By Adam Sturman
The last few week’s developments have been nothing short of stunning. From Obama’s ordering of the assassination of several, still American citizens (Al-Awlaki, his son, and Samir Khan), to the recent assassination and regime change of Qaddafi (who, up to a few months ago appeared to be good friends with both Nero-bama and Tony Blair), what is now currently being threatened in the Senate should be sending chills down your spine.
Senators Lieberman (I-CT) and Scott Brown (R-MA) (of noted Tea Party fame), have both signed their names in blood to S.1698. The basis of the bill is simple: any American citizen who is “engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States…” could have their citizenship revoked by the State Department. I will repeat this in other words, so that it may be better understood.
There is now a bill, in the Senate (which also has a sister bill in the House), which would provide the Obama administration with a way to remove any American’s citizenship by simply accusing them of being a terrorist, or engaging in “hostilities.” This would, among other things, make it easier to the Obama administration to justify your assassination.
So, let us not wait to find out whether or not this bill will pass Congress, or will be used domestically (or ever, for that matter). Act now to kick Obama out of the Presidency.

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