BUT We The People are all ears and want to hear any and all treaty offers to end this bullshit. I have talked to the Russian Military via their sputniks for years in great detail about a treaty to end this and their ideas sound great to me. If this is crime and not war, we just pardon them and grab the treaty … as things far too one sided to continue this crap! The treaty offers are too long for this paper, perhaps in the future I will explain it in detail to you all.

Now I got mailed some Patriot propaganda. It states they oppose socialism. BUT I do think they understand what socialism is. Religion is an enemy made hoax, man is a primate without a soul. Primates have the dominant male rule their packs … that is right wing, ie., tribal chiefs rule, Rockefellers rule, Kings rule, the Pope rules, Hitler rules, Stalin rules, a tiny group of rich rule, etc.. Left wing is the pack rules itself via democracy, bill of rights, every person voting, etc.. Socialism was PEOPLE POWER, the People ruling themselves via freedoms, liberty, the TRUTH, reality, democracy, etc.. Lenin called Stalinism “right wing state capitalism” and Stalin sent to Gulag all socialists, because they believed in democracy, PEOPLE POWER! I call communism simply militant socialism … socialists think they can win peacefully using education, etc., whereas commies think they need wars.
The Sputnik Military always use a small rich and ruling class paired with religious hoax brainwashing too control the masses, The People, for them and they always wipe out democracy, socialism, etc. The type of economy? Right wing variations of that dominate male ruling the pack of primates dictates the type of economy, ie., tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Rockefellers, etc., dictate, or Kings, Popes, etc., dictate. Left wing is democracy, which is the same, by the way, as real socialism, has the People democratically debate and decide what type of economy they want to have. Naturally in nations where most folks belong to the working class, if freed and informed, they would enact programs that they want for themselves, ie., a real safety net that they cannot afford, etc., that is why real democracy tends to always be rather socialistic and if it is not, it is because the democracy is CORRUPTED! Group insurances are lowest in their cost to an individual and the entire working class always moves to cover its own buns by enacting national insurance polices and voting to have the governemnt insure everyone … therefore real democracy, when not corrupted, is always rather socialistic.

The Sputnik Military, their Rich Man’s Mafia that they intentionally created, have gotten everyone confused with their brainwashing about these issues. The Sputnik Military created the Dictatorship of the Proletarian or Workers, to put right wing Stalin into power to enslave half the earth as they created the lunatic Rockefellers to enslave the other half … as a war tactic. You see, in mankind’s evolution, man is coming from that dominate male primate ruling the pack of homo sapiens or the RIGHT and going towards the pack of homo sapiens ruling itself or the LEFT. With public mass production of education of all the People, paired with mass media, etc., to have an informed electorate, the pack is now capable of ruling itself and therefore ONLY democracy or real socialism, which at the same entities, are morally acceptable. All treaty offers MUST include real and meaningful democracy, the People must have the right to the TRUTH about all things and complete self rule, as that is the ONLY morally correct entity to have on this earth at this stage of evolution.


Letter B…………….part 5


If you are right wing … evolve … you can learn to no longer scratch under your arm pits if you try hard, no joke! If you are left wing and believe in democracy or real socialism, ie., that the pack of homo sapiens has evolved to the point that it should ought to be ruling itself completely CONGRATULATIONS ! I told the Sputnik Military that if they think they know so damned much, write books, if they are good we buy them, read them, and use it the information, if not … it ain’t that great what they have to say! We are always looking for better ideas in all things.

