Section B

The bad

Accordin’ to Branton,”Cosmic Voyage” by mr. Courtney M. Brown reveals a
“personal experiment” involvin’ “remote viewin’ “. A former remote viewer
for the U. S. Military helped mr. Brown to “break-through” the
“grey-aliens collective mind”.
Mr. Brown found himself in an area he didn’t know exactly where this
was. By “followin’ ” the collective mind of those greys he found it to be
absolutely massive, feelin’ like somethin’ unbounded, almost universal in
nature. He detected a “center”, a definite “heartbeat” of this collective
“matrix”, into which and out from which a stready stream of information was
Eventually, he came to what he “sensed” was the “central governin’
center” of the greys activity, and in the center of this was another “area”
where a “council of 10” very “high-level” “subspace beings” congregated.
These were apparently the governin’ principalities who were engaged runnin’
the whole operation. (The security there was absolutely incredible.)
Then , he perceived the “supreme leader” of that “council of 10”
“subspace entities”… and at about this point Courtney Brown was jerked back
into his body, so to speak…
“The leader” had detected his presence and followed the “intruder” to
the “source”. Brown and his trainer “felt” a deep, dark “cloud” enter the
room and scrutinizin’ ’em. Then, it got vanished.
Before Brown’ s expulsion from the command center however, he was able
to perceive for a brief moment what that “entity” was really like. It was
an extremely powerfull bein’, but with a twisted personality that was full
of darkness. Apparently that bein’ had come into conflict with another
Force which it saw as its enemy. Brown “sensed” in that bein’ a severe
self-esteem problem, in spite of its incredible power, and ’cause of this it had
a consumin’ desire to be worshipped by others.
The “reptilians /greys” were commanded by that “leader” to engage in
self-indulgent and destructive activities. The “leader” wanted its servants
to use self-indulgent rewards or fear to maintain the absolute
hierarchykal command structure within its “empire”.
Brown also got the impression that it was “fear” and “pride” – its
perceived “need” to be worshipped – that kept this bein’ from “negociatin’ ”
with its ancient enemy, and that the bein’ was utterly desperate to
maintain its very survival or existence (strange for a seemingly immortal
“subspace” bein’ ) and chose to resort to rebellion and terrorism in a desperate
attempt to take control of the situation. Brown received a strong
impression that it was the ultimate universal terrorist ! (Apparently ’cause its
all-consumin’ ego this bein’ would never “humble” itself before its
Branton identifies (based on Bible’ s writings) the “entity” described
by mr. Brown with Lucifer.


Read www.  , called “World of the strange – Newsletters” ; a certain
psychic reveals : “some events occured (…) as a result of the Machu Picchu
Stargate openin’ at the Spring Equinox (…)
There was some unexpected interference from some very “Dark” Beings who
came through the Stargate that had just been opened at Machu Picchu. We
(..) experienced a pretty horrific psychic attack from these Beings.(…) We
were able to tunje into their energiy signature and trace it back to its
origins. Our journey led us to Alcyone, and then out to the edge of the
Galaxy. Then all of a sudden I could sense my Astral body stoppin’ . There
was a strange totally Black object, sort of like a cloaked ship. We started
gettin’ a nervous feelin’ and then all of a sudden a very black horrific
lookin’ Bein’ appeared to me from inside this ship. It was a Bein’ that
looked a lot like the creature in the movie “Alien”, and was not like any
Bein’ I had never encountered before (…). It gave us a pretty good scare,
so we high-tailed it out of there. At first I thought they were some kind
of Reptilian-like Beings, that were somehow related to the Alcyone
Reptilians,’cause some of ’em had also showed up about the same time.   At the
time I had gotten the message that it was some of the higher level Alcyone
Reptilians who had  brought ’em through from one of the other Local
Galaxies. But I have since gotten the message that these Beings were not really
Reptilian, and it wasn’ t the Alcyone Reptilians that they were connected
with. I have now come to realize that the Alcyone Reptilians have been under
the control of the Changelings since the time of the Orion Wars. (…) So
it wasn’ t the Alcyone Reptilians who brought there, it was the
Changelings who apparently also reside in alcyone that connected to ’em
and brought ’em into this Galaxy and then here to Earth. I am still not sure what
kind of Beings they were, but they were pretty mean and nasty, that much I know
for sure. So that event set the stage for some major interdimensional
battles with these Beings, that Jack O’ Brien would soon be involved in and
has described in some of his messages on his web site: .


Read www.  , DG Wiki’s pages.
The Messenger. Heart and Soul of the Outer Gods. The Crawlin’ Chaos. He
is connected to, or an extension of, or co-terminous with Azathoth, and
exists to do its will, if a bein’ called “mindless” can be said to have a
will. He has a thousand masks, which can be demonic or angelic. He is also
the one bein’ of the Mythos that seems to engage humanity, often usin’ ’em
as spawns in his elaborate schemes.
Certain themes seem to swirl around most of Nyarlathotep’ s
appearances. First and foremost, it’ s the Black Man which is only sometimes
literal. In his presence, you are reminded that the night sky is mostly darkness
with a scatterin’ of light, just like humanity.
Second, it knows secrets that man was not meant to know. It will give
’em to you anyway, for a price. Its avatars are oftn seen among the men on
the cuttin’ edge of technology, quietly givin’ ’em advice and nudgin’
their research in certain directions. It also doles out clues to mystics, and
has a strong association with witch cults through the ages.
The third is in Egypt. It has associations with the Arabyk region,
particulary the land of the Nile. Some say that it took the throne as the
Pharaoh Neprhen-Ka. Even if that’ s not true, ancient Egypt was the one time
that its worship was most open among humans. Certain wisps of this remain,
echoin’ over the centuries.
It is defined by none of these themes, and they are implied even when
they are absent.
These are some of the masks ( ! ) that Nyarlathotep has worn: Ahtu,
Aku-Shin Kage, Baron Samedi, Beast, Black Bull, Black Demon, Black Lion,
Black Man, Black Pharaoh, Black Wind, Bloated Woman, Bloody Tongue,
Crawlin’ Mist, Dark Demon, Dweller in Darkness, Effigy of Hate, Faceless God,
Floatin’ Horror, Green Man, Halloween Man, Haunter of the Dark, High Priest
not to be Described / Thing in the Yellow Mask, Horned Man, Host, Jack O’
Lantern, Kokopelli, Kruschtya Equation, Lrogg, Messenger of the Old Ones,
Nyarlatophis, Pazzuzu, Pool of Shadow, Queen in Red, Set, Shugoran, Skeletal
Horror, Skinless One, Small Crawler, Tezcatlipoca, Thoth, Tick Tock Man,
Wailin’ Writher, Wicker Man.
Also read “Nyarlathotep’ s place in the Cosmos”, placed into the same
mega-site. Think about… it…*

In da mental, “it” manifests as “the tryckster” ( Ioan Petru Culianu,
killed on 21st of may 1991, traced it – includin’ the use of “altered
states of counsciousness” – especially by trully understandin’ the sha-manyk
traditionalysm of the amerindian folklore,in which “the trickster” is often
depicted as fox-shapped…).

