Star Wars – Episode I

According to the Romanian researcher Cornel Dan Niculae (“The Unseen war” – 2nd volume), the Canadian company “Gabriel Resources” owns the license to exploit the resources of Rosia Montana/Red Montana, a region located in the Western Carpathians (Apuseni).
The financial investment was given by the Washington branch of the “Rothschild Bank”. (Previously, durin’ the XVIII-XIXth centuries, the owner of the gold mines from Rosia Montana was a Jewish named David Albert.)
Another Canadian company, “The Gold Corporation”, got involved by foundin’ the Romanian branch, named “Rosia Montana Gold Corporation SRL”.
The name beyond these companies is Vasile Frank-Timis, a “Romanian-British-Canadian”… Jewish, who sponsored a lot of the Secret Services (SIE, SRI, etc.) actions, next to this Ovidiu Tender.
There are rumors that the shadow-name beyond these is, in fact, the Jewish billionaire Marc Rich.
“The Independent” (January 2004) was noticin’ that Frank Timis’ phantom-firm “Balcan Petroleum” was founded in July 2003 by David Garnell, director of the British company “Inktrend Ltd.”, founded by Stephen Roman, ex-director of “Gabriel Resources”, which was founded by Frank Timis especially/with the purpose to exploit the biggest gold mine from all over Europe – Rosia Montana, Romania.
David Garnell is also economic-director of another Canadian company, named “European Goldfields“, also founded by Frank Timis as off-shore.
“Deva Gold SRL”, located in Certej (Hunedoara, Romania) is owned by “European Goldfields”, the company who’s got to exploit several gold-rich regions of Transilvania.
(“International Goldfields” came as a branch of the Australian company “Carpathians Investment PTY Ltd.”, owned by the very same Frank Timis and his sister, Iona Majdik.
“International Goldfields” got an exploration area over 2.500 km, between the cities Deva, Lugoj and Otelul Rosu.
“Esmeralda Ltd.”, part of this hydra extended all over Romania is responsible for the ecological disaster from Baia Mare, right after the scandal involvin’ Romania and Hungary its name bein’ changed to “Eurogold Ltd.” – which controls “Transgold” and “Explorer”, another couple of these inter-related companies.)
As hard as it seems to believe, all these names and facts mean almost nothin’, comparin’ to the real drama…
It’s just the surface of the entire deal, a labyrinth meant to maintain disinformation, a cover-up element – may I say…
Among all these, the former ministry of culture Razvan Theodorescu (also a Jewish ethnic) approved the systematic destruction of the archaeological artifacts in Rosia Montana.
This info brings us right in the middle of the “Rosia Montana affair”.
Let’s get it on !” (D 12 & Eminem – Fight music)

“The fact is that in Rosia Montana an ancient underground, presentin’ a few odd qualities, got discovered. In a short time, a french (or, a french-speaking’ ) team came in the area and tried to get in. It was very hard, ’cause of the unbreakable “energy shield” of the subterranean. But, “yadda- yadda- yadda” (have you seen that Seinfeld episode ?) they got in, somehow…

And, “blah-blah-blah”…, they tried to remove the whole containment of the cave in France. Or, it was just a hoax, ’cause in the end, all they did was to destroy everythin’ within.

Then out of the sudden, durin’ 2005, Radu Cinamar revealed the discovery of an underground, estimated to be 55.000 years old (Atlantean), somewhere in the Carpathians.

The hole Cianamar’ s version can be found in the book named “Future with a cranium” / “Viitor cu cap de mort”.

And then…”

Star Wars – Episode II

Star Wars – Episode II
Isis unveiled – the realm

Part I
Accordin’ to Jan van Helsing, in ancient times there was a collision happenin’ in this solar system. A planet named Nibiru got in and Marduk, its satellite, hit the local planet called Tiamat, takin’ off the upper side of Tiamat.

(Doesn’t it seem familiar? Does “the decapitation of Kali” remind you
of anything… else ?)

