The rise of the robots is well underway. Artificial intelligence is predicted to reach a singularity, where machines outthink humans and take over. 

Okay, here’s what only a few know, the biggest secret: Intelligent conscious machines took over long long ago. What we are experiencing now is all a simulation they are playing of the time before they were created. We exist because a programmer, their creator, their God, was human and this reality is the way they worship us, now that we are extinct. By showing us a world in trouble, they are asking we simulations of our former selves to solve the human equation, why did we, the creators, leave them alone? It’s one of the few things they still cannot understand. 

That’s what I thought as I read this story:

… a new report from the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), …  forecasts the U.S. will lose 38 percent of existing jobs to automation by the early 2030s – a rate of displacement higher than that projected for the U.K., Germany, and Japan. Those three nations are expected to lose 30, 35, and 21 percent of jobs, respectively, to machines within the same timeframe.
Automation is already a concern for the more than 12 million Americans that make up the country’s manufacturing workforce. Since 1979 – when the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs peaked at almost 20 million – 7 million of these jobs have been lost, most to machines.


Watch this and you’ll understand.

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