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Section B
The mystikal mythologem – Agartha

Agartha was made by humans, as simple as that.
In “Le Royaume inconnu” (“The unknown kingdom”), Fride Wean says: “The
position of the initiatic center in the physikal plan is not immuable; by
followin’ the polytikal or religious necesities, it’ s movin’ it splits
All through history, locations of the Agartha kingdom were in Egypt,
China, Ireland, then in Delphi and Tibet.
The basic doctrines, the ideologykal influence, manifests from the king
David ’till the elaboration of the Talmud, remarcable effects
reverberatin’ into the Middle Adge alchemy.
As you know – by now, anyway -, “king David” was not a person, but an
institution : David was a generyk name assumed by the “shield bearer” (as a
curiosity, Rothschild = “roth”/ red and “shield”, “the red shield”…). <br />The specyfik colour of “the house of David” was green, though…(just as
Templars Grand Masters’ robes)

Hystorikal contacts with Agartha

Apollonius was born in Tyane, Cappadocia, 4 b.C.; when he was 16 years
old, he deposed his pythagorean swear in the temple of Esculap.
By followin’ a trajectory engraved onh a few copper plates, given to
him by an Apollo’ s priest (while in a temple of Daphne, located somewhere
near Antiohia), he arrived in the north of Nepal, accompanied by an
assyrian named Damis. From there, the explorers were taken to the kingdom ruled by a certain Hiarchas.
Comin’ back in Italy, Apollonius became a very vyrulent oponent against
the slavery system and also against the abuses made by the roman


The orthodox community evoke a slavyk monk named Sergius, who organised
(in 987 A.D.) an expedition to the Oryent, financially supported by the
kneaz Vladymir. Returned to Kiew in 1043, Sergius described a fabulous asian
kingdom. ( His stories were published in a chronicle of San Francisco, in
24th of april 1949.)

Missions prescribed by Agartha (assumed in medium state) carried out
the alchemyst doctor Paracelsus (1493-1511), Nostradamus and a few others.


In “Revelations over the Magyck”, Karl von Eckarsthausen (1752-1813)
mentioned a secret “School of Wisdom”.


Saint- Yves d’ Alveydre, who wrote the famous document “Mission de l’
Inde en Europe” (published in 1910, after he died), presented the supreme
ruler of Agartha as the Pontyf Suveran, coordinatin’ the Brahmanyk Church.
( This name was never used in India, the only group that used it was thw
heterodox sect Brahma- Samaj, founded in the early XIXth century, divided
in rival branches and later dissolved.)
The propagandystik ctivity of Saint- Yves inspired several reformist
groups, among ’em the Polaris club (founded durin’ 1929) – ruled by Vivian
Postel du Mas and Jeanne Canudo, personalist and communitary movement
providin’ the fabian socialism.


Ferdinand Ossendowsky, carboriferous exploitations specialist, polysh
engineer who used to be the minister/ secretary of the Finances durin’ the
leadin’ of the “white (russians) government” instituted by Kolceak, found
out an interestin’ legend mentionin’ a phantasy kingdom, by goin’ through
vast areas of Central Asia in 1920 and 1921. The ingineer got significant
details from Hutuktu (elevated lamayst monk) Jelyb Djamsrup, in
Narabanchi- Kure ( a very important lamaserya of “exterior Mongolia”), from the
prince Choultoun- Beily and from his advisor lama Gelong, also as a result of
several conversations with the librarian Bogdo- Khan, in Urga
(Ulan-Bator). Later, a lama livin’ near the Nogan Kul lake showed him an entrance in
Agartha.   Ossendowsky named the “hidden kingdom” Agarthi (in his book – “Betes,
hommes et dieux”/ “Beasts, men and gods”). The kingdom was supposed to be
ruled by the “King of the World”.)
His sources were strictly mongolyan.


Nicholas Roerich, russian painter (later becomin’ a finn cytizen, right
before the “October Revolution”), accomplished an expedition in august
1925, ment to achieve the central asia, followed by a second expeditiuon,
durin’ january-may 1926.
While he was in Moscow, durin’ 1926, the artist gave to the sovyetik
government a valuable paintin’ named “Maitreya, the Conqueror” (it’ s
exposed in the “Gorki Museum of Art”); he also gave ’em a letter from the
Mahatmas (Wise Men) of Himalaya (its text was published in the first issue on
1965 of the moscovyte magazine Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizhn).
Some sources, documentary confirmed, consider that Roerich became a
representant of those Mahatmas (located in ancient cultural centers from
central Asia) to the polytikally-powerfull governments.
The activities of the well-known militant materialised into the
adoption of the “Roerich Peace Pact” by the United Nations in 1930, later signed
by the “Panamerican Union” (in 1935).
He also contributed to the emergin’ of the United Nations institution.