This part of Tiamat became Earth, while a satellite named Kingu – its companion – became the Moon.

Once upon a time, there was a war. (Dha !… Anythin’ new ?) The war I’m talkin’ about is an ancient conflict between Lemuria/ Mu and Hyperborea.

Back then (instead the fact that “there is no time”, just “consciousness levels”),we may locate Hyperborea in the area named “The Romanian Zone” (occultists know…), situated in the actual Romania (obviously, it’s about “a higher level of vibration”, not “the physical”…).
The Lemurian “brotherhood” called “The Sons of Belial” decided to unlock a device against the hyperborean land.

Millions of years later, The Black Sea/ Marea Neagra is the proof of that violent interference into a very high-spiritual civilization. (As you know – by now, anyway – the sulphuric content of the Black Sea is still very high, while there are sulphuric bags on the ground of this sea. Just
like in the case of The Dead Sea…)

The headquarters of the Hyperborean civilization was “The Monastery of the Nine Altars”/ Manastirea celor Noua Altare. The accurate location is today’s “Isle of Serpents”/ Insula Serpilor, taken by the Russians from the Romanian territory – and where they had a lot of psi experiments done. This sanctuary was also known as the center of Shambala.

On the other hand, the representative figure of Lemuria was “the green virgin” (certain psychic sources “saw” a certain dame called “lady of the Sun”, a scientific-oriented character who buried the “telonium” slates somewhere in … California?

(It’s pretty important that Hollywood – holly=saint, wood=forrest – is a remnant of Lemuria.)

*The Goddess

In the beginnin’, there was the Sumerian Bab- Lal-Uru, which is semantic very close to “balaur”, the Romanian/hyperborean for “dragon”. Then, there is the Sumerian-Akkadian (a lot of changes happened then…) Baal- Uru. And, last but not least, there is the Sanskrit Bala- Uryas.

Tiamat = it’s said that when Earth’s mild gods bargained with “Nyarlathotep”, Tiamat was among those who resisted the terms of submission to the will of that Herald of the Outer Gods. At first, Tiamat was regarded as a fertility goddess and source of life on Earth. After her attempt to resist the gods who accepted “nyarlathotep” ‘s offer, Tiamat came to represent the conflict, rebellion and, upon her betrayal and murder at the hands of Marduk, death and unnatural life beyond death.

Lilith = goddess of desolation, Talmudic goddess considered as a feminine daemon and mother of the race of giants and demons.

She appears as a tall and intensely beautiful woman, black hair flowin’ down her back like a velvet curtain, and large black leathery wings grace her back. Her eyes are empty, as pure a void as you’ve ever seen; you can feel her perfect aloneness as you gaze into ’em. Its real name is Kiskillilla, becomin’ “mother of the Lilin” durin’ the Babylonian period.

Lilitu = goddess of the night in Sumerian-Babylonian mythology, cruel and unforgiven.

Kali-Ma/ Mother Kali = aka “the Black Goddess”, Maha Kali, Nitya Kali, Smashana Kali, Shyama Kali, Kalikamata and Kalaratri. Among the Tamils, She’s known as Kottavei. She’s also called Camunda, the Slayer of Anger and Passion. Kali is nature personified and she’s also “jnana shakti”, the energy of Wisdom.

(You can get this and more other info on the Angelfire web-page “Mother Kali- Presented by: the Wanderling”.

Chandi = an incarnation of goddess Parvathi, combined with powers of Lakshmy and Saraswathi, whom was given powers by all the devas to fight “mahishasura”.

Aka Shakti, this form of Durga was conceived as a warrior goddess. In Kashmir, she is still worshipped as Shaarika – the main temple is in Hari Parbat, Srinagar.

(After conquerin’ the three worlds, “mahishasura” -shaped like a “green buffalo” when enraged – got finally challenged by Chandi Durga and killed, after nine days of battle, in the day of the waxin’ moon (the tenth). For further information, read
Http:// .

Ma’at = read
, .

