In 1916 while speaking of his system for global transmission, Nikola Tesla cited the analysis of mathematician Arnold N. Sommerfeld as verification of his explanations of observed radio phenomena. Tesla was referring to his system in which 90% to 95% of the electrical energy was manifested at the transmitter’s output as “current waves” with the remainder directed to the antenna structure, resulting in dissipating EM radiation.

In 1909 another investigator by the name of Johann Zenneck, while working to explain Marconi’s trans-oceanic results, showed that a unique type of surface wave could travel along with the interface between the ground and the air. In the words of Dr. James Corum,

“The distinguishing feature of the Zenneck wave was that the propagating energy didn’t spread like radiation, but was concentrated near the guiding surface. Sommerfeld had shown that an electromagnetic wave could be guided along a wire of finite conductivity, and Zenneck conceived that the earth’s SURFACE would perform in a manner similar to a SINGLE CONDUCTING WIRE.”

In commenting on Sommerfeld’s analysis of the surface wave, Dr. James R. Wait states that “The field amplitude varies inversely AS THE SQUARE ROOT of the horizontal distance from the source…” It is interesting to note that Sommerfeld made a point of distinguishing between the “electrodynamic” SURFACE WAVE and its Hertzian counterpart the SPACE WAVE, believing that both components could be present in VARYING PROPORTION in the WAVE COMPLEX. It was Tesla’s assertion that the exact composition of the emissions was dependant upon the design of the transmitter.

As the study of radio propagation progressed and certain mathematical analyses EXCLUDED IT, some question as to the existence of the Zenneck surface waves began to develop. In 1937 limited support was given to these doubts after tests showed SIMPLE ANTENNAS driven at 150mHZ produced 100 times LOWER field strength than predicted.

More recent investigations show evidence that Zenneck waves can, indeed, be generated. The LOWER the frequency, the lower the PROPAGATION LOSSES.

It is also apparent that they are NOT a major contributor to the field produced by an electric dipole or quarter-wave RADIATOR, however, they can be strongly excited by a quarter-wave RESONATOR! Once again to quote Dr. Corum,

“the resulting wave is a SURFACE GUIDED (single conductor) TRANSMISSION LINE mode which attenuates EXPONENTIALLY ALONG THE GUIDE… There is NO INVERSE SQUARE spreading or DIFFRACTION, as with Hertzian waves… With appropriate constitutive parameters, a pure Zenneck wave would seem to hold out the promise of GUIDED PROPAGATION with NO radiation field to WASTE ENERGY.”

Plots of field strength vs. frequency indicate that a Zenneck wave propagates best at ELF and VLF frequencies and would lose much of its advantage as frequency rose ABOVE 1mHZ.

[This piece is derived from Appendix II of the paper entitled “Nikola Tesla, Lightning Observations and Stationary Waves” presented at the 1994 Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs. For the full story, get a copy of the 1994 Proceedings, published by the International Tesla Society.]


Vanguard Note

A sample of a new Russian magazine AURA-Z was sent to KeelyNet almost one year ago. On the back cover was an advertisement for papers describing a ‘new’ effect that had been discovered for the transmission of power over a single very fine wire.

The wire could be cut and tied in a bow, yet the power still flowed over the wire. It used something called a ‘monovibrator’ to produce the peculiar wave necessary to achieve this effect. There was no technical data except for that offered in the papers for $100.

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Power transmitted over a wire (note over, not through) is subject to dissipation through an impedance, capacitance, inductance, and resistance.

Hooper showed that a Moebius coil could produce what he called a ‘motional wave’ or a wave of PURE ELECTRIC CHARGE. When energy moves through matter, it is sapped capacitively (electrostatic) and inductively (magnetically). The pure electric wave was not sapped in any way and so could be transmitted over enormous distances with no signal loss.

Propagation of such a signal through a transmission line or conductive path apparently takes the form of successive solitons that regenerate their spherical pattern much like a smoke ring vortex. It is an enfolded structure consisting of high rotation energy in the doughnut shape.

This ties in with Walter Russell’s claims that energy rings form, transmute and destroy matter, as well as with Larry Spring’s claim that energy propagates through space in the form of successive spheres as he had measured by field strength mapping of fixed frequency transmitters.

The point here is that everyone is using similar terms and concepts to describe the same thing. The bottom line will be a circuit which we can all use to verify the truth of it and then put it TO PRACTICAL USE in doing real work.