Accordin’ to the romanian researcher Alexandru Dobos, the mechanism
used to induce the “satanic state (of mind)” involves some “mentalistyk
And, here’ s the explanation :
The “Antichrist” is a cosmyk-energetyk entity marked (as a result of
the “demiurgyk-genetykal incident”) by an “energetyk-divine vacuum”. It
means this state generates several effects, like disharmony of its spiritual
potential, manifestatin’ as energetyk depressions/ break-downs = incomplete
functionin’ of some of its rational sections/fields.
The “antichristyk energetykal insatisfactory” (obviously, pathologykal)
generates noxious emanations, more like lethal vibrations materialised
into “lethal antichristyk bions” emergin’ in the Universe, infectin’ the
“anorganyk” cosmos and the “livin’ Universe”, especially here on Earth. Those
“antichristyk lethal bions” are, essentially, tipykal “antipranic” stuff
(prana =   ). They store up for extremely short periods of time into the
matter and then get back in the “antichristyk body” accordin’ to the pranyk
Divine reaction, which consciously floods the livin’ or the mineral
More explicit : “the antichristyk bionic matter” is rejected from all
over the Universe as a result of the “Divine pranyk analisys” and picked up
by the “satanyk entity” (in the anorganyk world, that is). On the
organyk/biologykal/livin’ field, the extraction of the “Divine Life” manifests as
the killin’ of the bein’s bodies, through illness/diseases and usure
resultin’ from illness.
Stolen “Life” doesn’ t cover the necesities needed as “energetykal
antichristyk compensation”, ’cause the “Divine Life” can’t be kept within the
demonyk body. The “prana” resources are not enough (even increasin’ its
energetykal insatiability), therefore “the antichrist” resorts to the
solution implyin’ the re-directionin’ of the “Divine essence pranyk bions” who
feed up the surface of the “superior manas”, located in the functional (and
textural) zone between the “superior manas” and the “spiritual human
Alex. Dobos used the term “to resort to” ’cause he ment it as a
“strategykal antichristyk solution” of insinuatin’ between/within the spiritual
Divine-humain dialogue through the mental waves; the “infiltrational” waves
are rational-demonyk in essence, pseudo-humanoid as form.
Resortin’ to this kind of technyque is motivated by the state of panyk
(horror) provoked by the appearance of h.i.m. (his infernal majesty) in
“astral body” when facin’ humans,and especially the lethal effect produced
by its energetykal vacuum.
Only facin’ its volunteer and constient follower the antichrist appears
as a “humanoid formula”.
The yoghys have an “energetyk shield” (aura) resistent to the “satanyk
fraud”. (By knowin’ the “mentalistyk law” – the reflection of thinkin’
waves, the returnin’ of the wave from the “mana-syk mirror” of the receptor
to the same of the “cerebral emitent”, when the cerebral wave returns to
the emityn’ cerebro equally powerfull to the emytent/propulsioner plus the
rejectin’/reflectin’ energy.)
The technyque is maximum ingeniosity and eficienty, its purpose is the
stealin’ of the Divine “prana” of the “superior human manas”.
That’ s the process of the “spiritual-mentalistyk temptin’ “, the
tempted human wrongly feelin’ that the “satanyk thought” belongs to his own,
therefore permittin’/aggreein’ the “location” in his own “manasyk-spiritual
sphere”. It’ s the leak of vigil, which means huge waste of the spiritual
energy of the human trapped in this kind of “trick”.
In case of the includin’ of the energy of those who became its
adepts/followers, the quantity of deturned Prana is inimaginably huge,
representin’ the “global existential cuantum” (the soul, the life), and it servs to
the capacity of Satan to fight against Jesus/Issa Christos. It’ s
understable that the end of this fight is gonna end by the defeatin’ of Satan, in
the skyes and on the Earth, when the Son of GOD will comin’ (for the second
time ever) !
The “karmyk punishment” of the adepts of Satan (just for submittin’
their life to it !) will be severe and bitterly.
In conclusion : “the central emitent of manasyk (mental) satanyk waves”
is the “antichrist”, but it can’ t over-whelm the multitude of “mental
objectivs/targets” (the potential targets/victims). That’ s why it commits
the strategy of emittin’ the “luciferyk waves with persuasive vibration”,
like pseudo-humain vibes. The strategykal satanyk waves get percepted by the
entities that aren’t familiar with the “Divine Vigil Law” and they’ re
wrongly assimilated/homologated as “the target” ‘ s own personal thoughts
(it’ s the mental mechanysm of mental illness). The “Divine auryk shirt”
rejects the antichristyk waves right in the very moment those waves commit the
impact (with the purpose to steal the Divine Prana).
‘Cause of the acceptance of the satanyk waves (manifestatin’ as “bad
thoughts”) on the “manasyk plan/level”), the time needed to reject ’em gets
wasted. This is when/while the steal is commited. The rejectin’ of the
satanyk waves is not possible without loosin’ the STOLEN Divine Prana. It’ s
the process of the “satanyk poachin’ “, the “satanyk hunt”, the “satanyk
robbery” (the satanyk roberry of the Divine fluid, ‘causin’ lethal effect –
killin’ its victim).
The process looks up to more complexe “cosmykal laws”, implyin’ the
makin’ of the “trap-net” involvin’ individuals, collectivities of the
terrestrial biosphere (florfa, fauna, humans) and also involvin’ adequate
“satanyk technyques and technologyes”, in which the “production flux/ satanyk
robbery” is projectin’ into the formulas of “reproduction- conservation-
evolution- creation cycles”, especially to the “ultimate sphere” (the human
one) which is the “depot of the spiritual prana”, the ultimate needed and
wanted target of the “satanyk entity”.
That’ s the way Satan made the “market” of its own “manasyk waves” into
all the reigns/kingdoms (flowers, fauna, humain) and into all the cosmykal
levels/ spheres.
The exploitation includes : 1) the “elementar sphere” – the
“sacrificyal consumption”, resultin’ from all the “existential impacts” (the
devourin’ of vegetal and vegetarian livin’ by vegetarian anymals, the carnal/ meat
devourin’ of the carnivors, omni-carnivors, human-carnivor and even
canibalistyk) involvin’ terrestrial beings; 2) the “total phase” – the consumin’
of the soul (the “satanyk robbery”) of the bein’ that became “satanyk
adept”. Durin’ the two phases, the “satanyk poacin’/ robbery” is based on the
emission and reflexion of the
“satanyk-capturin’-of-the-Divine-Prana-waves” and their (partial or total)
ingurgitation, servin’ to the “satanyk essential reintegration” and also to
the antichristykal anti-Divine fight.
The question is : what happens to the “absorbed Divine Prana” (and,
also, to the deposed “stuff”) by the “antichrist” after the “ingurgitation”/
absorbtion ?
Part of it is ceased to redirect the satanyk poachin’ and robbery
(The rest of it is goin’ to get regained – by usin’ the “karmyk violent
weapons”, meanin’ “the swords” – and given back to GOD, when the “second
comin’ “.)
Ain’ t it quite simple ?
The unforgivness ; the egothyk attitude (which generated the
organisation of humankind into states, wars, commerce, aparition of money,
different social classes etc.) – known as “the biunyvokal try-test-stone” (the
“sacrificial elementar gester” based on the similar principle, is totally a
christyk principle) ; the treachery/ “two-faced”, opposed to the Divine
purity (it gets bilogykal, by impersonatin’ as “animal mimetysm” playin’ the
deturnant role with the purpose to get more “satanyk adepts” are few of the
manifestations of this whole process.
The treachery manifests as a “depersonalyzant flux”, from individual to
universal, by usin’ as mechanysm the loosin’ of the “initial conscience”
(the Divine one).Takin’ advantage of the “bulversation of the individual
essence”, Satan swallows every “leak of integrity” result (unabled to
protect) of the disharmony provoked by the mentioned mechanysm.
It’ s valide for humans and for cosmykal structures.
Nevrosys, psychologykal diseases, labilities, leak of concentration,
unreliability are a few aspects of human inadequate behaviour.
Meteorologykal disraptures, cosmykal anomalies are also such a result
(magnetyk storms,explosions and solar spots, planetary alignyaments,
planetar colisions, “black holes” etc.) .
(Other antichristyk human manifestations are : destructive ambition,
vanity, gelousy, envy, erotyk delusions,own satisfaction, greed,curiosity,
disharmonyous turbulence, haughtiness, competitional attitude, everythin’
interferin’ and defyes the Divine Laws and the link between GOD and man.)*

