Part 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS and Introduction.

This is a story of my past life in ancient Persia approx 45,000 years ago. (give or take a few milleniums either side) Whenever it was the Age of Libra – about that era. I know it was a very long time ago, before the Flood. It first rose up to my conscious mind while living in London in the early 1980s, when I was watching for UFOs outside the window. More on that side HERE I saw so many UFOs sitting silently outside that I used to send them messages by telepathy, wondering if maybe they were making themselves known deliberately. They were, and used to project in my room and I spoke with them for hours every night for years and years. It was all very surreal, because they were so cosmic that they caught me up in their reality and it lingered during the day. But I asked them not to materialize as I would have had a shock, because I just couldn’t believe in everything at that time, until I’d digested it and reflected on it all a for a few more years after I finished this contact. It is hard to believe Venusians can come and chat like that and evidently they did and now I think I could handle it if they materialised. I’m not so living on the edge of reality as before, I’m too deep into the next one, since becoming a Christian to care what world they speak from. I have my anchor [Jesus] and it will hold, no matter how shimmery reality gets. I had a lot of doubt then, that stuff was real, based on the touchable evidence. But now I’m not sure what “real” is, so that word doesn’t exist anymore! It took many years to accept that the next world was better than this, but I still feel stongly aware of this one as if it hasn’t faded yet. It’s just more transparent and a bit more beautiful.

I conversed with Venusians for years on a daily basis, by telepathy. They brought me to a stage where I could understand esoteric matters from first hand experience. So using my lessons from the Venusians about how life operates in the other dimensions, I spent considerable effort writing about a past life in Persia, which was very complicated indeed. In that life I too was influenced by the Venusians and even in that past life, I remembered living on Venus, after Atlantis was destroyed during a first phase of its existence, when some ice age disaster had caused the earth to have forced evacuation for a time. As well, other things happened during those strange London years of otherworldly things happening in the early 1980s and these are written about on the rest of this website.
I hope to finish writing the rest of the book soon. Thank you for reading my stories.

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Updated: 29 April 2006

Part 2

Long ago in an age deep in the river of time before the Flood, a man lived in Persia near a place now called Dezful. There were not many people on the earth at that time compared to ages gone by when civilization had covered every part of the world– only be destroyed again and again by scientists who desired truth more than life. It was very quiet, not much man-made technology to jar the soul and force it to rush through endless artificial stimulation. A sweet peacefulness permeated the heavens and they seemed so friendly and welcoming that it felt as if nobody would ever come to harm while living on the earth. The air was so clean and transparent that if someone really tried at some times of the day in special weather conditions they could see figures of elementals and otherworldly beings moving through it. In bright red glorious sunsets, warmth from living vibrant elemental forces radiated into the bodies of people by blending with the horizontal slant of the sun’s ray that opens the lower chakras allowing them to express emotional rapport with the human race. People saw who their guardians were and who looked after nature. They offered them the fruits of their labours in gratitude for bringing rain and healthy crops.

The man was called Sembe. He found pleasure at night sitting on a tower watching the blaze of glittering stars spread out across the sky. He had very deep thoughts. It is the invisible of the daytime now made visible for me to discover what the difference is between darkness and light–he philosophized. Where do we fit in amongst the life forms that are out there? He spent ages wondering if we’d become as advanced as those that lived on other worlds. He knew that people in his time were primitive compared to those in the occasional space vehicles that passed by but he never gave up hope that some on earth could learn their ability to fly, if they would share it. He had himself in mind as a candidate and on a few occasions he fell asleep (or thought he did he wasn’t sure what happened), and he found himself onboard a space ship and was taught very patiently how they operated. He wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not, but he wasn’t in control of the experience. He was allowed to absorb just enough to get him thinking about more possibilities and open his mind to new knowledge to add to that which he discovered from observation. He might never want to ever get back to his peasant like existence without feeling as if he wasn’t missing more enjoyable experiences, so his rare communication with the inhabitants of the local planets were only every few years.

But at night time he was given freedom to consciously have all kinds of knowledge about celestial things he chose. He was only allowed to be free at night but the day belonged to those who decided that his fate as a human was to learn to be at ease in the world he lived in without technology. Still, he felt satisfied that if someone thought about it enough, they could see a way of using different kinds of energy to propel many types of flying vehicles. As long as anyone had the resources to experiment and the abilities and talents of many people to pool together–anything could be tried. Surely, one of them would work, he reasoned to himself–after all, the creatures of this earth are designed to fly so effortlessly. He decided that if a spaceship was weightless enough it could use the hidden properties in the air. Maybe fire, lightning or thunder that we can’t see. He was so sensitive he felt those forces behind the mirage of the physical world. The shapes of the passing clouds never ceased to amaze Sembe and he always wondered what was inside the air to cause such beautiful patterns. He saw small coloured lights almost continually when he looked up to the sky, but they always disappeared before he could really see them clearly. The barrier between this world and the next was very thin where he lived and he would have given almost anything to leave the world he was in to live in the next. At night, when he became more sensitive, he knew parts of him were already in those worlds, but he could not reach them during the day, only in the dark. Sunlight had a way of positioning everyone’s consciousnesss on the world around them, but the moon made us feel to the depths of our soul.

To him the day was the dreamtime, where he had no control, where he was a victim of everyone’s needs and wants and the hustle and bustle of bright colours and many voices and sounds. A kaleidescope of things he had no control over. As far as he was concerned he was a pair of feet sensitively touching the world barely firm enough to stop him daydreaming himself into oblivion. He was two people, typical of the sign the sun was in when he was born, Gemini.

And night time brought a different man. In another world he was a master. He was master of the dark. King of the night. What he could control this time was himself. In the still of the night there was no one to interfere with his life. The sign Sagittarius was ascending when he was born. He felt a sense of freedom that expanded all over the entire universe. He reached out a part of him that encompassed the entire starry sky. He felt the whole sky within his soul. The stars and he were one. The starry rays fell on his face, and his body and penetrated deep within him to parts of him that he knew existed but were unreachable to him. It troubled him to think too deeply about himself because when he thought about how far the starry rays penetrated to his depths and how long it took before the echo stopped, he knew that would take a lifetime to fathom, which he wasn’t prepared to do. The moon was in the sign Pisces when he was born so his feelings were like the ocean – too deep to understand. So he concentrated on what was above him, as he could see it and communicated openly with what was there.

Sembe got to know well the constellations he could see clearly. In his imagination he covered the whole sky in a glorious blaze of colour with people, cities and celestial beings. Some huge, as big as a whole world and some tiny but so many that millions and millions swarmed through space. He would put his thumb and finger in a circle and look through it at a particular star. Then he would send his greetings and sometimes have a conversation with it for hours. He didn’t talk to all of them though, because some made him feel uncomfortable if he concentrated too much on them. Some were sweet and spoke like tinkling bells. They showered all their beautiful stardrops all over him and stretched a long hand towards him and touched him in his heart from far away. Other stars reached him in different parts of the body so he decided that this was their domain or their physical limitation in us.

Sembe knew that they really spoke to him because they always gave the same message and each star never altered. This gave him a very secure feeling knowing things above are constant. It made him think of the Creator of All and the fact that He must have been very clever to make such wonderful spheres of light that could speak and remain constant, yet all have different personalities. He thought also that the Creator must have lots of strength to keep them in the same places, always spinning in a circle and always shining, sending their delicate energies all over the universe. Crisscrossing into ever more beautiful geometric patterns, that grew into such magnificent structures of light that he thought they could become cities of fire in some other realm in eternity. When the structures became solidified, through repetition of many years of the star’s travel, they would become alive and he would hear the sound of many choirs singing within them and triumphant peace would pervade every corner of the universe. Once, he travelled in his mind to one that was closer to him than the others but he had to return to his body because heat from the fire it was made of was too intense for him to bear. He hadn’t been invited to the spiritual city opening ceremony but he was an optimist. However after being repelled he felt a bit ashamed at his boldness.

Sembe wrote all his observations down carefully. He made notes of the planet’s movements and what influences came by when they were in certain positions. He just called them the fast stars on the sun’s trail, which is the ecliptic. He marked how long it took each planet to return back to a certain star in the sky and made a note of its journey. When the planets were in the constellations he loved, Sembe was nearly bursting with joy because he felt all the radiations energizing his soul and he felt reborn each time, as if he was being made new. But when they were in the constellations he didn’t like, he felt terrible as if he was being burnt by the energy radiating towards himself, that he attracted by his consuming interest. Then he felt as if his flesh would peel off with the intensity and his bones ached as if they were charred. When it was a quiet night and his nerves were calm, Sembe used to imagine that he was going out to visit his favourite stars mentally and in doing so he cloaked his soul in their pure vibrations. Afterwards he would come back to himself and pass on to people the same vibration that he experienced in the sky. It was quite easy, he just relived the feeling and attuned himself back to the star in the sky. It would just pour out of his heart – floods and floods of it and people used to say.. “Sembe you make us feel strange sometimes when we are with you. What do you do up there at night? Why do you not sleep?” He would smile with happiness and say “I’ve been having a secret meeting with the stars. They twinkled all over me and you missed the beauty and the splendour and the magnificence of all the spheres racing across the sky and there were flying birds made of light and coloured lights flying in patterns. They whispered to me a thousand things because I wanted to hear what they had to say from them and not another. They are much more lofty than this earth beneath our feet. I cannot understand why nobody cares for what lies above us. If someone comes and joins me at the tower all they do is talk and pester me into telling them what each star is like. “It cannot be expressed in words, he continued, all they need do is listen to the voices calling from afar, be very quiet and think only of the communication between them and the star they have chosen. Perhaps if a person is impatient it may take years but it is not I who can tell someone the faint sounds that reach us on earth. To speak it reflects it back to them and its echo is then changed and the beauty and sensitivity is distorted”. “Sembe”, they said – “Nobody wants to sit up at night, every night like you as still as a statue, we would get too bored and keep wondering what we are missing. Don’t you get hungry?”

