The Bearer, being an unenfranchised Sovereign, is authorized under statute at large First Congress 1789, Session 1 Chapters, page 52; Articles of Confederation, Article 4-3-1-1781; MC 38: Title 18, Section 241 USC Title 42, Section 1983, 1985, 1986, of the unhampered use of all navigable waters and all common law highways, roadways, and byways which are used for transport either private, public, or commerce anywhere in these United States of America. Said driver/operator is sworn in obedience for the protection of the Constitution for the united States of America and may be detained only upon sworn complaint of an injured party as per the Bill of Rights, Article IV. The undersigned claims his/her rights at law and rejects, and is not subject to’the obligations in equity known as the Motor Vehicle Codes of the respective states.
Under penalty of perjury’ I swear or affirm that tlic information contained in this document is true and correct. All Specific Rights are explicitly reserved, without prejudice, U.C.C.. 1-207. Registered with the Library of Congress.
Sovereign Right of a Natural Person to Operate a Private Vehicle
Name of Natural Person________________________________
Domiciled at
City____________________________Sovereign State___Zip [________]
Date of Birth_________________________ __Male_____ __Female____
Signature of Natural Person____________________,__________________
I Declare Myself a Sovereign Citizen, Operating Under Common Law, Title 4, U.S.C, 1, Flag of Peace.

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