From the October 1994 New Energy News New Electric Transmission

Y. Egorov (Russia) “Can’t it exist?” Izobretatel I Ratsionalizator, 1992, no 5-6, p. 1. Translated and summarized by Igor Goryachev.

According to the information published in the Russian magazine INVENTOR AND DEVELOPER, a new opportunity to transmit electric energy has been discovered.

As it was demonstrated by scientist Vladislav Avramenko at the Russian (former All-Union) Electro-Technical Institute in Moscow, it is now possible to transmit electric energy through just a SINGLE WIRE (similar to superconductivity at room temperature). The article does not disclose the details of the method. It does say that the primary power source generates electric energy in OSCILLATING FORM in the RANGE OF SOUND FREQUENCIES.

This energy is then transmitted in a regular way to a small monovibrator (which is the inventor’s secret). Only one wire goes out of the monovibrator. The wire extremity is connected by means of this single wire to a small (match-box size) box. The box has a regular double contact OUTLET thus providing a power supply for electric bulbs and other devices.

It is disclosed that the energy transmission through a single wire occurs when the appropriate frequency (not specified) has been ADJUSTED (tuned) at the input of the monovibrator.

If the single wire has been cut there is no need to solder the ends of the wire; it is sufficient to tie the separated ends with a bowknot in order to restore the line. They measured the loss of energy in the single wire when transmitting relativity HIGH POWER over the distance of 100 meters. It was reported to be ALMOST ZERO.

The phenomenon disclosed contradicts contemporary accepted science. But the article claims it works! This information, if accurately presented, suggests that some type of scalar-wave transmission might be involved. A normal electric sonic frequency signal would be unlikely to travel (or be guided) along a conductor of 100 m without significant losses.


Vanguard Note

As a further comment, John Bedini has been building custom amplifiers for several years now using scalar transmission principles. These amplifiers are used in Peter Kelly’s BETAR stress canceling device (see CONTACT1 for the address of Interdimensional Sciences). Peter says they can generate 100’s of watts of acoustic energy over a single strand of the wire using a scalar signal. The energy is normally generated, converted at the amplifier into scalar form, sent over the wire, then re-constituted at the receiving speaker.


As I understand it, a scalar field can be generated from just about any type of energy, sound, electricity, magnetism, light, etc.. That energy simply has to be IN VIBRATION so that it can be 180 degree phase reversed to create the hyperspace bubble or the soliton bubble called a scalar potential or a scalar field, or even a ‘quantum potential’.

These bubbles can be sent down a guided conductor as successively driven bubbles for information or energy transmission. When I explained this idea to Bob Beck at a workshop with he and Ed Skilling, Bob said that was the best explanation he’d ever heard for scalars.

So, the energy is vibrating at a frequency determined by the vibration across the diameter of the mass structure. When this frequency (ies in some cases) is phase reversed, it creates the scalar potential bubble. The energy disappears from our detection threshold and creates a stress wave in hyperspace. From that point, it can be sent to a target where it is received, the phase restored to 3 space coordinates and the energy is again available for use, all with the minimum diminution of energy.

The one major problem is our understanding of how to receive these scalar bubbles. Transmission appears to be simply a 180-degree phase shift, done with a bifilar wire to cancel the magnetic component, a Moebius to create the one-dimensional surface (pure electric wave of Hooper) or a caduceus.

For reception of a scalar potential, the bubble still has a vibrational component that can be accessed via resonance. Using a caduceus or Moebius antenna tuned to the frequency of the transmitted scalar bubble, it would be received but not detectable with normal instrumentation UNTIL the phase had been restored. It is best understood as an enfolding process where the wave is folded onto itself (like a doughnut vortex), moved to the target, then opened back up.

I have also been told that the scalar is a kind of building block for all energy. Once the energy has been converted to the base form of scalar, it can be ‘re-converted’ to any type of energy in our 3 space. Thus, using scalars, you could convert sound to scalar, then scalar back into electricity or light to scalar, then back to magnetism.

At this time, I think the form of the re-conversion back to 3 space is dependent on the medium used for its reception. That is a coil would produce magnetic energy, a capacitor would produce electrostatic energy and I have no idea how sound would be produced directly from scalar energy. There are indications it is a matter of frequency based on the ‘aether spectrum’ as shown in the file NEUTRAL1 on KeelyNet.

At this point, perhaps these correlations will lead to something practical. It is not over-unity because we are dealing with power transmission, not generation. Where this information is useful, is in providing very high transmission efficiencies approaching unity, but that is a start…


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