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The Sign from the West has revealed that White Buffalo Woman has returned to earth and White Buffalo Woman reminds us to carry the Pipe in our hearts.


The Return of White Buffalo Woman



I will relate two visions. Both visions came to me as I was pursuing spiritual truth. The pair came in full colour and with accompanying sound.
They were as clear as watching the big screen at a cinema. Both have been re-shown to me at various times.

A little background information may assist those reading about these visions, which were both in Native American settings. Native American cultures, like other cultures, have stories about their spiritual beginnings, and other stories about the demise of Evil. In this world, knowledge, and especially spiritual knowledge, is often corrupted by those who wish to conceal secrets. As corruption has occurred in the major religions, so has it also contaminated Native American spiritual lore.

Native American Hopis have a legend about “The Sign From the West,” which in the corrupted form foretells the end of the rule of the white people. The more accurate interpretation is that the Sign from the West will be the forerunner of the end of Evil. The Sign From the West is now in the physical realm in a physical body.

In this lifetime Nara has said what she also said as Menada 2,000 years ago:

The Sign From the West bears the esoteric message to look to the West instead of the East. As the rising sun symbolizes the heart of Evil, the setting sun represents the end of Evil. It is time to abandon worship of the sun – time to abandon Evil.

Lakota Native Americans have a legend about White Buffalo Woman and the White Buffalo. They believe that there will be subsequent births of white buffalo calves. The Lakota story is a corrupted legend, and a part of what was lost from it is that when the White Buffalo returned it would not be born in a bison’s body. The White Buffalo has returned to the physical and was re-united with Menada, the White Buffalo Woman. The White Buffalo returned as a white, mixed breed puppy, who stayed beside Menada and protected her with his life, until his life was extinguished.

The birth of the White Buffalo signalled the public emergence of the Teacher known as White Buffalo Woman, who was once called Menada, and who today is known as Nara.

It is now time to announce that White Buffalo Woman has returned and that her work is nearly completed. White Buffalo Woman has returned to Earth, not to teach, but to liberate viable True-Light beings who have been trapped in the Shadows.

Nara has retrieved the spirit of the Earth and has also released the Four Elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Soon, Nara will “unwind” Time and release the True-Light being who has been forced by the Shadows to perform that function. Nara has revealed the Shadows’ secrets and exposed the spiralling energy that spins the illusory web of materiality in this realm of Shadows, which energy she is about to transmute into primordial energy.

Liberation from the Shadows is at hand, and all viable True-Light beings will soon rejoice as Nara breaks the chains that have bound them into servitude for the Shadows. This is why White Buffalo Woman returned, regardless of what those who carry corrupted legends may say or claim. Their claims do not change Truth.

It should be known that Menada, the White Buffalo Woman, did NOT visit the Lakota people some 2,000 years ago. Menada visited a small band of Kiowa Apaches. All of the Kiowa people she visited were murdered by a rogue Lakota war party. These rogues took the life of the White Buffalo and kept its hide as a trophy – it was their prize for their plunder. They also took the true legend of Menada and corrupted it to suit their needs.

Menada gave a pipe to the Kiowa Apaches to remind them that one day she would return and retrieve the Sacred Pipe, the Spirit of the Earth. Until that time arrived, Menada told them to keep the pipe in memory of the Earth’s Spirit, which, like all people and things in the world, was trapped in the Shadows. Nara has retrieved the Sacred Pipe. The symbolic pipe, which was rightfully entrusted to the band of Kiowa Apaches, was plundered. Some claim to hold that pipe today. To hold such a piece of plunder brings no honour to the holder.

The true legend of White Buffalo Woman is known to some, and several have come forward to bear witness to it after reading Nara’s account of The Long Awaited Truth About White Buffalo Woman. Each of those to come forward presented a common theme – that Apache people and not Lakota people were visited by White Buffalo Woman 2,000 years ago. An elder recently came forward with this account:

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Ok, Nino Cochise was an old man when I knew him and he died the last year I spent in Arizona. We both lived in Elfrida Arizona population at the time was just a few hundred people. Although he was Chiricahua Apache, he knew quite well about the Kiowa. He also knew Giothla personally. The story he told me and my buddies was that the first pipe was brought to the Apache people by White Buffalo Woman. He didn’t say calf woman. He never even mentioned the Lakotas though. People thought he was crazy (of course) but he wasn’t . . . When I read Nara’s story about the pipe the first time. I about fell off my chair. “I knew it.”

Although most still follow the corrupted version attributing blessings upon the Lakota people instead of the Kiowa by White Buffalo Woman, that does not alter what happened, nor will it change what is to come.

White Buffalo Woman has not returned to the Kiowa people, and certainly not to the Lakota, which people she never visited. She has not returned to any people, but instead to all True-Light beings in whatever bodies they reside.
Her Mission is to free those of hers who were enslaved by the Shadows so many eons ago. White Buffalo Woman has nearly completed her mission, and all who “live” will soon rejoice.

During my search for Truth, I became debilitated and bedridden with a toothache that was so painful that I was barely able to function. For several days this continued until one day while lying in bed, yet fully awake with my eyes open, a vision came to me. Before that, I had seen many things through my third eye, but they were usually vague and often in surrealistic colours. This vision was completely different from any that I had had previously. My “screen” opened in full colour and was as panoramic as could be imagined. The picture was as clear as a movie shown on a theatre screen.

