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The Good

Durin’ ancestral times, “The Divine Twins” expressed the “Divine mission” in Hyperboreea.

Apollon and Al- Myris.

Al- Myris was gifted with this gift to see the future. Therefore, she alerted her brother he was about to get hit by opposite forces. An ancient version of the event is mythologikally known as the romanian “Miorita”. While Apollon was in “the tree”, Tan-talos shot him by shootin’ with an arrow ( the symbolistyk involved in the gester is “action from the distance”), he falled and he died.

Then, he resurrected (meanwhile, he was hidden into an underground). He had a mask, though… For three years, he and his sister traveled all over Hyperboreea and … you know, teached humans stuff. These informations, extremely mystikal and symbolistyk, are available courtesy of  Bucurescu.

The “sign” strictly connected to these events (which happened “in another vibrational plane” – a “higher level”, obviously… – Issa said : “My kingdom is not from this world…”) is the one you can see in “untitled2.jpg”,.

The cross within three concentrykal circles is the most ancient sign known by “initiates” (the real ones, I mean…). The egyptian “ankh-cross” is a very late version of this ancestral “sign”.

The “mantra” (sound version) is : “HELIS, HELIS, ALMUS ABA TA NI !” (“sUN, sUN, SLAVE TO yOU !”), which in another version can be translated (from the ancestral “hyperboreean” language) : “HE LIS, HE LIS, AL MU SAB A TA NI !” (“FATHER WHO ARE IN THE SKYES, FATHER WHO ARE IN THE SKYES, MY SOUL IN YOUR HANDS/ AT YOUR WILL !”). The “skyes” are deeply within the human heart…Durin’ the roman ocupation of Israel, The Son of GOD got born.

Mary, His mother was bring up by “the essenian brotherhood” (just imagine a “psychotronyk army” permanently on stand-by and you’ ll get an image of the “essenians” – but, remember they were jewish ethnyks, though…) and she was also conceived by “immaculate conception” (a source mentionin’ this fact was Edgar Cayce).

The Gospels are, mostly, accurate in  the life of Issa / Jesus. And, yes, He got “initiations” in India, Tybet and Egypt, while He was a child.

The crucifiction happened a little different. Issa was above the pain.

And, there was a moment when He emerged so much greatness, that everybody falled on the ground, except Mother Mary and John.

Then in the end, He said : “HE LIS, HE LIS, AL MU SAB A TA NI !” ( the onlookers couldn’ t know what He said, therefore most of ’em missunderstood the “formula of transcendance” with the wrong “Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani?”

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– or, was it just a later “subversion” of His sayin’ ?)and passed over.Three days later, He resurrected.

Actually, Jesus didn’ t “die”. Between crucifiction and resurrection, Issa “rearranged” His body “moleculary level”, by “transmutatin’ ” His whole bodyness on all levels (of energy). The luminousity of His body became greater, just as His body vibrational intensity. (That’ s why the two “Mary”s didn’ t recognise Him, such as His disciples later… There was the same process involved durin’ “the change of His face”.)

Issa brought down His body’s vibrations, becomin’ “semi-material”, just to prove His disciples He’ s still alive. Thomas was allowed to touch Him.

This is the TRUTH. even you believe or not…

Now, here comes a shockin’ truth : the initial (or, “cover-up” – if you want – mission of Issa was to create a “new race”, an “Arrian occult” race – beyond the “physical” differences (and, yes, this is where the Nazis came up with the perverted version of the “super-human”, by mutilatin’ a high-spiritual meanin’ and abusively applyin’ a universal law in the limited world of physical…).

But, the TRUE mission of Issa was another one.

And He accomplished His mission IN THE MOMENT HE DIED.


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