by Tom Smith

After having read all the changes and potential changes to the Earth, many may feel it is time to “get out of Dodge”. Many will do just that, as they have chosen these times to make their transition. But many more will remain to be an integral part of the changes. Actually, all of us are part of the changes. Whether you believe it or not, we have all “signed on” for this adventure, for as many reasons as there are humans.

In the channeling of July 15, 1992, the Sun God mentioned that I and others have traveled into the future. Indeed, I have been privileged to have taken such journeys, and have seen us leave the Earth to live elsewhere. I have seen some of what is ahead for the Earth and humankind. I have been allowed to see the Master Plan in motion.

Part of my divine plan is to write and teach the truths. Therefore, I am writing about some of my experiences as I become a part of the transformation of spaceship Earth as she prepares for her final cleansing. Where do each of us go and what is it like when we get there? This is some of what I am about to tell you.

After some thought about which approach to take, I decided to present my future travels as they impressed me, as I was there. It is written as it was happening – in the present. It is my sincere hope that each of you can feel my experiences for yourself and not be fearful of them. It is my intent to convey what it will be like for me to leave the Earth and all of my possessions behind, and to settle on a distant planet, in a new home, and in a new surrounding. It is not intended to be presented as an emotional experience, although I certainly had mixed emotions. All those that I saw or talked with during my future travels showed no fear about what is to occur, or what had already taken place. With the many changes in Earth energies, as well as “777” universal energies, all changes are now occurring at an accelerated pace.

By the time the Great Harvest of Souls arrives, most of us will have a totally different mindset than now. Much of what you read here and hear from others will not be as “far out” as it may now seem.

This is not intended to be a thorough description of what I have seen and felt in the future. My journeys are not the purpose and focus of this book. Besides, as much as I have been privileged to see, I did not get the full “tour,” at least that I can recall at present.

This is not channeled material, yet I asked for guidance as I have tried to communicate some of what I have seen, heard and felt. I also asked for assistance in editing what I have written. It is not my wish to exaggerate what I have been witness to, nor invent any of it, nor even use someone else’s experiences. At my request, the Sun God has assured me that what I have written is as I have experienced.

Good-bye To Earth – The Journey Begins

It is obvious to all of us that it is time to leave. There is no fuss, as each of us quietly walks to the meeting place. We have only what we can easily carry in our arms. Most of us have come to realize the true value of letting “things go” and trusting. There are many of us gathered around talking quietly. We are excited nevertheless, for this is a new experience for us. We don’t know exactly what to expect. But it is a subdued excitement. At the same time, we are not nervous. There are children and they play, yet our entire demeanor and movement is like a prayerful action, a real-life-ceremony. We don’t particularly want to leave the Earth since this is our home. We love the Earth. But we also understand the joyful feelings of the Earth as she is very close to taking that big leap into another realm of her own. She is graduating into the 5th dimension. It is necessary for us to honor and respect her desire to do this, and we must leave while she finishes the house cleaning that she must do as final preparation for her new look. We understand. We also realize many will someday return to once again coexist in love and harmony with the Earth. But for now, we are to continue our growth and development on another “Earth planet.”

There is much spacecraft activity, as there has been for the last week or so. Our space friends have been busy with their final preparations to ease our concerns. We have met with our space friends as they explained what is to happen and how we are to be leaving. They are available anytime we need them. They answered all the questions we had. In fact, our space friends have encouraged us to talk among ourselves to make certain we understand and have no more questions or concerns. Of course, we all have concerns simply because it is a totally new experience. Our parents and teachers have never prepared us for times like these. We are truly the pioneers of new frontiers.

So we have concerns, but each of us seems to accept what is unfolding.

Many are really happy with it. There have been so many changes to the Earth that none of us are certain what might happen next. I have been more prepared than most for the Earth changes, but it is not always so easy to watch and feel the cleansing power of the rain, wind, the Earth quaking and poles shifting. You know deep down that these have been necessary for the good of Earth and us as well. However, we still live in the physical and some physical changes are easier to accept than others. Nevertheless, we accept and move on. We all prefer a quieter time, a time when we do not have to worry about the next major change that might affect our living patterns. At the same time, most of us have adjusted very well to our new ways of living off the land and helping each other. There is much satisfaction and true sharing in doing this.

So we are ready to leave.

There are about 30 of us waiting for the craft to pick us up. I live in a thinly populated area. There are families of us clustered together.

