Section A
The political mythologem
The Synarchy

“Ideas were made for humans, and not humans for ideas.”
Comin’ from greek, the term “synarchya” ethymolgykaly means “the collegial  (as in “league”) power”. Theclassic example is considered the system set up in Athenes durin’ 510 b.C., by Clisthene (grandfather of Pericle), who reformed the Constitution of the fortress in concordance with several principles inspired from Pitagora” s phylosophy, accordin’ to whom the actual power – meanin’ the influence over the whole social activities – has to be exert by a “choice of society”/ elite, includin’ scholars and mystiks.
The Ordo Illuminatorum Society, founded in 1776 by adam Weishaupt, had
thirteen pyramidal degrees, strictly compartimented in three levels. The
influence of the order manifested in England in France, and had been very
important in the development of the French Revolution.
Several jacobyns were members of the Bavarian Illuminati (the jacobyns
club is considered responsable for the bloody repression in 1793 – when
the polytikal took control over the revolutionary movement). Representative
names are Danton, Mirabeau and Thomas Paine.
In “Secret societies, yesterday and today”, Serge Hutin says that the
actual rulers of the bavarian order were in fact a few members of the
mysterious organisation “Synarchie d’ Empire”/ “Synarchy of the Empire”.
Born in Saint- Yves, durin’ 1842, the occu;tist Joseph alexandre
Saint- Yves d’ Alveydre, marquise d’ Alveydre, had an adventurous life,
travelin’ from the penitenciary colony of Mettray to the marine infantery and
even to Jersey, as an educator.
Next to the 1870 war he was a modest errander in the Ministery of
Internal Affairs. In 1876, he met Marie- Victoire de Risnitch, contess of
Keller, ex- mistress of tsar Alexander II. Marryin’ her, he bought from the
Pope institution the title “marquis d’ Alveydre”.
The meetin’ with a mysterious afghan prince (in fact, a birds-seller
from Le Havre) ment a significant moment in his career, by findin’ out
several secrets refferin’ to Agartha, where “The Great White Lodge” rules,
controlin’ from the shadow the destiny of the planet (oh, grandiousity…).
This way, the archetype of the “synarchy” emerged.
It seems like synarchy associates three powers, correspondin’ to the
corporal, relational and spiritual functions, meanin’ the economykal power,
the legislative power and the guidin’ / leadin’ power.
As a result of what he found out, Saint- Yves d’ Alveydre suggested
that the parlamentar democracy should be replaced by a system of
organisations formed of proffesionals, elected by proffesional electin’ corps. The
system was willin’ to include : the Economysts Chamber, the Legal Advisers’
Chamber, the Scholars Chamber and the Clerykal Chamber.
Saint- Yves totally discerned the notions of power and authority : the
authority is supposed to supervize the power.
And, first thing first, the synarchy was supposed to get established
all over Europe.
Only Pierre Milliaire (pseudonym) claimed himself to incumbe from the
Saint- Yves d’ Alveydre ‘ s teachings, by publishin’ in 1912 “La fin du
parlamentarisme; du crepuscule de l’ anarchie a l’ aurore de la synarchie”/
“The end of the parlamentarisme; from the twilight of anarchy to the
aurora of the synarchy”.
(Remember “The Red Aurora” – the name of the 1985 “Toronto protocols”
? Aha…)
Originatin’ in the rosicrucian branch named AMORC (“Antic and Mystik
Order of the Rose- Croix”), “The Hermetyk Brotherhood of the Golden Down in
the Outer” became an important secret society emerged in the XIXth century
In “Saint Graal and its heir”, Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and
Richard Leigh mention: “Durin‘ the XIXth century, Prieure de Sion tried to
constitute over the masonry and Hieron du Val d’ Or a new holy roman empire,
kind of theokratyk union of the european states, ment to be ruled by the
Habsburgs along to a radikaly reformed church. The wwI and the replacement
of most of the european monarchies foiled these plans.”
Pierre Mariel considers: “As the French Revolution got prepared by the
“Bavarian Illuminati” and “The Templars of the Strict Observance”, the
same way the “Golden Dawn” prepared the come in of the nazism.”
Members of the Golden Down Brotherhood became adhesives of the
“Synarchy for the Empire” and of other groups representin’ secret societies based
on the promotion of an elite, most of ’em emergin’ as exclusyvist
associations and clubs.