Accordin’ to the romanian clairvoyant Nicolae Gisca, quoted by the
writer Cristian Ganescu, in “Force against Force”, “the portals represent the
passin’ element from a cuantic level to another”.
In the “etherykal world”, there are two kinds of portals : “gate 1” and
“gate 2” (it’ s not jeopardy, you know..)
“Gate 1” is the passage to “the other world” (the “astral plan”) ;
“gate 2” is the passage to the “luciferyk beings world”. The bein’ who wish to
abusively get through any of these “gates” get stopped by the “energetyk
structure” of the “portal”.
The second portal is the openin’ to the “Sons of Darkness” – “luciferyk
The “luciferyk level” is not located in the “etherykal world”, but in a
different “world”, whose entrance is “the second portal”. Spatially like,
it’ s huge. The environment of this “plan” looks very similar to the
“etheryk level”.

The supreme leader of the luciferyk beings is Lucifer / Lux, the “rebel
angel”, who opposed to GOD and to the “Sons of Light” yerarchy.
All the angelyk beings actually opposin’ to GOD’ s Plan were previously
part of the “Sons of Light” yerarchy, but they rebeled against as a result
of a few dramatyk events spent at the beginnin’ of the Universe Creation.
They followed Lucifer, the blinded-by-ego-angel ; they’ re “Sons of
Darkness”. (In the “etherykal world”, they’ re known as Dree – “the rebels” /
“the detached (from the “Sons of Light”) ones” ).
Dree, the “Sons of Darkness” are not supposed to be confused with/to
the “absolute bein’ of evil”, represented by Hallshithan. Most of the
angelyk beings who followed Hallshithan don’ t manifest theirselves in any kind
of humanoid form.
The “luciferyk beings” don’ t know the “love” element introduced in
Cosmos by the activity of Issa Christos, while their actions are against GOD’
s Plan (they apply an own “evolution plan” – so to speak, opposed to the
one conceived by GOD).
The “luciferyk beings” don’ t live in the “etherykal world”, they got
their own “world/sphere/home”, made by five “cuantyk subplans”. Those
beings get into the “etherykal world” only through “the second gate”, they
carry out ac tivities against/opposed to GOD’ s Plan, then they get back to
their own world. They can’ t stay too long in the “etherykal world”, ’cause
of the fact the “etheryk body” they manifest through have the tendency to
destructurate itself.
(Basically, it’ s like they’ re “tolerated”.)
As a result of the rebelion, part of the “spirits of nature” and part
of humans followed  Lucifer.
The “luciferyk beings” don’ t have an iris and they have black-dark
eyes (their eyes got that way after the rebelion).
The same thing happened to the “rebel spirits of nature” and to the
humans that followed “the rebel”.
The “body of light” of the “luciferyk beings” is “usual”, but the
“love” emergin’ from it is “cold” : it’ s the “egotyk love of its own”.

