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On April 13, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged Dr. Joseph Mercola, America’s wealthiest online natural health products saleman, on five counts of unfair and deceptive trade through The very next day, according to the FTC Press Release, Mercola agreed to pay out as much as $5,334,067 to more than a thousand defrauded customers who paid between $1,200 and $4,000 each for a falsely advertised “tanning bed.” The government did not mention fining Mercola, nor adding fees and costs to cover taxpayers’ losses. Barely any media reported on the instant settlement; and business at continued as usual. (1-3)

Now, a year later, new evidence has emerged of Mercola’s enterprise in unfair competition and deceptive trade that outdoes the best Hollywood crime thriller with unprecedented twists and turns.

Mercola’s online success has a lot to do with the secret life of his business partner, reportedly his concealed “wife” misrepresented as his “girlfriend”–“Erin Elizabeth”, aka the “Health Nut.”

The Health Nut is supposedly shown below before and after photoshopping the left image’s head and neck to produce, side by side, two different body types claimed to be the same person who lost weight on Dr. Mercola’s products. The photos make it appear that Mercola’s health supplements, in one year, grew entirely different shoulders on Erin. Broad square shoulders appear on Erin’s photo on the right, compared with noticeably slopey shoulders on “Erin” on the left, while both people stand similarly. On the before photo on the left, her head and neck appear off center, conveniently, concealed by a white scarf. Compare it with the perfectly centered neck beneath the turtle-neck (on the right).

Upon closer examination, and by tilting and lowering your computer screen slowly (forward), you can watch the white scarf turn purple and super pixelated. You can actually view the altered pixels beneath the white scarf. In other words, it appears the Photoshop “blending” left behind telltale discoloration of the pixels in Erin’s “cut-out-and-pasted” alteration above another person’s body image. (Observe when you do this test that no other parts of either photo change color except for that white scarf.)

Who is this “Health Nut” who commits fraud to sell Mercola’s health gear and dietary supplements? And what justifies this self-proclaimed “investigative journalist” dedicated to “dead doctors,” Facebooking how nice her new Florida beach house is, and how impressive her new Tesla car stands in her driveway–the things that “Joe” bought her?

Neglect for the moment the $1.5 million Mercola donated to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) that promotes Joe’s best-selling book that sells more “health products.” Blind yourself too from the $1,745,000.00 that Mercola donated the same period, 2011-14, to the Organic Consumers Association that similarly advertises Mercola’s Swine Flu video driving more traffic to his stores. And forgive the implied endorsements of these “national associations” concealing their conflicting interests while publishing Mercola’s advertisements. What you are about to read makes Mercola’s discrediting on the most biased propaganda mill in medicine, Quackwatch, appear tame.

Mercola’s money for the aforementioned “donations” was gained by a team of covert Internet “geeks,” “funneled from, Health Resources LLC, through Mercola’s nonprofit Natural Health Resources Foundation, which showed the following grants on its tax returns,” Quackwatch‘s Stephen Barrett gloated.

New evidence revealed here shows Mercola’s enterprise being heavily supported, sponsored, and largely financed, by Big Pharma through a team of social engineers and investment banks. The “tanning bed” sales scam punished by the FTC, for instance, was heavily touted online by Chicago Magazine, owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group that is heavily invested in Big Pharma through its investors in Oaktree Capital Management (which owns a 23% interest), Angelo, Gordon & Co. and JP Morgan Chase (which both own 9%). Oaktree became the successor in interest to Goldman Sachs and Apollo Global Management in 2011 when they moved Oaktree to the New York Stock Exchange.

Meaning? Mercola’s deceptive trade arrested by the FTC is supported by some of the world’s wealthiest investment firms. Any “negative publicity” Mercola gets (and the Chicago Magazine story was not very negative) sells more products for Mercola’s niche company and his backers. The biggest money comes from keeping natural medicine, and the herbal supplement industry, controlled on every front.