As a result of the wwI, unprecedentede massacre causin’ the death of
more than 10 million humans and by the end of wich the communism spectrum
got sprayed into Russia, also infectin’ Italy, Germany and Hungary, the
lack of balance was provin’ the vulnerability of the economyk and social
system all over the Occident – implyin’ the idea of a profound restoration.
An ideology was comin’ into view in France. Its aversion against the
communism, the balance between the general overview and cult for cyphers
and technyk, the tendency to command – all of these got into an “elitiste/
choice of society” view.
The development of the public service, industry and finances caused
the emergence of a social group named “the managers”. Durin’ the middle
1920s,this “social cell” got impressed by the synarchic concept, promoted by
Papus, grand- master of the Martinist Order.
The technokratyk conception is based on the importance given to the
economykal power, the previous project proposed by Saint- Yves d’ Alveydre
referin’ to the foundin’ of a “Great Council of the National Economy”,
bringin’ together workers and bosses; this way, the “class struggle” was ment
to get neutralised.
In the 1920s, a sindykat of the economyk and professional press got
promoted, this way the spread of the synarchic idea gettin’ easier among the
industry-people and bankers. This ideology was ment to add “a little bit
of soul” to the capitalyst system and society.
Durin’ 1921, the Martinist and Synarchic Order appeared under the lead
of Victor Blanchard (an office-worker in the Deputyes Chamber). The next
year, the Synarchyk Central Committee was founded, as a polytikal secret
society, gettin’ together as its members young graduates of several famous
swchools and bussines-men. An important purpose of the league was to
recrute and promote competent personnel.
Supervizors of the Committee were Etienne Clementel = minister/
secretary of Industry and Trade, founder of the General Confederation of the
French Masterhood; alexandre Millerand = ex-president of the French Republic;
and Jean Monet = second-general secretary of the United Nations (he later
became “the father of Europe”).
In 1929, an italian guy named d’ Accomani, the author of “Asia
Mysteriosa” (signin’ with the pseudonym Zan Bhotiva), mrs. Jeanne Canudo and
Vivian Postel du Mas (who claimed himself as a descendent of Guillaume Postel)
founded the occultist group named “The Brotherhood of the Polars”. The
organisation supported the settin’ – up  of a direct informational line to
agartha, through an italian eremit from Tibet – “father Julien’.
The group reunions were goin’ on in Montmartre, 36 Avenue Junot,
inside an apartment. Among its members there were the publicist Fernand
Divoire, the writer Maurice Magre and Jean Marques- Riviere (nazi simpatizant).
The small group of Polars was gettin’ in touch with the Teosophists,
the esoterist- christians of Paul Vulliaud, the masons of the Great Lodge
of France and especially with the members of the Martinist Order (from
1934, ruled by Constant Chevillon).
Inside another occultist group, Postel du Mas met Rudolf Hess.
In 1934, Vivian Postel du Mas published, by signin’ “the Synarch VPM”,
a small writin’ named “The scheme of the social archetype”, representin’
the Saint- Yves d’ Alveydre ‘ s ideas.
The meetin’ between Postel du Mas and Jean Coutrot was followed by the
turnin’ of the “Synarchyk Central Committee” into “The Synarchyk Movement
for Establishment of the Authority” (“Le Mouvement Synarchique d’
Empire”), while “The Scheme” became the “Synarchyk Pact” – a full economykal-
politykal  program.
The movement, significantly supported by Jean Coutrot, inspired the
emergence of a multitude of organisations and seminars, study groups,
magazines and other media, gettin’ to inspire the economykal and governmental
gearings, too. Into this complex system were involved X-Crysis,
X-Informations, The General Comission of Scientyfikal Organisation of Work (CEGOS),
the French”Bring-to-normal”, the “9th of July Plan” team, along toimportant
individual “decision makers” – such as : Ernest Mercier = magnate of
electricity and “deliverer”  of the electoral masterhood; Auguste Detoeuf =
director of Alsthem; Pierre Pucheu = director of Japy; Jacques Barnaud and
Gabriel Leroy- Ladurie = first, the garant and, second, the administrator of
the bank group of Worms (which later became the most important financial
supporter of the Synarchy).