This is also the way many of us want to continue on our new planet as soon as this is possible. As the craft quietly comes down for us, we become deadly silent. This is it, good-bye to our Mother Earth.

The craft lands close by and our space friends from the Pleiades come out and welcome us aboard. They are filled with a great love for us and the Earth. Our small group is of a similar vibration, and we will be going together. Our space friends make us feel very comfortable with their loving ways. We quickly become more upbeat.

Our craft lifts off and in a few moments, we are approaching the mother ship, the one that will actually take us on our journey. The mother ship is huge. I do not estimate dimensions well, but I will say it is 10-15 stories high and stretched as far as I can see, at least from my vantage point. It is 10 miles long, I am told, and the equivalent of 20 stories high. “There are others orbiting the Earth as well,” says our space friends. The ships have been specially constructed for this great day. This is called the period of the Great Harvest of Souls. Each on the Earth will be taken aboard a similar vessel as the Earth is ready for her graduation. Those who are sensitive to different vibrations remark of joyous vibrations and music coming from the Earth. In fact, many of us hear celestial music as it plays in the background. The Earth is not sad to see us leave, as she knows many will return in a relatively short time and live in perfect harmony with her as light-bodied humans.

I do not recall much about our flight to our destination planet. It does not take long. I am told that it could be quicker. The space friends on board are using this time for some teachings and assistance to those who wish to have it. We are given another overview of what to expect when we land. Since most are still used to routines, we are given specific directions on what to do. We are told not to worry about remembering everything since there will be sufficient opportunities to hear it again when we land.

The Destination Planets

Each of us is taken to a destination planet that relates most closely to our individual vibration. Our space friends easily and instantly determine where each of us belongs. There is absolutely no way to fool them. We just cannot suddenly pretend that we are of a very “high vibration” and are a super loving person. We are who we are.

Our space friends do not judge us. They simply direct each of us to the appropriate place, and they do so in a most loving way. A person of a lower vibration is not allowed to proceed to a higher vibrational destination. However, a person of a higher vibration may choose to remain in a lower level, in case they wish to remain with another individual, for instance. I did not see this happening, but we were told ahead of time that this would be allowed.

Those wishing to continue their growth, in what is still referred to as the “3rd dimension,” are going to a planet occupied by people of similar beliefs. Regardless of each persons’ vibration, we take with us the same knowledge, wisdom, love, lack of love, and attitudes that we had before our departure. These will be neither enhanced nor avoided, due to the move itself. If there is joy in seeing the Sun rise or set, this will not change. If there is hate and prejudice towards others or self, this too will not change, unless we decide to change these attitudes ourselves. If there is a need for material pleasures, this will also be reflected on the new planet.

There is a destination planet for those who are at the 4th-dimensional level. These, too, will be given the opportunity to develop in a place where they are free from the vibrations of those in the 3rd and 5th dimensions.

There are also new homes for those who have elevated themselves to the 5th-dimensional level and higher. Primarily these consist of those who have very deliberately raised their vibrations as the Earth has raised hers. Included here are those who have agreed to be the seed for those light-bodied humans who will someday return to live in perfect harmony with the planet Earth.

There are inconveniences for most, as you might expect under the circumstances, particularly those who have chosen the 3rd and 4th-dimensional growth patterns. Those above the 4th are not so much into many of the physical realities of the Earth, so they adjust easier to their new home. Many of the Earth changes have helped prepare us for the kinds of experiences presented to us. Most seem to adjust very quickly to their new home. There is already some housing waiting for us, as well as other structures. All those who are positive and forward thinking quickly set aside their homesickness as soon as they realize the love and friendliness of their new home.

The Third Dimension

In visiting those on the 3rd-dimensional planet, I notice how well adjusted and happy the people seem. My perception is that these people are still into their old paradigms, which is all right for them.

Despite having made their choice for this move, most were still skeptical about being able to maintain their old belief systems, including religion. However, I see many churches and places of worship already in use. So, it is secure and reassuring to them that those freedoms are to continue. Aside from the separation and loss of possessions, most appear to be seeing this as a very rewarding experience. It is bringing people together more so than they could have imagined. All is not roses, however, since overall attitudes have not changed, but many good things are already happening.

There are no obvious differences between this new home and the Earth. The atmospheric conditions are slightly different but everyone has adjusted to them. The air is lighter, much like that at higher elevations on Earth. Most people are still living in large, wooden community-type buildings, with winding staircases – very Victorian and quite beautiful. These were already in place when they arrived.

