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“First thing first, man, you f*ck with the worst.” (Wu-Tang Clan/ Old Dirty Bastard)

As you figured it out, the name Machandi is a combination from Ma (most likely, comin’ from Ma’ at and Kali Ma ) and Chandi, the warrior goddess of Hindu religion.

It’s also pretty interestin’ that Kuan Di is the Sumerian god of time (while the psychic Maia Schamayyim mentions “the Kali rift” in the space-time continuum…)

There is also Macha.

And, another important element: Machandi had this vertical violet spot on her front head. Violet…

A calcholytik religion of the goddess merged with the symbol of the thunder, mostly in Cappadocia.

Later on, the fire-light of the thunder got worshipped by the Iranian Magi, whom religion god was Zurvan ( the two-faced god of time ), translated to the Roman god Janus.

What’s the link- bar of these?

Durin‘ the XIIth century, a blonde goddess namin’ herself Isais revealed herself to a Templar- team in Germany. The symbol she got associated with was a thunder within a circle, the upper side of the circle bein’ … violet, while the lower side was black.

This is a hard one… we followed a “black-haired” she-god (?!?) through history, and here we are facin’ a … blonde goddess ?… As you already figured it out, the spawns are supposed to play another kind of mind-game…


The point is: no foreign goddess is supposed to “manufestate” into the Romanian Zone.

Why? Just ’cause…

‘Cause the magic developed by the hyperborean – emergin’ all through the nordic areas – was strictly based on the “masculine/ male” system. The feminine element of the magyk affair sprayed out in the open from the Mesopotamian area, and this means with a purpose…

And, a common-sense explanation: you don’t destroy (even if you’re french…) an unknown ancient underground, just to come up later with a “replicant” story about an “Atlantean” subterranean AND a … goddess.

Get my drift? (“How do you get a woman to the climax ?” “Who cares ?”)


The Chinese woman appearin’ on the TV screen in Joshimath, that Ananda mention in www.akasha.de/~aton/NUnews.html was not Machandi. The Pakistani dude is, almost surely, Koot-Humi. And this is a typical Ashtar Command action.


Also read  www.goddess-pages.com/writings/KaliforniaGoddess.html , and notice the amplasement of Silicon Valley…


Durin’ the XIIth century, the first wave of heretical movements emerged.

The Albigensian, the Cathars of Languedoc and the bogomylians (in Bulgary) stroke. And got stroked back.

The second wave emerged durin’ the XVII-XVIIIth centuries, mostly through sorcery, kabbalah and In 1484, the Pope prepared the way to Reformation, by leadin’ expectations to a counter-striker of the church-values.

Then, Martin Luther, a high-rank rosicrucian, got launched. The
Reformation was on.
The Counter-Reformation emerged, in the first opposin’ then step by
step colligatin’ with the new movement…
In the first, the church rised against the heretyk movements started by
“the marranos” (the jewish hidden cultists of kabbalah and mozism), but
the benedyktins (aka “the Black Monks” – ah, oh…) turned up “the fire”
against the young women unwillin’ to sleep with the “representants of power”
(just a facade, in the final), but mostly against the intellectuals who
were tryin’ -simpletons – to come up with somethin’ else, and against to
another bunch of people who succeeded to get to “a third and a fourth level
of counsciousness ” (this info is courtesy of Osho. Then again, let me have
my doubts : 3rd and 4th counsciousness levels of …what ?)
The interest-rate of the conflict got huge, in the mental.

Accordin’ to Ioan Petru Culianu, the effect of the conflict between the
Renaissance way and the fanatyk perspective of the church got an
unexpected result : the modern- dualist- scientifyk way of thinkin’ emerged.
(Colateral effect : the MP dammage… Culianu was just a genious,see…)

Robert Charroux is givin’ us the key : “This risin’ of the role of the
scientist as a successor, was prepared even since Moses and Ptolomeys.
This preparin’ process is, apparently, the action of certain secret
societies, whom charge was mentainin’ the tradition ; it’s about those secret
societies found from centuries under the hermetyk symbol of the most glorious
of the flowers – the rose.”