Instead the fact that not all of ’em were members of the “Synarchic
Movement for Establishment of the Authority”, all of ’em shared the same
Durin’ the 1940s, there were in Vichy typed writings of a document
containin’ 598 suggestions, divided in 13 aliniates. Named “Pacte Synarchique
Revolutionnaire pour l’ Empire Francais” / “Revolutionary Synarchyk Pact
for the French Empire”, the manifesto mentionede the existence of a vast
secret organisation, in which all the right wing ideologies were
originatin;, by beginnin’ with 1922. This secret organisation ment to bring down all
the parlamentary systems and focus the power to the high-masterhood, to
high- civil servants and to the technokratyk “choice of society”/ elite,
Concomitent, several groups self-named “synarchiks” got activated,
intendin’ a new european over-polytikal order. They all got cumulated into
the collaborationist environments/ system of Vichy.
In 24th january 1937, the freemasonDimitri Navashin (economykal
conseilor of the Popular Front, weel-known economist, ex- director of the North-
European Bank and director of the Worms Bank) got killed by members of the
“Secret Organisation of the revolutionary and national action”/
“Organisation secrete d’ action revolutionnaire et nationale”, nick- named by the
journalists “Cagula”/ “The Cagoule”. It was financially supported by
Mussolini, along to Renaud, Michelin, Lafarge, Gibbs, Ripolin and others (would
you take a look over “The 300 Committee” ? We’ ll talk about a few names,
The ruler of the Cagoule was a marine ingineer, graduate of the
Polytechnics, member of several administration counsils and attached-expert of
the Appeal Court = Eugene Deloncle.
The Secret Committee of Revolutionary Action recruted a very large
scale/ polytikally various members, from right wing sympatizans to trotzkysts
and communists, as far as their purpose was the subversion, survin’ the
establishment of a synarchyk system. Deloncle may be considered as a
theoretician of the elitist- technokratyk society.
The “inner circle”, located into the Polytechnic School and named “la
Grande Taupe de France” (in fact, a paramasonic system), selected as its
members just the most remarcable students, inoculatin’ an elitist ideology
and meanin’ to manifest power from key- places in society and state,
includin’ by infiltratin’ the army.
Deloncle was seconded by two deputyes : Georges Soules = extremal
socialist, aka Raymond Abellio, and Jean Coutrot = wurmed war veteran, founder
of the Polytechnist Center of Economic Studies. (Coutrot was also a leader
of the top-secret society known as Synarchy.)
The cagoulard movement was clearly organised by usin’ the model of the
Saint Vehme, the Bavarian Illuminati or the Imperial Synarchy. (Its
structure, formed by cells of 9 to 12 members, was built like to reveal to the
low-level members strictly the very-next level in ierarchy, nothin’
It was a known fact that the Petain government was infiltrated by a
Into the vichy regime – installed and dominated by the agents of the
same masterhood – the “synarchs’ owned three key-ministeries: the
Industrial Production = Rene Belin(ex-director of cgt), supervized by Barnaud; the
Financies = Bouthillier; the External Affairs = Paul Baudoin (director of
the Indochina Bank). The Corporative Organisation Committees, the central
Office of Distribution of Industrial products etc., were “synarchyk
products”, also inspired by Coutrot.
“The synarchs” got involved into the internal conflicts of the Vichy
regime, too.
When Laval got replaced with admiral Darlan, he got back almost
instantly as a result of the direct intervention of Petain. Right after tis
incident, the anti- synarchyk cxampaign exploded/ emerged.
In Vichy, Laval and the catholic integrists got involved; in Paris,
Deat and the extremal colaborationist elements got involved in it. The
synarchyk movement was exposed.
In 1941, the director of the National Safety, Henri Chavin, draw out a
“Confidential Report on the polytechnyk society aka the Synarchyk Movement
for Establishment of the Authority” ( the first investigation regardin’
the Synarchy made by usin’ strictly police means ), in which it’ s written
that, from the 44 identified rulers of the “Mouvement synarchique d’
Empire”, 22 were graduates  from supervizors schoolos (there were 15
polytechnists and 5 graduates of the “Financial inspectors contests”) – see what
happens when the intellect becomes tormentin’ ? (my very own note)
There are also mentioned 10 components of the multitude of the
associations/ groups founded courtesy of Coutrot involvement, whom financial
souyrces remained a mistery.
