Has anyone noticed that the destination of the Orion mission is an altitude of 3,600 MILES?  Why is this so important to NASA?  What is at the destination of 3,600 MILES?  What is their goal? The “Van Allen Radiation Belt! (A lethal radiation belt which surrounds the earth at an altitude of 1000 miles to 25,000 miles . . . All manned spaces missions have been well below this radiation, orbiting at about 200 miles, except the “missions to the moon” of the Nixon administration.)  Though NASA is not telling the public of this significance, the stated purpose of the Orion mission is to “test the instruments“.  Why is it so important to “test the instruments” at a 3,600 mile altitude inside of the radiation belts?  To see if humans can survive transversing it! This is the “challenge” that they are facing!  (I would not be surprised if, secretly, a few animals are onboard too . . . A monkey, dog, or perhaps frogs, which are very sensitive to radiation, to test the effects of the radiation belts on animal life with the latest equipment.)

In 1994, the space shuttle astronauts flew to their highest altitude ever, 365 miles, some 635 miles away from the radiation. There the radiation was so intense that the crew could SEE THE RADIATION WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED AS “FIREWORKS”.  At that time CNN reported “The radiation belts surrounding earth are MORE DANGEROUS THAN PREVIOUSLY BELIEVED.”  What does “PREVIOUSLY BELIEVED” mean?  What was the “PREVIOUS BELIEF?” . . . that the radiation was meaningless, because the Apollo “moon” crews, supposedly, went through the 25,000 mile thick radiation 18 times, allegedly, to the moon and back, without dying or ANY ill consequences WHATSOEVER!  In fact, the Apollo crews never even reported the phenomenon of seeing the radiation with their eyes closed as “Fireworks”, even though they were supposed to have been in the middle of the radiation belt 18 times!

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The question is, if the Apollo astronauts were allegedly inside the middle of the radiation belt 18 times in the 1960’s and early ’70’s, how is it that a space shuttle crew in 1994, some 635 miles away from the radiation, knew more about the radiation than they did?  (“More dangerous than previously believed“.)  This can ONLY MEAN that the Apollo “moon” crews NEVER left low earth orbit and their missions were A LIE. That is why the radiation belt surrounding earth is of supreme importance, and the destination of, the Orion mission, yet NASA is afraid to tell anyone of the mission’s true objective, because it brings to light the lie of the “Apollo” moon missions.  (“Apollo” – Greek – Means: “Deceiver”)

Yes, NASA is “testing their instruments” during the Orion mission.


. . . to see if HUMANS CAN SURVIVE traveling through it . . .

. . . for the Very First Time.

-Brother Bart


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