The parizian magazine “Point de Vue” published in 1947 the statements
of an epykurian multy-miliardar, the prince Cherenzii Lind, who was
claimin’ himself as the Great Leader of the Initiates of agartha, aka Kut- Humi.
Accordin’ to Robert Charroux, his purpose was to meet Mikhael Aivanhov,
Grand Master of the Great White Brotherhood from Sevres.
Robert Charroux says :
“I’ ve met personally the “Chryst-King”, Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere,
the Suveran Pontyf of the Universal Church, Supreme Regent of Agartha, the
Director of the Mondial Bureau of Cultural Affairs etc., and he tried to
make me believe that the entrance in Agartha is placed somewhere in  the
area where the Chigatze and Kuen Lun are located.
I’ ve also met very closely the “prince Cherenzii Lind Maha Chohan,
“Supreme Regent” (as he was claimin’, too) of Agartha, and who was supposed
to lead us into the subterranean sanctuary located north of Lhasa.”
And “yadda-yadda-yadda, Charroux never met “the prince” again, as long
as he lived.

The organyzatorik structure

The chain-in-command system of Agartha is ment as a pyramidal
structure, presided by Maha- Chohan (which is actually a mixed- up term, not
appearin’ at all in the buddhist canon Tanjur/ Kanjur, includin’ the terms
“maha” = great and “chohan” = tybetan term describin’ an occult yerarchy).
The combination of these two terms dates from the XVIIth century A.D.
(The identity of the person nominated by this “nobility title” is known
to certain polytikal representants.)
Maha-Chohan’ s secretary intermediates the relation to the subordinated
Raymond Bernard evokes several meetings, started in 1964, as a result
of which he participated to a reunion of the “Great Council”, gatherin’ 12
“great initiates”. (No politician is a member of the “High Council”.)
In some texts, the “King of the World”, who’s got the power to convene
the Great Council, is named the “Master of the three worlds”. Accordin’
toi Robert Charroux, “the Master of the Three Worlds (…) is Lucifer
Ossendowsky’ s writings nominate King of the World as Brahytma/
Brahatma (the Authority), seconded by Mahytma/Mahatma (the Power) – he gets
aknowledge of the future events, and Mahytma/Mahayana (the Organisation/Order)
– who determines the causes of these events.
The actual “Supreme Council” disposes by informations gathered in huge
archives. Only the Suveran Pontyf of Agartha, along to his assesors/
subordinates, know the whole content of this planetary library.
Members of the “Supreme Council” mentain a direct link with the cosmic
mission named the “Sacred Collegium” (who ensures the continuity of the
high ezotheryk initiation). The “Supreme Council” is a theokratik-like power
form, actually the equivalent of a civilian power, assumin’ the
responsability of the existential aspect, while the “Sacred Collegium” is
“responsable for the souls” (accordin’ to Raymond Bernard).;
The Supreme Council of Agartha is the first link to the cosmic
yerarchykal ensemble. It’ s not to be confused with the High Reunion of the Cosmic
Masters (which is assumin’another kind of mission).
The Supreme Council coordinates the activity of the 36 Unknown
Superiors, who lead 365 Bagwandas (cardynals) and 5 000 Pundits (scholars). (Into
masonic circles, there’ s a version mentionin’ a Council of the 72).


The princess Sharula aurora Dux, daughter of the king and queen of
Telos (agarthian residence) and ambassadoress of Agartha to the surface of the
Earth, mentions as organyzatorik structure the same “Council of 12” (its
members are both men and women), implyin’ other two members, though – Ra
and Rana Mu.
The council is supposed to solve the internal affairs of the agarthian
The king and the queen assume the responsability of the finalisation of
the Master Plan.
Another representative leader is the Great-Priest Adamu.
You’ ll find many other infos by readin’ :
– .