He replied “The stars feed me, they refresh my soul, they reach into every part of my being and nourish my body. They each claim a little piece of our bodies in which to find expression in our world and when they reach inside us they fill that part with the living healing essences of the fires of compassionate love. Into the core of our being they reach until they find the Source of Creation Itself – passing first through all the barriers and shadows that flesh contains. By living in God’s creation they feel life flow through them, that they can’t contain in form where they exist. Within us they know who they are, by finding the limits to their consciousness. Just as we who came from heaven when we began our existance fell lower and lower into the confines of flesh where all the parts of us can meet in one body. They too reach out and find something which defines their existence within the limitations of time and space.”
“But Sembe, it is no good for you to know and not us. You must tell us everything. that happens out there, but we can’t get it out of you in a language we can understand.”
Sembe sighed and said once more. “It cannot be expressed in words, they are too clumsy and heavy. Even if I do attempt, you keep interrupting me and worrying that you’ll get too behind in your work. If you even spent the time to listen I might be better able to tell you but I feel your impatience with my detail and this makes me stumble on my words and it’s impossible to tell you a few years observation in a few moments. These messages from the stars are as varying flames flickering and touching a different part of the soul. It is all emotion and feelings that I receive. From the darkness of despair to the heights of ecstacy. Each star sending its note on the scale of love. You must feel these sensations with every part of your being so that each little flame from its mother star flickers through your body and thoroughly saturates you with its essences. When you feel as if you cannot take another drop of joy it gently dissolves and goes back to where it came from, having got to know you and leaving a little part of itself in your memory as a keepsake.”

Part 3

Occasionally, when Sembe was sick with fever and couldn’t sleep properly and felt he was dying or losing his sense of present reality, (a frequent feeling), he would have conscious flashes of another mighty civilization, whose centre originally encompassed the Atlantic ocean and is now called Atlantis. It was completely different from anything he’d ever seen before in his present lifetime. Vast cities geometrically perfect, with huge coloured skyscrapers, made of every type of stone on earth.

Gold monuments created from alchemical processes, mosaic tiles all over the roads and giant towers with spaceports on top, that were almost a world within a world. The city transport system operated by anti-grav shuttles that sped silently in and around the cities. There were teleporters that the government leaders used to liase with the ambassadors of other lands. Huge perfumed flowering trees with gigantic coloured petals, genetically created to make one feel good when the perfume was inhaled, lined the streets. The Atlanteans created a semi-tropical technological paradise.

Shiny conical mirrors on the top of people’s houses trapped sunlight and passed it into tubes underground, where it was fed into a reservoir that lit the cities naturally at night. Mighty fountains sprayed water all over clear crystal structures and sometimes gave people a glimpse of other worlds in the shiny patterns the water created as it cascaded in and out of the scientifically designed magic symbols, made of crystal. The form of each symbol opened the doorway to another dimension.

The Atlanteans had learned to use water as a mirror to the inner worlds. People were trained in the temples to increase the reflecting ether in their bodies so that they could be in touch with the memories of their past lives inscribed in that ether. Water was the physical expression of the reflecting ether, which held all the records of history within it. All that was needed was the key to open the door to whichever level of reality one required.

Timing was crucial to make the most of the patterns and forces passing through the atmosphere produced by the heavenly movements. The subtlety of people’s minds to tune into the patterns of nature’s doorways was perfected to a fine art. This is because people did not have that coarseness of emotion that blocked the messages from mind to mind by telepathy. Later they did and lost everything, but at least some carried the potential in their genes to revive the capacities at any stage they wanted and at any place.

He saw large transport carriers with many people inside go through the earth at rapid speed and come out many thousands of miles from where they left. Some people felt less disturbed in their bodily rhythms passing through many time zones by travelling this way across the earth. Others used the natural movement of solar energy in the sky at different times of the day. The sunlight opened up the portals to the rapid electrical vibrations of the twilight zone, the barrier that separated the etheric world of the parallel universe. The slant of the sun acted like a key to complete a tight geometric pattern which created the barrier between worlds.

They used ebb and flows of the electrical solar forces to harmonize with their own personal bodily biorhythms, which were calculated from the time of birth to flow easily within them at particular places and times. People travelled a lot. Everyone was obsessed with harmony and following the rhythms of nature exactly. It was thought very unwise to act contrary to natural flows of energy. It turned people into hypochondriacs (and gave them excuses to not be somewhere or do something), but people really got to know their relationship with the orderly processes of the seasons, the solar charged radio waves and the lunar creations and reflections within the manifold expressions of water.

Sembe also in his dreams of Atlantis saw entities that were not completely human with the leaders in the government buildings and the sharing of spectacular works of art. He saw the planetarium where there were vast displays of every star system lit up against dark walls. There were many many different kinds of peoples from throughout the universe represented in lifelike model form, with recordings of their language and music and the technological means to contact them should it be desired.

There was a huge museum with animated dinosaurs to scale with realistic skin. The whole civilization was a great wheel of activity, so nobody could say that something hadn’t been invented, discovered, reproduced or made into a form of art. Sembe was sometimes weary after these dreams, as if boredom had set in to the depths of his soul. A feeling that there was nothing left to learn and the impression that life had been ground into millions of segments and examined under a microscope.

People in Atlantis said they knew everything and were tired of life. They hadn’t explored the realms of feeling to the degree that they had a scientific answer to every pulse in the universe. But they explored feelings artificially with drugs, vibrations, electrical stimulation of the brain, or with various kinds of stimulants, alcohol and chemicals. There appeared to be not many people that could truly say that they could feel without some artificial aid. Using their imagination to tell themselves they actually were feeling was the only solution to the youngness of infant humanity, who had not really lived in such a way that was condusive to a wide variety of complex feelings.

They had no idea just how lacking they were in depth because they had no guideline to how limitless emotions were. Rightly it would have been feeling that would have brought them in close touch with their Creator, who was frequently bypassed while many people glorified in their own supposed immortality, as they had the means to always know who they were from their previous lives. Anytime a person amassed great power or wisdom they were never forgotten and inscribed in their hall of fame, so it was easy to see who could duplicate the feats and claim to be whichever person had previously done the same things. The priests in the temples had all the records in the ethers.

And there were very few that could pay the price to reach right in to the depths of the feelings of the soul and brave the unknown. The unknown was the region where all fears were realized and people wanted light to make them think everything was alright. They had made sure that the brilliant reassuring sunlight of the daytime never escaped so it could be redisplayed over the night, so they could pretend darkness didn’t exist. Initially, there was not much darkness in the early stages of Atlantis, but as people became more civilized, more outgoing, they ceased to dwell on truths that they would get no credit for understanding. If one could not observe the expression of someone’s mind in an outward act, whether speech, the arts or music, it was deemed to be too insignificent to be valued.

Not all truths could be portrayed outwardly but many people didn’t aspire quite high enough to reach beyond a subjective view of the world and contemplate other realities, that were totally different from the world they saw. There were a few that could lose touch with the world in its entirety and let go of it long enough to reach parts of themselves that existed in unearthly realms, living a totally different existence to life on earth.

These people incorporated their deepest knowing that passed the realms of thinking into their understanding of our relationship with other lifewaves and how the universe operated as a whole. They were motivated by love, the substance that flowed through all God’s creation and were seeking the source of it. Love was something many people talked about in Atlantis. Love as beauty, romance, harmony and perfection. As long as love was good people enjoyed it and shared it around. But love as compassion for the disadvantaged was very difficult.

Life in this mighty civilization was supposedly pictured as any human could ever express it outwardly, mirroring that which came from within. People who were born with genetic defects were kept apart from the bulk of humanity and studied endlessly by the scientists. A perfect society with no defects to them only needed to have yet another scientific solution to right its wrongs so the Atlanteans thought. Sembe was never happy in these experiences, he was always fulfilling someone else’s plan for perfection.

Freedom was unheard of before the rebellion of humanity was artificially induced at a later stage in Atlantis. Sembe always followed the rules, at least initially before the majority of his soul emigrated to Venus. The straggler parts of his Ego incarnated back on earth to be forced into developing individuality through suffering, imprisonment or slavery. The urge to survive had a way of building up resourcefulness and strength.

When he later incarnated at a lower stage in Atlantis, his feeling of emotional emptiness was something that became a problem. Gone was his urge to obey like a little child (it was elsewhere living in another time and another place). He had less self control, he felt raw and vulnerable and subject to enormous whims and obsessions to follow various leanings. Freedom was his biggest pleasure because that meant he didn’t have to do what he didn’t feel like. He did a little of everything life after life and finally found a kind of balance that enabled him to think logically again after being denied his scientific abilities which were being shared around the universal group mind of his God-Man in the making, that he was a small part of in physical embodiment.

He spent many lives learning to become an historian and anthropologist and learned to love knowledge about the world he lived in. He had previously in the early stage of Atlantis learned to understand the forces of nature and their use in scientific endeavours. Now, after the fall of man – (in the life he always saw in his dreams), he channelled these new mighty undisciplined desires, that burned through his body like a fire out of control, into his mind and he spread himself thin expanding and learning.

He travelled around the world endlessly in Atlantis studying different cultures and had his own transport vehicle that could easily fly from one place to another using the corridors in the sky that the body was in synchronicity with, avoiding jet lag and disturbed sleep patterns. They still knew some of the old secrets.

All the rhythms of the body were measured and the time for flying was chosen to harmonize with the flow of energy down the wormholes in the sky spaced at equal intervals. One was reluctant to overload the body with energies that caused natural rhythms that were replenished in different sections at different times of the day.

Sembe many times in his dreams had been himself in the Atlantean spaceship that passed over the land in a smooth passage that allowed his soul to fully express its urge for expansion and freedom, while he gathered data on the living habits of mankind. He had eventually became quite objective about the world he lived in during those Atlantean research lives and this helped eventually to raise parts of his consciousness away from only using the five senses as an outlet for observing the physical world. This built a bridge to himself as Sembe dreaming in ancient Persia – watching himself consciously and allowed the future to seep into the Atlantean past while he slept.

As Sembe watched the passing lights in the sky, his memory was awakened and he recalled himself in the world he lived in in Atlantis. He again felt love and thankfulness to the Architect of the Creation for letting him experience the freedom to enjoy it in his space ship. This love reached into the future, to contemplate what the world he lived in may blossom into ultimately. He was full of hope that one day he would understand the stars. He would feel the overshadowing presence of himself in the future as Sembe watching as a deja vu. His Atlantis self would feel very frightened at the thought of not focusing completely on the familiar world beneath him, especially at night while he was in his space ship on a starry night.

Alone on the tower, watching the stars, Sembe knew that deep within his mind there was an understanding of a complex society that just completely overwhelmed him in its enormity. Just thinking about living a kind of existence like that again filled him with dread and fear. He compared it with the freedom he had in his mind in his present life and sighed with relief for his good fortune in this primitive life by comparison.

