We are used to treating myths and legends as something that does not actually exist. However, if we have a closer look at the cultural inheritance of the people, we might notice remarkable things. For example, some peoples that live absolutely separately from each other, have legends that describe one and the same thing or event.
Almost all the nations of the world, there are myths and legends about giants, remarkably similar to humans. All the world’s faiths and religions talk about them. On Earth, there are no inhabited land, where neither would live, according to legend, giants.
 In the minds of people so deeply ingrained belief in them, even the huge stones of Europe (megaliths), or South America, and the pyramids of Egypt called cyclopean buildings.
There are hundreds of mysterious locations spanning the entire globe. Some are similar to the ones we’ve mentioned already, featuring stone circles and other megalithic structures—and others are entirely unique. All of them are ancient—and they hint at the strong possibility that we don’t know anywhere near as much about our distant past as we think we do.
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