And this also best explains Mercola’s savvy online marketing strategies and capacity to leverage the attention even his adversaries, like Dr. Barrett at Quackwatch, give him.

Mercola Company Donations

  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014

Consumers for Dental Choice

  • 103,152
  • 75,000
  • 100,000
  • 175,000
  • 453,152

National Vaccine Information Center

  • 300,000
  • 400,000
  • 400,000
  • 400,000
  • 1,500,000

Organic Consumers Association

  • 505,000
  • 200,000
  • 460,000
  • 580,000
  • 1,745,000

American Environmental Health Studies Project

  • 10,000
  • 10,000
  • 25,000
  • 20,000
  • 65,000


Dr. Mercola’s multi-million dollar business built on ploys, like “Photoshopping” Erin Elizabeth’s weight loss, is not even the “juicy” part of this story. The concept of “Controlled Opposition” and the people involved here is.

Mercola watchers have long suspected that his Internet marketing savvy reflected some kind of “double agency”–a form of “Controlled Opposition” as introduced above. Although people don’t (generally) realize that the “PharmaMedia” controls as well as discredits industry competition, assuming Mercola fits this description, his backers have created his niche in natural healing leveraging fraud and discrediting deception. Generating discrediting controversy is ideal for controlling Big Pharma’s Opposition.

For instance, Mercola and the PharmaMedia has made it a point to promote and discredit the myth that AIDS is not linked to the HIV virus, but to drugs. The fact is, AIDS deaths are due to both. But by generating the diversionary and deceptive controversy, the AIDS drug racket is protected.

Further clarifying, this controversial meme protecting Big Pharma’s AIDS racket–that HIV does not “cause” AIDS–was manufactured originally by Dr. Peter Duesberg et. al. Duesberg’s thesis was totally discredited by many people, among them was Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Horowitz republished Duesberg’s government contract and research activities with the infamous “AIDS discoverer” Dr. Robert Gallo. Horowitz published secreted government records vetting Duesberg’s fraud; and then repeatedly confronted Duesberg on radio shows and Gallo at the XI International Conference on AIDS. Horowitz vetted Duesberg’s and Gallo’s National Cancer Institute, Special Virus Cancer Program research contracts. Horowitz exposed Duesberg’s conspiracy with his “Project Officer” Gallo. Mercola and his organization purposely promotes Duesberg’s propaganda, neglects Gallo’s discrediting by Horowitz, and conceals the government documents and arguments Horowitz presented. Mercola thereby garners repeat performances on Dr. Oz.

In law, omissions and misrepresentations to deceive people is called fraud. And Mercola’s extraordinary successes driving product sales online by fraud, and media promoted omissions for public diversions, lends probable cause to consider this Controlled Opposition theory.

The Urban Dictionary defines Controlled Opposition, and the simple concept is applicable to Mercola’s enterprise in natural medicine, as “a protest movement” opposing vaccine toxicity and drug-induced mass murder (i.e., “iatrogenocide,” and important term made famous by the late great Dr. Robert Mendelsohn).

“Nearly all governments have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries,” the Urban Dictionary explains. Notably, Vladimir Lenin said, ‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’” The evidence advanced here says Dr. Mercola operates as a strawman for Big Pharma, leading the opposition into disrepute.


Given the aforementioned trickery, Mercola’s good fortune did not happen by chance, or by further damaging suicidal patients with Prosac as he was sued for in Hochbaum v. Casiano. Nor was Mercola’s vast online network attributable to simply his secreted life with his allegedly concealed “wife,” misrepresented as his “girlfriend”–“Erin Elizabeth”–whose aversion to her last name blew her cover, as detailed below (and more explicitly in the SIDE BAR.)