He didn’t have the huge burden of having to assimilate the substance of his being with large numbers of people whose thoughts and feelings ranged from absolute fear and stupidity to artistic genius and scientific inventiveness. He valued quiet as the most valuable prize one could ever gain. There were so many voices in his head that if any other people came into his life their voices cut into the fabric of his existance and tore holes into his soul. Trying to comprehend the human mind to him was the biggest burden he could think of.

He put that job to one side and wondered how many different thoughts there could ever be and if it was possible to run out of ideas or whether one just repeated previous ones but improved them. He pushed down these complex thoughts as far as he could with his will and built a barrier so that they didn’t come up again. He had developed control of himself to quite a considerable degree and was absolutely sure of his ability to absorb the energy of whatever particular star he wished to commune with, without other nearby stars interferring with his communication.

Part 4


Nearly every night he sat alone on top of a round brick tower and watched the stars. He trained himself to stay absolutely still so that he could see which direction the planets moved. He timed how long they took to circle the Pole star, the one that never moved. He knew some only rose for half a year and that some spent ages crossing the sky and some were always visible. He decided that the stars that were always in the sky had the most influence. The close stars, as he termed the planets, travelling on the ecliptic, had many different vibrations when they passed the permanent stars and emanated a lot of energy in the air after they rose over the horizon until they set. He decided they were close because he felt their vibrations on his skin. He had no instruments for measuring anything but he had his eyes, his nerves and his memory. He saw them, he felt them and then he analyzed their vibrations.

He decided that the constellations were our guardians and that the quickly moving planets were their outlet. That they absorbed the energy of the permanent ones as they passed them and poured it onto us magnified and blended with their own natures.It reached an intense level as the constellation reached the zenith.But when a planet occupied the zenith it moved some part of his soul in response,so all he had ever been since time began was responsive within a twenty four hour cycle. It made him feel that the planet and the constellation behind it was master of the sky for the time it was in the midheaven and it had to be obeyed.To Sembe it seemed as if each star got to be king of the jungle and was allowed to roar its mighty voice all over the sky and every creature in the world had to yield to its commands…

..”I hold the key to these hours. All I rule must be energized and drawn into prominence by my hold over it. I will drive people towards those things I have power over, by my forces within their blood, so they will give me ability to express myself in myriad form. I want to mold and shape lifeformseverywhere to perform my accomplishments. I belong to the universe and the universe is mine to nurture into existence that which I love, within all life in the cosmos. I shed light on all that belongs to me and draw it to the attention of those I train to be a representation of a part of me.”

“My charges recreating what I am, now have no other compelling power and are aligned to me at this moment in time. When all reach closer to the Creator, who embodies all there is, by following the pattern which I express as part of me, I am fulfilled. My perfected design grows larger and more beautiful when many life forms are attracted to me. I embody the feelings and thoughts that those under my care share and refine for me in more complex vehicles of form. By expansion in other lifeforms than my own, I become bonded with the rest of the universe and bring into unity the separate parts of the DivinePlan”

Each time a section of the sky became prominent over the zenith, he felt the full power of the forces within it, their needs and desires aching for satisfaction, by embodiment in form. Finding a place to relax and the deep security of resting in a journey and becoming strengthened enough to climb upward against the current.Together the godman in the making and the demi-god embark on a partnershipup toward the Creator expressing new forms of ability. One latent, the other fanning the flames of creativity within both. Urges driven by the need for accomplishment were so powerful that a person’s entire being was compelled to offer this cosmic force total submission in an effort to contain it and allow it union.It was as if the blood within the veins yearned to connect with its source. Driven to return to the reservoir of burning red gas of which it was composed.

Sembe felt caught up in the cross currents of universal self expression and the response from life itself as manifested in human form. Energies passing other kinds of energies all criss-crossing and searching for a home in flesh and blood to settle in and come to rest.As he sat on the tower in Persia, he noted that clusters of stars had completely different personalities. Layers and layers of entities within the territory of the stars sang a unique symphony. From the coarseness of chaos to the most terrifying winds of power ever to engulf Sembe and splinter his consciousness, came the beings from the stars. Until he was temporarily no more as a complete conscious unit.

In time he became whole again, as he knew he would, as he always did whenever the vibrations went on what he termed a rampage.Sometimes other beings that were not normally present shot across the sky like wild teenagers, restless for adventure and to turn whole worlds upsidedown without caring for the consequences. However this didn’t happen very often.And also sometimes another heavenly force saturated the entire sky that was akin to a wave of compassion for every living thing, so tenderhearted it was,that it made Sembe feel like a baby again in his mother’s arms, helpless and alone.

On other occasions Sembe felt the Masterful hand of the Creator of All, skilfully balancing who was to dominate which area of life and when and how much. The overwhelming intelligence, seriousness, precision and strength that theGod of All contained, completely left Sembe lost for words. In Sembe’s stillness he watched and felt the Creator of the Universe going about His work at the helm.Totally in control, knowledgeable and sensitive to every detail going on at every level.

He felt very humble in the presence of His Majesty and Power. In the stillness of Sembe’s heart, he gave control of his life over to the Creator. He yielded to the Divine. He knew life was not a haphazard occurance where people playedout their instincts at random. He saw the Divine Hand minister from Eternity.His faith and trust in God multiplied as he watched and listened to the obedience of the higher forces within the stars. All things lead eventuallytowards the Creator he reasoned and if they go off path many highly evolved beings help them return to the fold.

Sembe felt confident that the beings within the stars were doing God’s work and that we should all get to know each other really well because parts of us are within them and parts of them are within us. If we are all part of each other he reasoned, then we need fear nothing, except our inability to control how much we take of which energy.He decided that if we absorbed exactly equal amounts of each star system within ourselves, then the chances of us feeling inadequate in certain respects were minimised, because then we would be very resourceful having all qualities to draw on. And so Sembe’s co-creator in the making reached nirvana in Gemini, where its archetype for perfection is found – using communication. It was the road he took to find and know God. He still had a long way to go but he at least found a way home.

Sembe knew the placings and timings of the stars so well that during the day, he could feel which stars were masters of the sky, when they passed the zenith. He found it hard to hear the way they expressed themselves with the bustle of life around him, but he knew what they wanted in his imagination. To him they were like drops of fire, like rain, emanating a golden substance that gently came to earth, that danced in the air like little points of light. He bathed in starbeams and felt starlight as an invigorating effect on the body.

He didn’t like rain or clouds because they made him feel encased in a cold prison of mundane reality where people suffered from not having the necessities of life sometimes. When it rained his feet grew very cold and water on them gave him a very strange sensation. A sensation that all is not well, that we are alone and that it is every person out for themselves or they’ll find themselves a victim of stronger ones. What if….what if… clouded his normally reasoning mind. He felt so strange when this happened that he had absolutely no answers to this whatsoever. He felt so strange that he cried and people even commented on how uncomfortable he looked when these forces from the rain permeated his soul.

This was something no amount of reasoning could even begin to understand and he really truly wanted to understand everything and its connection to the Creator. That is except suffering. His search for wisdom definitely did not include understanding suffering. He had a feeling that there was plenty more within where that came from and he didn’t want to encourage it to develop by acknowledging it so he pushed it deeper and deeper within hoping it would disappear into nothingness, through having nothing to cling to.

Part 5


Sometimes when there was a lot of moonlight, he thought of everyone in their beds, unaware of the life in the sky. He wondered if anybody else in other civilizations did what he did. He thought that somebody should watch it from earth so gave himself another excuse to sit there and enjoy himself. When the moon was full, sometimes he became very aware when specific signs were in the heavens and he had very vivid dreams.

At certain times he would fall asleep and instantly his spirit eyes were open and he was in daylight – only there was no sun. This was a dream only it was more vivid and clear than his unshaky daylight reality and he knew who he was this time. No imagination bothered his crystal clear thoughts. He was back in his old civilization, Atlantis and he had a goal to achieve. This was mastery of time.

There was technology there that spanned many dimensions and could compress future time into the present by manipulating particular fires which belonged to each level, using small created amounts of it as a key, which resonated with the substance each inner world was composed of creating an open doorway. They had obtained the substance and it drew them into it by attraction. This opened a designated portal, provided it was done at the time when the dimensions converged with particular planetary configurations. Some saw thousands of years in the future as potential occurances, as they moved through the different dimensions.. They could see the rise and fall of civilizations. It was as clear as daylight.

“We are esoteric scientists – we have the ability to think ahead, we will use it to help mankind to have a memory of this time in their future so that they can look back and see what they achieved through right application of technology, when they were innocent and yet unblinded by egotism.”

Sembe felt so safe with these people when he dreamed of them he could tell by their perfect faces and clear honest eyes that they knew what they were doing and that it was right at that time to stretch their minds into the future, because the future eventually made them more perfect like these teachers. This occured before the fall of man into a lower level.

They were initiator humans from another universe, able to open and utilize God’s portal designs for the purpose of which they were created. When they had reached themselves, as almost completed humans in the future, by following the Divine Laws, they reached back in time to open the doors to those who would follow them. But they were not yet born again of God as God Men because they lacked the courage to go further. To become born again one must have perfected themselves throughout the universe and be born again of God’s power to create as a co creator. This was not yet achieved.

During this time in early Atlantis, Sembe was to emigrate to Venus, and keep the majority of his consciousness there until the rest of him finished his earth evolution in later lives. He was indifferent about going there because he had not yet developed anger and hatred at being told what to do. They said it was best to keep the core of his being safe from the possession of the earth by those Archangels, that do not wish to carry an indifferent lazy population in their care.

The people on earth would be made to feel to the depths of their soul the passion of the universe, by these rebel Archangels so that they will learn to create from desires inside of themselves and not just use techniques copied from others. They saw the earth people as lacking energy and drive to succeed. They had access to the human’s energy fields through the use of a stimulant that they made everyone addicted to, similar to cocoa. They created a plant with their minds and brought it to life so it reproduced their feelings in a human once it was absorbed into the blood.

The chemicals within the plant artificially lulled them into a sense of euphoric false security while permanently increasing adrenalin to bring forth liveliness. It was their solution to boredom within the human race. They would now watch the show and enjoy the spectacle of drama. They thought so big that they didn’t want stragglers in the universe, and slowness was a liability when there were so many possibilities elsewhere. Emotion was motion and was their way to speed things.

