It can now be reported that Senator Tim Johnson (D. SD) has been a victim of an attempted assassination. Johnson sits on the Banking Committee in the U.S. Senate and he had been investigating the role of BNL Bank, both the Chicago and New York Federal Reserve Banks, HSBC, and the noted Kissinger Associates and their direct ties to pre-9/11/01 suspicious financial activity.

Note: Johnson’s investigation had tied both the New York and Chicago Federal Reserve Banks to almost a 35% decline in Federal Reserve notes on hand during the period of June to September 2001. The disguise for this including a major decline in the U.S. money supply i.e. M1 included major financial transactions involving Chinese Banks, the Government of Argentina and of course the noted Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate laundry machine Jackson Stevens of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The back end of this is linked to Bank of Lavaro. During the period of June to September 2001, fifteen suspicious activity reports were filed by both the Chicago and New York Federal Reserve Banks involving HSBC, Key Bank of Utah, and various ties to wire transfers made from Dubai, UAE. There is a paper trail taking this all the way to 9/11/01 Box Headquarters, the American Turkish Council.

Note: It was Bushfraud that wanted to appoint none other than Henry Kissinger to head the 9/11/01 Commission investigating the death of 3,000 Americans. It is clear now more than ever that the criminally insane Bushfraud was going ‘to hire the fox to guard the chicken coup.’ Others with pre-knowledge and criminal intent to cover this up included the noted Republican-in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst-Clinton, Senator from New York.
Who saw the various suspicious activity reports as New York Senator and did nothing. Of course when you consider that Rupert Murdoch-Greenberg, Fox News chieftain tie-in to Kissinger & Asso. and CITI Bank, you can understand why the Hillary Clinton wanted to protect her two major fundraisers. Order the duck tape and the handcuffs.

Other complicit individuals include current Massachusetts Governor Mitch Romney (R. Mass.). Romney, a stockholder in the Key Bank of Utah, has benefited dramatically with massive financial gain from 9/11/01 to a point where the rotten punk has also made himself a Presidential candidate. Others complicit in this cover-up include the Wall Street Journal, specifically noted Bush Clinton Crime Family reporter John Harwood. Harwood along with the chief editor of the Wall Street Journal has covered up and failed to report the “suspicious activity reports” linked to Kissinger & Associates and other Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate entities.

Harwood is a vicious enemy of duly elected U.S. President Albert Gore Jr.


So it can now be reported that Senator Johnson of South Dakota was attacked with Stoner Technology in which low and high frequency signals were used to twist arteries and blood vessels in the Senators body using high frequency signals to create a bleeding of the brain or brain hemorrhage. All this is done folks by attacking the target while they are using their own cell phone or a landline phone. This technology of course is available to none other than the phone specialists at the NSA.


It is clear now why the Wall Street Journal wants to promote the Hillary/Obama ticket given it is unelectable and also it represents the criminal interests of both the Chicago and New York Federal Reserve Banks.

P.S. – U.S. Military along with 90% of the Joint Chiefs of Staff now directly oppose Bushfraud’s attempt to escalate the war in Iraq and attack Iran sometime after Jan. 1. It should also be reported that the Military Court of Justice along with a massive JAG Investigation have now concluded that Bush and Cheney and large elements of the U.S. Pentagon have been taking direct orders from major elements of the Israeli Mossad which have co-opted the Pentagon itself.

Will Bush be arrested before he is even impeached? And will Benjamin Netanyahu be now accused of conspiracy along with the U.S. NSA in the attempted murder of Senator Tim Johnson.

P.P.S. – Developing story. The former British Ambassador to the United Nations has fingered current British P.M. Tony Blair aka Dunblaine Pedophile, in lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction vis a vis the lead up to the War in Iraq… MORE Full Text

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