Controlled Opposition is a function of SOCIAL ENGINEERING and mass mind control in an era of “mass-mediated sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.” And this best explains the twists and turns in this story. Here is where deceptive advertising, widespread organizational support for Mercola, financial payoffs, concealed conflicting interests, and widespread PharmaMedia support for Mercola’s enterprise and “girlfriend,” Erin Elizabeth, come together like puzzle pieces revealing the full “Art of Deception” hidden in the Health Nut’s missing last name.

Erin Elizabeth Finn‘s last name links her to an Internet sex service, a Hollywood scandal, and this social engineering operation administered by her “computer savvy” associates. Erin’s “bestie,” her proclaimed “soulmate,” and previous co-host of the show the “Dark Side of the Internet” on KFI AM in Los Angeles, is the infamous Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick is a worldclass computer hacker imprisoned for hacking into DEC’s computer network and Pacific Bell. Mitnick wrote extensively about Mercola’s Health Nut–Finn–in his book The Art of Deception. Finn divulged this too, then deleted it, on her wiki page shown below.

Mitnick’s close association with Steve Wozniak–the co-founder of Apple Computers with Steve Jobs–expands the power of this social engineering “Ghost Team” administering Mercola’s Internet presence and astonishing mastery of online commerce.

These associations raise probable cause to investigate “deep state” involvement in this amazing true story.

My discovery of Erin’s last name revealed Erin’s secreted service to the FBI in prosecuting her convicted racketeer-wiretapper, Anthony Pellicano–the principle defendant in the scandal that rocked Hollywood in 2008.

And akin to a movie script, Erin’s shadowy history as a high priced prostitute in Hollywood and the computer industry, marketing mainly to industry execs and “Linux geeks,” has all the makings of a sexy covert operation. Finn’s secret history of nefarious transactions with organized criminals, the FBI, and the previously-imprisoned master-hacker Mitnick–considered America’s most notable social engineers and population persuasion con artists, raises too many red flags to simply dismiss as “foolish conspiracy theory.”

My discovery of the Health Nut’s last name was not in Mercola’s best interest. Nor does it help the reputations of Mercola’s associates and organizational backers. Finn’s deleted Wiki (shown in the screenshot below), plus Erin’s alluring online sex solicitations becoming public knowledge through this breaking news feature, exposes only the tip of “The Art of Deception”–how public opinion and consumer purchasing behavior in natural medicine is heavily sabotaged and completely controlled.

Mitnick, “once one of the FBI’s Most Wanted because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge, Mitnick is now a trusted security consultant to the Fortune 500 and governments worldwide. Mitnick and The Global Ghost Team™ now maintain a 100% successful track record of being able to penetrate the security of any system they are paid to hack into using a combination of technical exploits and social engineering.” This was reported on January 7, 2017, by PR Newswire. Those Fortune 500 companies include the largest drug and vaccine makers that control the PharmaMedia, “hacked” into natural medicine, and by “social engineering,” now directs consumer behavior.

Also, the “technical exploits and social engineering” on the Internet collects DATA–names and contacts of Mercola’s and Finn’s customers, for instance. And “The Global Ghost Team” connecting to the “deep state” best explains the Health Nut’s discrediting “handle.” It also explains her exploitation of the “dead doctors,” spreading the fear meme, to damage, undermine, and discredit the entire field of natural healing. Her intrusions into health conferences, presentations before professional audiences, and deceptive advertising, lends discrediting illegitimacy to everyone engaging holistic healthcare. We are all susceptible to disparagement as “Health Nuts.” And this serves as “SECURITY” on Mitnick’s “Global Ghost Team” according new massive evidence.

