300,000 years ago space beings from a planet call Nibiru known as Anunnaki (Wormwood People) fought a war with benevolent creator gods over ownership of Mother Earth, and the Anunnaki won. Nibiru is the 12th planet of our Solar System.
They landed and took control over Earth and its inhabitants. Over a period of time our DNA was genetically altered by the Anunnaki(who are master genectists) from 12 strand helix to a 2 stand helix; and Adam and Eve were created. The second thing they did was to experience physical sex with humans in order to enter into incarnational cycles by procreating children. The “Holy Bible” relates this event in Genesis 6. The people named the “Nephilim” in Genesis are the Anunnaki. In Hebrew Nephilim means gods who came down to Earth.
Nibiru leaves Earths vicinity every 3600 years and sojourn in outer space. While they are gone, they have put a governing team in place to run things on Earth. This governing team is called the “World Management Team”. The groups of people who operate these teams agencies are controlled by the Anunnaki and are instructed to carry out plans that benefit Nibiru and not Earth.
The Secret Government consists of 13 permanent inner members. Recently one defected, which leaves 12 inner members. These members recruit lieutenants for their team agencies, which control their agendas on this 3rd dimensional Earth plane. They share their power and money with them.
Some of these team agencies are the following: 1) Banks, 2) Schools, 3) World Government, (including Royal Families), 4) Catholic Church(Vatican), 5) Health Care System (Hospitals), (Drug Companies), 6) Secret Societies(See Links), 7) Multi-National Corp’s of the world, 8) Communication Systems(TV, Radio, Newspapers)
The “World Management Team” is known today as the “New World Order”.
The Anunnaki have underground bases in the Middle East and around the World; where they can carry out their negative agendas which is to create fear and chaos. See Link! The Anunnaki has as its food source; fear, anxiety, chaos, hunger, and despondency. Emotions are a source of food for them.
There are those whose food source is love and the original planners (Creative gods) intend to alter the frequency of Earth to that of love. By year 2000 Earth will be in the frequency of love by entering into the Photon Belt. (Age of Light). Earthlings can assist Earth by becoming system busters. They can conquer fear and allow the cosmic rays coming into Earth to enter their bodies and raise their body frequency to one of love.
Before leaving their property “Earth”,the Secret Government will instigate World War Three before year 2000 and also try to give all humans a computer chip in their bodies (666) and track all humans with their computer network (called the Beast)See Bible Rev.13-16.
The year 2000 Computer Compliance problem has not been solved and it won’t be by 2000, because the Secret Government has another agenda. See Y2K Link!
Several people have come forth and suggested ways to temporarily fix the Y2K problem before year 2000; which would give the government more time to fix the problem in a more permanent manner; but the government was approached and refused to go along with the new temporary plan.They have another agenda in mind which is to insert computer chips in all humans.
The humans who take the mark of the beast (666-computer chip) will have sores break out all over their bodies. This will occur because the chip will leak radiation into your body and make your blood boil. This in turn will cause sores to appear over all your body.
So Christians and all mankind alike do not be deceived by this chip and do not take it into your bodies. Tell the government there are ways to fix the year 2000 computer problems. Insist on a Debit or Smart Card!
The following is an explanation of how Adam & Eve were created.
The Anunnaki took ape-man (homo erectus) and implanted on him their own image and likeness (genectic material) and created Adam. Later on Eve was created in the same manner.
Man is the product of evolution (homo erectus); but modern man (homo sapiens) is the product of the gods (Anunnaki).
Recommended reading on this subject is the book “Twelfth Planet” by Zecharia Sitchin.
Secret Government Update!
The Secret Government is using mind control techniques over the T.V. airways. They are sending subliminal messages thru our T.V. sets suggesting that humans should not read and messages of violence and other negative messages. These messages come thru even if the T.V. is closed. The only safe TV’s are the tube sets made before 1955.It’s a good idea to keep one television in a household and cut down on usage.
The Secret Government has taken over all Shadow Governments and all of organized crime. In about one years time, the Secret Government will be completely exposed. The twelve inner members will have to leave planet Earth by year 2000, because Earth will enter into the Photon Belt. By then the energies will not be compatible for them anymore.
The Anunnaki will be making short visits when Earth is near or in the Photon Band. The Anunnaki come bearing gifts of alchemy. These gifts of alchemy are necessary in order for humans to prepare for their changeover to mult-dimensional beings. These gifts of alchemy are coming from the Sirians.
There is now an alliance in place between the Pleiadians and Sirians (Sirius) that a whole new order will be occurring in the near future, that will supercede the New World Order of the Anunnaki.
The Anunnaki/Nephilim are the ones who established the extensive management system-the Net-at Zero Point.
Without multi-dimensional access while you are in 3-D humans will die of boredom and eventually destroy their world.
Lets hope the Anunnaki can deliver the Sirian gifts of alchemy to us and gracefully remove the Net placed around the Earth by them. Humans will eventually evolve into multi-dimensional beings once the Net is removed.

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