Due to my cancer last year, being disabled and living far under the poverty level cause the rich steal the right to a decent disability check for us truly needy, and owing to my recent gall bladder surgery, I exist in pure hellish poverty, far below the poverty level in the USA. No one ever helps me for 56 years, all rip me off, etc., and I need money for food cause I bought myself WebTV and spent all my money. Yes sir ree, a nice money order for a nice home computer would be a dream, miracle, come true. Gee, I spent some ten thousand dollars of a back disability check I received sending out letters, copies of a fifty page research paper, etc., freaking all out of their loving minds until some folks decided to create the Militias … I’ve spent lots of money since then on this cause of educating folks … as I hate brainwashing! I can not correctly educate you all unless I write long letters and you all running around with those guns, etc., greatly need a good education! McVeigh was brainwashed by the Rich Mafia about Jews, ZOG, and he took out the wrong target! Unless you take out all the rich, the rich will simply continue to corrupt all our future governments! Hence WebTV first and food money second in my personal budget. Yes, I do take donations … all right for my disabled buns to hint at that? I think so. Anyhow, money or not, thanks ENORMOUSLY for reading this! Take care, be you right or left, take care!


PS: How does the Rich Mafia get gun control?
They freak out folks that sputniks track, intentionally, to get them murder others like at the high school in Littleton, Colorado! Sputniks say they were tracking those kids, and that Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia intentionally freaked them out to kill … to use that happening to promote gun control!


No time left for gross traitors!


Someone wrote at a newsgroup that we can not work within the system, but that it is too early to kill the rich.

Our rich and ruling class are the conspiracy that rigs elections, that criminally uses all our mass media to brainwash us, etc., and it is already in all honesty far too late to get rid of them!

Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia blacklisted the late Dr. Max Gerson and his cure for all cancers, his cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, etc.. I read that today in the USA we currently have 2.3 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease alone. Gerson’s cure was also a prevention, had not the Rockefellers blacklisted him and his work for bad mouthing oil upsetting them, today in the USA we would have zero cases of Alzheimers, nearly zero cases of cancers, etc.. Each day more Americans, some 2.3 million, have more of their brain cells destroyed, brain cells that can never, ever, be replaced as they all move toward not even being able to recognize their own reflections in a mirror, not being able to remember how to feed themselves, use a toilet, etc..

The Rich Mafia intentionally floods the USA with illegal drugs and each day more are addicted, more are dead and injured in drug gang violence, more folks are mugged, robbed in their own homes, etc., as more police are dead and crippled, also, because the Rich Mafia cared to wipe out this nation’s poor for writing on their ghetto walls a few decades ago “EAT THE RICH”!
The Rich Mafia cared to not pay taxes to test and quarantine the half million infected with the AIDS virus when a test first came out for it, so they brainwashed all to not do that, controlled everyone to not do that, and today we have an additional one to two million Americans infected with that deadly virus. Use condoms and have safe sex our youth get brainwashed. Folks my age can still recall what we were told about using condoms for birth control … they fail so very often you get called “pregnant” from their use. Believe our mass media about using condoms for protection against the AIDS virus and you get called DEAD! Each day we still have new cases of folks infected with the AIDS virus as fools are brainwashed to think they do not have AIDS, they only have HIV … HIV is infected with the AIDS virus … we can not even get the double speak stopped.

We have millions of Americans that the Rich Mafia have driven insane by terrorizing them in time to their thoughts using their receiver that picks up on those mind reading sputniks … honest, decent, loyal, patriotic Americans that ENEMY sputniks picked to track. How old was I when the Rich Mafia first went after me? They controlled my first grade teacher. Rockefellers tell their players, dozens of right wing groups that they control, etc., that they are going after “commies”! Tiny children are not commies, and of all adults I have know, I have not yet met one that was a commie or a socialist, and I have known, personally, endless numbers of Americans they went after and drove insane, some of which loved Barry Goldwater for god’s sake!

Read those names on the Vietnam Wall in DC, average age of those kids was 19 years old when they died in a war caused by Rockefellers and their Rich Mafia and NOT one name on that wall is of the posterity of this nation’s rich I’ve been told!

Etc., etc., etc.!

The rich called me a commie, etc.! For what reason? Because I want to be free and to be free we must get rid of our corrupt rich and I say the TRUTH about all things! Virtually all of our Rich belong to Rockefellers Rich Man’s Mafia. They are all gross traitors, guilty of endless atrocities against their own fellow citizens. They are murderers, gangsters, rapists, thugs, robber barons, etc.. “If you care to be free, you must kill the rich, all the rich, only the rich, and pardon the rest, for they are the conspiracy that we created” the Russian Military told me via their sputniks. Hell, that sounds great to most folks that know about this all, they tell me. I get called a commie by traitors, murders, etc., that should be executed, because I dare say the truth about them all!