Happenin’ in 15th of may 1941, the demise of Coutrot was kept in
secret ’till the 5th of july. His two secretaries, Frank Thealet and Yves
Parignaud were already dead at the time (miscellaneous circumstances).
Spared by the juridical system, the cagoulards controled the
assassination of the ex-minister/secretary of Internal Affairs of the Popular
Front, Max Dormoy, in 26th of july 1941. Joseph Darnaud , the chief of the
Cagoule in Nisa, became director of the famous Militia established by the
government of Vichy. Behind the cagoulards, there was the Syanarchy, kept
In 1941,Eugene Deloncle and Georges Soules founded, in Paris, “The
social-revolutionary movement”, emergin’ among other “colaborationist”
organisations. The next year, Soules planned an “internal” set-up; Deloncle,
deposed, colaborated with the Abwehr (informations service of the Wehrmacht),
by involvin’ himself in the attempt against Hitler, in 20th of july 1944.
Raoul de Vitry d’ Avancourt, Gabriel Le Roy- Ladurie (members of the
Vichy government), Loustaunau- Lacau, Louis Vallon and Ghislain de
Benouville (members of the Resistance) were “synarchs” or ex-cagoulards,
maintainin’ themselves into the power structures durin’ the 4th and the 5th
Republic, among many others bein’ in the same situation, into the high-levels of
industry, finances or into the centers of the power.
Many cagoulards retired, after 1945, in Franco’ s Spain, Argentina and
The trial of the Cagoule, goin’ on durin’ 1948, presided by the judges
Locuty and Jakubiez ( sounds like jewish ethnyks – just as a curiosity,
though…), revealed that the assasin of Navashin, of Laetitia Toureaux and
of the Rosselli brothers (who didn’t have anythin’ to do with the
synarchy, but whom “conviction” came from the OVRA, the secret police of Mussolini
– think twice, think fastt, think deeper… Aha !),was Jean Filliol, ex-
member of an association named “Camelots du roi” – deliverin’ regalist
publications durin’ the inter-war; he was a deputy of Deloncle.
There were exposed some of the fianancial sources of the Cagoule : the
marshall Franchet d’ Esperey contributed with aprox. 1 and a half francs,
Pierre Michelin gave aprox. 1 million, seconded by Louis Renault and
Jacques Lemaigre-du-Breuil, the master of the Lesieur oils – who got killed in
Alger, in 1943.
Durin’ 1946, Husson was denouncin’ a left wing (!) synarchyk pact, in
“Synarchie, panorama de 25 annees d’ activite occulte’? “Synarchye,
panorama of 25 years of occult(ist) activity”.
The whole situation is synthetized by the very- learned Umberto Eco :
” Let’ s get it straight,from the right wing there’ s denounced a
Synarchyk Pact of thye Empire, socialist and secret, which anythin’ but secret
there isn’t; but the same secret synarchyk pact is denounced from the left
wing, too… And here it is (…) a new interpretation: synarchy is a jesuit
plot ment to break down the 3rd republyk. This thesisgot exposed by Roger
Mwnneveee, a left-winger.(…) Here’ s another revelation : the Synarchy
is a plot of the international technokrats. This point of view is affirmed
, in 1960, by a certain Villemarest. Le 14e plot of 13th of may. The
techno-synarchyk plot ment to break-down the governments and, to do so, they
provoke wars, support ajnd instigate state-attacks, provoke internal
internal raptures into the polytks, by encouragin’ the internal raptures… (…)
It’ s SIM, the Multinational Imperialist State, as the Red Brigades named


The Red  Brigades were the visible part of a compact conspiration,
named the “Organisation”.
Durin’ 1979, the italian institutions released a vast campaign
investigatin’ the involvement of the subversive activities of a secret
organisation, which – accordin’ to the investigastion – appeared in 26th of
september 1971, as a result of a restricted reunion happenin’ inside a chamber
(four walls !) somewhere in Rome, debattin’ “the Ishutin soloution”.
(It’ s about the secretly napparatus used as a model – it appearted in
the tsaryst Russia, durin’ january 1866, initiate by the mosckow
revolutionary Nikolai Ishutin; the organisation was composed by a manifest element,
promottin’ agitation and propaganda actions, and a secret branch, named
“Inferno” – usin’ terrorism.)