This interference naturally developed into causing the divine discontent not to follow all the rules, which was what the Archangels desired. They wanted the mass feelings of boredom to first change into restlessness so people would get out of their comfortable ruts and start to live creatively as they did. They expected improvement to follow but it didn’t. They saw mankind as needing a kick start so artificially gave it to them to alter the flow of kundalini and increase the flow through the adrenals and heart.

It only worked for a few. Most people lost their self control, their body energies lost their harmonious rhythms.The ones who had the most endurance to control their artificially increased self expression, creativity and desires would be the rulers of the world in the next phase when all this was gone and restarted. The same players took their roles at the finish of the physical cycle – when civilization was ready to develop technology again.

They rebuilt their connections with citizens from other planets after the Flood upon completion of working out the induced aggression by hand to hand combat for millenia. Mankind needed to learn self disipline to channel the increased energy flow and to develop feeling which came from within. Some were very strong and others were still out of control but all had the power to overthrow the evil enslaving forces of darkness, by the sheer desire to do so.

The strongest overcomers would be represented by the tribe of the Lion and from them would come the Man who conquered the future totally, who overcame all that was enveloped in time until Eternity completes its circle and is reabsorbed into the heart of the Creator of All that is – completely perfect.

Some wanted power later in Atlantis, but after the fall of man they did not have the willpower to get the kundalini back to the brain, to have the self control to do so, and took pills to reroute the spinal fire.These people came back with some reptile blood to mirror the untransmuted lower animal desires still untransmuted in the desire world. They were experienced in having power in Atlantis but could not control their desires. At night when they slept the forces of evil overcame them easily.

These ones who used drugs then to suppress their desires and increase their intelligence were in danger of being possessed because they didn’t develop the strength to fight back. Some of the ones who used their own willpower to overcome the powerful surges of energy passing through their body in Atlantis, were later in danger of falling to the forces of vanity when they too regained intellectual might at the finale of the physical era. The vainest most ambitious Archangel of them all, Lucifer desired their company; he loved confident people and identified with them as an expression of power.

Sembe felt good when he had this dream because it recaptured a time of innocence when mankind wasn’t clogged with selfishness. It showed him that there was hope and from what has already been, can be reborn many times over when the Creator instructs the universe to shed light on the mysteries of life hidden in the darkness of night and in the depths of the mind.

Sembe really loved those vivid dreams in the highest region of the desire/astral world, where he knew who he was and felt safe with others like him, whose desires were to unite with the Creator by travelling through time. He especially loved being with the conquerer of all time – the One who conquered the entire future. He became timeless – Eternal. All their hearts were open to each other in friendship, but everyone loved the brave one the most because He had the most capacity for love so therefore had the ability to receive more than the others and so did. Sembe’s heart grew sensitive in response to the exquisite joyous love that his friend shared to all as He reached higher and higher in His aspirations.Past the worlds of light and colour in the World of Life Spirit, in the sun’s magnetic field and even further to the formless worlds of sound and music in the World of Divine Spirit, in universal space that balances and harmonises one galaxy with another. Everyone shared in the triumph of the One who conquered time. Nobody could come after Him because they were too afraid of losing control. They knew that their consciousness would be split apart into the raw primal substances from which universes are created in the World of Virgin Spirit beyond time and space, but He was not afraid of losing Himself in Eternity.

The One who conquered time already understood all knowledge and had merged forward into the mind of the Creator. He had completed His destiny all over the universe and knew it well. Thus every part of His brain fulfilled its potential for genius. He understood the source of all mathematic equations in all fields of life in which they were expressed. He knew how one department of life affected another and the relationship with the universe as a whole – each planet in each solar system interacting as a microcosm of the Creator’s genius.He knew there was only one way to fulfil God’s plan for everyone. This was to go yet higher and embrace His Creator with the awareness of Divine potential fulfilled. He gave Himself as the first fruit of God’s almighty plan of perfection for His children. His faith that God was perfect broke the final barrier.

The One who overcame time already loved like no other human could love with a heart that beat with every emotion that the universe contained. All life He felt as a part of Himself. There was nothing in the Universe that He could not feel ardent or compassionate about. Everything was important to Him. All was necessary to have feelings about. He turned within, yielded and embraced the Source of all Love and became an open portal to distribute the Creator’s love to all life when He merged with the Heart of the Creator. The Creator and the created’s mind and heart became one.

He completed His intellectual soul and His emotional soul, now He had to complete His conscious soul. When all 3 are perfected a God-Man is complete. Only consciously in full possession of all faculties and alone in their relationship with God was this person born again complete to their Creator. A person’s own perfection will automatically part the veil of the Holy of Holies. Later He returned and brought the whole universe back to the Creator by dying on the cross, embodying all of the human race created genetically within Himself and rising again to life. He became Born Again beyond space and time.

Now was the final test. This one only He could do no one else even tried to do it. Everyone wanted to see it happen to someone else first so that they would not be alone in the intense richness or the World of Virgin Spirit, the world beyond the universal worlds and on the threshold of the World of God. The magnetic primal forces of the World of Virgin Spirit were so powerful that if one did not cleave to the Creator and merge their consciousness with His, aware totally of every life, every world, and maintain their individuality and remember who they are they may drop from a great height in fear of the unknown, and become possessed by chaos.

In the powerful World of Virgin Spirit, beyond space and time, there lies all that which can tear a soul apart, if it is not a part of perfection. Only perfection can pass through all levels unscathed. No unformed force can pass through that which will not admit it in Eternity. And only weakness will give chaos the key to enter a soul to destroy it.

Only He who knew the past of the entire universe, understanding it intellectually, perceiving the feelings of the hearts in all, knowing the boundaries of the universe and the purpose of the instincts and desires contained in every living thing, reached out to all in an offer of friendship and trust so had the right to try for the last step in evolution.

That right is given by courage, developed through mighty willpower, born of the self discipline of simple obedience to the Creator’s will. I AM had grown in His consciousness and He felt the will and strength to maintain His individuality when the uncontrolled forces of chaos would have shattered His awareness of Himself as a human. On He went, the One who conquered time. His awareness of His Maker as separate from Himself as an Individual, yet fully aware of God and His purpose in making Him, slowly dawned on Him as He went higher and higher. At last He reached the completed future and embraced it fully, absorbing all it contained and transmuting all that which did not follow the Divine Plan. Cleansed of all evil that has been and was to come He became pure and that purity brought Him into the presence of the Source of Holiness itself, the Creator. He was born again as a God-Man.

He became One with God and created a permanent path of Light from the human to the Divine, throughout every dimension – conscious of Himself as a human and all that belonged to the physical world. It was all absorbed into His consciousness and given out again to all mankind as a ladder of light straight to the Creator of All. The Master hands lifted Him up into loving arms. The whole universe was renewed with a Divine outpouring of Love with which all Hope was recharged in every dimension. Everything was renewed and it showed as a reflection in the mirror of the physical world. The world would not die for lack of love from the created to the Creator. One person loved God as much as God loved Him. Only one person in the universe linked the human to the Divine.

Part 6


Many people had said they were gods in Atlantis, because their creativity knew no boundaries, but they couldn’t get past their awareness of themselves to higher levels. They knew the secrets of creation itself as discovered by yet another mortal one that got help from high intelligences who opened his mind. He wanted to also conquer time but he did not have the ability to be obedient and therefore develop the willpower to contain his individuality and hence differientiate between his thoughts and fallen angels when his own time for Initiation came thousands of years later after the Flood in the promised land.

The act of genius, that came from advanced logic, which deduced that the visual archetype of a thought created in sound would densify and materialize into the material world infused with will was this man’s karmic credit. Lifting thought higher, when he aspired for it and grew intelligent enough to use it, gave him the place in the special tribe of the Lion which would appear in another age. He was half hearted, unlike his human father who glorified God and prepared the way for the Saviour of the human race. It was a mighty role carrying the destiny of the One who conquered time in the blood of the veins, but he eventually used the power for his own glory.

But he was intelligent and there was always hope that he could lift his desires higher at the moment of temptation, because he had many lives before his test of becoming a co-creator. God gave this mortal King much wisdom and he was called ‘the wisest man in the world’. But because at the time of his discovery of the principles of manifestation in Atlantis there was vanity contained in him, that weakness allowed the severest temptation to be projected into the future when he was reborn with a special destiny. The King born especially to pour out God’s wisdom in the Holy Land.

He had regained all that he discovered of magic and all his symbols were given back to him. He didn’t need them, the praise from others made him feel like a god and he knew his thoughts would create anything he wanted. He should have created faithfulness, the one thing he forgot about. He thought he’d remember his magic forever. It gave him false security. He dropped from such a height, that the only utterence of joy to be heard in all the world was the eagerness of those in who lived in the inner earth, in a parallel universe who would welcome him into their midst, ready to pick his mind of every secret he ever knew.

We want his magic, we want him they said as he unfaithfully put shrines to please his multitude of foreign wives, that weren’t to the Creator of all, but to the earth mother to whom he was given when he died. He was as foolish as he was wise. But there are those who still worship him and their souls seek him out in their dreams where lower aspects of his consciousness control them to hang onto the last bit of power and adoration he has. The moment people feel pity for him rather than adoration will be the beginning of his upward climb. He created the illusion of his greatness. When the illusion of his power has been shattered and true humility is born he may regain his lost estate.

Many people fell from a great height in Atlantis through vanity and will return to a stage where they must choose themselves or God, falsely believing that He has no power to stop them creating what they want. Sembe knew to beware the smiling face of evil. He knew all about false light and evil from the stars. This weakness was absent in the One who conquered time in Atlantis. He was much too intelligent to be vain. He knew God designed Him and that the brain He had was not created by Himself. He was to fulfil its requirements and when He became a God-Man perfecting Love, Light and Truth, He would have the right to call Himself perfect. And only gods are perfect. Sembe knew a human in whom the Creator of All was pleased to have all His fullness dwell.

Sembe knew the One who conquered all evil that had been and was to come, became a microcosm of the mighty Creator of All that brought all His creation to fulfilment and completion. He knew this One embodied all the light that our Creator shed for our journey back to Him. Sembe knew that if we didn’t walk up that ladder of light we would not see or find our way home to the place in Eternity that is reserved for us. There were many other forms of light that came from many other kinds of fires that the universe generated, but only one light that was pure and made of the Divine substance of the Creator of the Universe. So pure that evil cannot live in it. And we must be pure before we can enter the Holy of Holies, the Secret Place of the Most High in Eternity.

