The good, the bad and the ugly

This one’ s for Milton William Cooper

Section A The ugly

Previously, ‘found out (courtesy of Radu Cinamar) that a subterranean
base got discovered, durin’ 2003, somewhere in the Carpathyans. It was
later estimated like 55 000 years old (atlantean period).
‘ The moment Cezar Brad, leaderof the Zero Department (the SRI X-files
section), got into the areal, a similar underground system got
“activated”. This second base is located in Irak, and it’ s supposedly an
atlantean remnant, too (accordin’ to R. Cinamar). It looks quite similar to
the “romanian underground base” (see 1.jpg).

As you read in Star Wars I, the truth is a little different ; if the

Cinamar’ s story is not pure fiction, then we can easely understand that

this “romanian” subterranean is clearly a “replicant”.

A little more about the “economykal cover-up” of the “Rosia Montana
affair” :
Within the british off-shores economyk areal is, among others, Frank
Timis – the controversial gold-researcher from Rosia Montana.
He owns Central Europe Petroleum (ex- Regal Petroleum , the firm who
concessed 4% of the romanian teritory – in Moldova, the Neamt, Bacau, Iasi
and Suceava areas – with the purpose to search natural gas and oil
Central Europe Petroleum and “Mona de Freitas & comp.” ‘ s VGB Invest
owned the firm Balkan Petroleum.
Balkan Petroleum owned 97% of the RAFO-Onesti refinery, ’till the
quotation got sold to Alfa Oil (also owned by jewish ethnyks).
Frank Timis is Marck Rich’ s agent, while the president of Balkan
Petroleum is Marian Iancu, the secret associate of Corneliu Iacubov.
Regal Petroleum Services got involved in a huge scandal durin’ 2000,
when the russian “giant” Gazprom sent a letter to the prime-minister (back
then) Isarescu (another jewish ethnyk) askin’ Romania to stop usin’ the
natural gas supplied by the Regal Petroleum group, ’cause it was stolen from
pipelines of Gazprom by the ucrainean mafia.
The Regal Petroleum afair was signed by the ministry of industry, Radu
Berceanu (also a jewish ethnyk), friend of Frank Timis.
Berceanu also signed, durin’ 1998-2000, the exploitation concessions
for all the “golden areals” where the Frank Timis’ firms are active (5% of
Romania’ s teritory).
The biggest affair is the exploitation of the golden mines from Rosia
Montana ; behind the whole deal is, in fact, Marck Rich.As Jan van Helsing revealed, Irak was an allied of the german Reich and all the irakian shelters/camps were constructed by the nazis. Near Bagdad there’ s a german military UFO base, inside of which irakian soldiers and Reich citizens prepare to face “the third world war”, planed by the “illuminati”, a reason why USA attacked Irak bein’ just to destroy the mentioned subterranean base.

There are some strange events happenin’ somewhere near the chinese-indian border, in Ladakh : triangular-shapped UFOs were seen there , humans claimin’ they’re extraterrestrials camped inside a subterranean base located into between tectonyk plates appeared on TV screen, rumors that the chinese and indian governments have been warned by those ETs to stand by for unusual events which are about to happen in 2012…

Unseen side-bars link the events I’ m  talkin’ about : the “discovery” of the “romanian subterranean”; the “irakian subterranean” (some sources claim that a reason why Bush started the “Irak war” was to get in control of a certain “Star Gate” (“Time Gate” ?) located… near Bagdad ?) ; and the Ladakh events (first, Andrew Thomas – another Agartha-contactee –described his trip o Kulu Valey, in the western part of Himalayas, with the purpose to visit Naggar, the village where Nicholas Roerich had lived, in a remote region near Ladakh and Tibet ; and, second, the Kailasa zone is “the openin’ to Paradise and god Shiva’ s home” ).