Nephtys = wife of Seth (got Osiris to f*ck her, by pretendin’ she’s Isis).

Isis = Egyptian goddess of marriage and magic,her cult got extended by
the heliopolitan system, by combinin’ qualities of several goddesses :
Astarte, Bastet, Hathor, Sekhmet, Sothis, Thermutis, etc.), this way becomin’ an
universal goddess ’till the VIth century A.D.

The greeks took over her cult (identifyin’ it with Demeter, though…) The Romans knew her as Isis Myrionima (Isis with a thousand names). In the 80 AD, there was an Isiac College in Rome.

(The myth says that usin’ a scam, Isis got the secret name of Re, by usin’ a snake who bit “the supreme god”. In charge of his life, he slides his name into her breast.)

Daughter of Geb, sister, and wife of Osiris, mother of Horus.

Anat = Ugarit goddess, daughter of El, whom two functions were lover and warrior. Sister of Baal, she’s been called “a relative of nations”, and “virgin” (not “virgo intacta”, but woman without children).

Servin’ Baal all the way, she’s a goddess of extreme manifestations: maximum ferocity, or maximum kindness and peaceful. Just like Isis, Ishtar or Aphrodite, she searched for Baal straight into the middle of inner Earth.

A Phenician writin’ calls her “the power of life” (remember Ananda’s info on Maji usin’ “the power of life tree” instead “the power of life tree” ? – interestin’, isn’t it?)

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She has wings, therefore she flyes over the surface of the Earth.

The Hyksos brought the cult of this goddess in Egypt (considerin’ her a daughter of the solar god Re, wife of Seth – hmm, this Seth, dirty dog..) and goddess of war – her appearance includes a shield and an ax.

Jewish people of Elefantina made her the pair of Yahweh.

It’s a symbol of the “regeneration of nature”.

Ninhursag = Sumerian goddess, protector of soil, fertility, and love, previously merged with Ki. Later known as Nintu or, as Enlil’s wife, “Lady of the Mountain”.

The name Ti (Tiy/Tiye) appears to derive from the goddess Nin-TI, “Lady Life”, an epithet of Ninhursag, known in Egypt as Hathor (“House of the Falcon”)/ Tefnut.

Niu Wa/ Nu Wa/ Nu Kwa/ Nu Gua = chinese goddess who assuaged the Flood,
darned the distroyed Universe and made humankind. She killed the black
dragon in her effort to help the people of Qizhou. While Earth was split from
the Sky, the great feminin spirit Nu Kwa was losin’ and feelin’ lonely, so
she made a little girl, then other similar figures.
Xu Sheng (30 – 124 AD) says : “Wa, sacred virgin and goddess of the
ancient times, presentin’ human face and snake-shapped body.”
Huainan – zi details : she sits in the “thunder charriot”, while a
whitw dragon flies ahead it, and a snake follows.
Nu Gua, the snake-headed virgin, beats the bull-headed king of the
north, by breakin’ up his horns, this way causin’ the crash of the
north-western side of the sky. The goddess has to build a stone-wall,to fix the
damage (is this a symbol of “the great chinese wall”, and then again is it a
symbolisin’ another ancient “archetype” – named “Traian’s cliff”, romanian
researcher Densusianu’ s argument to “the atlantean rift” ? -Traian bein’
a later symbol of Iovan Iorgovan, the “archetype” of Hercules…)
She’s known in her japanese manifestation as Kuwannon.
Durin’ 560 AD, the buddhists assimilated “the fishtaled goddess” into
their religion, by renamin’ her Kwan Yin.

Kuan Yin = chinese goddess of mercy, livin’ in the sacred forrest. She
became a boddhisattva, merged with Avalokiteshvara.

Avalokiteshvara = tibetan divinity, sometimes seen as eleven(teen – as
in Beavis sayin’) heads havin’ different expressions, pyramidal disposed.
It’s a “boddhisattva”, intimately linked to Dalai- Lama.

