Recent events are a signpost that another step toward your evolution,
empowerment and awakening has been taken. Because of this, it is time to share with you a message about the elements. With the recent floods in the USA, the tsunami waves in Asia, increased volcano and earthquake activity, and even increased terrorist attacks, it is time to understand your part in all of this, and what you can do about it as a co-creator. It is time for you to understand that everything happens for a reason.
Everything is in a divine plan for perfection even though, outwardly, it might look otherwise. Everything has a cause. That cause is found in levels of consciousness.

We well know about your Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has proven that when water is blessed, it reacts and changes its molecular structure into a more harmonious state. It is equally probable that negative energy could affect water also. YES? Because you now know this fact, it has opened a whole new dimension in your world. You can now direct the consciousness of water! But we want to tell you that it is much more than this.

In fact, the other forces of nature (fire, earth, and air) will now all become more alive with consciousness just as the water has. These
elements have always had consciousness, but now you can direct this
potential. The more you are aware of this fact, the more alive the elements will become. The gateway in evolution to making the 4 elements directable conscious has been opened. This changes everything. What this means is that these natural elemental forces are now able to react to your consciousness. Negative energy or positive; It is up to you.

What we what to talk about is the projection of negative energy, as this is what’s up on your planet right now. We want to show you what you can do about it. We want to show you why in the long run, this is a very good thing!

Example . . . Negative projections, sent from one person to another, can affect the receiving person in a negative way since their body is made up with a great deal of water. But it can only effect them in areas that are vulnerable. Thus making the receiver aware of physical, emotional or spiritual weakness. This gives the receiver a unique opportunity to heal that area of their life.

Once negative energy is sent out, it wants to find a place that feels like home. Like energy is attracted to like energy. The one who sent the negative energy in the first place has now compromised their energy field and is now vulnerable to attack. The more negative energy they dish out the more that will come back to them. So you do pay a heavy price for using negative energy. This creates a looping effect where negatives keep circumnavigating over and over. This is why some people can’t seem to get out of the negative patterns they are in, since they keep attracting the same issue over and over until they become aware that they can shift it.
This is evolution! This makes sense to you, yes?

“Your every thought, feeling, perception, spoken word, and performed action reverberates into the universe.”
Swami Muktananda

Now what if one country directs negative energy to another country? What would happen? The receiving country would be effected in its geographically/energetically vulnerable locations by the universal law of attraction. Also, sensitive ones in those countries would be effected.
Again . . like energy attracts like energy.

READ  1996: Report on the Worlds In Transition:

Energetically vulnerable locations are places on the earth where land has low vibrations, or where it has suffered misuse due to crime, misuse of drugs, violence, lower chakra energy, and general misuse like pollution.
It might be a place that feels depressed, or you might feel tired or heavy while there. There are also natural occurring geographically vulnerable places on Earth . These can be near active volcanoes and fault lines, and land that is near or below sea level.

When negative energy is directed to an entire land mass or country, these geographically and energetically vulnerable locations will be the first places that the consciously directed elements will go. These locations are susceptible to what we might perceive as negative events or conscious elemental upheaval.

If an area is both geographically and energetically vulnerable at the same time, the elements will clear this area first. For example . In New
Orleans, all 4 elements came into play as the land was both geographically and energetically compromised. The wind blew, the water rose, the earth gave way and the fire burned. Directed natural elemental forces rose up to clean up energetic disharmony at that location. Many who endured this event learned hard lessons. Not listening to the warnings of the elements and compromising your life to protect material goods, is not worth the price paid.

Once negative energy has been sent out, it can’t be reversed. It is like when you say something hurtful to someone, you can’t take it back. It has
been said. The elements will and do act out directed energy. But here is
the good news. Now that you know this, you have the ability to direct the elements, and the elements will work for you quickly and efficiently.

Many countries in your world have incurred much negative karma creating energetically vulnerable areas by the use of atom bombs, terrorist attacks, and unjust wars, and a general and continual misuse of power.
This has created thousands, even millions, of enemies that send out
negative projections by their thoughts. Many countries are being
bombarded with negative energy on a daily basis, and sensitive ones out there are feeling the pressure of this. This energy does and will clear out geographically and energetically vulnerable areas. Isn’t this GREAT!
The elements will and are cleaning up the planet. It is all in divine
order and within a universal plan for life to evolve past a dualistic world.

But now comes the responsibility that goes with this new step in evolution. Now it is time to take action. Drop the remote, get out of the chair, quit watching the world, and be a part of it once again.
Remember that you are a powerful creator within this world. The powers at
be know how to use your guilt, shame and fears to take control of you, so
you won’t clean up the world. When you are grieving losses and are in
shock, you can be used. Don’t let your sadness make you weak. Don’t let fear quiet your voice at this most powerful time. It is time to take action . . . in a POSITIVE WAY.

Ancients have known this for some time . . . but now is the time to bring this truth into your time and world in which you live. You are already working with water to clear the planet of its disharmony. Now take this a
step further. Work with the AIR, EARTH, FIRE and WATER. All elements are
at your direction not just water.


Here is the hitch that you might have perceived in this plan. Remember .
. . like energy attracts like energy. This is still true. When you send out positive energy to the elements, it will go again to places that feel like home . positive places. If wonderful and harmonious energy is
sent out, it will reach places that are already harmonious and will be
impacted with gentle harmonious elements. A gentle rain, a cool breeze, a gentle sun and an abundant Earth.

So how do you heal the negative areas of your planet, and help ones in need? First you must maintain positive places on the Earth, Gardens of Eden if you wish, to give home to those ready to break their patterns of negativity and help them maintain a higher frequency. This way they will quit being vulnerable to negative projections. The more that we all evolve in this way, the less places that the directed elements have to clean up. Those many Gardens of Eden, that you will anchor, will grow and grow, and spread across the planet. This will reduce the environments which may be vulnerable to the elemental fury we are beginning to see.

To shift negative areas of your Earth directly is tricky. Going into any
kind of battle with the negatives in your area will not attract the desired results. There is another way, and here is how. You must be aware of the area of negativity to be cleared, but at the same time not give the negative any energy. You must dream/imagine the place or person into
perfection. See the water pure, the air clear, the earth radiant and the
fire righteous. If you see the negative in a place or person and try to heal that negative, you can only project negative laced with judgment and
some good intentions. You will just neutralize your energy making it
ineffective and a waste of your time. This is why praying or doing affirmations are not working for you anymore. Quit wanting, quit hoping.
You must SEE IT ALL in a perfected state. You must become blind to the negative, and only see perfection in its place. You need to control your consciousness as a master does. But be forewarned . the necessary clearing of Earth will only be accelerated by your work. This is why global peace prayers seem to activate some violence afterwards. If you
don’t believe us, look at your history. And remember that your
participation in the clearing of Earth and humanity is a part of the divine plan. Your are already living in a higher frequency, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. It is not a time to hold back, or slow down the process. It is a time to take positive action.

Soon . . . only one negative being will be left standing, and his/her last
negative thought will be their undoing . . . And this our friends and
family of Earth . . . This IS the Shift of the Ages.

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in is an internationally known author, guide and modern mystic.
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