Step by step, gettin’ itself in the backstage of the extendin’
(apparently spontaneous) of the terrorism, the “Organisation” – ruled by
intellectuals, university schoolmasters and prodigious characters of the 1968
events ( ! ), was about to insinuate, as a result of its two-headed
insinuation, deep into the depth of the civilian society. (It’ s war !)
Through the age4ncty of an irregular net – involvin’ extremal
left-wing “autonomous/independent collectives”, apparently (perfectly) legal,
though – a polytikal wing was elaboratin’, in plain sight, the insurrectional
mass propaganda. The military wing was subversively operatin’ – includin’
terrorist groups gathered into the “autonomous zone” : the Red Brigades,
Prima Linea (First Line), the Armed Proletarian Nucleum (NAP), PFR, UCC and
others, about 200 “subterranean”/ underground armed gangs changin’ their
names every eight days, just to keep the illusion of a numerou and
implacably gherilla army.
The first important step in the development of the “Organisation” was
to enter into the international circuit. Giangiacone Feltrinelli, leader
of “Potere Operaio” (“The workers’ Power – Potop, founded in 1969 and
constituant of the first terrorist gang in Italy – GAP), inaugurated the
european circuit. The Zurich “central office” got followed by the “International
Bureau” of Potop, located in the “Eco- Libro” bookshop, as an
international terrorist coordination secretariate, which came up with an “european
project” ment to apply the “Ishutin solution” continentally.
Soon, the “Organisation” got closely in touch with the Baader gang,
the irish IRA, the basc ETA, the french extremal-left-wing clandestinity,
all of the palestinian terrorist groups, and the Tupamaros members from
diaspora. These groups, to which other 4-5 armed groups got to add (among ’em,
the Black Panthers), kept their first high-level reunion in october
1971,at the “Stensen Jesuit Institute”, in Florence.
Beginnin’ with 1971, there were regulary organised high-level reunions
in Beirut, Tripoli and Dublin, the facts gettin’ vehemently denied by the
authorities of the involved countries.
There were well- equiped and provided logystik bases in Switzerland,
Germany and France.
A branch was activatin’ in the Middle East, durin’ 1971-1972, about
100 italians gettin’ trained in palestinian camps (1 000 volonteers got
involved in the Tel- el- Zatar battle in Lebanon).
The czechoslovakyan general Jan Sejna, ex- general secretary of the
Czechoslovakyan Ministery of Defense and counseilor of the Central Military
Czechoslovakyan Committee, asked USA for polytikal asylum in 1968.. Durin’
1980, he exposed the names of 12 italians who were trained inside the
sovietic centrals of Czechoslovakya : 4 of ’em were among the founders of the
Red Brigades, 2 of “em were leaders of “Autonomia”/ “Autonomy” and another
was an important actuator/ (instigator) of the students’ national
revolution in 1968 ( ! ).
The military and financially support given to the Red Brigades was a
basic mission of the jugoslavyan secret service. The jugoslav implication
in the Red Brigades activity is originated in an action started durin’ the
middle- “60s, consistin’ in the infiltration of a marxist group among the
students of Trento University, with the purpose to spray out the communist
doctrine. In 1970, the group named itself “Brigate Rosse” and organised
bomb- attempts against factories and ware- houses all over northern Italy.
Antonio Negri, the recognized “Brain” beyond the proteyform organism
composed of boombastyk- named cells (such as “The Organised Autonomy”, “The
Workers’ Autonomy”, “The Armed Autonomy”, “The Armed Workers’ Autonomy”),
was a graduate of the classes organised in the “preparation center” of
Czechoslovakya durin’ 1966-1967. Negri’ s writings were inspired from the
left- wing english hystorian Eric Hobsbawn.
In 1980, Patrizio Peci (member of the Red Brigades and source of the
most significant informations used as charges in the arrest of 400 italian
terrorists, the liquidation of the Red Brigades and Prima Linea) confirmed
that the Red Brigades members were trained inCzechoslovakya durin’ the
whole ’70s, also gettin’ guns from those centers.
The tag of opinions didn’t prevent the repeated meetings between
Renato Curcio (representin’ the Red Brigades) and Antonio Negri (emissary of
the Autonomy), unrolled in the presence of Fioroni, the most important
deconspirator of the secret alliance between the terrorists and their
intellectual mentors. The last meetin’ took place in the summer of 1974, the same
time Petra Krause and Sergio Spazzali were gettin’ 42 anti- tank mines from
the “Swisse Group of Deliveries”.