I have been told that the following paragraph is perfectly legal to state and to post, is it OK to write: “Yes, I say all should kill the rich and pardon all others and give them a bill of rights, etc., to protect them. If you are loyal Americans perhaps you all ought to study what Hitler and his Nazis did to cause the Rockefellers’ Rich Man’s Mafia to lose control and try to copy the essential parts of it! Or study how they lost control to Musolini or Tojo! Or learn how Castro, etc., got rid of their criminal filthy rich and figure out whether or not parts of it to get rid of atrocity doing filthy rich” ?

These fools, the Rich Mafia, caused the Nuke Race and Cold War and charged it to our nation debt and buried the USA in red ink that we will never, ever be able to repay to make nukes that they later learned from me the enemy sputniks set off. Then they brainwashed all to cut social programs to the truly needy, with the largest group on welfare being white cripples and their dependents because of the national debt and its huge interest that they caused … as they brainwashed whites to vote for it because “niggers” and junkies are on welfare … they lied!
I sit here, day after day, unable to figure out who is killing, crippling, messing up more of us Americans, the sputniks directly, or the sputniks using their humanoid weapon system which is our Rich and Ruling class. I add up those numbers and I think, honestly think, our Rich are messing more of us for the enemy then the enemy is messing directly!

So I get called a “commie” for telling folks the truth about all our rich! I who loves democracy, freedom, self rule, the bill of rights, our constitution, honesty, integrity, morals, … , all those things I never experience in the USA, because I do not want gross gangsters controlling, ruling, us all like we have now.

The Rich Mafia is threatening to murder me, they control the police that I should be going to, I do have a legal and moral and human right to self defense and to tell folks to kill the RICH, don’t I? Just spread the TRUTH that I write to all Americans and automatically they will butcher all our rich and at long last I shall be free! The pigs only get away with their treason and atrocities against their own fellow citizens, because the people do not know what is going on and who is doing it.

Sure, just sit and do nothing and wait … till they murder you and your loved ones. Well, I cannot do that, as I have MORALS and I must do all that I can to save those folks from cancers, from Alzheimers, from AIDS, … , … , … !!! They rape and murder little children and I must try and stop them. They intentionally messed those two kids at Columbine High in LIttleton, Colorado to get them to commit mass murder for PR to use in their gun control campaign, to disarm Americans, etc., and they will do that again, and again! All adults have a moral duty to stop them anyway that they can.

The Rich Mafia took down our trade barriers and gave our factories away with their good paying great benefit union jobs to foreigners to buy their buns to be players in their Rich Man’s Mafia to use them against the USSR. We have virtually no union workers left in the USA, folks are working for peanuts, and suffering with their families greatly because of it. They forced wives and mothers into the work place … all except, naturally, their own rich ones!

They cut farm aid to intentionally run family farmers and ranchers off their lands because they want the filthy rich and their huge corporations to take over. Folks that owned their lands for generations no longer do so, as the numbers of working class farmers and ranchers hit an all time low.

The Rich flood the USA with illegal drugs causing ten per cent of our infants each year to be born addicted to those illegal drugs … messing up those kids before they are even born, to be messed up until the day they die.

On and on its goes … millions of Americans alive today the rich drove insane, etc., cripples made by enemy sputniks existing in hellish poverty way far below the poverty level … tortured in hellish poverty by the rich Mafia, cause they did not want to pay taxes to take decent care of those working class cripples the enemy made.

Well, there is not time left for gross traitors, none what so even. Every American has a patriotic, moral, legal, constitutional duty to kill all our rich and get control back of the USA, get our democracy back, get our constitution back, get our freedom of press, speech, political freedom back, etc., because the filthy rich have overthrown our constitutional government, don’t they?