Just as light is hidden by being refracted into many colours, so light itself can be so bright it hides the evil of indifference. Truth does not always mean compassion. Many beings Sembe observed had light but all were not kind. They embodied truth only and not love. While the One who conquered time understood the structure of the universe interpreted through the cloak of truth, He went yet even higher than truth propelled by the force of Love and embodied Consciousness/Life itself when He conquered the past and future in the World of Virgin Spirits. This is Eternity in which the past merges with the future.

Sembe loved that dream. He felt the love of God through his Friend’s heart. He searched so much to find God and knew he had a long way to go but was encouraged that someone he knew paved the way. His friend was invincible, now He was Master of the Universe – God’s Co-Creator. Sembe knew that his Friend’s destiny now lay in helping all creation walk the path of God’s Light He had opened so that they could rapidly advance behind Him following only the true Source of Light and not false lights.

The memory of the experience was always there in Sembe’s mind, waking or sleeping. They all saw thousands of years in the future but not all had the courage to go so far, to the end of time. However Sembe did see far enough to see the earth go through many upheavals, lands arising and sinking both physically and spiritually In the shaping of mankind to perfection.

Part 7 Sembe shapechanges into a woman dancer in the astral and dances in tune with the universal rhythms (coming next, I’ve written most, just need to retype)

Part 8


Once he was sitting on the tower and felt he was not alone. He could not see anyone with him but he sensed their outline and was asked by telepathy to lie down and be very still. He was not ready for this experience but had so many questions that didn’t have any answers, that he was getting mentally disturbed, with knowledge building up in his subconscious and it needed to be free to clear the build up of electricity in his nervous system. He lay down obediently and then he felt a jolt on the soles of his feet, the palms of his hands and his spleen that was artificially induced. A double of himself sat up and was helped to his feet by some people from our solar system in jump suits, that he at first vaguely recognized.

They were etheric people and they were in a parallel universe. He was told that two of them would make sure his body wasn’t disturbed as it was dangerous to move the body during this experience. He forgot who he was immediately and lost consciousness of himself as the person Sembe. Later in his lives to come he lifted his physical consciousness into his etheric brain and became more aware of himself as an individual in the next world.

But at once he was familiar with his work in the solar system as a scientist and he worked on every planet. He got into his spaceship and moved to the other side of the world where the sun was shining. It didn’t look like the hot yellow sun he knew. It was multi-coloured and its rays reached to the end of the solar system in myriads of intricate patterns – weaving a structure of enormous proportions that contained all life within it and designated their boundaries. The ocean too was multi-coloured and looked like sparkling glitter. Each drop of water in the waves was surrounded by a light as if it was alive. The ground was transparent and the crystals and minerals underneath were clearly visible. Many different entities moved through the air, many different faces and forms. He went up into the clouds and saw intense fires made of light that pulled on people living in the physical world in their souls.

The emotions of mankind were weighed and sifted until they reached a certain level and when they did other more powerful entities embodied them and pulled them through the bodies of those they belonged to. Everyone’s brainwaves were measured and certain people were concentrated on by teams of experts until they had invented something that was needed. People’s bodies were measured to see how much of the four ethers were there, so they could plan ahead fortifying weather conditions to invigorate those prone to complacency and give them a fighting spirit.

They had the world in their hands, they decided which forces would build up in the souls of mankind and be released and changed to another form. Sembe didn’t know the part of him that lived in his unconscious, that knew these things and lived a separate reality as a citizen of all the planets. He was always told his task for the night by those who were themselves following orders, so that the solar system is synchronized, in its distribution of energy for all citizens.

He knew what he was doing. He knew all the parts of earth that took in energy from elsewhere and all the places that released it in a precise pattern of leylines. Everyone had to make sure that no entities from inside the world in the lower regions of the etheric world interfered. Their needs were deeper and required more satisfying. Those earthy pursuits that some races still indulged in and caused desire energies to be expressed were always in demand by those stragglers that were never satisfied, and always needed the extra passions of those that were more intense than them to feel satisfied. Being closer to the core of the earth made their bodies denser and therefore earthly desires were more deeply rooted in the earth mother’s body.

There were stragglers from Lemuria that had not yet developed their mental vehicles enough to raise themselves above their instincts. He was aware of Atlanteans that had remained in their sub-oceanic bases they had used when their civilization had used every part of the world for something. They had decided to continue with life as they had wanted it rather than start again when disasters came and went and destroyed millions at a time.

They had crystallized in their consciousness compared to those more free-spirited, living on the surface of the earth and started fresh each time a disaster happened. They had become intense and obsessed with power and full of fear. Admittedly they were intelligent especially in the use of scientific magic, but were no match for the etheric scientists of the solar system who knew every one and where the rest of the person’s other personality aspects were incarnate on earth. The whole universe knew about them and everyone watched in anticipation at their next experiments.

The dark ones were trying to use technology to create the same weather patterns inside the earth as on the surface and were having some success but needed aerials to trap sunlight to use it to bring about the separations of water and air to bring about the desired effect. This was interferring with the elemental work by drawing it into the earth. Because the entities they drew that lived in solar energy were influencing the consciousness of the inner earth people to their detriment, causing them to become more aware when they were not ready for it. The solar stragglers were happy to find an audience in these people.

Thus one set of stragglers affects another. But people incarnate inside the earth, feel remorse and yearn for light and then go back up. Many people have come and gone and been sent down after many years above. Everyone’s desires spring from there and people attract their desires. At the end of an age many try to incarnate on the surface to not be crushed when the earth’s crust moves again. They were unused to light when first reincarnate again on the surface, so they often wore black for security, feeling somewhat exposed with natural light, were often addicted to stimulants and they listened to inharmonious music while they got their bearings.

When the equinoxes and solstices come all the pioneers and stragglers in the angelic lifewave move into their sphere of influence for the season. Inside the earth humans and fallen angels together plan their movements from one dimension to another. Dividing lines between them no longer exist. Everyone wants to become more intelligent or passionate.There is no harmonious interchange between heart or mind. The lower one incarnated inside the earth, the sharper the contrast. Black/white, male/female, good/evil. Here life was reduced to its primordial rawness.

The stuff from which a universe was made in the World of Virgin Spirits was reflected here. Eternal Masculine and Eternal Feminine. In their rawness was all that which isn’t yet perfect. The eternal struggle between heart/ head. Desire born of a woman’s primal urge to procreate tearing and turning in the base chakras, weighed half the inhabitants down. Blood, the essence of life itself was their food, spilt blood from any life form was swooped on by those entities that ached with a gnawing dying emptiness – trapped in darkness. Trapped and concentrated in passion that had no outlet in the freedom of light.

The other half driven by a male’s urge to know and conquer – born of a fear of failure. Insecurity, caused by a lack of emotional resourcefulness, drove the male unregenerate ego in search of success to alleviate want. Looking for the food for emptiness in the security of knowledge of the world around them, both within it and above the surface. They were voyeurs feasting on the experiences of others that they couldn’t produce themselves. Both unperfected yearnings reflected the twin poles of a God-Man in the making reduced to the basic instincts.

In the upper etheric world, where Sembe operated as a scientist, the differentiation between male and female was toned down. Those aspects of him that embodied mind that he wasn’t using, lived a separate life and he didn’t need them for now to enter his reality because he was learning faith and the last thing faith needs to grow is a questioning scientific mind.

For a moment, Sembe entered his consciousness in the parallel world and felt a bit shocked and uncomfortable at looking at the earth which was bright, backwards and somewhat transparent. Fear of the unknown followed his glimpse of life without its deep shadow of dense colour. This would be the only part of his experience he would remember consciously when he woke up as Sembe again. But this moment in time was to affect him for years afterwards. Later he asked for this experience again after reaching a higher level still, which dimmed its intensity by comparison.

Sembe worked as a scientist on all the power points that he was karmically connected to. He technologically fine-tuned their connection with all the other power points in the solar system according to the tables given to him by the master scientists, who work with the solar beings, whose energy they are manipulating. He made sure the holograms were tuned right for the people doing rituals. Measuring the amount of fear and bravery in the auras of those that had ‘visions’. He also drummed up pictures of forefathers for those calling up their ancestors. Various holograms of gods were always on call for the peoples of the north who absolutely wouldn’t listen to any directions, unless their ‘gods’ were ‘authentic’ in all their finery, glistening in golden armour and waving fancy shields and polished swords. They were not given to reflection or weighing up the pros or cons of truth. What they saw they believed.

The temptation for others in the past to make a slightly silly face, when a sense of humour burned in their veins caused them to be dropped out of the commission on a few occasions in the past. But Sembe was especially picked for his meticulous attention to detail and timed precision and mathematical ease. The parts of his soul that belonged to the planet Saturn were especially well developed. This was because he mastered design, incarnate as a female in Pacifica and this gave birth to mathematical ability which led to many other avenues once he started incarnating in Atlantis. He always remembered his design teacher in Pacifica from another solar system and how much he in female form had loved him.

It was always there, this ability to create in form and he expressed it in the world of abstract thought in his dreams. He had absolutely no individuality in the etheric world, this was his usefulness. He was totally indifferent to the effect on the people he made holograms for. To him they were just so primitive and because he was really objective people reminded him of animals. When he went to sleep at night, his masters were waiting for him the moment his etheric double left the body entirely unconsciously. Later in lives to come he would reach closer to God and his consciousness would be moved into the etheric brain, but for now only scientific mathematical ability was needed. If individuality was moved into it, then one might form an opinion over whether it was moral to show people what they want to see.

There had been rebellious Archangels who claimed to stand for truth and end hypocrisy – who had tried to destroy these holograms and there was war in heaven over things like that and other so called deceptions, like letting people think in dreams that the person they were dreaming about was really the person, when it is entirely the practising of Archangels to create an image perfectly in their minds and cast it into the mind of another the way they communicate with themselves. Not all dreams were created by other minds but who could tell? Did anyone care? They thought it didn’t really matter because the humans didn’t really need to know things so accurately. Other archangels said it’s time to end lies and that people should face the truth and be free to learn from their mistakes.

