Evidence of Artificial Structures on Mars from Viking

Thanks to Anomalous Images For This Information!

The Syrtis Major Planum region of Mars contains many fascinating geological formations. Large domes
and tubes, volcanic in origin, cover the landscape, and several of the domes have partially collapsed, creating interesting structures. In many cases the uncollapsed parts are probably partially hollow and may provide a shelter from the extreme Martian environment.

The full resolution images below the mosaic were taken from the raw Viking 1 red filter image F534A23, of the North side of this region. A second image of this same region, F534A25, will allow a stereo view of some of the anomalous areas in this complex, to be posted soon. Look carefully in the following images and you may find openings and possible mining operations or other activity along some of the walls of the formation.

Note: For best results, the 4x images should be saved and viewed in a good imaging program such as Photoshop or Paint Shop, with gamma adjusted for your monitor. The image tends to appear darker when viewed with a browser such as Netscape or Explorer.

This is a mosaic of several images from Viking (click on thumbnail for higher resolution image)

(click on thumbnail to see 4x enlargement)

  This image shows a larger portion of Star City (click on thumbnail to see 4x enlargement)


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