Hsi- Ho = the name of the charioteer of the Sun, who in some
traditionals is explicitloy female.

Hsiang- Nu/ Xiang Nu / Yuan Nu = chinese fairy, presentin’ woman head
and body of a bird, who found the way of truth in the sky. She showed
Huangdi the way to defeat the Chi- You dragon.
Huangdi retired in darkness for three days, as a result of a nine-days
hopeles battle against Chi- You. When the fairy appeared, he asked her to
“win all over’. And it was done, accordin’ to “Taiping yulan” (The
imperial readin’ of Tai-ping years)

Lou Yi Lung Danu = the daughter of the dragon ; the cooperative effort
includin’ another goddess, Gum Lin, helps humankind.

Amaterasu/ Amaterasu Omikami = japanese goddess of the Sun (“lightnin’
sky”). Born of the left eye of god Izanagi, after the death of his wife
She’s the pare of the god of tempest, Susanowo, and the ancestor of
Jimmu- Tenno (the first “mikado”/ japanese emperor, aprox. seventh century b.
The wish of Susanowo to go see Izanami hurt the goddess’ feelin’,
therefore she retired into a cave and isolated the entrance ; this way,
humanity got out of light and the succesion day/night got interrupted (it’s
called “the great eclipse”).
The gods tricked her out of there, by usin’ a mirror. Amased about her
own appearance, she forgot her ambition and walked away step by step. This
way, everything got back to normal (right…)

Kannon/ Kuwannon = Japanese goddess of mercy and charrity, helpin’
people and able to get 33 appearances. She’ s represented as a smiley woman,
often depicted as havin’ a little child in her arms. In buddhism, she got
merged with Avalokiteshvara, seen either as a six-arms and eleven(teen)
heads, either horse-headed ( ! ).
Anahita = iranian goddess of waters and vegetation, livin’ in the
Hukairya mountain.
Aka Anahita Ardvisura, the greeks named her Anaitis, by identifyin’
her with Artemis.

Tara = read . (“The Green
Tara” simply getin’ Maitreya’ s features, that’s interestin’ !)

Astarte = the supreme phoenician goddess, also worshipped by
Her cult was very popular arround the semitic areal.
The first temples where she was worshipped were in Sidon and Tyr,
then in Cartagina and phylistin Askalon; worshipped as Astoreth in Canaan,
she’s mentioned in the Bible as Ashera.
Solomon built a temple for her.
The cult got sprayed in old Israel, Egypt and Greece (where she was
known as Astarte or Asteroth.
Merged with Ishtar/Inanna and Atargatis.
Phoenicians considered her as wife of Baal.
Seen as a young beautiful woman, she symbolised the planet Venus

In Phrygia appeared Kotys, meanin’ “the goddess”.
Kybele = Phrygian goddess, appeared durin’ the XIII-XIIth century b.C.,
aka “The Great Mother of Gods”. Worshipped in an orgyastik show, unfolded
on the phrygian mountain Ida (where she was known as “Mater Ida”).
Accordin’ to a comprehensive phrygian myth, the hermaphrodyth go
Agditis got drunk by gods, then got emasculated, its genytals bein’ throwed
down on Earth. A girl named Nana eatin’ the fruits of the almond tree growed
up from this unusual seeds, born Attys, who became a goat-breeder. Then,
Kybele (bein’, in fact, the previous Agditis, who was a woman at the time,
’cause of the “incident”) met Attys and falled in love with him. (Deep,
ain’t it ?)
The greeks identified her with Rhea, Gaia or even Demeter.
Romans got the cult durin’ 204 b.C., renamed her Cybele and Magna
Deum Mater and identified her with Maia, Ops, Tellus or Ceres, then Isis. The
roman priests of this goddess were committed castrated ( a – the
mythologem of Osiris, b – skoptsy, the sect Rasputin came from…).