READ  Star Wars - Episode IV Sec. B

Before the rebelion, Lucifer was a high-level Heruvym, Protective of
humans, it was the embodiment of beauty. Then, its eyes got dark. It’ s
asexuate. It’ s a male with brests ( ! ), round hips and very long legs. Its
hair is very long, to its heels, white strong shiny teeth, black eyes, no
iris, pink senzual lips.
Before the rebelion, Lucifer was unique : it had a crown on its head,
while an extremely powerfull light was shinnin’ on the level of its
forehead. It had a scepter, with an image of two huge wings and kind of a
musykal instrument on it.
Lucifer can move high-speed, and IT CAN BE PLACED IN SEVERAL
Lucifer can’ t be observed in the “etheryksl world”, it can be seen in
the “akasha chronicles”, though…
Actually, only the “angelykal beings subordinated to Lucifer” manifest
theirselves in the “etheryksl world”. They all have black/dark eyes, no
iris, eyes like two dark spots. The most important beings manifestatin’ in
the “etherykal world” are the “lieutenants” of Lucifer and their
appearences are terifyin’.

An important “lieutnant” manifestatin’ in the “etheryksl world” is
It has black curly hair, lower than shoulders long. Its eyes are big
black iris-less. Its mouth is similar to the lion muzzle. It has vampir-like
long eye-teeth. It wears a black robe and a two-edges sword. It has a
scepter carved with winged lookin’ like rams, bulls and he-goats. It’ s the
leader of a very powerfull army, involvin’ lots of “non-human featured”
In the “luciferyk subcuantyk level”, Belial owns an impressive throne,
five red marble steps.

Another important “luciferyk bein’ ” often seen in the “etheryk world”
is Belhemot.
It has long chestnut-coloured hair, wearin’ a grape-vine little-crown
on its head – just like Bacchus. It has big black iris-less eyes, red lips
and big eye-teeth. It wears a long garment/attire, girdled in the middle.
It has a three-steps throne and a numerous army.

Another “luciferyk bein'” is Iozael,detached from the group of the
“Vigilantees Angels”. Before the rebelion. it was a “giarsi” – meanin’ a

The mentioned beings are part of the “rebellious angels”.An important bein’ in the “luciferyk beings yerarchy”, often noticed in

the “etherykal world” is a HUMAN bein’ , callin’ herself Lili. (She’ s


Lili is an extremely feminine appearance – impressive sex-appeal.

She has big “maternal” brests, thin waist and long legs. She speaks

usin’ the laryngeal “r”, she’ s 1.80 m hight, big black eyes, no iris, BLACK

STRAIGHT VERY LONG HAIR, very white skin, red lips, white strong shinny

teeth. She also has quite long eye-teeth. and she often wears a coral-red

vaporous frock.

She’ s from the four “primordial women”.

Accordin’ to Eugen Gisca, Lili “payed the price” to the purpose that he
could watch directly in the “akasha archives” the judgement of Lucifer,
result of the great battle between the “Sons of Darkness” and the “Sons of
Light” – dramatyk events emerged in the end of “the second cosmyk cycle”.
(The mediator of the “change” was a high-level angelyk bein’ of the
yerarchy of “Sons of Light”.)
Here’ s the description of these events :
The fight is between two armies. The fighters are extremely powerfull
angelyk beings. Their stature is impressive, and every each  “body of
light” is extremely shinnin’ .
The first army is the one of the “Sons of Light”, leaded by the Angel
Michael.The whole horizon is covered with his fighters. The second army, of
the Rebels, remained as a group in a restricted area. The beaten fighters
got unarmed, but they still try to protect a massive group of human
beings, people of “the second generation”, lookin’ horrified. In the middle of
the areal, surrounded by unspeakable many victorious fighters, the
dark-angels keep on protectin’ the humans group.
dark-angels keep on protectin’ the
horrified screamin’ humans with their own bodies -while horror screamin’
can be her everywhere and a sound like a thousand trompets is approachin’ .
The army of “Sons of Drakness” is leaded by Belphemot and Bellial, who
handle terrible weapons. The army of Angel Michael, comin’ moon-shapped
step by step, destroy everythin’ on the way. Suddenly, Lucifer appears,
flyin’ 2-3 m high, long hair and wearin’ a violet transparent robe, covered
with many shiny lights, a necklace-crown like, a powerfull light emergin’
from the front of its forehead.
And “yadda-yadda-yadda”, durin’ the judgement process, while milions of
angelyk beings – “Sons of Light” approach, the prisoniers desintegrate
like burned by the Sun-light. The battle-scene gets assaulted by the beings
leaded by Angel Michael, lookin’ like huge fire-balls, burnin’ everythin.The judgement :

On a strange postment, made by three hexagonal platforms.

red-white-blue, movin’ opposite one from another, Lucifer stands. Its face

still emits perfection, purity, beauty and dignity. Tied hands and legs, with thick

chains while his body is covered with kind of seals. Left to the place it’ s

chained, thousands of enchained beings stand. There are 12 chairs where

judges sit (the “Old Ones”, that is…). There’ s a severe protection.

Sudddenly, The Great Light, Creator of the Worlds, Father (Hauti,

HE’scalled in the “etheryk world”) appeares. Excitin’ moment. Arround

HIM, cross form, there are floatin’ 4 Light globes, different colours, within

voices can be heard. Hauti, the Creator, SEEMS SURROUNDED BY A

GREEN LIGHT (just like He would step on green water).

When the Great Light Bein’ appears, an announcer begins readin’ from

lighty rolls the sentences that are about to be applyed to the rebels and to

their leader. A bugle sound can be heard and a thousands and thousands

trompets sounds emerges when the sentence is read.

The punishment fits the crime. In that weight moment, Lucifer’ s power

signs get pulled up ; they look like precious shinny stones. Form that

moment, the Carrier of Light lost its power emblems. Finally, the shinny

tiara placed in the middle of its forehead gets pulled up. (This would be

the… Graal ? A huge emerald – green ( ! ) – who inspired lots of legends).

Issa christos, the Son of GOD, came to Earth in a particular historykal
moment, with the purpose to eliminate the dramatyk effects of these
ancient events.*

Rewind :
Accordin’ to several sources, there are three levels “the cosmyk
affair” goes on.
The “material level”, manifestin’ from 1000 A.D. , involves the
Draconian collective includin’ : Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, Epsilon Bootes,
Zeta II Reticuli.
The “intellectual level” involves core systems of the Ashtar Alliance,
includin’ : Sirius-B, Arcturus, Aldebaran, Altair.
The “spiritual level” involves core systems of the United Federation,
includin’ : Taygeta Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Vega Lyra, Procyon.

