by Misty

This is a story about a wonderful thing that happened to me, and I would like to share it. With all my heart and soul I swear it is true.

I went on holiday to Egypt in June 1980, to see an Egyptian whose visa had run out for UK. I got off the plane at about 7.30 pm and he was there waiting. After coming back from the airport, I socialized with my friend’s mother, had snacks etc. and went to bed alone at about 11pm. I turned off the light and lay down to rest. As I suffer insomnia quite often, I usually reflect a bit on the past day to digest what has occurred  and philosophize about the significance of anything I learnt, so was staring into space, thinking how wonderful it was to be in Egypt. I was wide awake and had only lay down a few minutes. 

  Suddenly a big sphere appeared at the end of the bed and it looked exactly like a soap bubble, or one made of glass. It was all shimmery and bright. Maybe about four or five feet diameter. It filled in with light and became a glowing transparent golden sphere, in maybe about twenty seconds. Then some thin horizontal lines about two and a half inches wide formed all across the sphere. It took about ten seconds for the globe to be covered in black lines. Then they all opened slowly cutting this world out like a blade, but from both sides of the line. Small horizontal stripes of the next dimension showed as they widened. When they all met up there was a round hole in the world. This took maybe about twenty seconds. The next dimension was bright and lit up and I could see it was inside a room as I saw a table in it. 

But the main thing was four angels that were standing in the round cavity – one in the front and three behind. I know they were angels as I’ve seen angels before. They had on a silver jumpsuit uniform, which had all sorts of gadgets attached, like a soldier would have. Things around their waist like metallic objects. They had pockets full of gadgetry stuff, not heaps but enough to make me think, I wonder what all those things are for? I don’t know if they had weapons but looked like they had everything there including some defence equipment. They had a human like face with a normal mouth.

They all had on a white metallic looking helmet which was close fitting and it had a white panel across the center which covered the nose and it went from ear to ear – maybe less than a couple of inches wide. It was a bit raised in the nose area and I would guess it was some breathing apparatus. They were all standing there in front of me silently, but I wasn’t frightened as their faces looked OK and intelligent looking and they appeared advanced, rather than threatening. I looked at them for a moment and took it all in and they were very poised and in control. They did have a soldier’s energy though, that kind of courageous energy that implied they were a force to be reckoned with. 

The one in front, (who had pleasant light blue eyes and fair hair, but I’m only judging from his eyebrows, as he had a helmet on which hid his hair) leaned out of the bubble towards me and touched me on the shoulder. I was sitting up by then, and he said by telepathy very clearly, “Let us show you the way, we have been there before”. As he touched my right shoulder he made my etheric body leave my physical and I experienced myself slide out and go into the bubble. What happened immediately after that is a blank, but I recall my twin soul being there in their spaceship. I do remember a little of going through a wormhole to the centre of the universe in the next dimension and then more of what happened, after we stopped.

Briefly, I remember being in a huge hall with maybe at a rough guess approx. 5,000 other normal looking humans. The hall was decorated like a palace with a high round ceiling and fancy borders down the walls. Everybody looked young and happy in their twenties perhaps, and they were all friendly with each other. They had nice clothes on. The women looked pretty in dresses and the men wore pants or long tunics and I think some wore other kinds of clothes. There were different races, but definitely like anyone on this planet. I knew it was the centre of the universe, in the next dimension, because I had a feeling of knowing all the people there were from all over the universe, all gathered centrally in one place. It felt like my real ‘home’. I was so sensitive, I could perceive the memories in people of their home planets as we were all very telepathic. Didn’t seem to be any strange people, just normal well balanced people.

I walked up an aisle to the center of the room with my twin soul (whom I’ve not met physically on earth yet) in a long pale dress with lace on. There were couples before and behind us and there was a long table where there were some men, who looked older and wiser, writing down things from the people standing in front of them. It appeared that people were giving a report or something. I talked to this older man but can’t remember what was said. Then went into an inner chamber and met up with Jesus. He was King of the Universe, in the next dimension.