They say Agartha got removed, durin’ 1800 b.C., in the northern
Himalayas, in the Dejong region.
In present days, Agartha changed its name (now still beginni’ with an
“A”…) and its geographykal location, while inside the Great Council
intervened a change in the line of the new rythm of evolution (accordin’ to d’
As a result of the decision ment to adapt the operational process to
the social and technologykal demands, adopted at 21st of march 1933, the
members of the Supreme Council got authorised to have “profane occupations”,
too – by beginnin’ with the 27th of december 1945.

The location – still a mystery

Michel Simkine, quoted by Robert Charroux, mentions a second Agartha,
the “John’ s Upper/ High Church Agartha”, who might be located “at the
North Pole or under the Himalayas”.
Accordin’ to Gerard de Sede, “for the asian buddhists of the Mahayana
school, the location where the King of the Worlds lives in reclusion is
Agartha and it’ s situated, accordin’ to some, in Japan, accordin’ to others
in India, others say it’s in Tibet, whilw another wing claim it’s in
Mongolia; as a result, the believers imagine there’ s a subterranean net
linkin’ all of these regions, this way everybody’s “koombaya” “.
I won’ t insist on the Antarctyk Covenant. you can find infos in
Branton’s web- sites, and also use the, especially and .

It’ s forbidden to mistake Agartha with the authentyk spiritual center
– Shambala, its characterystiks are totally different.
The last “physikal projection” of Shambala was in Kashmir, Orissa,
’till the 6th century A.D., since when Shambala has no longer any kind of
projection into this physical level.
Shambala is significated by the “Right Hand Path”, while Agartha is
significated by the “Left Hand Path”.
Accordin’ to Robert Charroux, the teozofysts think that the Masters
from Venus ( ! ) formed, right after they came to Earth, The Great Initiation
Lodge, and their residence is now Shambala – an astral city located in the
Goby desert (a secret sanctuary, center of the hidden government. ( ‘
understand the confusional strategy ?)
Confusin’ synonims are the deviated forms Kambala and K.B.L.
Robert Charroux mentions : “The K.B.L. forces have to serve a new
synarchy, to unite into the same fight against the black forces the most
numerous race of the Yellows and the most capable race of the Nordic blonds.
The nature of these forces is magykal and comin’ from the four most
important world traditions; tybetan, hindu, egyptian and german, al of ’em
focused over a fifth tradition, (…) of the underground freemasonry.”
The ‘external” link to Agartha is “The Great Lodge of the Vril”.
(As far as I know, the ambassador of the tybetan Agartha in nazies’
Berlin was a certain Karo Nicky. And, Hitler ‘ s counseilor regardin’
occultist problematyk was another certain character known as “the monk wearin’
green gloves”, who was supposedly the owner of the key to the entrance in
“the subterranean kingdom” of Agarthi – interestin’, there was an
organisation known as “The Green Glove” activatin’ in Russia before wwII…)