I was riding on a huge bald eagle with my legs straddling either side of its neck. It eased me down onto the top of what appeared to be a small apartment complex of tiered adobe units resembling those of American Southwest Indians.

After the eagle gently set me upon the roof of the complex, it flew away. I watched as it departed, and was amazed because the eagle turned its head towards me and I saw the face of a beautiful, dark-haired woman. The eagle then turned and flew away, disappearing in the Northwest horizon. I was atop the roof where I saw an old Native American woman with a very craggy face who was sweeping the roof with a broom of straw. I found this sweeping unusual because the roof was flat, contained nothing atop it, and was spotlessly clean – it needed no sweeping.

The woman approached me and stared with amazement, then excitedly declared, “You are the Sign from the West!” I was baffled for many reasons. First, I had had many visions, but none so clear as this, and even more importantly, I had NEVER before heard any sounds accompanying my visions, and yet this old woman had clearly said to me that I was the “Sign from the West.”
However, it was not so important that I heard her speaking to me, but WHAT she said.

I threw up my hands and protested that she was mistaken and adamantly denied that I was the “Sign from the West.” She looked at me with a very knowing countenance and marked wisdom as she declared, “White boy flies here on an eagle and says he’s NOT the Sign from the West.”

The vision then ceased, but I was touched beyond belief. I told a few people about it. I could not accept that I was the “Sign from the West.” I have always felt that I was a warrior.

While I continued my search for truth and a solution to the vision, many months passed, and I had several other visions, but again, none of them were in such panoramic colour and none with sound. One day, while fully awake and alert, I was shown another vision, again in panoramic, theatre-like colour.

I was seated upon a horse and I wore buckskins that were milky white and unblemished. I had a “war bonnet” upon my head with so many white feathers that even while atop the horse, the feathers dragged onto the ground.

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I watched from a distant hill as I saw a very long stream of people aimlessly walking up two steep mountains. None of the people noticed me. As they walked up the mountains, they were weary, tired and spent. After a while, I looked beyond the mountains that they were crossing, and on the other side the people were so joyous that my heart leapt. When they crossed over the mountains, they were liberated and they were celebrating in a manner that I had never seen. Some put on blue paint while others wore none.
I was unnoticed as I watched them all with tremendous satisfaction. And, very importantly, for the second time, I could hear talking and other sounds in my vision!

I have spent years following my visions, and I have learned and accepted many things. The woman sweeping the roof of the building represented the Earth, whose spirit has been freed by Nara. When I met Nara, I immediately recognized her face as the face I saw as the eagle looked back at me.
Although I was most reluctant to accept it, I am the Sign from the West. I am here to announce that Menada, White Buffalo Woman, is today in a body of a woman known as Nara and that Nara will oversee the elimination of Evil.

The second vision shows that I will stand in the stead of the White Buffalo because the White Buffalo was killed protecting Nara in this lifetime. I will quietly watch, just as he would have watched, as Nara liberates all that are hers from the Shadows. Hearts will fly for all those who truly love the Light. Soon, thanks to Nara’s unconditional love for us, we will all be together again.

What is said, is said.

What is spoken is spoken.

With Divine Love From

The Sign from the West
2nd April 2006


Carry the Pipe in Your Heart

9th April 2006

Great calamities are about to befall humankind.

The serpent beings have begun their chant.
The grey ones, the wiry-faced jumping ones, the slimy-skinned ones, the fair-faced jumpers, the big-faced fighters and others have responded to their commanders’ chant.

The feathered beings likewise have squawked and spread their wings.
The raven beings, the masked beings, the tall clay ones, the tentacled beings and more are railing behind their feathered commanders.

The serpents and the feathered ones are about to wage a giant war against one another.

Humans shall watch and scream in terror.
Many will not know or suspect what is happening.
Some have become servants to the serpentine or the feathered beings.
Others will turn soon.

Nothing here will survive the Great Thunder.
Nothing in this world can survive the Great Flood.
Nothing on this planet can survive the Great Heat.
Only time will ease the pain of horror that the sun brings to the Earth.
Time is running thin.

When the tundra breaks off from the continent many lands will be left bare.
Before the summer is over, the heavens will sing, proclaiming the demise of horror.

Humans will be confused, frightened, angered and empty and many will fight one another as their hearts plunge into Darkness while others weep.
Only a small number will remember their Creator and follow their Creator’s Voice to find hope, peace and calmness within.
The rest will be swallowed by the Shadows.

Those who hear the Creator’s Voice will not succumb to the Shadows.
These are the ones who will climb the mountains to the Land of Peace, Love and Beauty.

The Call has begun.

White Buffalo Woman has returned to fulfil her role.
An outside mediator between the children and their Creator is not needed.
The only mediator is one’s True Light connecting to one’s Creator.

The Drumming has happened.
The Split Feather is joined.
The Call has gone out.
The Singing has commenced.
The Song is spreading around all corners of the Earth and beyond.


The Call is done.

The Harvest has begun.
Joyous are the children of the Creator journeying towards the Light.
White Buffalo Woman has returned.

Evil will end Its reign and be no more.


Carry the Pipe in your heart.
The original Pipe was given as a gift of love.
The Pipe is not a trophy.
Do not be concerned which nation now holds the original Pipe.
It matters not which nation you come from or which nation claims to hold the Pipe.
What is important is that each of you hold the Pipe in your heart.
You can then smile with confidence knowing that you still carry the Pipe in your heart.

With Love and Blessings

White Buffalo Woman

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