The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department says that Daniel Satre, 43, was “screaming” and “walking in front of cars” around 11 p.m. when two Ballston Spa police officers killed him.

Once again highlighting the disconnect between law enforcement and the community, officers seemed to think that these allegations of minor misdemeanor activity would justify police over-reaction and violence.

Satre’s family, as you might expect, tell a very different story from the police, who claim that Satre “fought wildly with six officers.”

Daniel’s family writes the following:

It’s still unclear why Daniel became upset, but he did become distressed and was seen by two police officers in the street outside his house. They called for backup and were joined by eight other officers. We understand officers have to think about their safety and those around them, but what happened next was an excessive use of force and resulted in Daniels death. Officers knew Daniel is unarmed, yet six of the officers grab for him and begin to beat him. Tasers were used on him several times. Four of the officers stood by and watched as everything unfolded. They did this until Daniel was unresponsive. Moments later he would be dead.

As you read this, the official autopsy has been kept under wraps and still not made available. Those responsible are still patrolling the streets. The time is now for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to call for an independent investigation that is transparent and brings justice for the family and community.

The unprovoked and Herculean struggle with what police describe as a veritable super villain prompting them to repeatedly electrocute him just outside of his own home is so over-the-top that it is difficult to just take the word of the officers involved in this killing at face value.

Two officers from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office along with the two responding state troopers say that they could not physically restrain one man without using a weapon… and without using that weapon over and over.

The image that police paint is so bizarre that if true it is clear Satre was either the strongest man in history, or these officers had no place in law enforcement if they could not – together – handle one man. This leaves the more likely scenario, that police are fabricating their version of the events of that night.

At a news conference Village Police Chief Charles Koenig claimed that Satre “was warned several times that officers were preparing to stun him.”

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But Koenig added that the criminal and internal investigations being conducted will be carried out by the police, rather than by an external third party. He further added that no disciplinary action would be taken against the officers involved.

Satre’s daughter and girlfriend described Satre as a “beautiful person” who wouldn’t hurt anyone without provocation. The police allegation that Satre just went “wild” and started assaulting people for no reason is not supported by anyone who knew the man, nor by toxicology reports.

“The last time I saw him, he was cuddling with his cat and he said, ‘I love you,’”Amanda Conant, Satre’s daughter explained. “That was the last thing I heard from him. That’s the person he was, you know? That’s how I want to remember him.”

Goss’ father, George Goss III, explained that Satre had never had any run-ins with the police there before.

“He was a good guy,” Satre’s girlfriend Mila, said. “He would never hurt anybody.”

Now Daniel Satre’s family and friends have started a petition calling for “justice” which they say can only come through an external, third-party review of this police killing. In spite of this very reasonable request, police have resisted this proposal at every turn.

Please sign and share the petition today, to demand an independent investigation of Daniel’s death. The police have proven over and over that justice will not come from the police investigating themselves!

(Article by Moreh B.D.K. and Jackson Marciana)

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