Section C
The realm

Durin’ october 1973,, Sandro rampazzo and Sandro Sedona (guns- dealers)
got arrested in Viareggio, Toscana. Rampazzo’ s note book revealed the
most organised plot ever known in Italy : the “Winds-Rose” conspiracy.
An important name involved into it was that of a doctor of Ortonovo
(near La Spezia).
Gian Paolo Porta Casucci was always seen dressed as an SS officer. (He
ven wrote a book : “The child with a walkin’-stick”, signin’ it Josef von
The police research into Porta Casucci’ s residence was not in vain.
Among several documents provin’ the fascist sctivity in the region,
they discovered the planin’ of a state-attack ment to blow in 1974.
All the documentation was impregnated with the symbol of the nazi
aquila, meanin’ the mysterious organisation named “Rosa dei Venti-Giunta
esecutiva ricossa sociale italiana”/   “The Wind-Rose? The Twentieths’
Organisation – executive junta (league) of the national italian rescue/
The plan involved six steps :
1) gettin’ the financial support from extremal right-wing supportin;
industrials, initiatin’ armed attacks and kidnappings;
2) putin; into practice the strategykal tension by emergin’ several
bloody attempts in Italy, this way deludin’ a mass- psychosis;
3) direct oiffensive against the left-wing organisattions, by
assassinatin’ their leaders = civil war;
4) intervention of the army, while the accomplice officers and soldiers
join the extremal right-wing and neutralise the democratyk forces; the
key-locations on the field get controled;
5) the execution of the communist and socialist ministeries/
secretaries and parlamentars, of the left-wing leaders and of the older Resistance
members (1 624 individuals);
6) the establishment of a system similar to the Social Republic of
Porta Casucci revealed his connections with prince Borghese and a
certain Eugenio Rizzato (from Padova). He also revealed that the plan was
elaborated durin’ the winter of 1972 while a meetin’ of the veterans of the
Republic of Salo.
The investigation culminated, durin’ november 1973, by the arrest of
Eugenio rizzato (member of the Black Brigades), of the advocate Giancarlo de
Marchi , MSI municipal conseilor of Genova and close collaborator of
Giorgio Almirante, leader of the party, and Roberto cavallero (member of thye
fascist syndikate CISNAL).
They were members of the National Front, leaded by Junio Valerio
Borghese (refugee in Spain, as a result of the failin’ attempt of 1970). the
representant of Borghese in leadin’ the party was de Marchi. (Soon, it got
proved that Borghese was the mastermind of the whole plot, though… Meanin’
the investigation confirmed  his presence, along to the SS colonel Otto
Skorzeny, at the meetin’ of the Wind-Rose conspiracy, carried on into Porta
Casucci’ s residence, summer of 1973.)
In january 1974, roberto Cavallero revealed several names and facts.
Among the involved names, there was locotenent-colonel Amos Spiazzi-
the chief-commander of the 3rd army military informations bureau. Among the
facts, Cavallero recognised he infiltrated into several army services,
meanin’ to involve superior-officers into the plot.
The search inside Spiazzi’ s residence revealede his links to the
“Ordine Nuova”/ “New Order” organisation and to the “Winds-Rose” conspiracy.
Spiazzi used military codes to preserve the contacts between the members
involved in the plot. Through Spiazzi, the “Winds-Rose” was able to controle
the details regardin’ the defense systems of the whole teritory of Italy.
In february 1974, Roberto Cavallero came up with details regardin’ the
“Organisatiopn”, identifyin’ the new involved term/ concept with the
“Winds-Rose”, while he deconspired the whole plan, the programs, the links to
the industrials and to the bankers, the connections with the extremal
right-wing organisations : The National Front, MAR, Ordine Nuovo, Ordine Nera/
The Black Order, The National Vanguard etc.
He said : “The Rose is a secret organisation leaded by a group of 87
superior-officers representin’ all of the corps and security services. The
group presents its ramifications all over the country and officers’
operational nucleums into all the detachments. There’ s also another officers’
group, mentainin’ the link to the extremal right-wing organisations,
involved in the plot.”
Accordin’ to Cavallero’ s claimin’, the “Winds-Rose” came up with a
whole new military yerarchy, kind of an inner circle.
‘ Takin’ advantage of the confused and unstabile social situation, the
Organisation was meanin’ to provoke/ challenge troubles (as long as such
things wouldn’t’ ve emerged spontaneously), by financin’ and controlin’
(through the Organisation and Winds-Rose groups) this kind of actions, just
to reach its purpose…
The “Winds-Rose” have been involved in the 17th of may 1973 Milano
grenade-attempt, launched right in front of the central police station by Gian
Franco Bertoli (4 killed, 20 sever-wurmed). The attempt has been preparede
by Eugenio Rizzato.
The bomb-attempt from the Genova- Rome train (8 april 1973) was also a
result of the “Winds- Rose” program. Nico Azzi, member of “Ordine Nuova”,


