Mark Hammons ( Apr 5, 1995, writes:

You may wonder wonder what happened to the Atlanteans after their world blew apart. Well, they kept right on going. And many of them have reincarnated in bodies now at work doing the same things to the earth that the Atlanteans did.

Only the names have been changed.

These beings were thrill seekers, into a material change just for the experience of it. They’d do terrible things to the earth just because they could. They poisoned the biosphere, cracked open the earth and took what they wanted without regard to the integrity of the land, and generated waves of EM boundlessly throughout the environment.

The pollution was immense on many levels, both gross and subtle.

They did this because they assumed that their existence was more omniportant than that of the planetary system they had intruded upon. People tend to think that the Atlanteans were this great civilization, full of enlightened beings. It is true that not all Atlanteans were stupid, just enough. They were smug in their ability to “solve” every impediment to the unhindered exercise of their egotistic self-absorption with materiality. They had vast stores of knowledge that pointed out this error, but the majority ignored it to go right along with their routine of self-stimulation.

This shortsightedness is what led to the destruction of their civilization, and exactly the same thing, physically, is about to happen to this little degenerate emanation of that continuum.

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