Contrary to mass deception, “Erin the ‘Health Nutter’ is controlled by corporations sympathetic to vaccine makers and it’s easy to prove,” wrote T. Matthew Phillips, a lawyer critical of the manner in which vaccine injury lawsuits have been undermined by Controlled Opposition. “I call myself a vaccine ‘Abolitionist.’ But Erin, the Health Nutter, calls herself a vaccine ‘Skeptic.’ The word ‘skeptic’ means ‘doubter,’ which means that the Health Nutter is still in the ‘doubting’ phase about vaccines, doubting [too] whether vaccines are unsafe. She’s supposed to be a grown . . . woman at 47 years of age, but despite all the Facebook articles on vaccine dangers, the Nutter still has her ‘doubts’? LoLL!! Truth is, corporations control the Nutter and forbid her from saying, ‘I oppose vaccines because they are unavoidably unsafe.’ Instead, the corporations wrote a script for the Nutter: “I neither support nor oppose vaccines, I’m just here to have doubts.”

The “Health Nut” is a gimmick for Big Pharma’s security and social control. Her soulmate Mitnick defines “social engineering” as the use of “influence and persuasion to deceive people by convincing them that the social engineer is someone he is not, or by manipulation. As a result, the social engineer is able to take advantage of people to obtain information with or without the use of technology.”

Applied in the Mercola-Finn natural health products enterprise, Erin’s deception is a goldmine. Together, with their team of computer accomplices, the couple has effectively “obtained information with . . . the use of technology” that includes the names, addresses, demographic data, and e-mail contacts identifying Big Pharma’s main adversaries–millions of citizens inclined to oppose vaccinations, water fluoridation, GMOs and every other controversial issue in healthcare; and all through the “Art of Deception.”

First Joe and Erin deceive people by implying she is simply Mercola’s “girlfriend” or “better half,” but never “spouse.” Disclosing marriage, as the My Heritage geneology service does, would damage their “mystique,” but also prompt people to search marriage records for her concealed last name, like I did.

Below is how Erin Elizabeth Finn–Mercola describes herself on her website. Keep in mind Mitnick’s Art of Deception protocol involves omissions and misrepresentations (i.e., fraud) to build trust to deliver a “clever con” and “reverse sting.”

Recast as an “author and public speaker,” Erin Elizabeth (Finn), in her own words, “started out in her teens working for a green non profit (company name also concealed).” “Later,” she boasts, “she worked in the tech and entertainment industry in Los Angeles,” but omits her job description of “escort service” operator and prostitute. Allegedly she advertised her prostitution service with a photo of herself as a seemingly underage prostitute targeting horny Linux geeks as late as May 2007.

“Erin has spoken to over 15,000 doctors at lectures since 2016,” her website boasts. But she doesn’t disclose the professional organizations that invited her to speak about and spread the manufactured “dead doctors” fear meme and social control campaign. She “has starred in various documentaries . . . [and] divides her time between Florida and her birth place of Chicago with her better half; Dr. Mercola.”


It is clear that the Mercola-Mitnick network largely manufactured the “dead doctors campaign,” and Erin Elizabeth’s “expertise” on the subject. And they buried “Finn” and her reputation as a prostitute, at the same time generating the disabling fear/dread dead-doctors social control meme. That is, the widely held belief that sticking your neck out to oppose Big Pharma will cause your death.

Few people realize that this very slick public deception for social engineering precisely reflects Mitnick’s Art of Deception. The “Health Nut” spreading fear about Big Pharma’s adversaries getting assassinated is the perfect cover and covert action for Controlled Opposition to deter Mercola’s and Big Pharma’s competitors. The hooker of Silicon Valley hooks people with the dead doctor’s story, and the fear meme protects the entire enterprise and makes fortunes. (5)


Another example of the “Art of Deception” is practiced by Mercola’s alliance with Barbara Loe Fischer and her National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).
“Barbara Loe Fischer and her organization, the NVIC, have been a blight on the nation because of collusion with those at the top who continue to engage in a cover-up, and who are seeking to set up the mandates,” wrote Natural

In 2008, the world of politics, law and vaccines was jolted by Dr. Horowitz’s vaccine-transmission explanation of the origin of AIDS. The scandal erupted from Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, promoting and endorsing Horowitz’s theory and textbook—Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? The Islamic World too endorsed the book that the entire Anglo-American controlled PharmaMedia and Western medicine suppressed.