Accordin’ to Rene Guenon,the modernist/ scientyfik manner of thinkin’
emerged as a result of the activity of three philosophers.
(“The world is fillin’ up with too many f*ckin’ metaphors” – I found it
on the net)
Descartes, a 9 degree mason, came up ( durin’ the XIXth century  ) with
the cartezian view (anothr face of dualism – see “manicheism”).
Then, Baruch Spinoza (a jewish ethnyk, therefore a mason) improved it.
Last but not least, Leibniz – 19 degree mason – came up with the fianl
version of the program.
Let’s not forget the XIXth century is the gotyk period…
(Too many “scarry movies” these days, man … “And isn’t it ironic,
don’t you think ?” – Alanis Morrisette)

As Ortega y Gassett observed, the scientific way of thinkin’ developed
a three- steps system:

  1. the vanguard research, permanently comin’ up with new theories and breakin’ up or improvin’ former views;
  2. the “pragmatic” threshold, embracin’ strategies and dealin’ with the applications of these vanguard developments;
  3. the “basic” stage, collecting’ the results of the process and promotin’ the educational labor ( the hoax is the masses are always “one step behind” in the knowledge… it’ s like promotin’ Newtonian physics in the Einsteinian era…)

The soviet psychotronic research started durin’ the 1925, when dr.
Aleksandr Barcenko initiated several “mediumnic” contacts with the “ascended
masters”, who revealed him some psychotronic drafts.
Durin’ 1937-38, Stalin ordered the assassination of Barcenko’ s team.
Only a few of ’em lived.
Interestin’, though, that the best psychotronic research within the
Eastern block was carried out in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Poland.
The czechs and the bulgarians achieved very interestin’ results.
And, as a report on the soviet psychic warfare establishment reveals,
it looks like there are definitely “sidebars” on bulgarian psychics and Kn’
yan (Kuen Yuin), czechoslovakian alchemy and “the cult of transcendance”
(includin’ the golem of Prague/ rabbi Loew stuff) and the Azarya family.
; By the way, did you know that Bush is a descendant of rabbi Loew?


Jean Sider considers that the marianic apparitions in Egypt  ( Zeitun
and Shubra ), Turquay, Liban and Syria – had a purpose : to improve the
ethnyk tensions between the religious communities between islamists and
chrystians. Accordin’ to his sayings, “this would demonstrate that this kind
of mass-manipulation is practiced ’cause of miscellaneous purposes, not
always obvious in the first view”.
The fact is durin’ 1968, there were three solar conjunctions gettin’
all in the same time.
And, durin’ 1986, a psychic source mentioned there was a “situation”
that could get ugly ; then, out of the sudden, a change “manufested”…
improvin’ the “vibration” who was about to get “out of control”…
Let’ s not forget the Toronto meetings happened (“shit happens”…) in
1967, then again in 1985 – every of ’em 1 year before the events emergin’,
back then… (The 18 years period is the rosicrucian way of actin’.)

John Paul II was about to be killed. A turkish dude shot him.
Later, the would-be assassin involved a turkish secret organisation
(“the grey wolves”) and through this the bulgaryan secret services.
The romanian researcher Vladimir Alexe considers that beyond the
bulgaryan secret services it’s a typikal KGB aktyon.
Some other sources claim that the realm occures to GRU, Soviet Army
Secret Service…
The fact is the reason why the Pope was about to be killed was his
willin’ to rveal the “third revelation of Fatima”.
As you know (by now, anyway), Mother Mary is supposed to revealed
herself in Fatima, Portugal, just for makin’ some announcements…
The third one is hidden.
As far as I know, it’s about a war or somethin’… (“F*ck you, tell me
somethin’ new…” / M.O.P. – Cold as ice)

READ  1974: Two Inventors Work To Devise Fuelless Car

Durin’ the Romanian Revolution – the very first “live on TV revolution
ever”, somethin’ to be proud of… – there was this episode involvin’ “the
suicide” of the leader of the Romanian Army, general Gusa.
The TRUTH is this : general Gusa, who rejected on-line the involvment
of the soviet troops into this, got killed by two agents : the leader of
the GRU Paranormal- Bureau Activities ( SV-8 ?!?) and its executor.
They got through him, inside his bureau, tried to get some infos
straight through psi techniques, didn’t succeed (or, did they ?), therefore “the
executor” shot the man in tha heart.
Then, they stole some files from within the safe located in the chamber
and run away.
(Now, let’s get real : what kind of infos would such a “psi-team” need,
other than from their own domain ? Any other kind of info was easier to
get obtained on the “usual” channels…)
Does this mean anythin’ to you ? ” ‘Cause for me, sincerely, it means a
hole f*ckin’ lot…

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