THE MATRIX, with Keanu Reeves

Here is a list of time travel links for all of you quantum  warriors out there. Remember, when time traveling, all Quantum Force personnel must adhere strictly to the Temporal Prime directive. This adherence is NOT to prevent one from changing history, for in a battle between the time-traveler and the timeline for third dimensional supremacy, the time-traveler WILL lose out to the timeline IF he or she [or it] insists on attempting to altar events that have been SET in the “eternal now” as a result of all past-present-future influences simultaneously being brought to bear against them.

Only ONE third-dimensional event can exist within the same third-dimensional space at the same “time”. Sure, one might be able to generate quasi-material localized “parallel” realities that can hover pretty close to the periphery of the linear third dimensional realm, however one would be walking on “slippery ground” none-the-less, when it comes to maintaining ones solid third dimensional material integrity, especially if one does not maintain a solid “anchor” to their material point of origin.

One can MAKE the past without BREAKING the past, i.e. take part in past events SO LONG AS those past events are already “history”. Therefore the “12 Monkeys” scenario of multi-linear cause-and-effect is by far more realistic than the “Time Cop” scenario of an infinite number of third dimensional realities, since there is just not enough “space/energy” to accommodate for an infinite number of realities on the MATERIAL plane, therefore the “weaker” artificial realities must take a back seat within more “liquid” or “fluid” dimensions. Other MATERIAL parallel world-lines may exist [as we will explain shortly], however these are relatively few in number and difficult to access.

To prevent potential paradoxes the trick would be for the time traveler to realize just which actions taken ARE in keeping with SET events and which are not. It’s like surfing a wave, are you moving WITH the wave or is the wave tossing you back “under” and off onto the “shore” of 4th dimensional chaos?

Are you a passenger ON the train or are you standing in front of the train trying to stop it, in which case the train will simply “push” you aside and off of the time-track into the timeless void of 4th dimensional ectoplasmic energy thought forms where all of the other “naughty” time travelers go, along with their localized paradoxical baggage. There may be other trains/tracks, but unless you know what you are doing [in transferring from one to another] you might easily lose your reality base if you are not careful. Remember, your zero-time reference “anchors” you to your natural time-slot. If you attempt to travel to other time-frames then you “may” have no solid temporal “anchor” there. The natives will ALWAYS have the last say over what goes down [and it just may be YOU who “goes down” if you are not careful].

The Universe has a “fail safe” means of dealing with paradoxes that essentially involves the phasing-out of paradoxes into a peripheral dimension with a slightly higher energy and slightly lower material ratio. Weaker paradoxical-events must as a result be phased-out into these other dimensions of higher ENERGY-material ratio, dimension[s] where objects and events are more “fluid” and thus can accommodate localized paradoxes, but one will of course have to pay the price in the loss of material consistency or a loss of their “foothold” in the third dimension.

Now for some comments on parallel universes… At any given point within the Metaversal/Multiversal event stream there may be close to an infinite number of GHOST LINES (unused but mostly used “eventualities”, similar in some respects to the depiction of ghost-lines in the Steven King movie THE LONGELIERS); POSSIBILITY LINES at any given point within the multi-event stream would be somewhat less in number than Ghost Lines; and PROBABILITY LINES would be considerably less in number than that (although perhaps quite profuse from an individual perspective); and at any given point ACTUALITY LINES (third dimensional) might run from a few to a dozen parallel “universes” depending on the source… some of these may be protomatter universes, others antimatter universes, others forward-time universes, others reverse-time universes, and so on. All of these parallel universes are intricately connected at the subatomic levels, for instance if we have “duplicates” in other parallel realities one can interact with these “alternate lives” in the dreamscape, especially if one masters the art of lucid dreaming.

So then, like a tree, the Multiverse may have many “branches” of different degrees of density, the denser branches being fewer and the lighter branches being many, but they are ALL nevertheless rooted in the same Multi-Versal “base”.  

The main danger of the Quantum Ranger lies in the possibility of creating a paradox and thus initiating an alternate localized universe. If the over souls of the individuals inhabiting the “original” universe to not consent on a collective unconscious basis to partition and extend themselves into the newly-created localized universe, then the lack of conscious/psionic energy focus will result in a loss of material consistency within the alternate reality as the subatomic particles no longer have the cohesive binding force of a WILL-ACTIVATED psionic energy field that is necessary to maintain material-particle consistency, and thus the “Metaversal reality hologram” will “log-off” in varying degrees from the alternate reality and like an old branch dying and eventually falling off from a tree the localized parallel universe will dematerialize as the “Metaversal tree” retrieves its vital substance from the “branch” so that it can be re-directed to more fruitful possibility, probability, or actuality lines/branches… as the abandoned “reality branch” dematerializes from a material ACTUALITY LINE, diffusing first into an ectoplasmic PROBABILITY LINE, then into a psionic POSSIBILITY LINE, and finally collapsing into a GHOST LINE where all material and linear manifestation dissolves back into pure energy as all WILL-ENERGY necessary for the conversion of energy-waves to particle-matter is lost. The traveler becomes lost in space/time until the point where they are either somehow retrieved, or until their energized physical form “passes on”.

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We would recommend that you first consult veteran time travelers before attempting to shift to a parallel universe, since all universes may operate on different laws of physics that are unique to their particular wave-length. In other words one must make the “switch” to the new track in the correct and precise manner, or they might “miss the train” altogether. This warning is to ensure that all Quantum Force personnel maintain their third-dimensional connection to the material plane, rather than being increasingly phased-out into an energy form [the degree of the loss of material consistency would depend on the magnitude of the paradox itself] and becoming lost in the fourth dimension, a fate that has beset many other less fortunate and more foolhardy time-trippers. In short we might be able to sum things up in the words of a certain song that many of us may have heard: “Time may change me, but I can’t change time…”

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