The “Illegal Activity” section of Potop, whose military commander was
Valerio Morucci, became in 1976 “La Prima Linea”. Beginnin’ with 1977, the
polytikal faction of the “Organisation” got into a manifest process/
course of fusion-combination with its subterranean privilege.
The Red Brigades were a military organisation, spared to the elite
(operatin’ independent from the masses), while the terrorism of Prima Linea
was supposed to present itself/ to be seen as an “emanation” of the popular
will. In 1978, Potop was out/ finished, but Franco Piperno, Oreste
Scalzone and Luciano Ferrari- Bravo ( who previously were in leadin’-places
inside the group ) got accused for subversive activities.
The investigations revealed the full colaboration of the
“Organisation” with the Mafia. ‘Ndrangheta, the calabrese section of Mafia, had a
“lucrative pact” with the “Communist Fight Union” (UCL).
By usin’ the social- polytikal conditions of the period, the
“Organisation” could’ ve achieve the level of a gherilla war (the analysts of the
phenomen considere that the governmental services would’ ve get able to
stop it by usin’ the demokratyk meanings; the scam was that if they’ ve done
that, it all was about to change into a police-state/ clever, ain’ t it
It’ s proved that, this way, the extremal left wing terrorists were
preparin’, minutely, the left-wing dictatorship – in Italy, Germany, Spain,
Ireland, Turkey, right after the eloquent example of Tupamaros in Uruguay.*


The European Union, constituted durin’ the last months of 1993,
powerfull-idea promoted by Jean Coutrot, Coudenhove- Kalergi and arhi- duke Otto
von habsburg, represents by many of its aspects the synarchyk prototype.




Today, “German Marshall Found”, providin’ from the central nucleum of
the ex- “Morgenthau- Planungs Gruppe”, financial source of the “Club of
Rome” and fervent supporter of the socialism, intends the instauration of a
drastyk autocracy and of the occultist theokracy.
Known members of the “German Marshall Found” are :
– Willy Brandt
– David Rockefeller, Chase Manhattan Bank
– Russel Train, president of “World Wildlife Fund”, Aspen Institute
– James A. Perkins, Carnegie Corp (branch of the Carnegie foundation of
– Paul G. Hoffman, designer of the Morgenthau plan
-Irving Bluestone, United Auto Workers Exec. Board
-Elizabeth Midgeley, CBS producer
-B. R. Gifford, Russel Sage foundation
-Douglas Dillon, ex- USA Tresorery
-John J. Mc Cloy, Harvard University
-Derek C. Bok, Harvard University
-John B. Cannon, Harvard University and others.
Paul Stefanescu, romanian writer who’ s also a freemason (therefore, he
knows a little more…),in the chapter about synarchy – included in “The
mondial history of the secret societies” – expose short and consystent
resumees gathered in a synthesis revealin’ the story of the Pugwash movement,
plus several notices followin’ the social phenomen of nationalization of
the secret and discreet organisations.
Scientyfik branch of the mondyalism, oficially appearin’ in 1955 (to
the definition of which Albert Einstein and the phylosopher Bertrand Russel
contributed – through elaboratin’ its ideologykal directive- manifesto),
the Pugwash movement got together scholars as Max Born, Percy Brigman,
Frederic Joliot- Curie and others; an important member was the canadian Cyrus
Eaton – a John D. Rockefeller agent, a Pugwash native (the location of the
first reunion of the league).
Paul Stefanescu mentions a vast net of secret societies that were
active in the post- war Germany. The hystorian E. J. Gumbel considers that this
kind of organisations continued the Saint Vehme and the Society of the
Lizards; a direct link is most possible. These executive- groups belonged to
the Rossbach Organisation and to the “Consul Organisation” (“C
There are several sectarian french movements meanin’ the same purpose (
accordin’ to the mentioned writer).
The exhaustivity of the ideologykal stave allocated to the concrete
activity and the apparent opportunism in usin’ all the meanings available may
generate an askin’ on the consistency of the synarcyk movement.
What the f*ck is the synarchy, anyway ?
