One of the scariest places in the world has ended up on an online auction to raise money to assist in paying the national debt of Italy. This small deserted island of Poveglia in the lagoon of Venice, that was once hit by plague, has been marked as haunted and was not an unfair definition.


The Italian government expects to collect about half a billion euro, hoping that the prospective owners will not get scared of its story. However, Poveglia not only was uninhabited but going to the island was prohibited, as it hosted people with infectious diseases. There, thousands of dead and patients with plague were thrown to bury or die. So it is no coincidence that many fear that the ghosts of the dead are still haunting the island.


On the 17 acres of the island there are the ruins of a castle of the 15th century. There is also a monastery and a hospital that operated until 1968 and it was rumored to torture the mentally ill with lobotomies! The legend has it that the physician responsible committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the hospital, because of the ghosts that chased him.


The inhabitants of Venice are driven by the same reasoning and they have stil the same prejudice about the island. It is widely believed that when a bad person dies, his soul goes to Poveglia. Another legend says that over 150,000 people had been burned there during the Black Death, with their screams  not stopping during the night.

The ambition of the Italian government is the hospital of the island to be turned into a luxury hotel and the island into a tourist resort. In order to attract, of course, their investors the state offers a 99 -year lease so that the building will be redeveloped. This does not mean that Poveglia will not be owned by Italy though!


At the same time, a former camp in Trieste is up for sale, which dates back from the unification of Italy and has dozens of abandoned barracks. According to the sales department of Italy it can not be estimated at the same value as Poveglia, but the closed barracks are to be sold for € 3,800,000. It is worth mentioning that in 2014, Italy is expected to send 148 properties to auction, to ensure 500 million.


By +Nikos Kontorigas

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