The war in heaven got really vehement, with archangel against archangel over whether mankind was ready for the truth. One Archangel gave all those who were ready for truth in their dreams the chance to develop their individuality by learning and obeying the rules of God. People who were strong enough to face truth had special tuition while they slept to enable them to think for themselves and create from their own thoughts instead of copying. They were given the confidence to try things out and experiment.

This worked out well until it became manifest in music in Atlantis with the archangel Lucifer. Experimenting with sound invited chaos in to destroy the world by admitting elemental stragglers that did not embody self control and existed purely for sensation. Archangels later divided mankind into different races that they became the race spirits of, to further develop different character specifications, specially created by selected marriages to develop the traits they desired.

Those that loved the truth picked out all those that were ready for it and were their guardians for an age. Other Archangels decided that love, loyalty and obedience were of greater value in the long run by minimising chances of mistakes and kept up the nurturing of their charges with small amounts of wise information that kept them on the path ever upwards. Slowly absorbing a bit of knowledge at a time as they absorbed the last piece.

New souls, that were not dawn mammals developing emotion, or in the bodies of well travelled colonists from other planets developing intellect, were tempted to know truth before they had developed faithfulness. These souls did not have the deep experiences of the older race types to judge right and wrong from conscience and wanted to be the same as them even though they were developing another trait (conscious soul) by always moving deeper into matter with each completion of a universal cycle. They were to retain their original bond with God at all times and were the chosen ones to act as leaven for the other races. This when all amalgamated into one race at the end of the nadir of confinement in flesh before moving up back to the Creator in a finer vibration of matter. With the three part soul and three part spirit united, in a form that can be used – consciously created from intermarriage of races.

Sembe never understood this war in heaven until his lives to come but he could see the future and was fascinated by the destiny of heart and head once more struggling – represented by the pull or feel of the past to relax and let go and the tug of the future to learn and conquer new worlds, manifesting within time and space. Sembe had tasks to do in the inner worlds to earn service karma – to pay back those who helped him in other times and places. He had abilities there learnt in past lives that he shared with others by teaching. He also learnt things in other realities that he would later develop physically. For now all he needed was the ability to concentrate and communicate and he would intertwine those traits together to complete his destiny for the design of Gemini to add another soul to its boundaries.

Part 9


Sembe really looked forward to the night time – experiencing the life of two people – one that sold vegetables at the market for his mother and himself and who flinched at the sun as if he was being exposed, as a body of flesh for all the world to believe that this was all there was to him. This was the part of him, whose skin had to endure rain, moving heavy carts of vegetables and generally having to walk miles of uninteresting land.

His night self was a different person altogether. He sat unmoving, face upwards on the tower, crossed legs aching and hands on his knees. It got to be quite comfortable eventually, but his bones seemed to grow to accomodate his usual sitting position, although he found it difficult to walk for long distances because of it. What’s the body? – he said to himself – it was made to perish I have plenty of other vehicles made of finer substance in which to put my mind. I have seen people from the east sitting in trance for hours in this position. It’s a good position to fall asleep in, should I need to bypass certain stars passing the zenith temporarily. He taught himself to sleep for a certain length of time only and asked certain stars to watch over him. Sembe made close friends with about 3 stars.

His favourite was Sirius. He called him King of the sky. He was keen to talk to those who didn’t tell him what to do. Sembe talked and the stars responded in full. He wanted to discuss life without making it a personal matter. Does everyone react equally? Or do you find it hard to penetrate some life forms? What do you do when you get no response? He asked endless questions and got so many answers, that he decided that really there was not one answer to every question.

The moon to his eyes was so beautiful, gentle and feminine. As the moon changed he felt himself change with it, expanding and becoming small as if it was his heart beating outside of him. He felt such a part of the moon that when he became very big he could hold it in his hands and deliver his love personally. The moon whispered poetry to him and delighted his senses so that his body tingled with waves of emotional lunar rays. When this happened he didn’t feel as if he was there and he wondered if he was a figment of the moon’s imagination and not really himself. This was mainly when it was full and other times he again felt as if he were two people – one inside himself and another embracing the moon sinking deep into its unimaginable softness and fantasy.

Later, when Sembe became much older and had assimilated the experience in his twenties of his unexpected Initiation into the etheric world, he longed to experience the same thing again and psychologically readied his emotions for another change in his perception of who he was in his entirety. He felt that he’d experienced a lot for one lifetime of the timeless inner worlds.

He saw how they encompass the existence of many other lifewaves that were unlike the human race and had an entirely different purpose in God’s plan. He knew there were many levels he couldn’t even begin to assimilate, because they involved experiences other beings had that decided the running of the universe as a whole. He could understand that the people of the physical world were only a small part of a huge process of life unfolding itself endlessly into many forms. People on earth absorbed the end process of myriad patterns of development, that older lifewaves experienced and passed down to the physical world, once they embodied what they represented, before themselves moving on to higher levels.

Sembe saw himself as part of a huge plan of unfolding the inner parts of his soul, until they lived and breathed in his body and experienced all the physical sensations around him, focusing their purpose in the universe out through his consciousness. They took human form and then took expression in other places. He thought that if he could develop links to the highest parts of himself and build connections to the physical body, they could operate through him by his thoughts.

All he had to do next was put all the wavering, shape shifting temporarary aspects of his needs and desires into order. He hoped once they were under the control of his will, that he would be able to see through all the eyes he had on every level to grasp the ability to see ahead clearly and follow his Friend to union with the Creator. The One from Eternity had beckoned him onwards toward Paradise, in the highest level of the spiritual universal space, when He showed him a glimpse of it at the top of the sun’s magnetic field opening the door to show him a World within. Sembe felt good knowing the higher levels of the spiritual worlds were so wonderful, it made him want to reach out and be conscious of them.

Sembe was determined to conquer himself and the restless soul that moved aimlessly in the inner world of his dreams ever searching for happiness. After his spiritual experience in the sun’s magnetic field in interplanetary space he doubled his determination for control over his emotions. He already had control over his mind and now he had another goal. He at first denied his intense feelings that always threatened to engulf him when he was young, now he saw them as a tidal wave of power that reached to the Creator.

Little by little he opened the door to his heart to let that which was inside follow his mind. His mind became infused with power and he started to feel strong. He slowly overcame the tendency to feel repulsion towards the constellations that made him feel sad, lonely, misunderstood, fearful, and indecisive. He saw past the need to be that way. Sembe had not the experiences to overcome those constellations that could not stop themselves from excesses of all kinds and the need for change, adventure and excitement, which were his undoing in later lives. But he at least overcame his own negativity, for the time being anyway.

So when he felt sufficient boldness had entered him from the storehouses in the universe, he asked again to enter the parallel universe and this time he wanted to be Sembe, not a semi-conscious robot. He intended to go for observational purposes and not to form an opinion just yet on the extreme monitoring of every individual that existed on the earth for the records of the whole solar system and every inhabitant. This time he was going with light, armed with the fortifying armour of truth.

He had felt a real gap in his knowledge now from thinking a lot about his dreams and mental travels and he saw a need to experience another reality almost like the one he lived in daylight but not too far removed to cause him to feel off balance. Every desire bent itself in the direction of new knowledge to give him something to analyze until his earth time was up.

His mind had become quite expanded from mentally visiting the stars and he just wanted to give himself another challenge just for the sake of it. It just seemed so hidden, this secret world, that was backwards to ours and contained so many scientists and curious entities from other planets noting everything we did. Curiosity just drove him and drove him until he couldn’t think of anything else. He felt it was his personal destiny to be a spy for the human race and see what the Lords of Destiny were doing.

He knew nothing about science, but had seen in Atlantis that his imagination for inventing things was prolific, having access to a higher source he determined. What Sembe wanted to know this time was who controlled the human race and to know what their intentions were. They looked a little like us but had a transparency about them compared to the fleshy human.

They were serious and consciencious and dedicated to doing the right thing at the right time. Even a rainbow was put in the exact spot they calculated. They had very sophisticated instruments for measuring energy levels and they could adjust all kinds of energies with their technology. He wanted to know who those people were that were observing him and adjusting various parts of the large assembly of spiritual vehicles that passed in and out of him as he had various experiences sitting on the tower.

Sembe knew the time was near to enter by his own will, when during the day, as he sat in the daylight in the market selling vegetables, he slowly saw the physical world start to go fuzzy around the edges as if it was an illusion and that something behind it was actually more bright, solid and real. The colours just dazzled like sunlight on water and they contrasted a lot against the physical when little holes tore it when he was staring at something too hard.

The electricity in his eyes burnt away the physical world in his reality and some days it looked very patchy. Some days he saw so many points of light in the air dancing endlessly, he wondered just how real life on earth really was. He had previously thought that it was as far as one could go in density and rigidity but now he was beginning to change his mind. He determined that if perhaps this world was really the softest of all the worlds and not the hardest then that means that its density is only an illusion. If it is only an illusion then that means that we ourselves are only full of barriers as to its true nature. The barriers of ignorance and they must be pretty heavy if we are totally convinced that the world we live in is all that exists in heavy solid form.

After debating endlessly during the day the exact nature of the physical world, instead of just passing through his day as quickly and carelessly as possible so he could hurry and become his night self, his knowing self, he positioned himself firmly into the day. He didn’t really realise that he had absorbed a lot of the Sun when the One from Eternity took him to the higher levels of the local Sun. He’d never given the local Sun a thought previously but having seen the spiritual side of it he saw there was more to it than met the physical eye. He could not remember the first semi-conscious entrance into the etheric counterpart of the physical world because he forgot almost all of it – just a fleeting glimpse he retained in his memory of the colours and vaguely the people within.

Now that he was older and more mature he’d learnt how important it was to get an overview of something, to see its relation to other things, rather than analyze one detail in depth and lose sight of the whole. Day by day his daylight world crumbled as he opened his heart to the power of the sunshine of the day. As he developed etheric vision, everything around him started to become more transparent very slowly, it was hardly noticeable at first.

Eventually he realised that the daytime, which he had previously thought (before his trip into spiritual interplanetary space), was more restricting in its harshness and solidity than the softness of night. Now it was beginning to represent freedom to him – the walls around him seemed only to be shadows and not prison walls. In his heart he was free, having finally unleased the love in it which now entered his optic nerves. Nothing in the physical world had a hold on him anymore.

