It was right before midnight on January 28th, when a Tacoma, Washington police officer fatally shot Native American, Puyallup tribal member, Jacqueline Salyers.

The Tacoma Police Department spokesperson Loretta Cool claims that police officers we conducting a search for one Kenneth Wright Jr.

They tell us that he was wanted for outstanding warrants, and they emphasize that these included things like first degree-robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm and delivery of a controlled substance.

But none of that had anything to do with Salyers. She was not who the police were looking for, and she had committed no crime. Still, police gunned her down and so far there is absolutely no one being held accountable.

Cool states that two officers recognized Wright as the passenger of a parked vehicle. The officers then allegedly exited their vehicle and approached the parked car.

“The driver (later identified as Jacqueline Salyers) stepped on the gas, and accelerated toward the officers. One of the officers fired at and hit the driver,” the police claim.

But eyewitnesses say that is a lie.

Family spokesperson James Rideout notes that an eyewitness on the scene said that the officers approached the vehicle from behind and began shooting without provocation, or threat to their lives.

All eyewitnesses agree that the officers never identified themselves – they just opened fire.

The family has recently held vigils and community gatherings, urging all of us to SPREAD THE WORD about this clear case of police murder.

The Salyers family has also created a Facebook page Justice For Jackie. Like the page and help get the word out about this case!

(Article by M. David)

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