Alabama police issued a warning last week after two boys, ages 10 and 12, told officers they were riding their bikes when a white male inside a parked black Audi told them to get into his car about 9:20 a.m. on Scout Ridge Drive. The boys fled and the man drove off.

“We don’t know what his intentions were but we are going to investigate and assume his intentions were not good,”

Captain Gregg Rector said.

Therein lies the problem, police think every citizen is up to no good! Our mass-media, run by SIX corporations re-affirms those fears daily!

The Hoover Police department is doing it’s part in keeping fear alive, by telling kids to run if approached by a stranger

 “Residents are urged to call 911 if they see any suspicious activity. Caution kids to be aware of their surroundings and to simply run if approached by a stranger“.

This is another example of what’s wrong with DHS’s everyone’s a terrorist program. American kids are being taught by teachers and police to report suspicious activity and as an added incentive they will get $100 dollars for EACH report they submit!

“The goal of Project Safe Campus is to increase the number of anonymous tips coming from the schools. Students who give tips that result in disciplinary action can earn $100 cash rewards.” 

This story illustrates what happens when law enforcement blindly trusts kids. Yesterday, I exposed how Maryland police are using a Youth Risk Behavior Study to justify Heroin checkpoints…

“…the 2013 Maryland Youth Risk Behavior Survey revealed that 5.1 % of our 9th grade students have used heroin one or more times in the past year.”

The questionable (gov’t) survey CLAIMED kids voluntarily admitted to using drugs (heroin).

Would you still trust kids to tell the truth?

Back to the Hoover police, instead of interviewing the two boys at length or questioning other witnesses, Gregg sent two detectives to interview (interrogate) an innocent man!

Rector said detectives located the man and the black Audi. They interviewed him at length and do not believe there was any criminal act or malicious intentions on his part. It appears, Rector said, the man was motioning the boys to cross the street.

Rector claims to send two detectives to intimidate and interview an innocent man “was simply a misunderstanding“!

What’s become SOP for police everywhere is to question and detain anyone, police are no longer worried about our rights! They have no fear of public backlash and certainly no fear of the mass-media making it headline news. Sadly, police have no fear of getting fired or sued for detaining/ arresting innocent Americans.

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