John Lear stated that a small renegade “pleiadean” faction in Aldebaran
had sold itself over the Ashtarian-Draconian agendas, at the same time
makin’ an effort to seemingly by-pass the established non-intervention laws
of the Saturnian-Lyran-Pleiadean-Andromedan “Federation”.The plejadians’ activities are still very actual. Just read , and

.And, a conclusion of the psychic source revealin’ us the truth claims

that “really the Changelings (…) were behind that attack in the first

place, so it made sense that the Draco would help fight against ’em”. What

attack ? A previous battle, you know… The fact is there are some forces

called “the changelings” – “black magicyans”, that is ; they attacked the

Andromedan, Taygetan Pleiadeans, Capellan Draco and a few other races

(details in , “Roger and Jack’ s Last



This is from “Force against Force”, courtesy of psychic Eugen Nicolae
Gisca :
A second category of “spirits of nature” is those who oppose to GOD’ s
Plan of humanity evolution, the rebelious “Spirits of nature”, called – in
the “ethrykal world” – Lorehh. They oppose all the way to the activity of
the “good spirits of nature”.
The “good spirits of nature of nature” protege everythin’ that means
“nature’ ( and this was the role of “the rebellious”, before the rebelion –
dha !).
As a result of their “choice” to follow Lucifer, the “rebellious
spirits of nature” lost their “functions”. They continue to manifest in the
“etherykal world”, but they don’ t have any prerogative or function – they
became the opposite of what they were. They can easely be called “demons”.
They try to destroy everythin’ the “good spirits” build, but they are not
supposed to get confused with the “devils’, which are the “rebellious
angelyk beings”.
Still, the “Lorehh” got black iris-less eyes, identykal to the
“luciferyk beings”.
Lorehh, as “individual entity”, may contain in theirselves hundreds of
similar beings, ’cause “Lorehh” are “collective beings”, sometimes
speakin’ on thousands voices.
Those renegade “spirits of nature”, with no more services required in
utility of Cosmos, sometimes succeedto get “unauthorised entrance” into th
“auryk counterpart” of the “etherykal world” – in the “infraetheryk”, they
emit shadowy dity colours, ugly smells and unpleasant sounds, while their
lookin’ is grotesque.
Sometimes, Lorehh tie to humans, through “possession” – in fact, humans
get conquered by their vicious attitude. ( For example, the “sexual
Lorehh” – the most dangerous entityes, called Saferi – tie to those humans who
use sexual excess : they get control of the “human aura”, just like measles
: to clairvoyants, they appear like dark spots in th “aura”.)
When exorcised, the little dark-spots become “whirlwinds”, spinnin’
arround the subject, and when they get out of the exorcised person they look
like hologram-beings becomin’ an entity with a certain “look”.
In the “etheryk plan”, they’ re “immortals”, just like “angelyk beings”
and “spirits of nature”. When exorcised, a Lorehh may be absorbed into the
“Earth’ s aura” ( it’ s the way he “dies”).
The fact that a “lorehh” can “die” is a “novelty case” in the Universe
– it’s kind of somethin’ “educational” for ’em…Accordin’ to Edgar Cayce, “the spirits of nature” all over have certain

domains, very different from one another, in which they act, while their

forms are adapted to the element they live in :

_ the fairies and the elfs live in the air ;

_ the gnoms, the leperkons live in the earth;

_ondyns, nymphs live in water;

-salamandras live in fire.

Also, E. Cayce mentions that the gnoms, the leperkons, the fairies, the

warlocks are NOT “elementals”.

They are entities made from elements which are (as entities, just as

completed as human beingswho live in the “material world”.

The “elementals” are, accordin’ to E. Cayce, vibin’ currents,

“emanations” of unpersofyed vibrations. In certain places, “the emanations

of the inferior astral” are accumulations of “hard” waves, very low vibes,

providin’ from emotions and destructive actions.

Maurice Magre said that the “spirits of nature” assume the appearance/

aspect of the people livin’ in the area, but they ususally ru naway –

mthey don’ t wanna meet people, ’cause of theirn hostility against the

destruction of nature caused by human stupidity.

Roger de Lafforet mentions the so-called “spirits of places”,

benevolent or malephyk.

Durin’ mthe Middle Ages, Johannes Greber observed the same

distinguishment between “good” and “evil” spirits (of nature).In the tibetan traditionalysm, the “elementals” are sometimes called

“tulkus” (accordin’ to a british source), and accordin’ to some other

sources (I don’;t name ’em ’cause I found ’em on the net and I don’ t really

remember all I’ ve read…), Maha-Chohan is the “controler” of the

“elementals” – among its other functions…*

Accordin’ to Jean Sider, by the XIIth century ( ! ), the belief there’
s a “fairy nation” got emerged in all over Europe.
And, accordin’ to the same source, the amerindians believed there were
“midget races” livin’ inside earth… (The Idaho natives and the
tubatulabals of California ( ! ) know about “little people” that cheat and scarry
humans, but they are not a real menace ; the cherokees mention the “good”
and the “bad” midgets ; the cayuga indians mention male and female midgets
; the name given to ’em in the seneca tribes is identykal to the callin’
of the celtyk tribes : “little people” ; the shawnee from Eastern Woodlands
and kato of California ( ! ) name those creatures “Sons of thunder” (!!!
)).There are several types of greys : the “tall greys” (zeta retticulans)

and a few types of “little greys”.

Some greys are called “the mi-go” (translation of a tibetan term), but

several sources claim that the greys are tryin’ to set free from the


The “mi-go” presents small cults in Tibet, Peru and South America.