He walked along a road that previously represented to him immeasurable hardness, now it looked as if it was made of glass and lightly supported him as he almost floated on it, so light did he feel on his feet. He had cleared himself of the buildup of fear that had accumulated through his experiences of developing the qualities of the sign Pisces represented by suffering, in the experiences of time travel in Atlantis.

Now his feet were clear, the tie to the physical world under the soles of his feet dissolved into nothingness. There was nothing that pulled him towards the earth anymore. People started looking like transparent shells that contained more inside than out. Their flesh seemed to be irrelevant to how much and what kind of energy radiated within. He had been afraid of his capacity for suffering, as it was seemingly limitless. Now that he embraced suffering and recognised it for what it was, he was starting to feel the truth. He had only observed emotion previously, now he could feel it. From its dark side, to its blaze of golden brilliance that shed hope on all mankind and paved the way towards the rapturous world of Love in Paradise.

He formulated in his mind what he wanted to know about the etheric world. What he wanted to know was, what are we supposed to be learning here on earth, in relation to the other planets? It was debatable whether he could actually find the answer to this enormous question with just one more experience, which was all he wanted. But he determined that if he took in as much information as he could consciously, his mind perhaps would absorb whatever he needed to know and maybe he could figure it out when he returned to his body.

Hopefully he would know the answer before he died. Unfortunately it was not forthcoming but he knew what he wanted to know about life. He realised of course that he’d lived a pretty sheltered life having gone nowhere in his life except from home to the market and the tower he watched the stars on, in a endless continuance of footsteps, but for what he didn’t do physically he certainly made up for spiritually.

He could astral travel in his dreams in the astral world, and go to every part of the whole world and in every time span in the past and relive and fulfil every adventure one could ever have. He could meet everyone he’d ever loved again in an endless search for satisfaction to meet many different needs. He could shapechange and be anyone he wanted to be or create any image of anyone he wanted to be with.All it mattered is that it looked, felt and acted like the person he wanted it to be, though sometimes it wasn’t them. It was entirely dependent on how much Sembe remembered of the person as to how well he reproduced them in his imagination. People had left many thought-forms in the astral world and it was full to the brim of the results of instant gratification.

Part 10


When Sembe focused his interest upon the daytime more than the night, he began to go through some alchemical changes in his body which allowed electrical forces to grow stronger. As the fires in his blood burned brightly he began to die to the physical world and become alive in the next dimension. The expression of himself as a conscious soul flowing in his blood made him aware of other electrical forces which were unseen in the physical.He felt the life forces of the plants and they began to reach out and touch him as a brother when he walked by. He felt the lifeblood of nature nourishing his own blood and he started merging spiritually with the elemental forces of nature.

The wind whispered to him as it touched him in his soul and he yearned to communicate with it as he did the stars. Somehow the lifeforces close by had never called him into their private world. He always thought that what was around him had been stagnant compared to the sensitivity of the starry rays at night reaching deep into his consciousness. Now nature had awakened to his awareness and he started reaching inward to find that which responded to the beauty around him. His eyes sparkled when the sunlight burned through the water and created all sorts of colours and shimmery patterns. He became so self absorbed in watching nature respond to the daily atmospheric changes and seasons that he changed too.

When it was a gray day he reached deep into his emotions and felt sentimental as did the animals and plants. He started to reflect on his life and to know that it was cold of him to put his communication with the stars before the joy of personal relations. When it was windy he felt the freedom of his lack of personal ties and the urge to do new things and to visit places that he’d never been. He went exploring with his friends and enjoyed the company of others as a group that he wouldn’t even consider before, as his nerves had been too delicate and people had irritated him. The sense of comradeship was born in him and he began to realise that the personalities of people all differed from each other like the stars did. He had previously spent his whole life developing his rich inner life and hadn’t taken an interest in people much.

He started listening to other people and learning from them about what they thought was enjoyable in life or not. Sembe observed that what one loved another hated and found this disturbing. He wished that the star which emanated the qualities lacking in a person’s nature would increase to bring balance. He knew that the good stars would help the bad because they always sent energy to them as they shone and the bad ones couldn’t help but accept it. Sembe wondered what could be done to make evil people good.

He also wondered about bad people here and why they didn’t try to feel love. He wondered if somehow the bad stars had charge over the person exclusively. Had they singled out certain people to access this physical world? If so then do they send entities from their territory into the consciousness of bad people who accept their philosophy? He puzzled and puzzled over how the stars could take over the psyche of someone and block out the forces of good which shone on everyone. He couldn’t understand why the good energy didn’t penetrate. He got so sensitive to other’s energies that he started to feel the presence of many forces within another soul, sometimes good or bad or both.

After a while Sembe realised that everything out there he observed in the universe itself was represented here in myriads of ways. He saw the different plants growing and dying in a cyclic pattern and the reproductive cycles in the creatures and birds. He first felt flows of invisible energy passing through the air which made a different atmosphere when they came from particular forces. Some were courageous and inspired people to stand up for their rights and be strong. Other atmospheric breezes made people creative and to beautify the world around them. Still more activated socialising and celebration.

Sembe became so preoccupied with the invisible causes of people’s activities during the day that he began to wonder if people were just puppets, being moved by entities that they couldn’t see. When a force of laughter swept through a group of people and they accepted it, it was like they had no choice of their own decision. Sembe tried to maintain his own individuality as much as he could when the forces swept by to change the atmosphere, but he decided to enjoy the variety they brought instead. His thoughts became so engrossed in feeling them that he sometimes felt a response from the beings within the energy.

They reached into his inner space and let him know that they acknowledged his presence. He responded in full and admitted that they were more powerful than himself. He didn’t lose his individuality as he feared by yielding to them, instead it grew. As he started to understand the causes of life unfolding itself into myriad expressions he began to feel a sense of freedom. He felt a bonding with forces greater than himself and respected their roles in society by bringing about changes which wouldn’t otherwise be initiated by people who were creatures of habit.

As Sembe’s interest in the next dimension became more attuned, he began to sense and see forces which revealed themselves as transparent waves of energy surrounding people and objects. In his imagination he coloured them with expressions of the primal forces of nature. Red made people feel strong and mighty and to work tirelessly in physical activity. He saw that people embodied different coloured energy that clung to them as a group, which reflected their particular field of life. Gardeners existed in green energy and merged with the forces of their plants. It was so interesting to Sembe that he ceased to see the world as he did physically when he had previously spent so much time at night on the tower watching the stars.

His eyes had been attuned to the night time before and he saw so much beyond the earth that he was longsighted, both physically and spiritually. Now he had brought in parts of his character which were attuned to his immediate surroundings. It was like a whole new world he had yet to explore. As light entered his consciousness from his appreciation of the sun and absorbance of it into his body, by sitting in it for hours he began to see life with a fresh vision.

Sembe would sit for hours under a tree and just watch nature at work semi transparently. The elementals would climb over the plants playing joyfully and he would see them. He fondly tuned into them and acknowledged their company. Sometimes they would walk up to him and smile and tease him. When he sat under his favourite tree he sometimes fell asleep, but he would be woken by little feet climbing on his arms or legs because his nerves were very delicate.

He’d see sparkles of light dancing in the air and feel the emotions of the little fairies and elementals. Sembe would play with them and make funny faces to hear them laugh. Sometimes he’d see bigger people who had acknowledged his presence and he saw a very faint outline of a person with him who was adjusting his chakras. He could communicate very easily with telepathy so he would indicate that he felt the presence of otherworldly beings which caused a particular activity for the day knowing they were manipulating his spiritual development.

He sometimes felt uncomfortable with the presence of the etheric people, whom he felt were controlling him by being able to do things to his mind that he couldn’t see, but he did realise that he was unleashing and developing abilities which needed supervision and care and they were just bio-engineers with a job to do, just like he was as a scientist in the etheric world working on the gridlines.

Eventually he became so in tune with the etheric world that he lost the rapport he had developed with his fellow citizens and they seemed too engrossed in earthy affairs. This was the same reason he had sat on the tower every night for years and didn’t feel a need to immerse himself with the affairs of the physical world, but then he didn’t have an interest in their character so they seemed less interesting to observe.

He had come to a realisation that people were manipulated by forces which they could never escape because they couldn’t even see them, but after spending the time seeking to understand, he realised that they were only doing a job for which they were created. He ceased to see them as a threat to his own decision making. Logic won over his fears and doubts about what was going on with the manipulation of the human race. After that love entered into his life.

He started to feel gratitude for the care they took in him and the communication he had with them about what he perceived in life about the forces at work that were invisible. Sembe realised he had to make a decision that he was able to go further and accept that they could reveal themselves in full by removing the barriers of energy from around him, which held the perception of the world being solid and dense. He knew it wasn’t as real as others thought it was by their experience of it through their 5 senses, but for Sembe now it was not a matter anymore of doing things just for the sake of satisfying his obsessive curiosity. He was still curious, but it was a matter of power now which was the issue.

He wondered what the consequences would be if all the barriers to the next world were burnt away by his desire to experience the ‘other side of life’. It bothered Sembe considerably that in his whole life he was manipulated by unseen forces to take in as much of the unseen and unknown as one could possibly do in one lifetime and now they were still trying to make him ‘perform’. He was no longer motivated by curiosity, to him the decisions were now going to be based on how strong he felt to be able to perform a task. He had originally determined that he wanted to make a conscious trip once into the etheric world as Sembe and retain his ‘sense of self’ to not experience himself as a drone like he did last time.

Sembe worried that he may get his consciousness focused in his etheric body where he operated as a drone and then he would experience the boredom of having to work as a scientist but feeling he was Sembe all the time and he would feel trapped and confined to measuring energies and putting up holograms for rituals. He wanted to go in and have a look around to see what activites operated there and make his own decisions on what to look at. His sense of self awareness had grown so much from opening himself up to the daytime light that he felt he needed to be of super strength to be able to hang on to his own willpower to get back and forget he was a drone so that his Sembe self didn’t attach itself and he would feel the work he did.

There in the etheric world he acted like a robot and just took orders, while here in the physical, he just followed urges that passed his way without even being able to have an alternative. Sembe felt trapped in a no-mans-land being neither here anymore, due to the next world breaking through or there where he may lose his individual right to make decisions and have to comply with their laws. He didn’t know what their laws were but thought that it would be better just to watch it from the physical without actually entering it before he tried once more to actually walk around in that world consciously.