By choice, many others have begun moving out into the countryside to establish their own homes. It requires much hard work, but this too is one of the 3rd-dimensional beliefs.

As I move about on the new 3rd-dimensional planet, I see green trees, flowers, green grass, birds and hills. It is warm and sunny and the days are about as long as on Earth. As more and more of the “Earth systems” have been implemented, it has become even more like home. Since we left all possessions behind, everyone starts out with the same level of wealth and power. However, it doesn’t take long for some to exert themselves in leadership and dominating roles. There are plenty of local, national and international leaders and “government” heads from Earth who have chosen this path as well. So, many of these assume their natural roles which seem to please most people. But there is an excellent opportunity to make everyone equal.

The Fourth Dimension

The planet which those already in the 4th dimension are destined for is also similar to Earth, but there are some differences, namely in attitudes and technology. For instance, I am traveling around the city in a vehicle that is powered by solar energy. It is not a very stylish conveyance, but is comfortable and has large windows all around. As I listen to one of the radio stations, I am pleasantly surprised to hear upbeat music and a very positive sounding DJ.

The songs are pleasant, uplifting and positive in nature. They are happy sounding. Obviously, these people have learned the importance of sound, particularly through happy and upbeat music. I have not heard a single sad song or songs about lost love.

Except for the hum of a few “car” engines, the city is quiet. As far as I can tell, the single source of power is from the Sun. The people appear to be happy overall. but serious as well. They are at this vibrational level by choice, yet I hear one person questioning his decision to come here, as he thinks of the old days. He is a young former stockbroker who is trying to find his way in his new home.

Perhaps he is a little lonely. I am sure he will soon quit relating to the materialistic ways of old and move into a more deliberate path of light.

The people have become very adept at recognizing a new vibration among them. Without exception, each person comments on my vibration as we meet. Most ask if I am new here. I observe healings by light while touring a “doctors” office. Part of the exam consists of looking into a handheld optical device that produces light patterns.

This, in turn, is correlated to the person’s current level of development, with options given for future growth. Although unique to each, the evaluations seem to produce similar results for those of similar vibrations, at least for those I saw. A very caring doctor is also doing some individual light healing with a small light projecting device.

There is a sincere interest on the part of this doctor to assist everyone who has asked for his help. The doctor becomes aware of my presence and is somewhat surprised by my visit.

I am told there are other life forms of similar vibration who are also using this as a “staging or phase-in” planet. As with we humans, they will remain here for as long as they choose, perhaps an entire lifetime, or until they raise their vibrational level to the 5th dimension.

I have not seen any of the non-humans. I am told they will remain in the background until our new arrivals have adjusted more so to our surroundings. As I understand it, this planet is a temporary home for those who choose to continue their growth beyond the 4th dimension.

There are no time limits here. I am told that there is an infinite number of degrees within each dimension, which allows for either slow, quick, or unlimited growth, depending on the individuals’ needs.

This is in contrast to the former Earth paradigm, where many levels of vibration were co-existing together, which made it more difficult for those existing on the upper and lowers ends.

The Fifth Dimension and Beyond

There are people on Earth who are prepared to move into the 5th-dimensional level or higher. My journeys included some of these planets. but I will not detail these at this time. I will say that as our vibratory rates rise to higher levels, that our physical bodies will begin to change in very subtle ways, becoming more and more rarefied. The type and quantity of food we require will also change.

These physiological changes begin as we move into the 4th dimension and become even more pronounced as we approach the 5th. It is while in the 5th dimension that the transmutation from a denser physical body to a lighter body occurs. It is not an instant process, though. It is the light body that will return to live in peace and harmony within the new 5th dimensional Earth. I do not know how long the transmutation process will require, but it is not long in time- space terms, perhaps 50-150 years. As of this writing, the process has already begun. But it will begin in earnest when many of the 11-12-year-olds’ born in 1992 (and earlier) have children of their own.

Their children will inaugurate the inception of light-bodied humanity.

Each succeeding generation of offspring will be less dense and of a higher vibration.

Return Visits To Earth

I have returned to Earth on several occasions, and each visit has shown a marked change from the first. One visit is soon after the Great Harvest of Souls. Everything is abandoned. It is like a ghost town as depicted in the old wild west movies. I walk into several homes and they are just as they were left. Some still have food on the table. Many refrigerators are filled with food. It is all spoiled, as there is no electrical power. The impression is that everyone was prepared to leave when the time came, and there was no fanfare or attempts to exert unnecessary efforts towards things that were not to be taken.