Then, there are the “kuen yuin”/ kn’yan.
Just read  www.
Jean Sider mentioned a few files (among ’em, a chinese “file”/case)
that include the “man in black” phenomena into the “unnatural appearances,
among the fairies, “little people” and marianyk aparitions.
The description Radu Cinamar of “the goddess” Machandi apparitions
while their “encounters” contains tipykal kn’yan “manufestations”, also seen
in the Zeitun and Schubra “marianyk aparitions” ( especially “the floatin’
” ).
Watch    . What those eyes tell you ? Sincerely, I’ m beginnin’ to get
tired and scared to be this true…*

Accordin’ to the writer “Arthur Avalon”, in “Mahanirvana Tantra”, the
“phisykal world” here on Earth is just one of the 14 worlds / regions
placed “upper” or “lower”, which “knowledge” can be caught by usin’ the
“meditation” on the “sushumns nadi” or “merudanda” of the vertebral column.
The Earth ( Bhurloka) is the most down of the “superior worlds” (this
“superiority complex”, even in yoga…)
Lower than that is not Jay-Lo, it’ s the Hells and the  “damnation”
Above the “terrestrial sphere” there’ s “Bhuvarloka” / “antariksha”,
extendin’ “from Earth to Sun” – where the “siddhas” (the perfect beings) and
other “celestial beings” (devayoni) live.
“From Sun to the Polar Star (dhruva)” there’ s “Svarloka” – the
celestial sphere (Paradise). The Paradise (Svarga) delights the “mind”, it’ s the
land of Devas and of “spiritual hapiness”.
These three spheres represent the region of “causality” of the world
and they’ re considered to be transitory, while the fourth sphere is mixt
(in essence).
Above Svarloka there are Maharloka, then the three “superior regions” :
Janarloka, Tapoloka and Satyaloka, peopled with various forms of celestial
intelligence (more and more elevated and “high”).Below earth (Bhuh) and above “darkness worlds” there are are “the

hells” – 34 of ’em, startin’ with “Avichi”, 6 “big” hells.

Below the “inferns” there are t”the 7 worlds of darkness” : Sutala,

Vitala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, Atala and Patala. In those worlds the

“naga” serpent-gods dwell-in and also the daughters of Daitya and Danava

wonder about – they fascinate (even the most “abstynent” of the livin’

humans.)There are infinite beings and entities livin’ the “worlds” ( there’ s

ONE LIGHT, ONE SINGLE SUPREME SPIRIT, whom manifestations are

READ  Star Wars VII Sec A

infinite). These form of “cover-up”, “hiddin’ ” and stuff is “maya” (the illusion).

These forms are “realms” for those who “live” in this part of “maya”

(the universal illusion) – called Deva (“the celestial shinny one””).

On the other hand, Devi is the name assumed by the “Supreme Mother” and

this name is associated to infinite forms assumed by “Maya” : Kali,

Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Gauri, Gayatri, Sandhya etc.

“In the beginnin’ , there was only Brahman. He created Devas.”

The spirits get different “degrees”, ’cause in Creation there are no

“raptures” to represent an appearantly fall of Brahman into gradually

“inferior” forms.

Through all these forms of illusion, the two Divine currents move :

Pravritti and Nivritti (the second current resorbs/ get within  everythin’

the first current emerged).

Deva (the deity), Jiva ( the individual soul) and Jara (the “anorganyk

matter) are – instead their illusionly appearance – the unique Brahman,

who appears this way just like … somebody else by His link to Upadhi (the

limits of “avidya” – ignorance).




In the low domains of the “celestial yerarchy” there are Devayoni-s.
They’ re two kinds : unborn – “ajata”, they’ re provided from humanity ;
opposed to the “Divine armies” there are Asura,  Danava, Daitya, Rakshasa
(thy’ re the “tamasyk element” / “daemonyk” in Creation.
All the Deva-s are subordinated to “karma” and, therefore, to “time”.
( !!!) Pitri-s (“parents”) are separated  from the “primordial ones”,
and they’ re “moon” originated.
For example, “Dik Brahma” is known as “the grandpa”. He’ s “Pita Maha”
of the human race, nearby him there ae “his mental sons” – Agnishvattvah,
Saumnyah, Havishmantah, Ushmapah and a a few other categories of “pitri” (
31 classes, accordin’ to “Markandeya Purana”).*

Accordin’ to the “Sahaja-yoga school”, the “incarnation” of a “deity”

(or, of a “demon”) sounds like a fairy-tale, but it’ s all about the

“incarnation” of an energetykal structure which, when it actions in the

“psyche”, could be called an “archetype”. (By simplifyin’, the difference between

tha human and “deity” “level” is more “quantitative” than “qualitative”.)

=Only Issa Chrystos was aware from the very beginnin’ on HIS quality as

“messenger of the Absolute” (“the TRUTH plan “).=

“Deityes” are linked to “the chakras” – as the “psychikal quality”

expressed by “the chakra”is a kind of “authonomyk energy” called “deity”.

It’ s like “the chakras” of an individual are the reflection and

consequence of the “total psychologykal energetyk chakra” / “the collective

human bein’ ” (“mankind”) aka “psyche” (like holographyk & stuff). There’ s a

tight correspondence between “individual” and “collective”

Into the “collective bein’ ” there are “modulatin’ centers” (“chakras”)

– durin’ the development of the “psyche”, the “chakras” appeared on the

way of the “evolution process”.

Accordin’ to the “correspondance” between “the interior world” and “the

exterior world”, a phenomena produce on multiple levels in the “collective

psyche” :

– in the “collective psyche plane”, a new “qualitative modulation”

appears, accordingly to the activated “chakra”;

– in the “individual psyche plane”, every human bein’ gets able to

attempt “in personal plane” the “counsciousness level” of the “quality”

involved, as a result of the “activatin’ ” of the “collective psyche”;

– in the “phisykal plane” a human bein’ appears, as an “interior

incarnation’ of the energy of the “activated chakra” (representin’ “the

incarnation of the psychikal archetype / “deity”), the “quality” “incarnates” by

becomin’ “phisykal body” in the “exterior world”;

– in the “social plane”, a new doctrine or a new “value system” gets

into the “human collectivity”, simultaneous to the establishment into the

“collective system”.

Within every human bein’ there can be found several kinds of energyes –

this way, it’ s possible a certain human bein’ to have a certain “interior

transpearance” this way to reflect “the TRUTH plane”, the same way (back)

there are beings who’ s “opacity” to “the TRUTH plane” transform ’em ’till

the denial of this plane – they’ re “diabolique incarnations”…

The opposin’ forces against “the evolution line” manifests in “the

psychoenergetykal totality”, in the “rajas” or “tamas” aspects of the

“psychikal energy”.