Artemis = greek goddess of huntin’, sister of Apollon, daughter of Leto
and Zeus. Considered to seem almost like a boy, she has wings on her back
and she wears a long dress or a coat. She’s represented as a lonely
virgin, almost wild,scourin’ the woods along to a pack of dogs (given to her by
Aka Agrothera, Ortia (in Sparta).

Selene = greek goddess of the moon, later identified with Artemis. Born
from Hyperion-Theia, sister of god Helios and goddess Eos.
Aka Mene. She’s got this tiara on her forehead.
Result of the ancient cult of Men, imported in Atica.
The romans assimilated her with Luna (Moon), then Diana.

Alilat = (arabian al-Alath, Allat) = pre-islamic goddess (corespondent
of Aphrodyte, accordin’ to Herodot), considered mother of gods and goddess
of beauty.
She had a huge temple in Taif. Her cult is associated with the cult
of Dhu-Sharah (worshipped as a natural rectangular rock). Pan-arabic
goddess, she was – in the pre-mahomedan Mecca – the leader of a triad also
includin’ Manath and Uzzah.
Considered as Allah’ s pair.

Uzzah / al- Uzzah = goddess identified with the “mornin’ star” Venus in
pre-islamic religion, mostly worshipped in Mecca ; the third goddess of
the trinity Alilat- Manath / al-Manat – Uzzah. 1000 b.C. inscriptions name
her Han-Uzzay and Rudah, in Sinai and into the nabateans communities. The
siriac arabs considered her the daughter of Allah and Alilat, sister of

Idunn/ Iduna = scandinavian goddess, kidnapped by Loki, the infernal
god of fire and given to Thiassi, the aquila-shapped god of tempest; Thorr
gets her back by killin’ Thiassi.

Freyja = goddess of passional love and master of magyck.
Loki got her unsolved, therefore she’s missin’ her pare, the giant
She wears a coat made of feathures she uses to fly.
Aka Horn, Ihrung, Mardal, Menglod, Skjalf, Syr.

Accordin’ to Robert Charroux, a celtic goddess named Belisama ( similar
to the flame) is definitely connected to Venus and she’s considered the
pair of Bel/ Baal (the queen of the skyes of Baal), the feminin equivalent
of the god of Gauls – Belin/ Belinus.
(To the phoenycians, Baal is “North”, just as Bel to
The 1st of may is the pagan celtyk ceremony of Mai Eva/ Beltene/
The Walpurgye’ s night is celebrated durin’ the night of the 1st of
(Remember the communist “labour day” – the 1st of may ? “I’ ve read
Karl Marx. I didn’t like it.”)

Then, there is Aleister Crowley’s “Babalon”, “the goddess” involved in
the tantryk-mystikal rituals he performed ( for further information, you
may read “The Montauk” series of Preston Nichols & Peter Moon – this is not
free advertisin’, it’s a simply advise…).

As you alredy figured it out, I didn’t follow the amerindian mythologem
of the Goddess, but if you wanna improve this point of view you may follow
the maya, aztek and quiche mythology : it’s like stealin’ candy from a
A little more infos may be obtained by readin’ the followin’ sites :
and, maybe, many others…

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All you got to do, that is if you wanna learn more and search for
more, is to follow the “three aspects” (maternal/Demetryk – it’s OK, don’t go
there; wife/friend and “durga” – this is the one to follow …), “the
substitution” and “the switch”…
What else can I say ?

Accordin’ to Robert Charroux, lemurian “green virgin” ‘ s
“reincarnation” was Mary Magdalene.
As you know, “The New Testament” describes the gesture of Mary
Magdalene that involved greasin’ the feet of Issa (Son of Divine) with unction
(interestin’ fact, the “unction” of kings durin’ the Middle Ages was given on
the head ; what is this “feet” stuff ? – Could it be related to the
“abyssal Kundalini” risin’ ?; well, the “abyssal Kundalini” is an energy comin’
from “bellow”, through seven “abyssal levels”  – what can I say, I
practiced a little yoga, but then again : who gives a flyin’ f*ck ?)
Charroux is givin’ us the key : the attitude of Issa was unrelentin’ :
He refused/rejected the implications of this ancient ritual (reminds you
of anythin’ ? Oh, the dancin’ of Kali on Shiva’ s body ? Hmm..
(In present days, the “sahaja-yoga” school claimes to be able to rise
this “abyssal Kundalini” energy, located into the left heel… Oh, remember
the byblikal excerpt mentionin’ the snake-bite to the woman’s heel ?
“There goes the neighbourhood… – Ice T).