Synarchy is supposed to be a social form of organisation, comin’ from
mystik elements inspired by the monarchyk mythologem ( King of the World
etc. ), assimilatin’ technokratyk characterystik features ( I mean, come
on… the change and the technologyk progress couldn’ t be ignored, isn’ t it
?),to the medieval formulas (the imperyal concept) gettin’ added modernyst
notions, like the ierarchyk multicomponent model and the technologykal
As a conclusion, the synarchy is a hoax.
In the foreword to Robert Charroux’ s “Book of the forbidden
knowledge”, Andre Bouguenec says : “The synarchy, sea- snake of the occultism, does
not exyst !”
The synarchy is not supposed to be considered a rigid device, but a
permanently changin’ solvent, such as an ideology.
The key is given to us, right on point, by the scholar Umberto Eco :”
But the synarchy originates in Agartha, which is the refuge of the Templars
1) Hieron du Val d’ Or = an esoteryk – catholyk sect, founded durin’
1880 by the marquise de Sarachaga (spanish arystokrat), in Paray- le- Monial
(Saone-et-Loire), center of the Sacre Coeur cult.
2) The nostradamian predictions totally ignore to mention the ww I,
which the Freemasonry claimes to have provoked. ( Accordin’ to Gerard de
Sede, Nostradamus was a membre of Prieure de Sion)
3) Born in 1888, son of a cognac-seller, synarch, reformated in 1914
and representant of Clementel in London, minister/ scretary of Commerce/
Trade and Industry, Jean Monnet provided strategykal products to France. Four
years later, Monnet was second-secretary of the United Nations, in Geneve;
he mentained cordyal relations with T. V. Soong, president of the Central
Bank, and with his sister (Chang- Kai- Schek’ s wife).
Jean Monnet came up with the idea of foundin’ the Central Synarchyk
Committee, in 1922, activatin’ the same time into the International
Synarchyk Movement (legalised in colaboration with a hungaryan- belgian comte,
Coudenhove- Kalergi, as “The Paneuropean Movement”).
Durin’ the ww II, he acted as the counseilor of general de Gaulle,
by conceivin’ and putin’ into practice the well-known “Monnet Plan”, ment
to modernize the french capitalism. He also was involved in bankin’ stuff.
He died in april 1979, 91 years old.
Henry Kissinger wrote about him like that :” Few people had such an
important role in the history of humanity.”
4) Guillaume Postel (1510-1581) = french scholar and occultist,
follower of the “christyanik kabbalah” and translator of the Zohar.
5)Paul Vulliaud (1875-1950) = author of “La Kabbale” and “Le Sens
Secret des Evangiles”/ “The Secret Snese of the Evangelyes”.
1) Alexe, Vladimir – The invisible empire (Secret Files of the XXth
2) Charroux, Robert – The book of the forbidden knowledge
3) Cremene, Mioara – Initiatic dictionary of knight orders
4) Eco, Umberto – Foucault’ s pendulum
5) Helsing, Jan van – Secret organisations and their power in thew XXth
6) Helsing, Jan van – The second book
7) Pacepa, Ion Mihai – Red Horizons
8) Sede, Gerard & Sophie de – Occultism in polytiks
9) Stefanescu, Paul – The mondial history of secret societies
The Millenium Group
L. Fletcher Prouty, ex-colonel in the american army, mentioned durin’
an interview given to the italian journalist Cipriani the names of those
who got sacrificed as a result of the orders of an elite centered mon the
idea of a “pax mondiale”; the victims were not willin’ to accept the control
ment by the Yalta condominium. They were : John F. Kennedy, Aldo Moro,
Enrico Mattei, Olof Palme, Alfred Herrhausen and others.
(Olof Palme was a member of the Committee of 300, and also a Bilderberg
member; the German Bank was represented in the Bilderberg by Alfred
Personally, I might complete the list – this time, connected to the
Malta condominium : Nicolae Ceausescu, Yitzak Rabin and lady Diana.
The idea of a “pax mondiale” is superposin’ on the concept of
“Millenium” (the lucyferik 1 000 years empire), which signifiance doesn’ t mean any
other explanation…
An occultist nucleum, named “The Millenium Group” is actin’ through
experymental and ritual activities (it’ s not just a movie series, you
“The Millenium Group” is dependin’ on Agartha.
READ  Star Wars VII Sec C

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