Big Pharma’s concerns were so great that the United Nations (UN) AIDS Secretariat to the UN Theme Group on AIDS was directed to censor Horowitz’s scientific publication in the British peer-reviewed journal Medical Hypothesis. Critics subsequently disparaged the messenger, Horowitz, but never addressed his message–contaminated chimpanzees were used to produce the earliest hepatitis B vaccines. The “silence” surrounding this taboo topic was deafening and telling. In a court of law, “silence” is evidence of “a most persuasive nature.” Silencing Horowitz compounded the convincing evidence that AIDS was manufactured and spread precisely as Horowitz’s government records showed. Silencing Horowitz, as Fisher and Mercola both did, is likewise telling.

By 2009, Horowitz had already become an award-winning author and filmmaker, and had already established a “friendship” with Mercola. Horowitz sent an e-mail (below) to his “trusted colleague.” The message was sent in friendship, and accorded with professional ethics to oppose the disastrous consumer fraud, misrepresentations, and conflicting interests, of Barbara Loe Fischer’s NVIC.

Be it known that Horowitz had initially helped finance Fisher’s organization before discovering what had been opposed by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn (as detailed below in footnote 4). Horowitz met Marge Grant at the Second Annual NVIC Conference, co-sponsored by Horowitz’s publishing company, Tetrahedon, Inc. Much to Dr. Horowitz’s surprise and disappointment, Grant told the doctor her sad story. Horowitz then witnessed the entire event conceal damaging fraud favoring Big Pharma. Then Fisher personally and maliciously acted to prevent Horowitz from addressing the audience, even during an “open” question and answer session. (4)

The adjacent e-mail contains Mercola’s shocking written response and censorship of Horowitz’s 2009 alert. Mercola responded, “Please don’t write me anymore as you are now banned and any further emails will be blocked by our firewall.”

“Frankly, I was blown out by Mercola’s response,” Horowitz told me. “I couldn’t reconcile the unethical and mean-spirited reply. The only thing I could think of that would cause that kind of reaction was Mercola’s financial interests–shutting his eyes, anticipating how much money he would lose by boycotting Fischer and the NVIC, versus selling his health products after his lecture and their endorsement.” (11)


There’s something obviously confusing and wrong with Dr. Oz inviting Dr. Mercola on his FOX News/Big Pharma sponsored show. The “mixed message,” clearly and convincingly appears to be a PSYOPS (i.e., a psychological operation).

Oz claims to favor vaccines for everyone, but submits to his wife, not a doctor, who doesn’t permit their little-Ozes to be vaccinated. Alternatively, in one show, Oz told everyone in the audience, “You’re all going to get the shot.” Dr. Horowitz was so appalled by this hypocrisy, he produced a three part video series in protest. (6)

Similarly, late night’s most popular radio show featuring host George Noory is also, absolutely, a proven sellout for PSYOPs. Not simply because their producers invited “Erin Elizabeth” to speak about the “dead doctors.” And not because Noory’s handlers advertised the program misrepresenting Erin’s “biography” as shown here. Coast to CoastAM‘s promo missed Finn’s “activism.” Supposedly, “for a quarter century,” during which time she advertised herself as the highest priced prostitute in the computer industry, Finn worked “in the arena” of the “healing arts.”

Finn’s cross-examination was recorded by The Hollywood Reporter. Defending on the witness stand her “escort services” and relationship with Hollywood Records president Robert Pfeifer, “Finn said she claimed on her tax papers that she was a ‘travel guide.’ The attorney asked if her clients really paid $9,000-$24,000 for a travel guide. ‘I essentially felt like I was,’ she said. ‘If they wanted sex, they could pay $500 for that somewhere else. I was dealing with socially awkward geeks.’”