Yup, we never, ever had so very many rich being so filthy rich. And we no longer have a middle class left in the USA, either! If you must have your wife work in order to afford to buy a middle class house, you are among this nation’s working poor … was how things were when I grew up. Today the Rich Mafia reduced just about the entire middle class to the working poor and got them brainwashed to think that they are still middle class! The power to TV, the mass media, to brainwash folks and the Rich Mafia censors and uses it to the nth degree to do just that to everyone.

The People needed long ago to get rid of all our rich! How much more human suffering to how many more tens of millions of Americans can we take? NONE, because it is past time to get rid of our rich!

Can you prove that sputniks are tracking you?

I do receiver some geat questions from folks like this one.

Yes, I can prove sputniks are tracking me now and in the past.

You know those light sensors that turn on and off street lights? If I am out at night waiting for a bus and pace back and forth and one gets between me and the sputnik tracking me … all of the street lights get turned off! As I continue to pace back and forth all the street lights will go on and off in time to my pacing for a while … until the Russians switch to a different sputnik so that sensor is not between me and their sputnik tracking me.

People with Geiger Counters in the past can never understand why the radiation levels are too high near me for them to explain. That always freaks them.

The meter, I forgot what is is called Voltmeter maybe … that measures things like static electricity always picks up too much static electricity near me also, so much it freaked out electrical engineers when I used to work for an
engineering department. The static electricity comes from the electro magnetic field generated by the lasers tracking me or the ionized radiation that it causes or something … not sure.

Rockefellers Rich Folks Mafia has a TV like receiver that picks up on those mind reading sputniks tracking me, they and the Russian Sputnik Military both not only know my thoughts, but since what I see and hear gets translated into electrical impulses like thoughts are made of, they see and hear what I do.

It must not be all that hard to build a receiver, as the receiver is not picking up directly on the sputniks’ gamma ray, x ray, lasers, but on the electro magnetic field that the laser generates.

Thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain that get inscribed on the laser that is tracking me … like they do in radio or TV to transmit, ie., sound vibrations end up inscribed on a carrier wave, etc..

Electrical impulses in the brain are at a constant rate, neurons always fire all together at a rate of forty times per second.

Check the electro magnetic spectrum not used for radio, TV, etc., those frequencies … I think you pick up on the sputniks on the unused frequencies, I think they call them bans.

I know the sputniks track me every second because they constantly send pain to my head, to the left side to tell me to not say that, write that, etc., and to the right side to tell me to say that, write that, etc.. If I do not listen to them they send pain to my entire head and if I get them really upset they torture me endlessly, for weeks at time with pure excruciating pain to my entire head. No pain killing medicine will help because if it does they only turn the pain level higher!

They track me everywhere, in x ray rooms, while I have a CATSCAN, in caves, in long tunnels through mountains, etc., and I have not yet found one place they can not read my mind.

Frequently the Sputnik Military sends me my dreams at night, usually to tell me things. They tell me things sending me thoughts, or ESP, but I do not hear voices … I only know it is their thoughts and not my own that I am thinking by the content of the thoughts. When I asked them once to send me voices that Jeane Dixon, etc., hear, they did that once for a few words.

I am receiving some great questions to answer from folks.

How do I know they always tracked me?

Things like I named two of my three kids identical names to what their god parents just had named their newborn infants … they lived in Michigan and me in Milwaukee at the time. So I had to change my kids names, I knew Chernenko was very ill and would die, prior to it being on the news, I knew that the space shuttle Challenger would blow up before it did, etc. At times in the past if I walked for five city blocks, the Russians would use their sputniks would pile up cars at five consecutive intersections. When Jay Rockefeller was running for the Presidency of the USA in some recent election, the Sputnik Military said to me that IF he got elected they would kill his entire family and I did not have time to tell anyone because the very next day Jay pulled out of the Presidential race.


Now exactly what kind of proof you want?

Just build a receiver that picks up on those sputniks and prove it to yourself! Ffnd someone to help you, it most likely is NOT that hard.

Good questions, send more for me to answer!



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