On another visit, the final cleansing process has begun. From the close proximity to the Earth, I can see the destruction of all man-made structures. Most of the large and tall buildings have already been leveled by myriad prior Earth changes. Now I am able to see great slabs of concrete roadways and bridges being churned up by invisible forces. Intense heat and other types of energies are being applied, literally dissolving and breaking them down into a more natural state. These then are to become a part of the surrounding nature.

Our space friends are assisting with the cleansing efforts. As I move across the countryside, I see craft hovering over the different structures. They are applying energy beams that disintegrate the objects. I am told that nothing is lost. These disintegrated objects are converted to another form of energy that can either be utilized within the Earth’s atmosphere or that dissipates into space beyond Earth. Chemicals harmful to the Earth and radioactive materials are being neutralized and rendered harmless. It is easy to understand why it was necessary for us to leave while the cleansing takes place.

The light-bodied humans that return to Earth will have no need for the human-made physical structures. They will travel by thought and will not have any need for a physical transportation system.

Their energy field will be self-regulated, so there will be no need for shelter. The efforts of the Earth and our space friends’ energies are directed in the most loving way to return the Earth to a place of natural beauty. It is to be a beauty that will support the vibration of a 5th dimension planet, a planet of clean, fresh air and clean waterways. It is to be a planet with brilliant snow white poles and verdant forests.

My final visit finds a Mother Earth that is of breathtaking beauty.

As I approach her, I can see a clear, well defined, uninterrupted auric field. Beneath her aura is an atmosphere of rich clean air.

Missing are the gases and pollutants of the 3rd-dimensional human era. The countryside is now covered with lush green trees, beautiful bushes and ground covers, and multicolored wildflowers of every variety. The waters are flowing in a rhythmic fashion and are clean, sparkling and spring-like clear. The musical chords of ecstatic vibrations are everywhere reflecting the total planetary harmony.

There are echoes of love – seen – heard – felt – as the Earth, the Mother of all Her planetary life, and the totality of Her life systems are all at-one-ment. It is a physical beauty that was only dreamed of before the advent of the Great Harvest. Mother Earth is more loving, fresh looking, radiant and magnificent. She is ready to welcome home those humans who have been preparing themselves for this time. A great homecoming celebration is being prepared as Mother has much love she wishes to share.

“When” and Other Information

An obvious question is “When is the Great Harvest of Souls to occur?”

I do not know. This has not been shared with me, although I believe we will be told in advance. In one sense it has already begun, just as the Earth changes have begun. One reason we are not being told is that there is not a definite schedule. The entire process is directly related to the energies and the collective consciousness of humankind and the Earth. The Great Harvest of Souls WILL occur, but the exact date is not known. There is a probable time, but Earth is a free-will zone and we have many choices to make along our spiritual paths that will have an effect. I was told it will most likely occur in my childrens’ lifetime. In 1992 when I was told this, their ages were 24 and 23, respectively. I do know that the date will not be a surprise to us, as we will be kept informed.

Another concern will be that of pets or animals in general. I do not recall seeing a single animal during my future travels. Perhaps I saw them and do not remember since I was really focused on the human factors. However, this much I have been told: most animals will not remain on the 5th dimensional Earth, but they will be going with humankind. All present, Earth life-forms, in particular, the animal kingdom, are compliments to and energy balancers for, humanity. This is one reason for their creation. The animals are at a different spiritual level than are humans and will maintain that relative relationship as components of universal balance. Therefore, humankind will continue to share their life experiences with those of animals.

Others may be concerned about those who are bedridden, under medical care, in wheelchairs, blind, in prison or whatever condition and situation that may be imagined. The Great Harvest of Souls is for all souls, not just those who are physically and mentally “competent.”

Between now and this miraculous event, humankind will be going through tremendous and rapid growth. Many major illnesses and ailments may be cured, as our own physiology reflects the Earths’

vibrational changes. We will begin to realize how we can control the physical with the mental, and how to manifest our thoughts quickly.

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Many of us will cure our own ailments, but for those who do not, for whatever reasons, rest assured that all those on the Earth will be taken to their new home. Neither the Sun God nor our space friends who will be assisting, will judge us in any regard, whether it be spiritually, physically or mentally. They offer us only the pure love that they now experience.

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