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Like most states in the U.S., South Carolina can be a hotbed for undue police harassment. No less in Charleston, presumably during January 2014.

Traffic on the interstate was being unnecessarily stopped up by a man with a female passenger, driving ever-so-slowly in the left lane.

The female driver seen in the following video drove by the unmarked car and “flipped a friendly bird.” Only to be tailgated by the unmarked car which soon sped up and flashed police lights. Turns out, she was a confident law student…

Evidently, this was a self-proclaimed off duty officer who asked for her identification, registration and proof of insurance.

When asked if he was on duty he replied, “we are always on duty, ma’am.” She has to repeat, “am I being detained?” a number of times before he answered, “no.” So she did what was within her rights – she left. He said, “Ok, I’ll see you—” VROOM

Speaking of “claims,” none of the surrounding jurisdictions the law student called will claim him as their own, or even stake claims on knowing who he is. In that regard, the student did the best thing for her own safety.

She describes in the YouTube description,

He pulled me over, not because he had reason to, but simply because he “could” – this is evident by the first comment he made when he approached my car (“Are you being smart with me?!”…)


Clearly, this idiot was off duty, outside of his jurisdiction, and pulled me over simply because he thought he could. While I have all the respect in the world for officers, and appreciate what they do for us on a daily basis, I will not tolerate abuse of power – and neither should you.

It cannot be emphasized enough that flipping the bird is not illegal, and not a cause for physical harm, arrest, charges or traffic stops. What was this bumbling man going to write her up for? Nothing, just assert his perceived authority in the situation, harass, waste time and try to find justification. But it was she who asserted true personal power.

Know your rights. Know how to handle yourself with the police.

[Thank you, Free Thought Project for finding a replacement video for the previous YouTube that was removed!]

 Amanda Warren:

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