‘Commander X’, in his book Underground Alien Bases (Abelard Press, New York), described one incident which was originally related in one of the Shaver Mystery publications prominent during the 1950s

The incident was reported by a ‘Professor W. Wiers’ of Mexico, who stated that he knew of a ‘Professor Schwartz’ who had made a long study of cavern anomalies, starting when he was only 15 years old in Germany. According to Professor Weirs, just before the beginning of the Second World War, both the axis and allied powers were interested in using various caves as supply bases for numerous military applications. At this time, it is said, the Nazi’s were secretly exploring caverns and old mines in the Southwestern United States, the Himalayas, South America, the Polar regions and elsewhere.

Professor Schwartz related that he knew of a Nazi who had come upon an ‘enormous circular pit’ whose sides dropped straight down for a good 1,200 feet. Trees could be seen growing tall and straight below. Eagles soared around and then dived to the bottom of the chasm, apparently eating something. Since the sides were dangerously steep the Nazis had to content himself with using binoculars instead of descending into the underground realm himself.

Returning later with others (fellow German soldiers?) he eventually discovered a similar but much narrower shaft, not far from the first, which was so big that it could not be hidden in any way to those in the general vicinity. Not having a cable nor apparatus with which to let down a man into the seemingly bottomless shaft, they let down a pencil attached to a thin rope or cord. To their surprise, the cord, when drawn back up was found to be cut clean, as with a knife, or scissors–and the pencil was gone. Of course, they all resolved to come back and study this pit further, but the war prevented they’re doing so.

The location of the shaft is supposedly in Northern Guatemala. Near the place is a witch doctor, friendly to Professor Schwartz, who assured the Professor that there is a secret passage, closed by a revolving rock door, which goes to an enormous hidden chamber which is still below the vast roof cave-in seen from above.

Some years ago researcher Penny Harper visited eastern Guatemala and learned of a strange cavern called ‘Silpino’ cave which had a legendary history. The entrance of this cavern was right next to a major road. It is uncertain whether this road was the one running from Zacapa to Puerto Barrios or another similar road. However, this cavern was said to be an ancient MAYAN cave. Explorers have claimed that ancient Mayan artifacts and carvings can be seen deep within the cave, and at one point the electrical cells in some of the explorers’ flashlights were mysteriously drained.

One man claimed he traveled for many days through the passage and came out at the bottom of the central shaft of an extinct volcano. He could see a pinpoint of light entering through the upper cone high above, and an underground stream with strange subterranean fish meandered through the cavernous maze. Another man entered the cave and returned about a month later, his body swollen from weeks of wandering in the damp underground tunnels. These accounts at least suggest that the ancient Mayans had a definite interest in the ‘subterranean’ world.

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