Therefore, there are two types of “demons” :

– the “rajas demon”, who has a “mephistophelyk”, tricky and wanderin’

character – through ita “rajas” nature (it’ s not interested in the actual

“involution”, but in cheatin’; it’ s “the seducer of the artificial

paradises”. Lucifer is associated to the “dazzlin’ lightnin’ aspect” of the

“rajas” energy.

– the “tamas demon” is more close to the “concept” of “Satan” – an

obscure, dark power emergin’ from levels of the “human inconstient” (alredy

passed by the “human counsciousness”).

The mentioned forces of the “universal incousciousness” appear as more

or less accurate “incarnations” / “manifestations” in the “phisykal world”

and into “the social level”.                                               Accordin’ to Florin Gheorghita, an assiduous romanian researcher of the

“paranormal phenomena”, there are a few special aspects of the “human

thinkin’ ” : when the man thinkns of somethin’, he emits a special type of

energy, generatin’ two separate effects in the “mental corpse” (yes, I used

“corpse” instead of “body” – it’s a “shortage”…), meanin’ an emission of

“thought-waves” and an emission of “thought-forms”.

This way, a real induction of “bad thoughts” (as an “ofensive” against

the “good”) becaomes “touchable” in day-by-day life, especially in

“metropolyes”… And this kind of “pollution” is more dangerous than the “usual

pollution” of the industry or that…

The clairvoyants and the researchers of psichology took knowledge of an

interestin’ phenomena (known by “initiates”) : the efect of the

“thought-energies” into the “mental” of others increase unbelievably when the same

“thought” is emitted by a group, and especially while the “emittin’

persons” mean to “get together”.

While the emittin’ emerges, “the thought-energies” animatin’ the

“inferior mental body” cause the emittin’ to “the exterior” of a minimum

quantity of the “own mental matter”, which attracts from the “exterior

environment” and gets impregnated with “the same kind of” “elemental mental

essence”, activatin’ it and determinin’ it to “vibrate” on the same frequency. The

process is valide to the “astral body”, too…

The mechanism is usually “touchable” in certain locations. The

phenomena generates a “resonant” system, especially in the case of the “power

centers” persistin’ in time – the “egregors emited like that can persist

durin’ a long period of time, as long as groups continue to “feed” ’em by

emittin’ “thoughts” on the same “vibin’ level”.

Most of the “historykal events” were clear effects of this kind of


(Should I mention that “the file Joan of Arc” includes two

miscellaneous aspects ?

1 – all the documents referin’ to “her” born were “erased”, and it

seems it was in fact a boy’ s birth (accordin’ to Gerard de Sede);

2 – Lobsang Rampa (an english “initiate”, considered by some sources “a

blond kid with blue eyes” sent to Tibet by nazies back then…) considered

that, in “subtly levels”, an “unseen body” of Joan of Arc was substituted

with a “male” “subtly body” – stolen from… somebody else.*Mere (“Mother”), the disciple of Sri Aurobindo, said once that Satan is

too clever to use the sprayin’ of evil as meanin’ of its purposes,

therefore it resorts to an ingenous stratagem : it “switches” the truths that it’

s aware of…


Abd-Ru- Shin, the author of the book “In the light of Truth” describes
“the antichryst” as an extremely beautiful male, blond hair and blue eyes,
while “the un-human” element is the total absence of any kind of mercy or
compassion, simply ’cause of the fact it’ s “a bein’ representin’ a
totally different regnum”.


Osho claimed that there are two types of humans : sadysts and
masockysts. ( Mostly yoghis and ascetyks would be masokystyk type – ’cause they
“torture ’emselves” by not achievin’ their own hidden desires, while
politicians represent the “sadistyk type” – simply ’cause they like to torment
Actually, there are three types of humans :
– the satanyk – the supporters of “destruction, no matter what”
– the demonyk – the supporters of “general good or general evil, just be
good to me” attitude;
– the Divine  – the supporters of “good, no matter what” / Issa Chrystos
was like this. (Remember ? “The well is only one.”)


The most miserable three lies I’ ve ever got knowledge of are (instead
of the intentions of their sources – just remember that “the way to hell is
paved with good intentions”) :
-Lucifer got its wings back (source = “World of the strange – Letters”);<br /> -Satan already repents itself for its sins (source = romanian psychic <br />known as “comte Incapucciato”);<br /> – the “interpenetration of the worlds” began (source = the MISA
organisation, whose romanian branch is ruled by Gregorian Bivolaru, a 33 degree
mason – member of a french “99 degree” lodge, that’ s the reason why he “got
out with murder” in Sweden, the most “masonyk” country of this world…).
The “interpenetration of the worlds” is an un-authentyk phenomena, based
on abusive (“black”) magick, by usin’ the symbolism of “the monkey” – queen
& monkey old stuff, the second rulin’ several “hells” & stuff…*

The most known identity of Nyarlat is “the comte of Saint-Germain”.
Accordin’ to the legend, the historykal character was born in 28th of
may 1696, in Cluj (in Romania, near the “Baciu forrest”…), Transylvania,
as the son of Charlotte Amalie, daughter of the comte Karl von Hessen-
Rheinfels- St. Goar Wanfield; its name was Leopold Georg. (the comte Karl von
Hessen was the leader of the hungarian “elite” opposin’ to the Habsburgs.)
It also substituted Rasputin, the most active agent of the secret
societies durin’ the historykal period when communism brought down Russia.
(Compare  to   ; is it the same person ? And, by lookin’  2  , watch those eyes
and you’ ll understand…)
Durin’ modern times, it had several identities, assumin’ the role of
“the multiple agent” in several “secret services” – CIA, SDECE, KGB, GRU,
Mossad… (Just read “The reason why” – in ).

