“When man interferes with the Law of the Universe, the sky becomes filthy, the earth becomes depleted, the equilibrium crumbles, we become extinct.”

Get the picture?

Always we think… “evil” can’t touch me.
We think… “I am good, therefore I am safe.”
We think we can do what we want and dance with evil in disguise.
We think we can escape with a prayer or promise.
Think again.
Most people think of evil as ugly and nasty and possibly rather stupid. Or… there are those who think evil is just something made up and that it really doesn’t exist in the world today. It can be confusing and maybe shocking to realize that evil is all that and more.
Evil can be beautiful and very seductive.
Evil can be smart.
It can start out very small and before you know it, evil has grown and it owns us.
There are those who say that we have no choice and we must blend it into our lives.
“We must let the end justify the means” is the cry.
Still, there are some who simply say, “ignore it and it will go away”.
Hmm, will it just go away and not touch you?
I don’t think so.
Read your history.
Look around you and look within you.
The time is near.
All energy comes from the same source.
It is what you do with that energy.
The energy itself is not good OR bad.
Energy is like a spectrum with good at one end and evil on the other with everything else in between. When energy is used for less than good, then there is a slide towards evil at the opposite end of the spectrum of energies.
Then evil becomes the norm of society and the fabric of our lives….
We all have choices to make.
These choices are part of our daily lives.
Doorways are opened in many ways.
It is these doorways that we open by alcohol and drug abuse, violence, denial, greed, hate and lies. Passions and lust, possessions and attitudes also offer a way for evil to enter. If you take what is not yours, someday there will not be enough for anyone, including you!

The list is long and varied.
It is not enough to just pay lip service to our thoughts, words, and actions.
We can not sit back and say, “Oh, that doesn’t apply to me”.
Lies and other words and actions add up.
We can no longer afford the luxury of watching others die at our expense.
I don’t mean just physically, but mentally and spiritually also.
Are you a Stepford person?
Beware of the Emperor’s new clothing.
So what if man can clone cows…Can man clone clean air and water?
Can man make more ozone?
Until then…I am not impressed with technology.

Evil slips in when the soul is not watching. It is not enough to sit and meditate if you do not apply the lessons to everyday life. It is not worth the time you spend in church if you are going to go home and cheat on your tax returns. Why bother praying if you are going to blow up when you are stuck in traffic?
What is the reality of your moment?
What are your true thoughts?
Every time you have an ugly thought, the door opens a little.
All it takes is one careless moment.
Actions always follow thoughts and words.
You yell, you get angry and react in violent ways.
Or you ignore that which is crying out.
Reactions and actions mix and feed on each other.
Then afterwards, sometimes, you say “sorry”.
Are you really?
Will you do it again?
Think about it.
Don’t kick the dog.
Be aware of your surroundings.
What is your spiritual path?
It’s okay to make mistakes.
We all do.
The question is this… are you learning from them?
Remember… once you know something, it is your responsibility.
What are you doing with your knowledge?

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