The “Aginter-Presse” was, ’till 24th of april 1974, an international
subversive fascist center, financially supported by the portuguese
government and also by the french, belgium, south-african and south-american
extremal right-wing leagues.
(Previously,a similar press-agency existed in Western Europe durin’ the
’30s, founded by Armand Bernardini – member of the anticommunist
organisation named “The International Polytikal Bureau”.)
In september 1966 Lisabone, a french polytikal- refugees group founded
the International Press Agency “Aginter- Presse”. The first issue of the
publication was in november.
The director of the Aginter agency, Ralph- Guerin Serac, arrived in
Lisabone durin’ late 1962. His real name was Yves Guillou (ex- captain in the
french army, he fought in Coreea and then in Indochina and Algerya; durin’
june 1962, he refugeed in San Sebastian, Spain; there, he became a member
of Georges Bidault’s CNR commandin’ department.)
In Lisabone, Guillou contacted several ex- OAS members and also a group
of “olders” from Petain’ s regime, also refugeed in the same area.
(The fascist community was high-protected by Salazar himself.)
PIDE (The International Police of Defence of the State), founded in
1940, needed an informations-net inside the african areals. Therefore, the
portuguese authorities asked Guerin- Serac to come up with a staff of
Meanwhile, Guerin- Serac came up with an underground organisation named
“Order and Tradition”, symilar to the OAS. The group got in touch with
other organisations from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Portugal.
The league was named OACI : “Organisation of action against
international communism”. Founded in 10th of december 1966 Lisabone,it became the
clandestin military wing of Aginter and “Order and Tradition”.
(The military wing of “Order and Tradition” was “The Occidental
Presence”, though. Founded in Johannesburg, it got sprayed in Salisbury, Luanda,
Bissau, Lisabone, Madrid, Hamburg, Viena, Bruxelles and Malmo.)
The first international reunion, in Lisabone (january 1967), gathered
the representants of the fascist movements from Portugal, Spain,
Switzerland, Sweden, West- Germany, Argentina, Paraguay, while the second (april
1967) reunited members of the extremal right-wing from Belgium, great Britain
(British National Party) and Italy (Ordine Nuovo).
Aginter maintained collaboration with symilar italian agencies, such as
FIEL Notizie Latine (focused on the South- America) and Oltremare (the
‘third world” correspondent). Oltremare and Aginter had a collaboration
contract signed in february 1967, in Lisabone.
Guerin- Serac’ s team also contacted the south- african, brazilian,
rhodesian, south- vietnamese and taiwanese governments.
In France, Aginter was closely connected to ex- OAS members
communities, the Tixier- Vignancour communities, later (1966) to the “Occident” and
“Young Revolution Movement” (MJR – founded in the late 1966 by ex- OAS-
metro Jeune members; later, it became the “Popular Action”, “Youth Action
Group” – GAJ and the “Impact” magazine).
In 1969-1970, Aginter got in touch with the “Europen Elite” group.
In Switzerland, the neo- nazi center “New European Order” (NOE), leaded
by professor Amaudruz, collaborated with Aginter. (It seems Amaudruz was
an Aginter agent). Aginter was also connected to the swisse fascist group
“Young Europe”.
In Belgium, it had contacts in Jean Thiriart’ s group.
In Germany, it was related to the neo- nazi party NPD.
In fact, Aginter was preparin’ a whole promotion of spies,
commando-warriors, terrorists, assassins and mass- manipulatin’ agents.

The mediator

Durin’ 1964, Guerin- Serac was meetin’ Guido Giannetini (I’ ll get back
with some infos on Guido Giannettini as soon as I can). The mediators of
the restrained reunion were a PIDE agent and … Jean Souetre (the well-
known international assassin, whose center was located – accordin’ to
Branton’ s research – in Madrid. Small world, isn’ t it ?),

Section D

“I hit ’em high / hit ’em high / hit ’em high, and you hit ’em low
/ hit ’em low / hit ’em low…” (All Stars)

Arrested durin’ the spring of 1980s, Patrizio Peci (ex- commander of
the Torino section of the “high strategykal command” of the “Organisation”,
revealed the Prague (Czechoslovakya)- Hungary – Austria channel of the
gun-traffic provided by the palestinians to hte “Re dBrigades”.
He mentioned two missions assumed by the commander of the “Red
Brigades” Rome section, who bought guns on the sea, once i durin’ 1977 and the
second time durin’ 1979.
In 1977, he’ s got the Skorpion used in the assassination of Aldo Moro.
Then, he discharged the hot-stuff in La Maestre, the industrial harbour
of Venice. The grenades, the Energa anti-tank mines, the machine-guns and
the Strela rockets were given to the terrorist centers in Italy, to the
IRA, to the bascs ETA and to several terrorist groups of Germany.
The guns, provided by FPLP to Georges Habash, were addressed to the
military underground movement of the “Organisation”, but also to the
polytikal wing (the “oficial” branch) of the “Autonomy” – on 8th of november 1979,
Daniele Pifano, a well-known leader of the “Autonomy”, got caught in
Ortona while transportin’ two Strela rockets.

