These two Sacred Amulets were found in an ancient burial tomb in close proximity to an ancient pyramid located in the Mississippi River Valley. According to Legend, this was the burial tomb of a High Priest and Priestess who inhabited that ancient city well over 30,000 years ago. 

stonebThey were laid to rest together so they might share the same union in the afterworld that they shared on the earth plane. The strength of their union and concurrent time of death was indicated by the symbolic placement of their hands, one holding the others.

The Sacred Amulet showed bears the image of a bird-headed being. This being could be interpreted as Horace or Riegel, or perhaps the Winged Beings that are described in Ken Carey’s book – Return of the Bird Tribes.

The Sacred Amulet, which adorned the High Priestess, bears the image of a winged being with a birds head, or helmet?

You will notice that both of these images are similar to those found in the hieroglyphs of Egypt. Similar petroglyphs can be found throughout North and South America

Among the other artifacts found in this Ancient Burial site were several statues. These statues ranged in height from 4 – 5 feet. Each was a depiction of a being, or God, if you will, similar to those found in Egypt.

We invite you to review and weigh the information provided to you here and to draw your own conclusions.

One word of advice; sleep on it, listen to your heart and follow your instincts.


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