The event it “exposed” itself the most was (a legitimate question would
be, retrospectively : “why ?” – “and isn’ t it ironic, don’ t ya think ?”,
as   was rhetorykally askin’…) the JFK assassination.
Yes, “it” was the shooter from the parkin’ lot / the “south knoll” (that
Sam Mc Clung identified with “Jean Rene Souetre” – leader of the OAS
terrorist organisation controled by SDECE, the french Secret Services), while
“it” was the shooter from the TSBD buidin’ 6th floor window (which A. J.
Weberman, by interviewin’  , identified with “David Lemar Christ”, CIA agent
– an unspeakable hoax, when you watch the photos…), while “it” was the
shooter from the  – impersonatin’  , while “it” was the Secret Service
agent  ,shotin’ from the limo right back to the “presidential limo”, while
“it” was the shooter from the “north grassy knoll” (identified by several
sources with “Frenchy”, the “good-lookin’ fellow” of “the three tramps”),
while “it” was shotin’ from within “the rain sewer”, while “it” was turnin’
away and shotin’ from the “presidential limo” driver seat – impersonatin’
the “driver” (several sources discovered that “the driver” was : 1)a
freemason and 2) an MJ-12 agent) – the last three mentioned shots were
simultaneous hittin’ “the target”.
The procedure involved a rytual named “the decapitation of Kali by usin’
Kabbalah elements” – and it seems to present a close connection to the
“Montauk project” affair.
And, meanwhile, “it” was impersonatin’ the weird personage called
“Babushka-lady” (just watch   ).
“It” was the promiscuous personage called “umbrella-man”, too (you can
see the proof in wittdisplay.jpg).
The pictures I mentioned are available by enterin’ in .
Let’ s count: there were seven shooters, the umbrella-dude and
babushka-lady. Ain’ t it a whole… “council of nine”, gathered there (and, then) ?
Interestin’ formula, ain’ t it ?
“Tha… tha… that’ s all, fawlkes !…” (Looney Toones)

In present days, “its” “cover-up” identity is Edgar Rothschild Fouche
(which doesn’t REALLY exist, as doesn’ t “its” wife – just look nemo  , it’
s a fake).
Don’ t even try to get “its” tracks, it’ s no use… They’ ll take care
of it.
(They found a “cover-up” “umbrella-man”, either… Just read  www.   )
‘Cause, accordin’ to dr. Richard Boylan – the “filtered” photos in
“wiolawa” – it’ s just a f*ckin’ “reptiloid annunaki” in disguise (that’ s in
the “etherykal plane”, most likely…).

Let’ s have a general view :
– there are several forces involved in this “mind-game” (I’ d call it
“the russian roulette”…)
– “the tall blonds” (meanin’ several “extraterrestrial civilisations”
exhalin’ “good intentions”) would be the “non-interventionists”
– “the reptilians” are “the interventionists”, opposin’ to the
‘human-like” messengers ; there are at least three types of reptilians : the
“orionytes”, the “Alpha Draconians” and “the Alcyone”s
– “the little greys” are, also, several types – some of ’em “workin’ ”
side-by-side with “the reptilians”, some of ’em involved in a different
– “the conflict” divided “the angels” and “the spirits of nature” into
different factions – “Sons of Light” and “Sons of Darkness”
– there are “the prometheyks”, “etherykal humans” not attached to any of
the mentioned factions, but still “out of the Divine Way / Dharma”
– the “pejadians”, closely connected to the “Ashtar Command”, move “in
between” the factions involved in the “mental battlefield”
– “the leadin’ force” of “the greys headquarters” is an entity whose
“profile” gets close to the “rajas / Nyarlat” CV
– there’ s another type of “force”, aka “tamas / Satan” all-destroyin’
“archetype”, closely identifiable to the “psychic portrait” of the “leader
of the Alcyone reptilians” ( comin’ from … the outer) ; the psychic (
www.  ) identifies “it” with a “changeling” (“black magician”)
– Nyarlat, aka “comte of Saint-Germain”, aka… (just read www.  , “Hi,
my name is…”), may be identified with “the rajas demon” (the “vektor”
goes to “the other”, though…)
– Mahachohan, the “executive prime-minister” of Agartha (previously,
Aeolus/ Aiolos was in chrge, and now it’ s “the comte of Saint- Germain” –
that also leads the “Iam” movement), is also controlin’ “the elementals”.
– Accordin’ to Vladimir Fedorovsky, the most promiscuous department of
KGB was “the 13th department” – the “psi” section ; then again, accordin’
to several sources available on the net, “the KGB 13th department” was the
bureau of the “wet affairs”, involved in several major assassinations
durin’ the modern times.
– Even the KGB couldn’ t penetrate the “psychotronyk sections” of GRU
(most of ’em were linked to “Morflot”).
– GRU SV-8 is the “psi department” of that “secret agency”.
Accordin’ to Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, in “The mornin’ of the
magicians”, the nazi regime developed and used “psychic centers” – no
details from the authors, but we can figure out what they mean.
Accordin’ to Jan van Helsing, there was this buddhist monastery in
Hiroshima where another kind of event happened straight through the atomyk
deflagration : a small comunity of buddhist adepts adopted the “state of mind”
known as “meditative”, while the nuclear explosion was destroyin’
everythin’ around – as a result, they survived and, more, they were not touched by
the radioactive effects of the Hiroshima atomyk deflagration (have you
seen Steven Segal’ s “Belly of the Beast” ?).
The romanian researcher Ioan Petru Culianu (who’ s most important
meanin’ in life was to aknowledge “who’ s rulin’ the world”…) was mentionin’
among his writin’ works a certain form of control which he called
“intelligence centersa / centrals”.
Get my drift ?


There’ s a story Zecharia Sitchin revealed in “War of gods against
Dumuzi, son of Enki, couldn’ t have children with Inanna, daughter of
Therefore, he tried to seduce his own sister, Gestinanna. She rejected
his indecent proposal. And, “yadda-yadda-yadda”, he raped her, as Inanna
told him to, previously…
The sumerian text CT.15.28-29 is revealin’ the myth.
The sumerian text “Sha.Ga Ne Ir Im.Shi” says that he then dreamed he was
about to lose his “special powers” – taken by the “Princiary Bid” and a
Seven “police-men” from Kur, representin’ Marduk (brother of Dumuzi and
Geshtinanna) got him.
Saved by Utu / Shamash, his brother-in-law, he retired in Old Blili’ s
The text named “The myths of Inanna and Bililu” reveals that the
promiscuous Old Lady Belili was, in fact, mr. Bilulu (En.Bilulu) in disguise.
The akkadyan texts identified En-Bilulu with “Marduk Sha hattati”.
(Watch again nemo  . Would you f*ckin’ belive it… now ?)

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