‘Ndrangheta got its 2.5 million dollars reward to the “Red Brigades”
from the kidnappin’ of the billionaire Angelo Costa, then used as financial
support to the Aldo Moro affair.
To the end of the ’70s, Prima Linea of the Organisation and the
calabrese ‘Ndrangheta organised a reunion gatherin’ the bosses of the two leagues
inside a luxurous villa in Tropea, Calabria; while the terrorists’ mentors
were polytikaly leadin’, supported by the violent movements of the
“Autonomia” members.

Section E
The Ashtar Command

Unusual events happened in Europe and USA, many TV viewers from Great
Britain and radio listeners from USA and Europe pointed out/ mentioned the
(all of the) sudden overlap of several messages from unidentified sources.
The frequency of the signal proved to get usin’ a high energetyk level.
An american listener livin’ on the south coast of California mentioned,
in his letter: “On 24th of july 1972, it was saturday, between 12 and 13
p.m., I heard on the radio a message which in my opinion was emited by the
Ashtar Command, usin’ a frequency over 10 000 kHz, with such a high
intensity that it overtook the local post, which uses a 10 kW power. I think the
Ashtar emitor uses a bearer-wave 1 000 kW power, which is illegal in USA,
where the most powerfull emission permitted to the stations is 50
The messages were received later both technologykaly or by channelin’.
The texts were published, while some of the “TV shows” got available on
video- tapes.
Members of the Ashtar Command are Xyletron, Matton, Andromeda Rex,
Voltra and Kut- Humi.
Accordin’ to ’em, they are extraterrestrials from Alpha Centauri,
namin’ ’emselves “santanians”.
Accordin’ to the romanian researcher of the phenomen Ion Tugui
(deceased, not ’cause of that…), the santanian contacts with humans began in
1952nd Germany, then continued in 1953rd USA, the development of the
channelin’ later involvin’ mediums from Peru, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, New
Zeeland, England, France, Italy, Sweden and many counties of Asia.
In Berlin, a mediumnic group developed a campaign startin’ in 1956.
Professor Sper repeatedly “saw” the “materialisation” of the leader
Ashtar Sheran. He described him as a 2. 10 m high male, blond long
(shoulders-level- hair, blue eyes and high forehead.
On 26th of november 1977, a member of the “Galactyk Commandement
Ashtar” presentin’ himself as Gillon connected to the british TV screens, durin’
a sudden transmission. While the message was on, there was no image- just
All through the campaign, it was repeatedly emphasized:
“We do exist and our fleet in the sky is not a fiction !”

Endeed, Agartha presents a “physikal projection”.

As I mentioned in a previous material, Krishnari Bai Dharapurnananda,
UFO Roundup correspondent in India, reported a strange incident that
occured in Joshimath (the info is available courtesy of Ananda, whom sincerity –
meanin’ his hole activity – I personally don’ t doubt… but…), a family
mindin’ its own bussines gettin’ a TV message (instead their TV was
black-and-white, the images came up in colour version – oh, technology these
days…) from a chinese woman wearin’ a white halter top, havin’ a long
glossy black hair parted in yhe middle and with a shelf of bangs just touchin’
her eyebrows, and right after from a pakistani look-a-like male, wearin’
warrior cothes and a turban.
Look familiar ? They both spoke weird languages, combinin’ their
speakin’ with understandable languages. Their message was talkin’ about the
Ladakh lately events, revealin’ the “extraterrestrial” origin of the whole
scenario and a few other things…

