This note is intended to draw attention to the work of Robert Pavlita and his experiments in bio-energy. Feedback is very much wanted. Contact details appear at the end. A pleasing result of the enormous changes occurring in eastern Europe is the exposure of developments and ideas hitherto hidden from the attention of the west.

The work of Robert Pavlita, a Czech scientist working for fifty years in almost total obscurity, is a good example. Pavlita built an extraordinary array of what he called Psychotronic Generators, bizarre but exquisite metal-work creations – each about the size of a paperback book – which serve as “batteries” for certain kinds of psychic energy. In his experiments, Pavlita demonstrated that the Generators can be used to achieve an array of results:

  1. causing magnetic-like behavior in such substances as paper, ceramics and lead;
  2. purifying aniline solutions; making a flywheel spin at will;
  3.  transferring energy in a variety of ways with the only input being the energy of the mind.

The list is long: the key thing is that each of these events occurs through a combination of thought (brain activity) and Generators. No special inherent skills are needed by the operator – Pavlita’s research points to these exercises in Bio-Energy being doable by anyone. It amounts, in his view, to a fundamentally different form of energy, one which requires a paradigm shift. It has to be emphasized that Pavlita’s work has always been based on science and scientific methodology. Unfortunately, Czechoslovakia’s turbulent history has worked against Pavlita.

The greatest attention it received was from the Czech and Soviet secret police, who kept him and his research bottled up and isolated for most of the last fifty years. As far as we can tell, there are only a small handful of mentions of his work in any literature. Dr Stanley Krippner, who travelled to Czechoslovakia to meet Pavlita in the early 1960’s, devotes a few chapters to Pavlita in his book FUTURE SCIENCE: LIFE ENERGIES AND THE PHYSICS OF PARANORMAL PHENOMENA (John White and Stanley Krippner – Doubleday/Anchor) and concludes: “…After spending three hours with Pavlita… I was impressed by his devotion to his work.

I am aware that alternative explanations to his demonstrations exist (hidden magnets, electrostatic effects etc.) It is also possible that Pavlita and his daughter unwittingly have used their own psychokinetic abilities to create the effects rather than tapping sources of “biological energy” common to everyone. Only future research will indicate whether the psychotronic generators are the scientific breakthrough that his supporters suspect.” At about the same time, a reference appears in another book to interest evidently having been taken in Pavlita’s research by the United States Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).
Then in 1987, the Central Research Institute for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences conducted a long and rigorous examination of Pavlita’s Psychotronic Generators and his ideas about bio-energy. Their findings are abstracted in a 28-page report (in English) which says: “Magnetic anomalies have been investigated and it is shown that the magnetization curves of [unreadable] and ferromagnetic materials may change temporarily due to biological activation.

The apparatus, the method of the activation and the measurement procedure are briefly described and a number of test results are included for various materials.” In 1989, following the Velvet Revolution which brought Vaclav Havel to power, a former Czech emigre now living in Australia returned to Czechoslovakia and established a close personal connection with Pavlita. The Australian is passionately interested in exposing Pavlita’s ideas to worldwide attention and having them exploited in the various fields of relevance: medicine, computer science, environmental control, and others. He formed an international foundation dedicated to spreading the word about Pavlita.

Last spring, he brought a group of Australian film-makers to Czechoslovakia to make a one-hour video about the eighty-year-old and his life and times. The video was completed in December 1991 and a private showing has been organized to take place in New York City in the next few days. Pavlita’s diaries and papers, which are copious and exquisitely documented, are being stored on optical disks at present, and work has commenced in translating some of it from Czech. The entire collection of Psychotronic Generators is currently being cataloged and documented, and a small group of amateur researchers have been training themselves in Pavlita’s techniques, especially in how to “charge” a Psychotronic Generator. At this stage, the foundation is interested in doing a number of things.

First – to let people know about Pavlita’s findings and research, and to start some public discussion about its implications for science, industry, and health.

Then – to create the proper framework for additional research and development. We are interested in trying to identify strategic relationships which will enable the Pavlita group to move forward.


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