Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, 3:16 a.m.

This is the first time I have ever received a note from this person. I have received cash with no return address, postmarked in the same city. I suspect it came from the same person. I don’t know. The address is always printed from an RMN page, and taped to the envelope, just like this one was.

It never occurred to me how hard it is for some people to send money to me and to RMN.

Here’s what he/she wrote:

Dearest Rayelan,

I feel so ashamed. I have so much and can give you so little in exchange for what you give me.

You have awakened me.

I am part of those families that you refer to as the ELITE. Some of your agents have stated that the children of the new world order families are not like their parents. I am ONE of those children. And I can tell you that many of us are NOT like our parents.

I want to tell you what it is like for us and why we are not able to help people like you.

First, our lives are planned for us from the moment we are born. Most never wake up and realize that they are on a constantly moving sidewalk, like the ones you see in airports. We are always moving, always busy, always sheparded in everything we do. Most of us have never had to make a decision in our lives, including… what to wear!! We don’t even have time to learn how to think for ourselves. That is the plan. That’s how they create the little robots that follow in their footsteps.

This starts in childhood and continues all through our lives. If we choose not to work or not to get married, as I have done, we are monitered through our bank accounts, ATM withdrawals and credit cards. The others are monitered through their work, (usually a family business) or through their husbands and all of the luncheons, parties, social work and country clubs they belong to, usually not happily.

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I can’t speak for all the others. My family is NOT one of the major bloodlines. My grandfather created our wealth. My father is now part of the club, not in the center of the inside circle… but he’s known by all and treated like he had been there for generations.

I met you at a conference. A mutual friend introduced us. I knew you needed help, but there was nothing I could do then. The money I live on is NOT my own. It’s in a trust. I have a “trustee” who oversees ME every month!!

Every month I have to go over my purchases on my credit cards and my ATM withdrawals with my trustee. I don’t have a checking account in my name. I can’t write checks. All my bills are paid by my “trustee”.

Everything I buy is on a credit card. My family knows where I am at every moment of the day, through the use of my ATM card and the credit cards. For all I know I am also chipped!

The ATM card is ONLY used for cab fare and tips! I will have to explain away the money I am enclosing as a long ride through the park or a large tip to a cute waiter.

Rayelan, even if I walked away from all of this and got a real job, I am educated. I have an advanced degree and could probably get hired somewhere. But even if I did, I would still be monitered. My money would still be under the scrutiny of someone else.

Donations to RMN would be noticed even if I was earning a six figure salary.

You don’t know how hard it will be for me to get the stamp and the envelope to mail this. I have stationary and thank you cards. But they are all engraved with my name.


The housekeeper has the stamps and mails my letters to friends. If I were to mail this from home, I would be asked what was in it and I know she would record the address.

I am writing this at a book cafe. After I print it, I will walk down the street and buy a card. They have stamps there too. Hopefully I can slip this letter in it without anyone seeing.

I’m not complaining about my life. I am sure most people would want to trade places with me. I just wanted you to know why I can’t send more money to help you and others like you. I am feeling guilty.

We talked about a film script. Do you remember?

NWO prisoner

She sent me $50.00

Dear NWO Prisoner,

Thank you for your gift and thank you for a most interesting and revealing letter. And yes, I do remember you and what we talked about! Thank you for writing! Fortunately for you, I have forgotten you name!!


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