It does seem a lot to believe, however I have been back since in the astral world, a dimension further in and a bit different and it didn’t require a spaceship to get there. I think you can think yourself there, somehow in the astral world if you’ve have already been there or are being taken and it is easier to find. But I expect you would have to have strong desires to focus on where to go, due to the shape changing nature of the substance that dimension consists of. In contrast, the etheric world, or parallel universe does not shapechange, but it is more solid like the physical but transparent or gaseous. I believe Jesus has a Kingdom in every dimension, in the centre of the universe. The astral Kingdom was where all the prayers from the universe were gathered and responded to by Jesus. I was shown this and it was truly wonderful to know that people pray to Jesus elsewhere in the universe too. However there are a number of unanswered questions, like what was I doing there exactly? Perhaps it was to come back and tell people that Jesus is King of the Universe in the next dimension. If so I hope to recall more of this in time. (Aug 14 2007: I have been told I was taken because I’d give an accurate report back, possibly because of a photographic memory.)

[July 11 2001.]
I have remembered more and saw a premonition of my twin soul being collected to go on the trip. I thought I was going again, but it was the same journey, re-experienced in another form. He hasn’t gone on the trip yet though, but I think he will be going sometime soon. Though it is the same journey, it appears he is taken from 21 years into the future, from when I went in 1980. His experience was shown to me very vividly. Firstly his reality de materialises into a gaseous state of half, physical and half etheric. Then the next dimension is open completely for him. But this is only an illusion for him, because he is seeing this from the eyes of his etheric body which has become loose. The shock of the world changing before him, loosens his etheric double. He thinks he has died, because nothing has happened like this, due to him previously being earthbound. He slides out of his body and his consciousness transfers to his etheric body and he is now conscious in the etheric world completely. He sees the same small round white spaceship waiting in a port, (that has sliding doors on either side) that we both traveled across the etheric universe in, through the wormhole. I greet him in my etheric body. There are two others with me but I can’t see their faces. Their outline is the normal body shape and height.

I always thought that we’d left straight from Egypt, but I know now that we picked him up in America in an area which seems to be around Tennessee, and left from Jerusalem, which has a vortex leading to the centre of the universe. I don’t know if we actually went on the trip together in 1980 or 2001, it may have been both. I believe every 21 years time twists into a vortex, opening to every other 21 years before and after this. Rather resembling a twisting DNA strand. I don’t know why, but presumed all these years he was there when I got picked up, because I sure remember leaving with him, but it is hard to tell at this stage, with time being experienced differently in the etheric world. For some reason or other, I am able to cope with timeslips and not be too bothered about a jump into the future and retain my individuality. Probably because I’ve seen many past lives and it has trained me to remember who I am now. It would seem that 21 years ago my twin soul couldn’t have come, because his etheric body wasn’t loose enough to be able to slide out, while he remains still conscious and living. An experience like this can be very traumatic, if a person can’t separate the ethers easily. Perhaps it is looser now.

However, I know that when the day actually comes when he experiences this consciously, I will really understand much more about it, because I will relive the trip and be ready to observe more. I’m very excited to experience the same trip myself consciously twenty one years later, in a different part of my being. I believe I went on one “timeline” initially and will be going on another the second time, it occurs. Apparently every 21 years timelines converge. I wrote on this in the story called “Timelines” and also in the story “I saw the future.” I expect to post what has happened regarding my second experience of this same journey, as soon as it happens. I am a bit more scientifically orientated now, than when I left the first time in 1980, (probably due to experiencing the past life as Ahern the Atlantean scientist in the Pyramid – please see other links for this story

I will endeavour to get more knowledge on how we left and from where and if anyone else came etc and will try and write it down. It would probably be the fact that I remember this same thing happening in another life, (sliding into the next dimension) which caused me to remember that the etheric world was a special place where we can go and live. This is in my past life story called “Sembe, Ancient Persian Time Traveller”. But it is obviously hard to retain one’s individuality and personality in the etheric world. A glimpse was enough to cause an identity crisis in me back then in 1980. But now I can split my consciousness and experience the two worlds simultaneously.

