Remote viewing is the ability to use extrasensory perception to access information from sources remote in space and time. Simply put, it is using psychic ability to fish information out of the matrix (akashic field, univeral source field, or ether). There are many techniques, different structures and protocols to follow and there are definite skills and rules to be learned in order to practice remote viewing effectively. Anyone interested in life beyond the material world should have a look at remote viewing.

Here’s a video where remote viewing is briefly explained and put on trial:

Remote viewers admit that as little as 20% of the information gathered may be correct and that the psychic information needs to be combined with other sources of information. Working with groups of remote viewers will increase the chance that the results will be accurate.

This may sound very unreal and/or unlikely, so what about the skeptics? Psychologist Ray Hyman is the analyst that was hired by the Defense Intelligence Agency to evaluate the Government’s program that reproduced a report recommending canceling any such research. Michael Shermer, founder of The Skeptics Society, has participated in remote viewing sessions and done television programs analyzing its viability. He remains skeptical of course and but his report was rather inconsequential and even had me more leaning toward the possibility of its effectiveness than against. Also, the fact that the military took its disciplined approach to developing psychic spies for so long seems to suggest that there might be something to it.

Here is part 1 of Shermer’s program (there is a little more about Hyman and the government program):

I think this is an excellent phenomena that everyone can try to seek their own answers for themselves and possibly enrich their lives. If, in practicing remote viewing, we find evidence that their is a matrix of consciousness beyond our physical bodies, then those of us who are atheist or agnostics would probably want to look for explanations about how this could be.

There are many workshops (which tend to be a little expensive) but also online video programs and books to help people learn the methods. While the protocols for remote viewing are not easy to learn this may be the best way for any of us to investigate the paranormal or the otherworld.

Here is a short video about Ed Dames’ prediction of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan:

And another one about testing Joseph McMoneagle’s remote viewing:

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