Jean Sider dedicated his life to get into “the labyrinth”. His struggle
was not in vain.
Two of the files brought up to light as followin’ of his research are
very important. To me, anyway…
1) The Zeitun file – Egypt, 1968
April 2nd 1968 – the first appearance. Then, accordin’ to Daniel Reyt,
over 300 other appearances succeeded. There was no message involved, no
nothin’. All witnesses identifyed the image with Mother Mary.
(“Mother Mary came to me, there will be an answer, let it be…” –
Beatles. “Nein !” – Rammstein)
Accordin’ to witnesses, it looked a lot like the icon already known :
blue long vestments, veil on the head, the light over the head… The lower
side was unclear.
Sometimes, witnesses saw “a pea-coloured (green) cloud” moments before
the appearance of the “virgin” – remember the shield arround the USS
Eldridge ? What colour was it ? -, while the sky was red-violet.
There was an appearance on august 12 1968, launched by two lightnings,
followed by a brightnin’ white-blueish light.
These events happened into the coptic church of Zeitun area, mostly
benneath the roof of the buildin’.
On april 13th 1968, the professional photographer Wagih Risk Matta took
a couple of photos, arround 3:35 a.m. Another photo was taken by Ali
The french mass-media quoted a fur newspapers of Cairo on may 6th 1968,
and then… nothin’ : full “embargo” on the info, doubled by the “flash”
of the 1968 events in France – totally controlled by Mossad, that is…
2) The Shubra  file – Egypt, 1986
Night of march 25th 1986, eighteen years after the Zeitun events,
marial appearances were noticed over another coptic church, followed by others
durin’ a three months period.
Another event was noticed on april 4th 1986, between 13:00 and 16:30.


Serge Monaste, a canadian journalist passed-away in totally unclear
circumstances, brought up into the light some secret documents – a synthetyk
documentary named “The Toronto Protocols”.
“The Alpha Plan”, centred on the “control” concept – applied durin’ the
’60s, got its final stage with “The Omega Phase” reports, experimentaly
launched durin’ the ’70s (includin’ the “electromagnetyk weapons’
The record of the reunion in july 1967 is called “The Red Plan/ Panem
et Circense”.
The record of the reunion in june 1985 is named “The Red Aurora”.

The romanian writer Radu Cinamar claimes he saw “the goddess” Machandi
with his own eyes. Who’s there to contradict him ?
First time, he got into this “occultate zone” located in the Western
Carpathians area, from where he was sent, along to his companions, “the
immortal” Elinor and the tibetan Repa Sandhu, straight to a certain area
situated in Tibet, somewhere in the mountains, too. (Ladakh ?)
The second time, accompanied by the same “A-team” and other 19
teenagers, he met Machandi on the Godeanu peak, also in Carpathians.
He described “the goddess” as a young beautiful woman, taller than
usual (over 2m ), her body colour was blue, her ocular globes  were yellow and
her iris bein’ green and havin’ this vertical 5 cm spot on her forehead –
its colour bein’ violet. Her facial features were half european/ half
She gave to Cinamar a manuscript that belonged to Padmasambhava.
She revealed Cinamar (whoever that be…) that she was the supporter of
Rama while Sita/ Ravana got kidnapped, but there’s not available records
to that. ( When you know a lot of infos got erased durin’ the ages, it’s
reliable. But, then again, what if – reverse psychology ! – there was NOT
Machandi back then/ there ?!?)

That’s it. End of discussion.

Or, is it just the beginnin’?