(12 May 2002)
I have remembered more now and what happened after I went through the hole in the world. The angels had a machine to create a wormhole to Jesus’ Kingdom, by making a portal, which latched on to a portal there. I saw it in operation and was shown how it worked and will try to write this when I can find the right words, but I am not a scientist so it won’t have too many details. But I think it just stretched and curved the fabric of the parallel universe until it was thinner, not cut it. The wormhole is not permanent, it has to be induced because where Jesus’ Kingdom is (in the centre of the etheric universe), is always unknown to dark forces. I also remember living in a house with others and Jesus’ Kingdom was inside a massive sun, which to us appeared as a bright sky outside, of a colour I can’t describe as it doesn’t exist on earth, but like a mixture of light shimmery golden and sky blue. The sun wasn’t hot. But to us it was transparent and the flames we could see in the sky as beautiful rainbow coloured plumes subtly undulating in the distance. I slept at night in the house as a normal person and did whatever people do for recreation. During the day everybody listened to Jesus teach about the universe and how the problems are going to be dealt with and what His plans were.

It was so exciting to know the destiny of the universe and to know that everything was in good hands as to the regeneration of it. Though of course, I can’t remember the details of that yet. All the other people living with Jesus were from other planets and we all shared the way we lived with each other. But like myself, many still lived physically on their own planets. Yet astrally they could still visit and in the world of thought too, even if their etheric doubles had left them. However for the etheric body’s secret life, it was only a few hours in our time and years in etheric time, so maybe people didn’t even know they did live there in an alternate life with Jesus in the parallel universe. The reason why we lived there in our etheric bodies was because time can be stretched and sprung back to the point of origin. This enabled me to live there for (I think, after extensive spiritual investigation, but I may be wrong on that time) 3 1/2 years of our time, but I was put back again to the time I left. However I only went etherically and not physically, so because time operates at a different speed in the etheric world, it was possible to do this.

The two highest ethers of the etheric body will leave the physical at night anyway in some people and in my case it left and went very far away and I’ve been able to recall over the time some of what happened. (Constant dripping of water wears away stone.) I knew I would remember it, if I kept asking my subconscious to send it. Though I must say a few years ago, when I first realised that I was actually living a double life, I found it very hard to cope with and sent the info back down to my subconscious, as I was deeply disturbed as it seemed overwhelming in that world (compared to the physical). However I philosophised about it for a few months and made myself cope with the implication that this world is only simple compared to what goes on in the next dimension. After awhile I managed to exist as two “me’s”, but it was very unsettling for a long time. But now I feel that this world hasn’t got much longer in its present form, so I may as well try to be more conscious in the next dimension.

[7 Sept 2002]
I am still waiting for the semi-physical collection of my twin soul, which has been a long time coming. However upon doing extensive investigation, it has been delayed. He was spiritually prepared to leave on his etheric journey with me in about July 2001, and it did happen in an “almost reality”, which is the final re-run of an activity (in the World of Concrete Thought), before it materializes in the physical. This is apparently what I saw, which appeared to me as a premonition of the event. I was geared up to go again, 21 years after I went in 1980, which was apparently only one trip, but on two different timelines. However, I do recall him being there in Jesus’ kingdom, so he did go with me sometime, but not directly in the last couple of years when the timing was correct.

Apparently when he went in the “almost reality” for God to know what the physical outcome would be from this trip, the result wasn’t pleasing to God. He should have changed in that a new more spiritual him would have been born, but instead, he carried on with his usual activities and ignored what happened, as if he never went, or put other priorities and people first, so God stopped him going. He carried on as if nothing happened after, so unfortunately it didn’t repeat itself physically. No difference if it happened or not happened? Something is badly wrong somewhere. We didn’t bond enough I think. But we are of different characters, he being more earthy and myself being not so earthy. I am aware of his activities sometimes, (like I’m living a double life in USA) and he is a complicated man. He is a bit obsessed with the occult. I am ashamed to say this but I believe he time-travelled back to Atlantis at the bidding of rogue elements in a covert agency, to obtain Atlantean magic techniques to manipulate events. He is now paying the karma, for putting knowledge before conscience. I believe he might be in some kind of hellish reality, on a false timeline somewhere under the Atlantic. Or at least some part of him is on a false timeline, which is a product of his own desire to relive Atlantis. However this can be dissolved, if he prayed for this to Jesus. I could try to find out, but he needs to know the limitation and futility of obsessive curiousity so he can see the light, and only he can learn that.

