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Gerard & Sophie de Sede observed:

The roman empire had its banks, which had nothin’ to do with the modern
Durin’ the Middle Age, mthe jewish and the lombards cfame up with some
emprovejments. but the church institution obstructed such activities.
Based on their exorbitant privilegies and sovereignity, the Templars
conceived an unprecedented bankin’ system.
Durin’ the XIII-XIVth cnturies, the gold became advantageous.
By settin’ up promisory note/ bill, the Templars settled the vallues
transportation risk. And the “usury practice” interdiction established by
the church institution.

Durin’ the XXth century, not at all by coincidence, the hole system of
the operations (bank services) promoted by the Templar organisation
totally reappered.

Fact (beyond interpretation _ or, is it ?) : while the last bunch of
witches were burned into flames in Europe, the first infractional
money-fakers were executed.

Serge Monaste’ s “Toronto Protocols” reveal a social implication of the
secret organisations activity: the “middle class” is a make-up buffer,
mentainin’ a very unstable balance between the “rich men’ s world” and the
“lower class” -who struggles poverty and survive in misery in a day-by-day
neverendin’ battle.
(The “Toronto Protocols” are an “agenda” of the “rosicrucian” level of
the conspiracy.)
And, then again, what exactly “makes a difference” ? Come on, it’s an
easy one… Money, what else ?
As several researchers observed, the “fictious money” is the basic
virtual element who decisively contributed to the development of the bankin’

What’s the monstruous side of the hole scam ?
This one’ s personal, man…
I remember once upon a time, while I was young and innocent, I saw a
picture: durin’ the 1929 bankin’ crash, in the back of a van filled with
milk- kegs, a man was pourin’ out the milk on the ground. It was part of a
large scale action, ment to mentain a high- price to the product.
I know what hunger is.
And, instead the fact I don’t live in the past ( ! ), while
understandin’ the true meanin’ of what I was lookin’ at, this kind of anger rised up
within – somewhere into/ between  my inner dissatisfaction – and, since
then, it never leaved me.
“The colour of money is red.”

Let’ s not forget that the 1929 crash was just a way to get the
subterranean fonds who got straight to the new promoted nazi social order in
It’s fact, as it’ s fact that the most prominent international bankers
(Rothschild, Rockefeller and others) were and still are jewish, as it’ s a
fact that the hole nazi staff, except Goering (who was not less ugly than
the others, though) were jewish.
(Did you know that Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild bastard ? (He was
conceived while his mother was workin’ in a Rothschild residence)
You may considere me an antisemyte, this won’ t stop me spittin’ facts.
‘Cause it’ s  the TRUTH and nothin’ but the TRUTH that matters.

On the other hand, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier mention that the
nazis were usin’ “psychic power stations” to get their social purposes…


Ioan Petru Culianu mentioned the “intelligence corporations” used in
mass-manipulation actions durin’ modern and contemporary times.
( Let’ s not forget that the world war I got launched as a result of a
“brain-stormin’ meetin'” – however, I wondered WHO actually controled and
got the job done in the end ? In the end, is it purely psychologykal ? It
means you gotta be somebody else, no matter the situation…)

Anyway, what’s my point? (Yea, good question…) Where do the scientific and the financial views meet? It’ s straight in what we’ re livin’.

Does the “VISA- card” tell you anythin’? (Should I mention “the mind-control techniques” ?) As you know, VISA is a word involvin’ three old languages.

  • VI is the roman for 6
  • S is the greek for 6
  • A is the Babylonian for 6.

“And it had name and number of human: and its number is 666.” (Apokalypse)

Did you know that the writer of the Apokalypse, aka St. John, was a member of the “Council of 12” (the rulin’ forum of Agartha ? Supposedly, he died in Tibet sometime durin’ the XIIth century…)

Get my drift? Once again, I won’t insulte your intelligence. Just think fast, think twice, think deeper.

And, in the end (or, is it just the beginnin’ ?), speakin’ of mass-fascination techniques/scams, here’ s a bonus :

“The Da Vinci Code” fascinated too many fools.

Here’ s the TRUTH :

  1. Issa Chrystos is the Son of Divine. He got crucified and resurrected three days after.
  2. There were two Jesus: Issa and Joshua. Joshua was genetically-conceived through the Nazyreans (from here, the confusion of “Jesus from Nazareth”). One of the ancestors of Joshua was, genetically, Rama – the hyperborean who got straight to India leadin’ the Arians.
  3. The only meetin’ of Mary Magdalene with Issa was the scene mentioned in “Star Wars II” when He rejected the ritual she performed.
  4. There was no Mary Magdalene at the tomb of Jesus/ Issa, but “the other Mary” – mother of Joshua Nazyreus, who’ s name was also Mary (like Issa’s mother name).
  5. Mary Magdalene ended somewhere in Britain, along with to Joseph of Arimathea (the founder of the Glastonbury Abbey, the headquarters of the benedictions/ “black monks”).
  6. Only by coincidence, Joshua (the Nazarene) also ended in Britain. He also never got anythin’ in common with Mary Magdalene.

Do you believe me? DO YOU ?!?

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