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Most of this story is from a role playing game click.

They used a lot of different conspiracies and put them together to make it seem real.

Someone reads it and put it out there and no one researches it and all believes it.

On june 29, 1832, Nikolai Tarkonov, a Russian explorer and folklorist  launched an expedition to the Podkammenaya Tunguska River region of  central Siberia.
He was interested in a nomadic tribe called the Pazyrskoye, a subdivision of the Evenks, which worshipped  “a god from the stars” who they called  “The Tormentor”, which was aided by a race of spirit-beings.
Tarkonov invented another name for the deity, calling it “Tchutchulcha”  (This is a Monster from a game! Website) (after the medieval torturer-demon), and a name for the goggle-eyed dwarfish race : “Kostchtchie“.
In 1847, a young German named Josef Graubenstein fled to Kiev in an effort to escape arrest in his homeland. Here he encountered  Tarkonov. Soon, the German and the Russian were both followers of the Pazyrskoye’s cult; the worship of Tchutchulcha began.Going back to Germany, in 1855, Graubenstein got arrested in 1857. During September, Graubenstein escaped and fled to England, changing his name to John Grennar. In England, he worked diligently on the spreading of cult beliefs, insinuating cult rituals into occultist groups. Thus, the Victorian-era in England was literally overrun with groups which were more-or-less Tchutchulcha cult subsidiaries.The most famous subsidiary group was the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, nominally controlled by Anna Sprengel, a young German woman initiated into the cult in 1856.In 1918, Aleister Crowley announced to Graubenstein that he contacted a being called “Lam”.Josef Graubenstein returned to Germany, proclaiming himself to be the great-great-grandson of the “original” Graubenstein. He quickly became a shining star on the German occultistic scene. He also knew that Crowley’s “Lam” was a representative of the race called “Kostchtchie”, and that this meant Tchutchulcha’s day was coming . The second wave of cult activity was initiated.In 1924, Grauenstein became a member of the Thule Society.Graubenstein formed his own branch of the group, called the “Star Society”.In 1945, Graubenstein was living in America.

There are refferences, in some Delta Green sites, to “The Traveler”, the “Thief of Form” from Golden Dawn.

According to Branton, Mr. Courtney M. Brown experimented a remote viewing event, along with his trainer, a former RV for the U.S. Military.

Shortly after this particular experiment began, Brown found himself in an area – he didn’t know exactly where this was. He “followed” this collective mind and found it to be absolutely massive, giving him the feeling of something unbounded, and almost universal in nature. However, he detected a sort of  “heart beat” center of this collective matrix.

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Brown found himself in an area where several paraphysical entities were located. He didn’t know exactly where this was, but noticed that the closer he came to the control “center” the more he sensed a rigid atmosphere of absolute military-like control. The central governing team was a “council of 10”, very congregated. These were apparently the governing principalities who were engaged in running the whole operation. The security here was absolutely incredible.

Then he perceived the “supreme leader” of the “council of 10” entities,
and about this point Courtney Brown was jerked back into his body, so to speak. He sensed that this “leader” had detected the presence of the RV intruder, and had followed him to his physical source. Brown and his trainer felt a deep, dark “cloud” enter the room and it stayed about half a minute scrutinizing the scene. It left, apparently seeing the two RV’ers as “small frys” who were not worth wasting its own time over.

Brown was able to perceive for a brief moment what this being was really like: extremely powerful, but with a twisted personality that was
full of darkness; the RV’er sensed in this being a severe self-esteem problem, in spite of its incredible power and ’cause of this it had a consuming desire to be worshipped by others. Brown also got the impression that it was fear and pride – its perceived need to be worshipped – and that this being was utterly desperate to maintain its very survival or existence (strange for a seemingly “immortal” being), choosing to resort to rebellion and terrorism in a desperate attempt to take control of the situation – a strong impression that this being was the ultimate universal terrorist !

Another psychic report (World of the strange – News, page 3) is mentioning that some events occured as a result of the Machu Picchu Stargate opening at the Spring Equinox.

“There was some unexpected interference from some very “Dark” Beings who came through the Stargate that had just been opened at Machu Picchu.(…)

Our journey led us to Alcyone, and then out to the edge of the Galaxy.
(…) There was a strange totally Black object, sort of like a cloaked ship.
(…) Then all of a sudden a very black horrific looking Being appeared
(…) from inside this ship.
(…) I have since gotten the message that these Beings were not really Reptilian, and it wasn’t the Alcyone Reptilians that they were connected with. I have now come to realize that the Alcyone Reptilians have been under the control of the Changelings (meaning “black magicians” – my note) who apparently reside in Alcyone, that connected to them and brought them into this Galaxy and then here to Earth.

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Alcyone is also connected to Aeolus, somehow.

Into the northern area of the Dulce underground there is a council
called “The Nine”, all of them seeming to be cut from the same pattern, all appearing to be highly vindictive and ego-oriented. Their god is called “Ta”.

Andrija Henry Puharich, an ex-Catholic with an MD degree, contacted a group of non-physical entities called “The Nine”, closely related to this Spectra-Spaceship from Hoova. The first contactee was a hindu psychic…

Then, the Jewish psychic prodigy Uri Geller continued.

Think fast, think twice, think about it.

You name it !

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