Burying this part of her bio, her website, purportedly “cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide,” courtesy of the “Art of Deception” computer geeks administering Finn’s consumer fraud and First [Drug] Databank monopolizing healthcare, as I reported earlier.

The “big lie” is in Big Pharma’s sponsorship of Oz, and similarly Coast to CoastAM. Noory’s paymasters at iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. control producer Tom Danheiser. They were each vetted previously by this author for damaging and defrauding everyone in healthcare, patients and doctors alike.

Quoting from my related article published earlier on

“George Noory’s and Tom Danheiser’s concealed conflicting interests in Hearst [smacks of Big Pharma’s influence]. Their show is financed by iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.); Further, iHeartMedia and its $16B (billion) in assets is owned by Bain Capital, whose $75B in assets (2014) largely financed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. As [Bronwen Dickey was writing her story [in Popular Mechanics to smear Dr. Horowitz], Hearst partnered with Bain Capital in MedHOK Inc., a “key part” of “one of the largest media and information companies in the world.” That partnership, along with Hearst’s First Drug DataBank (“FDB”) and allied McKresson Company, controls the “brain” and “central nervous system” of American healthcare. This is why Noory and Danhieser choose to cover “Alien Encounters,” restrict Big Pharma exposures, or pair them with wacky (discreditable) interviews [Finn’s being one]. Theirs is late night’s number one PSYOPs (i.e., psychological operation for social control). They are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and PharmaWhores.”

That article continued, “Hearst’s propaganda enterprise, featuring iHeartMedia alone, ‘owns more than 850 full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., making it the nation’s largest owner of radio stations.’ This is who broadcasts Coast-to-Coast AM” and related propaganda, like Mercola’s and Oz’s position that vaccines can be made “safe” or “safer.”


I first realized how damaging and deceptive Dr. Oz’s propaganda was, and how unethical and malicious Mercola’s censorship of Horowitz’s research was, when I started working with Dr. Horowitz in 2009. The “Swine Flu Scam” was making headlines at that time, and Oz went wild promoting the Flu Mist vaccine since pulled off the market for producing risks without benefits, precisely as Horowitz predicted.

“I”m gonna get it, if that helps at all,” Oz told CNN ‘s Campbell Brown. He was attempting to convince the 60% of the non-vaccinating public to get “immunized.” “But I’ll tell you,” Oz added, “my wife is not going to immunize our kids. Cause I’ve got four of them. And when I go home, I’m not Dr. Oz, I’m Mr. Oz.”

Horowitz and I exclusively vetted Oz’s hypocrisy and beneficiary–the Flu Mist vaccine maker, AstraZeneca–that scored hundreds of millions of dollars with their dangerous and ineffective vaccine thanks to Oz’s prostitution. And further linking to Mercola and Finn, that company was formed by Goldman Sach’s merger artist and co-investor Lloyd Blankfein, pictured here between Chase bankster David Rockefeller and FOX Network owner, Rupert Murdock. Each of these men administered business deals with conflicting interests at Swine Flu time through their “Partnership for New York City” (PFNYC).

As mentioned earlier, Mercola was heavily promoted by the Chicago Tribune Media Group, owned by Oaktree Capital Management and JP Morgan Chase. Oaktree, you may recall, became the successor in interest to Goldman Sachs and Apollo Global Management in 2011. The Apollo group, Dr. Horowitz and I discovered and reported had converted the lion’s share of the 911 World Trade Center reconstruction fund money to the MGM Grand Co. in Las Vegas. It was used to build the “New City Center” rather than the New World Trade Center in NYC. (12)

Within a few days of the first mention of the H1N1 “outbreak,” first called the “Mexican Swine Flu,” Dr. Horowitz tracked the origin to British bioweapons producers and the CDC with conflicting interests. He immediately published a public alert video, and a series of explosive articles, along with a website, Therein, he made mincemeat of the officials promoting the damaging vaccine. (1) Thereafter, Mercola came out with a slick regurgitation of Horowitz’s and Jane Burgermeister’s important revelations, without crediting either. Instead, he gave the false impression it was his research.