The “social level” is a promiscous circus.
Actually, the “labirinthykal yerarchy” (which you know about, it’ s basically “common-sense” stuff) is :

– the politiykal scene, the most visible – the basyk circus;

– The economykal level ( follow the Bilderberg and the Committee of the 300) ;

– the financial level (money rule the two mentioned levels, that’ s for sure) ;

– The justice services level another cheep circus ; 

– Mafia ( while we’ re talkin’ discussions, the most powerfull branch of it is the russian mafia) ;

– the police ( Interpol is the only institution that can’  get brought to trial – as you know, Interpol was founded by usin’ SS agents, right after WW II) ;

Stop game ! Comment : now, is it undrstandable why the police arrest ’em and the justice release or treat ’em like kings in “their” prisons –would we get through THE FACT they’ re mostly jewish ethnyks ? Come on,  men…; 

Let’ s go further :

– the Secret Services ( ! ) – ugly stuff… ;

– the freemasonry ( an international net which has its own army – The Foreign Legion) ;

– the Unknown Superiors.

The “cupola” of freemasonry involves 13 persons, 12 of ’em don’ t even
know each other’ s “social” identity, while the 13th rules ’em (a way or
another…) – the 13th is the exponent of the “apokaliptyk Beast”.
Every each of htose 13 individuals, gifted with “paranormal
capacities”, are protected by 10 agents, also “psi gifted”. Totally, they’ re 143.
“Only that ?” The 144th is “the secretary”, who intermediates the leadin’
team activity. ( I, personally, wonder WHO that mo’fo’ is…)

Every institution, legal or shadowy, is filled up with jewish ethnyks
(placed in key-posts).
Examples :
– George Bush and, intrically, George W. Bush, are descendants of rabbi
Loew of Prague(through the Azarya branch, that is…) ;
– Li Peng, president of the communist China, is not only an “illuminati
bloodline” member, but a “chiaos” – jewish ethnyk, that is… (accordin’
to Traian Romanescu, a romanian researcher whose time-life work is now used
as “inside info” teachment of the Brazilian secret services…), and Mao
tze-Doun’ s wife was a “chiaos”, too ;
– sorry for the “american dream” ( but, it’ s time for awakenin’ !), J.
F. Kennedy was a “merovingian” bloodline ( it’ s known that he was an
“illuminati bloodline”), and so was Jacqueline Bouvier (more directly, that
is…) ;
– Lenin was a jewish/ kalmyk/ german hybrid, while Stalin was a
georgian jewish and all the NKVD/ KGB rulers were jewish ethnyks
– more than half of the Catholyk Church Popes all thru history were
jewish ethnyks
– don’ t think I spit on other men’ s history, I’ m a true romanian  –
by beginnin’ with the roman invadin’ in Dacia, there were no true leaders
in Romania – all those who “made history” were not “ours” (or, I don’ t
know, not entirely – it’ s little more complicated than it appears…):
=Stefan cel Mare / Stephen the Great is not a certain romanian, it’ s
still unknown data on his origins
=Mihai Viteazul / Michael the Brave was half greek (wile the double
axe he was usin’ in batt;es proves his afiliation to a promiscuous cult –
involvin’ the symbolism of the “thunder”)
=Alexandru Ioan Cuza / Alexander Johan Cuza was an armean and a
=there’s a historykal period when Romania was ruled by the
“fanaryots” (greeks from Fanar, a jewish greek district)
=Carol I, Carol II, Mihai de Hohenzollern – “illuminati” / jewish
bloodline (the queen Maria / Marie of Romania ordered that the cross
(“thau”-shapped) in the Bucegi to get build, and she also let her hearth to get
keep up into a box after her death (“Woo-doo people, magick people” –
= Gheorghe Gheorghiu- Dej (“the fox of the Carpathyans”), communist
leader, was romanian but only but name, the communist invasion in Romania
was ruled by the jewish ethnyk Anna Pauker
=Nicolae Ceausescu was a gipsy tatarian, while Elena Ceausescu was a
jewish ethnyk
=Ion Iliescu, the president of post-revolutionary Romania, is a gipsy
(he was not a freemason when he “got the power’ (from the jewish freemason
Gelu Voican- Voiculescu, the killer of Ceausescu – it appears that way,
some sources claimin’ that “Ceausescu didn’ t die”)
=Emil Constantinescu, “the democratyk ruler” of the ’90s, is a gipsy
and an 18 degree freemason
=Traian Basescu, the actual president of Romania, is a jewish ethnyk
amd a freemason
=The ex-prime minister of Romania, Adrian Nastase, is a gipsy and a
“knight of Malta” freemason
=The actual prime-minister of Romania, Tariceanu, is a jewish ethnyk
and a freemason.