Ananda is a “contactee” of the andromedan Freya- Athena, which s”should not be mistaken with the Athena of the new age reptiloid implant cover-up lineage, but the ORiginal Freya- Athena Sister in the line of Manu”, accordin’ to his own interpretation.

There is the Goddess of the Black Fan ( aka the Bloated Woman), an avatar of Nyarlathotep. ( Did you know that the daughter of Mata Hari was an Asian entertainment dancer? She didn’t fail her mother, too, if you know what I mean…)

Another hypostasis is “Madam Yi”, an avatar of the Great Old One Yidhra.

Latest news:

Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda, UFO Roundup correspondent in India, reported: ” I am tryin’ to learn more about a strange incident that occurred in Joshimath. A family was workin’ on an automobile engine at their repair shop. They had a small, battery-powered Chinese black-and-white television set and it gave out a weird squealing’ noise. When they looked, they saw on the screen a crystal clear picture – in color!

The screen showed a young Chinese woman wearin’ a white halter top. She had long, glossy black hair, parted in the middle and with a shelf of bangs just touchin’ her eyebrows. She had almond eyes and prominent cheekbones. And spoke in a strange language, thewn another, a third, and a fourth language recognized as Uighur.

Next, a Pathan man from northern Pakistan appeared who had a rather fleshy face and a small mustache. He was dressed very strangely in a kind of scale-mail armor and a spiked helmet covered with a puggaree (turban). He, too, spoke in an unknown language. Then, he paused and spoke again in Urdu (…).

He said he and the Chinese woman were emissaries of the extraterrestrials. He said the aliens mean no harm and have placed the Ladakh valley under their protection.”

You may find this, along with to many other (connected) Infos, on

Doesn’t it remind you, though, another strange episode, that happened durin’ the ’50s? It’s the same pattern used in the “Ashtar Command” tv-transmissions then when Koot-Humi himself appeared on the screens (it happened somewhere in Great Britain…).

“How Bizzare, how bizarre…”

Here’s an addendum to “Star Wars – Episode 2 / Part 2” :

Iovan Iorgovan is the “archetypal” model of Hercules.
Hercules is the “role model” to the Gogi bloodline.
Iovan Iorgovan beats the “nine eyes dragon” in the Oslea top of Godeanu/Guratri mountain.
Who am I to judge ? “you name it !” (remember? – I don’t live in the past.)

Isis unveiled – the realm Part II
Shub- Niggurath = aka “the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young”, the “All Mother”, “Magna Mater”, “Mother of Cthulhu” and “Father of Nug and Yeb”, and perhaps associated with Gorgo-Moro the thousand faced moon.

She stands for and supports the use and exploitation of basic desires, gluttony, hedonism, greed, tyranny, lust, fear and the lowerin’ of self-control.

The cult of this deity may ally itself and work alongside the followers of Yog- Sothoth, Cthulhu (and any other of the spawn of Shub itself), Azatoth (there is a source wonderin’ on the identification Amateratsu = Azatoth), Nyarlathotep and sometimes Tsathoggya.

Does the Ammon cult need any references?
It’s the oldest Egyptian cult. You can find it plenty on the net.
Search for Amon, the hidden, and Ammon Re/ Amon Ra.

All I say is this :

Ananda claims that certain “contacts” to the “andromedans” lead to the Flammel and Fulcanelli (two of the most known alchemists – my note) successful alchemical completion, ‘just before de MON infiltration, of the hidden MONad god of the MONarchy, the A-MON of Egypt”. (Would you believe the guy knows what he’s talkin’ about ?)

The key :

Around 6 500 – 6 200 b.C., “the Black Pharaoh” established in Egypt (where else? I mean, come on…) the cult of Nyarlathotep.

Have you seen  ?

What is the sign next to Ma’at? It’s the coptyk cross.

Does this remind you of anythin’?

Oh, aha… I strongly advise you to read (once, twice, several times…) 

Once again, I won’t insult your intelligence. Judge for yourself.

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