We had started doing many articles and videos together from that time forward, including exposing the main pharmaceutical industry business leaders in the Partnership for New York City. Our combined efforts produced the film, PharmaWhores: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller at that time, exposing the financial heart of Big Pharma’s enterprise and its media tentacles.

By 2010, the PharmaMob’s retaliation accelerated. We started getting heavily hacked and cyber-bullied by COINTELPRO agents. These online provocateurs were mainly white supremacists subscribing to Christian Identity, historic revisionists, and Holocaust deniers working under the late Ted Gunderson and Alma C. Ott–the fake “Dr. ‘True’ Ott.” Ott was assigned to target us in 2008, with Alex McGowan Studer a pedophile protector and Hollywood editor renting space at Garry Goddard’s property. Goddard is the infamous Hollywood exec sued for sexually assaulting young upcoming actors.

Looking back, 2008 was the same year Ott and Studer launched their Horowitz-smearing website, and Erin got caught up in her Hollywood sex scandal with Anthony Pellicano and the FBI. Ott generated his own sex scandal, right out of thin air (and the COINTELPRO playbook). Ott, Studer & Co. produced fake sex tapes to discredit us. We subsequently exposed them.

And while we were shedding light in the online darkness, opposing eugenics through “immunization genocide,” “Erin Elizabeth” was transitioning from running an online prostitution service for geeks, to compete directly against Dr. Horowitz. She engaged the deceptive world of vaccines, social engineering, and natural medicine. She joined the active counter-intelligence–The Global Ghost Team™–the cell abusing the social media, web advertising, and Coast-to-CoastAM with George Noory, who was increasingly pressed to censor Horowitz and promote the “safer vaccines” deception.

To shed more light on this topic of industrial espionage, Dr. Horowitz and I made another video exposing how the COINTELPRO targets whistleblowers viewed HERE. Not long after, around 2011, Mercola emerged with “Erin Elizabeth” as a purported “girlfriend.” So ashamed of her past, and presumably worried about Pellicano’s retaliation, the computer-savvy escort, and her new “boyfriend,” secreted her last name.


Erin Elizabeth Finn – The “Health Nut”

As Dr. Horowitz and I became more and more censored, widely disparaged, and commercially damaged, Mercola became more and more popular and wealthy. It was obvious to me that Mercola was Controlled Opposition. He would never fully expose the dangers of vaccines, especially Dr. Horowitz’s un-controverted revelations concerning the spread of HIV/AIDS by vaccinations in 1972-1974. That is when the hepatitis B vaccine trials took place in New York City’s gay Villagers. Mercola, with all his heralded research, and hundreds-of-thousands of cyber-pages published to date, never once discussed Horowitz’s thesis. Never once did he acknowledge Horowitz for unearthing the government documents proving HIV’s lab virus origin and testing on chimpanzees. Not once did he mention Litton’s lab and primate colony shipment of contaminated chimps, and later Ebola’s progenitor (the Marburg virus), to vaccine producers including the Merck drug company’s agents in NYC that tested the tainted hepatitis B vaccine on gay men at that time. (6-7)

By 2015, Mercola was heavily promoting Erin Elizabeth when she and her savvy Internet marketers developed her “dead doctors” niche. In my opinion, the social engineering and marketing scheme was brilliant, and perfectly devious to permit Big Pharma to control its opposition and competition in the natural healing arts and sciences. Erin would become the spokeswoman in natural health exploiting the mysterious dying doctors, while at the same time purposely neglecting the heroes, like Dr. Horowitz, who were alive, targeted, and pleading for help.

The media and conference doors opened immediately for Erin. She was “invited” to speak for various groups, including physicians groups unaware of Mercola’s and Big Pharma’s social engineering agenda–“Don’t speak out, or you too could wind up dead.”