Should I go further ? Maybe, another time…

Did you think my knowledgin’ hate have any limit ?

Wrong answer ! Here’ s the TRUTH.

As you know, the most efficient mafia is the russian mafia ; its leaders are ALL jewish ethnyks, the “big sharks” live in Eastern Europe (they’ ve got files, anyway – accordin’ to Traian Romanescu, the researcher whose work is used as “text-book” for the brazilian secret services).

You can read , , , or the feature report “The Organizatsiya” of Robert L. Friedman (“New York Magazine, 7.11.1994) or the book “Organizatsiya/The Russian criminal organizations ruled by jewish ethnyks invade the world” of Alain Lallemand.

When you say “organizatsiya”, you say GRU – in present days (and when you say GRU, you say SV-8… What ‘ you say ?!?)

Vladimir Bukovski : “The sovietyk secret services watched the
overthrow of Ceausescu in Romania, launched “the velvet revolution” in
Czechoslovakya, abled the overthrow of Erich Honecker in East Germany – by
favorisin’ the destruction of the Berlin wall.”
Lev Nevrozov : “In its chess-game to obtain the world domination,
Kremlin sacrificed its rulin’ over the Eastern Europe, took a chessman-change
to asure a better penetration of the economy and of the technology of the
Western Europe.”
Mark Almond, modern history professor of Oxford University also
concluded that “the velvet revolution” in Czechoslovakya got activated as a
result of the KGB plot, that the romanian “National Savin’ Front” was
previously prepared by the KGB and that the fallin’ of the Honecker regime in
East Germany was a result of the direct intervention of Gorbaciov (as you
know, Gorbaciov was a member of a historykal russian masonyk lodge – called
“The Rose”).
In the Baltyk countries, KGB and its “institutions” played the
decisive part in organisin’ the changin’ of the politykal structures.The strategy involved in this whole turn-over of the historykal arrangements looks, retrospectivelly first sight, absurde or even risky.

But, then again, it was applyed by Moscow just in the line to respond to an emergency situation, while the economykal base of its “power structures” were gone as a result of the “new strategykal initiative” emerged by Ronald Reagan and while Central and Eastern Europe were about to explode – mostly ’cause of the Pope John-Paul the IInd.

The new line Andropov- Gorbaciov, overposed on the Lenin-Gramsci line, based on disinformation, was about to become “the last wonder-weapon used in the fight for world domination” (accordin’ to the polysh analyst Josef Darski).

Beyond the scene, KGB is the “puppet-master” of the whole strategy, and it’ s not even new stuff… By beginnin’ with the ’50s, the strategykal department of the KGB (“the internal KGB” – completely isolated from the others departments) got responsible with all kind of strategic disinformation. Instead its “dissolution”, the ex-KGB got 11 new “heads” and it’ s more active than ever.

“The KGB is in present days more powerfull than ever – even more powerful than the communists’ period! – and, accordin’ to Evghenia Albaz, “the instrument became the real power”.” (“The Red Phoenix” – Brian Crozier, Hans Huyn, Constantine Menges, Edouard Sablier)

READ  Star Wars - Episode IV Sec. A

“Oh, you think it’ s funny? Then you don’t know me, many… It’s about to get ugly” (DMX – Ruff Ryders Anthem)

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