He will eventually go though to Jesus’ Kingdom, but only when the results will bring about what changes God requires from it. It goes to show that God is in charge, and I wonder how many times we do something in an “almost reality” before it manifests in the physical? Do we not have as much control over our own destiny as we think we do? I think that Jesus knew the exact time to be born here, which brought about the most potent result of His teachings, within the souls of mankind. Some people think Christianity has failed, but had Jesus come at another time, it would have had less benefit. It has not failed, much of mankind has not responded to the new beginning offered to cleanse our souls of darkness, which was a problem before Jesus came.

This has shed more light for me on the importance of transforming oneself into a new person, with each major experience, and perhaps, my twin soul is more reluctant to change his character and rise like an eagle into rarified heights, to become a part of the universal Kingdom of Jesus? If so, then perhaps darkness and crystallization has set too deeply into his soul. This is what Jesus came for, to give new laws and new truths so people would set their souls free from this planet to be ‘born again’, into a higher consciousness where love, wisdom, kindness, beauty and simplicity abound and the brotherhood of man is manifest and racism and materialism are risen above. So unfortunately he would need to overcome these handicaps to the risen life. When he does this, he will go on his trip across the parallel universe and then appreciate it much more from not having a double mind (trying to have the best of both worlds). This is the ultimate self-deception. One can’t have God and mammon. Perhaps he needs to develop faithfulness and loyalty? He would need to “seek the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto him.” For this type of trip we only go with twin souls, so he would have had to have been faithful to me after we went, but I guess that didn’t work out either. Which is being true to oneself, as twin souls are actually one entity, in two halves.

I believe that physical life is largely symbolic, about our relationship with God our Maker, the embodiment of love. Everything we do here either leads us to (or away from, if fear sets in) attracting and developing capacity to love. All people and other lifewaves, are only here to develop character to become more perfect. To rise above this earth plane, from experience about how life operates. Once we understand how the ‘system’ operates (spiritually, scientifically, emotionally, symbolically) with its many facets in relationship to each other, we transmute our physical body into one which only lives in the next dimension. One needs to understand human nature in order to understand the plan of God, to make us ultimately spiritual brings, who have no longer a need of a dense physical form to develop character.

We are given opportunities to break free, but sometimes we don’t take them. However there is still a chance my twin soul can meet the deadline by going back in time to 2001 and catching the open doorway. All that needs happen is for him to change enough in the practise run in the “almost reality” so that the trip evokes the desired effect. He has definitely gone at some point eventually, because I recall being there with him in my memory since 1980, he just missed his correct deadline, and has to go through another opening, back to 2001 or another date, if it is to be done correctly. He won’t miss out, as parts of him have already been there, everyone is waiting for him to experience it consciously by leaving in his etheric double now, to complete the trip in many forms.

[4 Jan 2003] I have seen him being collected again, but it was during the Tribulation, where the world is at war with aliens. I think that he may have to wait about another 3 1/2 years, for time to loop back to enable him to catch the portal of 2001, when he was destined to go. The small portals open every 7 years apparently, with even smaller ones every 3 1/2 years. With the biggest ones every 21 years. I went in 1980, and at the exact same time he would have been lifted into the same ‘etheric time’ but from 2001. I think that time runs through circular lines in the etheric world, in complex geometric patterns. It’s never too late for anything, and I was with him for 3 1/2 years etheric time, which translates into what appears as a few hours here. But it’s possible he may not have experienced it yet in our earth physical time (as far as I know). I am unsure how these timelines operate exactly, but I used to learn computer programming and the way a flowchart is written would seem to make the general framework for major pre-ordained events (God’s Will) to be done by a certain time, with many, many small sub-routines enabling different choices revolving around freewill for the masses. However there’s nowhere to go eventually but to reach the goal, once subroutines to go elsewhere get exhausted and there is no alternative but to go back to what was right in the first place.

