Where one man can survive, two will fare well;
Three and their Families will form a tribe.
A thousand like-Minds form their own Nation, With Nature as the ruler of their Lives.


Pemmican is the energy snack warriors and hunters carried with them. A thoughtful groom will make Pemmican for his wedding party.

How to make 10 pounds of Pemmican using modern methods:

Grind five pounds of dried meat to meal-like consistency
Mix with one pound of raisins and
1/2 pound brown sugar
Stir into four pounds of melted fat

(I prefer blueberries or blackberries over raisins – it was the old way.)

Pemmican cakes were traditionally kept in rawhide bags. Canvas or suede bags work quite well. They also freeze well.

Eat Pemmican cakes raw or fried.
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