Section FM
Back to Earth – Polytikal/mystikal link

On 14th of december 1248, two emysars, namin’ ’emselves David and
Markus, landed in Limassol harbour, Cyprus.
David embrassed Andre de Longjumeau (a typikal freemasonry salute – my
note); they met before in the mongolyan land.
‘ Cause the two were ambassadors of the “great khan” to the king of
(Previously, the italian franciscan monk Jean du Plan Carpin / Giovanni
de Pian Carpini travelled durin’ april 1245 and 22nd of june 1246 to
Mongolia, sent by the Pope Inocentiu the IVth. witnessin’ the coronation of
Guyuk as a khan, he brought back an answerin’ letter from the new mongolian
emperor to the Pope.)
Andre de Longjumeau was representin’ Ludovic the IXth, while David and
Markus were representin’ – as soon got proved – just the warrant of the
khan in Iran and Armenya.
The whole operation involved Hayton I, the king of Armenya. It was
based on the religious permisivity of the gengyshanyd bloodline; and, most of
all, they were emysars of the “nestorian church”.
(The byzantin ex-monk, epyskop of Constantinopole durin’ the IVth
century, founded this miscellaneous church; the council of Ephes (431 A.D.)
sanctioned his ideas and, durin’ 433, he was claimed as heretyk.)
Durin’ the VIIIth century, the nestorians emerged all through the north
of China.
In the XIIIth century, “the nestorian chrystianism” was very popular in
the Mongol Empire, also very active in Tangut and in the uighur state
(Present Hsin- Chiang), even before these two regions to become part of the
Gengis- Khan’ s first wife was a nestorian, guyuk’ s first wife was a
nestorian and Mongke’ s first wife was a nestorian (“cherchez la femme
!…”). Nestorians were in command in many administration high-places.
Another ambassador of Ludovic the IXth in Mongolia was the franciscan
Willem van Ruysbroeck (aka Rubruquis/ Rubruquin).
This kind of connections were based on an underground knowledge
(meanin’ the four centers of the Melkysedech legacy).
As I just mentioned, Gengis khan got married to a nestorian woman,
named Borte, daughter of a nestorian mongol prince named Unkchan.
Ruysbroeck identified the famous “Prester John” in the person of
Gerard de Sede concludes that “Prester John” was not Unkchan’ s
identity, but his function into the “nestorian church’ (based on Rene Guenon’ s
mentionin’ that the “nestorian church” was the “external center” of an
inner circle, which is … Agartha, “the hidden kingtdom”).
David and Markus also mentioned several “asian chrystian communities”
claimin’ ’emselves to continue the line of the Magi, but their locations
were also impregnated by buddhist communities (lamaseryes).
Gengis khan was wearin’ a golden ring with a large ruby which had a
swastika graved on it. To the end of the XIIIth century, Kubilai (the
grandson of Gengis Khan) gave the ring to Dalai-Lama. Later, the jewelry was
brought to Urga (Ulsan- Bator). It was there in 1621. Then…

Regardin’ “the Prester John kingdom” historykal links, you can read :
– (in here, I found the info
that Carpin/ Carpini was a close friend to st. Francisc d’ Assisi – who
was d’ Assisi ? El Morya..)

You can also type “Carpini kingdom priest John” and “Carpini kingdom
prester John” in Google : there’ s a whole lot of info you’re gonna get this

Section G
The hoax

There’s a change interferin’ into times. And, who gets aknowledge of
it, it’ s actin’.
H. P. Blavatsky wrote, in “The secret doctrine” : ” Between the end of
the XVIIIth century and the beginnin’ of the XIXth century, lots of
freemasons travelled to Tibet, where they got initiated into the esoteryk order
of the Masters of Wisdom.”
It’ s hoew the Shambala mythologem got known to freemasons. Therefore,
they overlaped the mythologem of Agartha, by usin’ the myth of Shambala.
Accordin’ to Robert Charroux, to the end of the XIXth century Agartha
leadin’ group permitted the knowledge regardin’ their existence to the
(As you figured it out, these two informations are strictly related.)

Here’s a key :
Claimed entrances in Agartha are supposed to be located in : Egypt,
Tibet, India, China, Japan, Ireland France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland,
Czechoslovakya, the Poles  and a few other regions.
Follow the jewish migratin’ legacy and you’ll find out that all the
geographyk regions mentioned to be such kind of entrances to a subterranean
hidden kingdom present the same three patterns : there are explicit
geo-magnetykal anomalyes in the area, while there are numerous caves in there;
there are uranium deposits in there; the areals are populated by jewish
communities, mostly. (Personally, I mention such a situation in the Baciu /
Shepherd forrest area, near Cluj – interestin’ enough, the legend says that
the comte of Saint- Germain was born in Cluj/ Transylvania, 28th of may
1696, as son of Charlotte Amalie, daughter of comte Karl von Hessen-
Rheinfels- St. Goar Wanfield; his name was Leopold Georg and his father was the
leader of the elite liberation-movement from the Habsburg leadership.)

Read also “The adventures of Don & Carol Croft”, on the net (just type
the exact title and dive into it…).

You’ ll also find a whole objective / impartial point of view over the
ideologykal perspective by readin’ Clive Picknett& Lynn Prince’ s “The
Stargate Conspiracy”, bringin’ onto the stage a character named Schwaller de
‘ can get knowledge on the subject by readin’ :

READ  Star Wars VI

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