Obviously people make mistakes, and miss opportunities, but the same chance does reappear IF certain other activities occur. When one writes a computer program to achieve a certain result, they can attain the desired goal by writing in endless subroutines, to get to it eventually. It’s a matter of being able to keep thinking of ways to get the goal reached. Eventually a person has no choice but to get on track again, as they have run out of alternatives which end up in a dead end, or they have seen the mistake and feel remorse, so are able to get back on the main road ahead. In this case the past can be changed, by the future seeping into the past, to be a warning and so the person avoids the mistake, but they may have the mistake switched onto an alternative superflous timeline, which wasn’t built into their reality. So they don’t remember the mistake, as a memory in their mind. I feel we do operate on natural simultaneous timelines, but they are woven by unseen hands into a straight path, which we experience as linear time, but if we are sensitive and open minded enough, we can be aware of our other selves. I do think that they exist on a another copy of this physical reality, which is in the world of concrete thought – an “almost reality” and here we practice everything a few times before we do it here. But our consciousness is positioned in our physical brain, and adjusts the past and future perceptions according to our ability to discern truth and associated right and wrong.

I think if we wished very strongly we hadn’t done something in future, more than our indifference to it at the time, a change arises that is sent from the future, which stops us doing it. So it is all a matter of how we respond to our own actions in the future, as to which actions actually operate. For example my twin soul took for granted his trip across the parallel universe just after it happened in an almost reality, (which can be solidified to become real if all requirements were attained), so it didn’t occur for him. However, much later in future, after his other interests fade, (which occupied his desires of going back to Atlantis etc) he wishes he’d spent more time preparing for the future, instead of trying to relive the past. So his desire to become a good person in the future eventually overrides his inordinate preoccupation with the dark side of Atlantis, and using his ‘powers’ to understand the activities there for the wrong reasons. He is subject to occult attacks when the Tribulation comes, due to being attracted by curiousity to know how evil operates. The minute he desires and wishes he understood how good operates, MORE than he wishes how evil does, is the minute he leaves for the trip. Because he will be going to the source of all good and all our wishes come true one some level. He has a lot of power within which needs an outlet.

[March 24 2003] Loyalty is very important to me, and when I said to Jesus I wouldn’t communicate with any Venusians again back in 1984, I meant it. Some people think it’s a shame that I broke off with the Venusians, but I know why Jesus came, and I saw Him die on the cross with my own eyes, as I lived during that time He lived. I choose to only attune myself with Him now. I still go to Venus in my dreams, and I’ll add a page on that soon. But this is because most of my soul exists there, so I am based there spiritually. I appear to have originally come from there. But many early Atlanteans lived in Venus in their next lives, when earth had a catastrophe for thousands of years. However I just don’t chat to these Venusians anymore each night. They do have a lot to say, but I need to concentrate on perfecting my communication with Jesus. I feel that we are very lagging behind, compared to Venusians, who do accept Jesus as rightful King of the Universe.

I want to help in some small measure to write a more spiritual view of Jesus, for those who need complex answers as to why He came. Jesus did it to save the whole universe, by embodying all human races within His own genes, and when He ascended to heaven, He lifted all souls with Him, by the tie of blood. I recall hundreds of lives on earth and other planets, and know how easy it is for mankind to be unfaithful to God. Temptations for power, secret knowledge, fulfilment of desire, money and security are barriers to one’s soul living in heaven. Nobody could have been more obsessed than me to know occult knowledge, and I saturated myself with it from the Venusians, so I understand my twin soul’s desires for what he terms ‘truth’. I don’t believe truth, on its own will get one to heaven, though it may show what life is all about on a particular level of understanding. Love is higher than truth. Sooner or later one must yield to God, and that requires letting go of everything, even the valuable ‘truth’ about ‘how it all works’. It’s the yielding which is a stumbling block, because one must be strong to even get to heaven in the first place, as one has to conquer ones own demons, plus a few others out there ready to take over our consciousness, to clear the path upwards of obstacles.