His invisible guardians became less intrusive and then he felt free to take on more of this new reality, by gathering the strength for the task, by concentrating his energy instead of expanding his desires to learn. He wanted to be a self-contained unit where he had complete control over his fate and to keep his sense of self constant and stable. Though he was really at a stage where he didn’t know which was his best area for being safe. Is it better to die to the physical and be safe from marauding pillagers from other civilizations who descended from time to time on cities to cause chaos or is it better to just somehow fade away into this next world and somehow live in it, though one is completely controlled openly by entities of far superior power and individuality?

Sembe had a fear of being controlled, as he’d felt this happening his whole life by invisible forces. Though they did give him capabilities, he still felt that he had no obvious say in anything to do with the development of his body capabilities. He had felt a sense of mental and spiritual freedom which stretched throughout the universe when he had sat on the tower for years but now he wanted to feel strong and able to decide his own destiny. His invisible guardians stayed by him so that he could recognise them as supporters of his own decision making and became unobtrusive to make him feel able to stand on his own two feet. He was pleasantly surprised to find they let him work out what options he had before getting into any new endeavours.

He felt his feet become strong and his legs felt like pillars of stone where they would support him if he walked into unknown territory. He wanted them to be able to walk where he said and to move freely in another realm, as a citizen of freewill. He had sat on that tower crosslegged for years and had yet to experience strength in his legs. Sembe had actually let them atrophy and the energy had drained out of them. This is why he felt unstable on his feet entering the next dimension consciously. But now that he realised that they were designed by the Creator as supports for walking unknown realms he felt the forces of the stars which moved his legs become activated. When they were strengthened by his acceptance of power into his legs, he felt a sense of freedom again at entering the unknown territory which he previously had hesitated against. His sense of adventure was born. Nothing would stop his eagerness now, he was so sure that he would not become a drone that he laughed heartily at the idea.

Finally he was ready, his attitude had gone initially from curiosity, to feeling vulnerable, to a power issue, then he analyzed things into perspective, he weighed up the pros and cons and then he decided desire was enough reason to move into unknown territory. It was a sense of adventure which drove him mercilessly in search of the right reason to take the plunge. Adventurousness had a way of winning against hestitancy that gave him reasons to just walk in there as Sembe and take a good look around just for the sake of it. “Its there and I’m meant to explore it!” he said gleefully.

Excitement filled his veins and he sat under his favourite tree contemplating the folly of life and how we place importance on the material comforts and pleasures. Sembe’s heart warmed with gratitude at how caring the citizens from our solar system had been every day for his whole life. It took so many changes in consciousness and activities for him to realise that the whole drama of the sky and all its variety in exchanging energies was something that happened between people here on the earth too. Not only that but the stars caused events here by motivating people who represented their vibration. Sembe was so pleased that he finally saw life in a better perspective after having had a grass is greener attitude for so long, that he had become very philosophical. He had believed his whole life up till then that life was more exciting elsewhere in the universe.

He would sit for hours in the sun contemplating the meaning of life and he remembered his friend in Atlantis and how far He had gone through the inner planes, absorbing all the experiences of each world and having done so all over the universe. Then it dawned on him strongly that his friend would surely be waiting for this moment to greet all who made the transition from the world of flesh to the place where he had His Kingdom in the centre of the Universe. The Creator had crowned Him King to sit at His right hand in Heaven. Now we must all rise after him, starting from the world of flesh to the realm of Eternity, beyond time and space. Sembe felt a sense of urgency that he had a long way to go as he hadn’t even transmuted himself out of the physical world yet.

He wondered if people could still do the Initiations that they did in early Atlantis and he remembered how hard they were. It was easy to be highly motivated but not easy to be strong; persistance was something which was lacking in people then. However he looked around at the people he knew and saw that they did manage to do the things they wanted and that they weren’t lazy anymore like they were in Atlantis when science caused people to not have to do so much manual labour. Boredom had set in in Atlantis and things were too easy. Sembe saw that people then where he lived had a different attitude and that they enjoyed each others company. Simplicity had its advantages in that people got to know each other better not being preoccupied with mental stimulation. Though admittedly their senses ruled them, compared to the Atlanteans who had had to take drugs to feel passion, until that trait was artificially induced and forced upon mankind.

Sembe’s newfound faculty to philosophize instead of analyze had made him realise that — of course it is expected of us to aspire to follow the One who paved the way to the Creator. He had felt the Creator too in his more sensitive moments and knew just how much care had gone into drawing all living things towards Him. He again felt love for God and was glad his friend had made it home to be at the right hand of our Creator.Every time he thought of this wonderous universal event he felt a divine response and each time he opened his heart up the worlds between the physical and Eternity would open a little more and he kept seeing in his mind a bright pathway upwards, beckoning him.

Sembe began to think about light and how important it was. He recognized the importance of the sun in comparison to the moon and had come to the realization that it is all very well thinking and analyzing endlessly to figure things out but a picture bathed in light is very revealing too. He wondered if we needed to think at all, would it be possible to just have visions and find God this way? Can we just keep watching and hoping and eventually find the path of light back to the Creator?

Then he remembered how easily we were deceived by etheric scientists placing holograms before people representing anything they wanted. People had just looked and believed. He wondered if there was any way we could never be deceived in our quest to find God. Then he remembered all the voices he heard in the sky from the stars communicating with him. He realised that it would be impossible to fake a greeting from a star, as the dark forces could never be so delicate and full of love like that.

He opened his ears wide just like he did to the stars and waited.

“Sembe you know who I am?”

His heart burst with joy and he knew who that was. There was no mistaking that loving greeting. He opened his heart so wide in gratitide that instantly a doorway opened into the next dimension. He had saved so much love that it was released in a torrent towards the One who opened all the doors to God. Love was the key – nobody could fake love. Sembe slipped out of his body easily and embraced the One who he needed to take him to the place he knew was his real home in the stars.

There were so many different worlds and all of them had so many boundaries and inhabitants that the more Sembe found out the more confused he had got, though he did gather quite a bit of knowledge over the years from observation. What he had hoped for was a safe single path through all of them to God. There were parts of Sembe all over the universe and existing in the inner worlds and he had felt that the more he knew the more paths there were to God. Was this planet the place where we find God?

Sembe had always wondered what the role of earth was in the universe, ever since he had remembered a moment of his first artificially induced trip into the etheric world when he was young. He stood before Jesus in awe and knew that there was a dimensional doorway to God that He created here that only existed on this planet. Sembe had just stepped through the first doorway consciously. Love had opened the door to the next world, but his friend’s love was so powerful He had opened all the doors simultaneously right to God Himself.

Sembe had gone through Initiations in Atlantis where he did enter consciously into the etheric world and into the worlds beyond that too, the astral and worlds of thought. But he was young in spirit in early Atlantis and there were no dangers from evil forces then. Lucifer had not rebelled and caused the degeneration of the whole universe by domino effect. Now it was impossible to just step into world after world using the natural dimensional doorways that God had created especially for His creaton to come back to him when they prayed and worshiped Him.

But Sembe saw the doors behind Jesus when he stood before Him. Love was the key to open every one. The dark forces could not open any of them. They had developed technology and forced open dimensional doorways, but they were only used by other dark forces for entities throughout the universe to go from one part of the universe to another. There were jump gates all over and wormholes and Sembe remembered in the dark days of Atlantis when degeneration had set in after only stragglers were allowed to incarnate into the bodies of those who had been genetically modified. They had made all sorts of time portals to go to other universes on the earth, they had all been lost and forgotten when catastrophe after catastrophe had ended civilizations who had strayed far from God.

Sembe looked around the etheric world and saw all sorts of entities using old Atlantean created dimensional doorways to draw people together as groups to do ceremonies that they could draw energy from. He stood by Jesus up above the earth and saw that the same place He became one with God would be where He would atone for the sins of mankind – by dying, entering into the inner earth and removing the cancerous core of darkness from the souls of mankind. The fires of love had dimmed so low in the human race that He came back to regenerate them and tell us to love one another and then we would get back to heaven. Jesus cleared all the dimensional doorways to God He had created originally in Jerusalem. This would be a planet of love in the universe and the whole planet would move through into the etheric world and make its Initiation. All forces in the universe would have representatives here and all hoped to go through to make the transition.

However, as a counterfeit copy of the real thing, some were motivated by hate and vanity and thought intellect and the associated technology were enough to earn them the right to ascend to a higher realm, but it wouldn’t be. Jesus made the only doorway and this was created by love from Him to His Creator and would take the whole planet through. Love would increase in time after Jesus took over the guardianship of the planet and love from heart to heart did wear down the dimensional barrier and in some places whole communities would be raised into semi-etheric frequency. They sang praises to God and loved one another. The citizens of the solar system were able to adjust the gridlines to make sure the planets nervous system operated according to plan, though it did get manipulated by visitors from other worlds when mankind relearned harmonics.

Sembe knew now how to get into the etheric world as he wished and spent some time in there before he died. Only love parted the veils of deception. (More coming of this story soon. Thanks for reading it.)

Part 11
Sembe enters world of concrete thought and operates as a politician. (coming later)

Part 12

Sembe becomes a Chaldean astrologer and a Polynesian navigator in future. (coming later)

Part 13

Sembe is a Scottish Pict in future life, dying on the battlefield and is given a vision of the NWO in operation now. How the descendants of the Picts destroy the enslavers of mankind through their fight for truth and anger at injustice. London is the place where the octopus is centred and that’s where the belly of the beast will be cut open and the tentacles gripping the world will be sliced off by the angry, brave, relentless warrior race. Sembe was also on the Exodus as a teenage girl, and in her dreams she feels the presence of God. (coming later)

Part 14

Sembe sees the future, which is the present time and philosophically compares it with Atlantis (coming later)

Part 15

Sembe sees Jesus dying on the cross in the future, experiencing it as a woman in the crowd watching this occur. He saw what happened to the universe as a consequence of regenerating the souls of mankind, and restarting evolution on a new timeline, without Satan’s control. He sees Jesus come back as King of the universe in all His glory and reclaiming the order and central control of the physical universe in the skycity called New Jerusalem. This has emerged though a wormhole from the centre of the universe to position itself above Jerusalem and earth is back as an integrated member of the solar system and able to partake in a co-operating universal federation of planets. (coming later) See herel for more on that. (I’ve been to Jesus’ kingdom at the centre of the parallel universe and I left through the wormhole which leads from Jerusalem in the next dimension.)
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