“To all of both sides I say this.
Have patience.
Just realize where you
come from.
This is the essence of wisdom.”

We are what we are…human…
and, although we cannot change the world,
we can change ourselves.
Self-change is what this site is all about.
This page is rather long.
One of the reasons I made it so long is this…
If you do not possess the ability to sit and read it all the way thru, then how can you slow down and effect change within?
When will you find the time to listen to the voice within?
How will you develop patience?
I do not have degrees or pieces of paper to display that state I took this course or that I passed that class. I learned so much from others, not just people but places and animals. I learned thru trial and error. I learned from mistakes. I also learned from watching and asking questions. The greatest gift I have I now wish to pass on in the form of this site. Many will disagree with the philosophy of this set of pages while others will say “but I already knew that” or “that’s too simple, there must be more to it”.

As you go thru the pages and read, ponder upon what you see. It is all written in plain English. There are no tests to take or forms to fill in. Take your time as you read and ponder. Don’t get discouraged. Each person’s progress is at their own pace. We are all at different spiritual levels. Remember, nothing happens overnight and it takes work to effect real change. Your heart will guide you. Many have been before you and many will come after. Ideas will flow in and flow out. Some of these ideas and revelations will fit and remain while others you will toss. The choice is yours. Ultimate peace begins within. Once found, inner peace remains in spite of any outward thing. If you remain in harmony, then you can draw others into harmony.

Human life proceeds towards harmony thru a series of ups and downs. No one is immune to these peaks and valleys. Now is the time to inspire and dispel ignorance. It is time to work for good. It is time to avoid despair and a time to radiate hope. For remember, thoughts have a far-reaching and tremendous power. Never underestimate the power of a word, a thought or a deed. I guess that one of the best ways to begin is to have you ask yourself why you are on this site. If you are looking for an easy “fix” for what we call life then you will be disappointed.

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There are preparations to make for this journey towards inner peace and harmony. You will need to take a long and hard look at yourself and your attitudes. You will have to stop living on the surface of life. You will have to look at everything in life and face it squarely and go under that surface. There are many realities to be found. You will have to stop running and trying to escape. You will have to take the right attitude toward life. This means dealing with problems (and behaviors) which we all have. With problems, look at them as lessons that come to you for a reason.

Everything has a purpose, no matter what it is. This is how we grow. Everything is a stepping stone in disguise. Learn to recognize this and know that there are problems for each of us individually and in groups. Learn to face the problems and not merely drift thru life from one minute to the next. We must each do our fair share and not avoid doing our part. We must also learn not to do more than our part. There are certain laws that go along with the creation of the universe. These laws cover everything regarding the worlds and all beings. These laws apply to both the physical and the mental. They govern all that is seen and unseen. The laws apply to our actions, our thoughts, and our words. They  rule our lives and what our lives contain. We are all connected  and we are connected with everything. Rarely do we realize this  and, as the result of this failure to see and understand, we are our  own worst enemies. Think about it. If we are not in balance  thru ignorance, we suffer. However, if we know better and we  know what we are supposed to be doing yet we still don’t do it,  the suffering increases. The suffering will push you towards doing  that which is balanced. If you still choose not to recognize the  balance and strive towards harmony, then it is called stupidity.

I am sure that almost everyone reading this page has heard  the phrase ” the highest light within” . Others have called it the  “higher self” or “indwelling Christ“. It has also been called  “self-awareness” or “true Buddha mind”. The list is endless and so  is the fighting over the various names. Call it what you will. I  only know this. The universe is out of mankind’s control and  by trying to dominate people, the earth, the weather, events and words,  man goes against the laws and the flow of the Universe. We  must begin now and not wait any longer. We cannot sit back and wait  for salvation. That is not the way the Universe operates.  The Buddha taught the Eightfold Path  which is a path to enlightenment.

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right view
(believing the Four Noble Truths)

right thought
(loving and unselfish)

right speech
(free from lies, abuse and foolishness)

right action
(careful of the rights and feelings of others)

right livelihood
(earning an honorable living)

right effort
(letting go of bad thoughts and keeping good ones)

right mindfulness
(always keeping heaven in one’s heart)

right concentration
(focusing on peace) To understand the meaning of the Eagle feather in my life and the lives of others,  please visit a few of the sites off our link pages.

Ed “Eagleman” McGaa has several good books out that explain many different facets  of basic Lakota beliefs.

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