People sometimes think God will be pleased with a powerful individual announcing themself proudly to Him, as a Co-Creator, like a knight in armour ready to slay the dragon/reptoids etc. Well this is the lie that Satan has always used and he himself, cannot understand obedience, otherwise Satan wouldn’t be the embodiment of deceit – The Father of Lies. This attitude of being powerful at some stage in evolution is a necessity on the way as I think you need to develop physical power before spiritual power, but it’s not the final way to be and to stay like that forever. Jesus plainly showed the way of humility, by riding on a donkey as King of the Jews, and washing the feet of the disciples. He said we are all equal, and not to lay up treasures on earth, because this will be where one’s heart is. He said do not worry about your clothes and to follow Him first regardless of family ties. He never said to be a patriot about a country and to kill invaders, He said to care for the sick and sell all you have to give to the poor, and we will have treasure in Heaven. It says in the Bible that the hearts of the world’s rulers are in God’s hands. Jesus said seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and everything else will be added unto you. Leaders can be a sign of the state of the people. One must have faith that God will take care of material needs, and these will be supplied. Jesus asks us to live simply. Unfortunately much of what has become ‘Christianity’ has no relation to what Jesus asked us to be like. The material world is only a snare full of illusions, and once one’s soul is liberated by choosing to follow Jesus, being able to escape the traps in the world of thought of doubt, one can understand things symbolically, for as above so below. Jesus can send pictures into a person’s mind to understand things on a deeper level, as they think about things, or as they read or speak to others. Perhaps Paul in the New Testament was given inspiration by Jesus this way, though it would be easy enough for Jesus to appear in person. After all He even can be among us on the tubetrain.

[12 April 2003] Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament is a forerunner for what Jesus asked us to be like in our lives, with not grasping for material things. I’d say Jesus has probably been walking around among us for 2,000 years, and given personal advice where necessary, but I expect many of the Popes never took it. Jesus, coming from Eternity could have picked any moment at all to have been born, due to seeing the resultant timeline and the effects on mankind, so the time He chose would have brought the best result. We needed to be told to be kind, but too many wars does hinder this. On the bright side, it gives people a chance to learn compassion for the wounded, and in Atlantis, as I remember from past lives, many people lacked compassion and bravery. Nowadays people’s minds are cluttered with TV, and it is hard to make an impression if trying to describe something subtle. It is easier to just write it down, as many people haven’t got the endurance to even listen. Attention spans seem get shorter every decade I think, from more info that gets fed in! I guess the quiet in my mind probably developed as an ancient Persian astronomer in a past life, called Sembe, where I watched the stars silently each night and communed with the entities indwelling in them. I guess looking at the results of Jesus’ teaching some might see failure, but not enough people present on earth now could be faithful to what was hoped for. Many people are catching up to care for others, from seeing the necessity to do something about it in the media, so people do have potential to do good, they just need someone else to make it easy for them first. Even if it’s just giving to a charity, so on the whole I think we are better than if Jesus hadn’t come at all. There is a book called ‘What if Jesus had never been born’ by Dr James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe. Sometimes it’s hard to see good in the making, but many are looking for it and I am heartened at how many people now try to help others. I think love has finally taken hold on earth. If only people knew all laws in the universe are fulfilled by love, and when we seek God’s love first, we start to make a rapid improvement in our evolution, by first getting our soul in heaven where it is safe from attack by dark forces. Once the core of our being is safe, nothing can harm us. This is the ultimate freedom, to feel safe, while knowing what else exists in the universe.

The joy of innocence is good, but the joy of knowing – nobody can take away. There is sorrow inbetween.

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