“Erin Elizabeth and company are scary,” wrote Sara Wallach-Markis, the daughter of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie author, veterinarian and health products entrepreneur, Dr. Joel Wallach. “Sherri Kane and Dr. Horowitz’s investigative reporting shows a pattern, not only of dying doctors abused to con people and control the natural healing industry, but also preventing public outcry to help the living naturopaths and holistic doctors who need our help.

“I lived in South Florida for 20 years,” Wallach-Markis continued, “and when I reached out to her, Erin Elizabeth was very cold and standoffish, even though my family is very well known for natural health advocacy. The information Kane has uncovered is vital for the holistic community and the public to comprehend Mercola’s and Finn’s secret operations and private financial gains. The facts and truth shows there are those among us, who we are led to trust, working to destroy our industry, and the reputations of natural health practitioners by creating panic in the holistic community. This shows us that vigilance and discernment is eternally required!”

In addition to the first photo at the beginning of this article, obviously evidencing consumer fraud, this final photograph also appears to show a different person on the left than the right. Again the purpose is the same, to depict weight loss to the main “target market”–middle age unsuspecting women.

But careful inspection here too shows Erin misrepresenting Erin, and falsely advertising. (8) First, the person’s face on the left looks small and round, while supposedly Erin’s face on the right appears oblong. Second, why would Erin’s “after” image on the right conceal her “model” face anyway? Especially since this is a widely circulated advertisement that implies associations or endorsements with major news networks (e.g., NBC).

Third, the network logos imply the networks covered, advertised, or endorsed Erin’s purported book, (although it was mentioned in Huffington Post). Mercola was sued for this kind of deception by the FTC in its 4-13-16 Complaint. Instead of implied endorsements from television networks abused to advertise the book and Mercola’s supplements, Mercola falsely claimed the FDA had endorsed the use of his tanning systems.

Finally, the advertising copy Finn purportedly writes, in my opinion, is remarkable, unreasonable, often absurd. It only makes sense to conclude the “Health Nut” serves a greater “social engineering” purpose for her “Ghost Team.” They had financial and political incentive to bury her identity as “Anne Marie Finn”–Hollywood’s highest priced most scandalous hooker– and molt her into Mercola’s “model” and “investigative journalist” seeking media fame and fortune on dead doctors’ reputations. How she could write so poorly and gain such celebrity in the natural healing community speaks volumes about the criminal complicity of the Mitnicks damaging society, and the gullibility (arguably stupidity) of the masses who buy what she sells. It matters not that she hides her true identity metaphorically like her face behind electronics and frequency “blockers” that she wears at night on her way to pee. All supposedly to avoid eating, improve sleep, and lose weight, all albeit nonsensically. (I kid you not, she actually wrote that she puts on her blockers to go to the bathroom at night so that blue light’s alleged impact on her hormones won’t drive her to her refrigerator.) (8) Dim and defrauded consumers buy it, nonetheless.

For all the above reasons, as a public duty to deter further consumer fraud committed by Joseph Mercola and the Health Nut, I urge everyone to BOYCOTT, their related products and services, and their numerous affiliates that appear on to be independent, when in fact they are part of the same “Ghost Team.”

There are far more reputable natural health store owners and “coaches” providing honest information, great services, and fine quality products, who haven’t defrauded people, exploited dead doctors, conspired to advance a nefarious social engineering agenda to control Big Pharma’s opposition and discourage competition (Mercola’s included), that can use your good will and financial support at this time of crisis in American healthcare. Conservatively, this amount of industry-wide fraud has killed millions and cost trillions of dollars in favor of the “inside traitors.”

According to the evidence of unfair and deceptive trade detailed above, Mercola is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In my opinion, law enforcers should seize his ill-gotten gains, and auction them off, with all the proceeds divided up equally among the families of the dead doctors he and Finn exploited.

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