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Accordin’ to the Romanian psychic “comte Incapucciato”, our solar system is named Phidelya, the Sun is named Ra.

In this solar system arrived, like 15 000 000 years ago, “the saurians”, who were involved in the apparition of the Sahara desert, which was in older times the “convergence point” of some ample “causal actions”.

“The apocalypse” is goin’ to manifest ’cause of “the Sahara mechanysm” and ’cause of the “millenary work” of those who produced the mechanism, by installing’ an “energetical system” who provoked the blockin’ on “the mental level” of the actual civilization (named Kamor).

“The saurians” are the group of the “rebellious angels” and also are considered “anti-humans” by the medium source. ‘Cause of the huge mass of silicon in Sahara, they use the desert like a giant crystal. Their resources of “negative energy” were sent on the Sahara direction, gettin’ others “cosmic negative energies” on their way.

Humans are manipulated through this kind of energyes and detoured from
the reachin’ of their Divine meanin’. The “saharian” energyes are extremely
active and perfectly hidden forces, while Sahara amplifyes the negative
energyes/thoughts of the “saharians” (who are also “forms of energy”).
Millions of “terrestrial” years ago, the Creator (GOD) used “matter”
from “the cosmyk dark zone” to build a new Creation. The new “saharin”
civilisation appeared in the Galaxy.

Actually, the name of the “saharians” is “the enlightnin’ name of Sha”.
They kept enough obskurity in their veines, therefore they falled in
errors and disgrace, instead the great potential they were representih’ in
their “galactyk field”.
The un-imaginable extremely hard conflicts emerged.
The “cosmyk wars” can’ t be understood by a “simply human bein’ ” as in
their brutality…

As you know, it is mentioned that, as a result of the “fallin’ “,
Satanael got left without its “el”, ecomin’ “Satan”. It’ s an abstraction of the
lost of “some form of energy” – the “el” – by the “luciferyk bein’ “.
The only wish of Satan is to get its “el” back.
Maybe “the cthulhu” demonyk ierarchy means just the remnants of “the
broken soul of Sha” ?
And, Sha/ Ta (Sheytan, in muslim religion) is comin’ to get its “soul”
back ?
“No damn lirykal !” (Magyck Affair – Homicidal)

Accordin’ to dr. Burisch, quoted by Ananda, within the Dulce base “there
is a council in the North called The Nine. All of ’em seem to be cut from
the same pattern. All appear to be highly vindictive and ego-oriented.
Their “god” is called “Ta”. “

As Johannine Grove revealed to William Buehler, quotin’ the infos
provided by the psychic Maia Shamayyim (in  ), “the false Orionians, Sirians, Peiadeans – which are
all made by the Nephilim – cannot work through the full-Light Metatronyk
Spiral. This means that their evolution, both physikally and more
importantly spiritually, is trapped, contained in the bottle of the Oritron. They
are a product of the Luciferian Fall, havin’ displaced ’emselves in the
Universal Continuum. Thus, they must have those who contain Earth genetyks
and thus Earth chromosomes, to carry out certain functions that interfere
with the Metatron (therefore the tamperings that go on).”
There is a “time/  energy gate” which is highly guardianised by strong
“metatronyk” force fields, for the nephilmyk forces couldn’ t at that
junction access the “metatronyk”.
“Another concept is that of the KaliRift, which is a tear in the fabryk
of time-space and separates the Earth reality from the greater reality
within (…) the Ranna Time Flow.(…)
The Eye of Ra is a term (…) to refer to the inter-dimensional passage
from the passage from one side of the Kali Rift to the other. and this is
linked to another energy structure (…) Telos-Aarkhara, which is
intricately linked to the Cydonia complex on Mars.(…)
(…) The Telos Aarkhara (TA) 9it’ s just a coincidence, got nothin’ to
do with the “Ta/ Sha” mentioned previously – my note) is a structure
cappin’ the universal tear caused originally in the Big Bang. The TA was made
by good guy Orionians who also built the Mars pyramids and face near
Cydonia- Ultra- Terrestrial Sirians operate it all, although the Niphilim
(biblykal term for fallen angels and lords of Light) who call ’emselves and
their prototype creations Orionians and Sirians, have control of an artificial
moon of Mars, but they can’ t get inside the sealed pyramids.(…)
However, if the Nephilim find a way to interface with the new Rhombyks
the Isis Templars and SGM are makin’ , they will have a means to open the
gate, not only stoppin’ the diochromatyk alteration, but enterin’ the very
TA itself ! Their whole obsession for millenniums has been to get inside
the TA to the Core Beam, which is drawn from the Eye of Ra.”
Referin’ to the Templars and SGM (“The Shekhinah Grove Matrix”), “a note
of interest here, is that as things unfolded over time one of the reasons
these groups were disbanded was ’cause of direct Nephilimyk intrusions
that made it impossible to continue at the level of evolution the
participants were workin’ with.”
You may get the whole info I refere to from   www.

About the “nephilim” problem, you may get more infos in :
–  www.fieldsofthe
–  .

Also read .

Have you read Jeremy Narby’ s “The Cosmyk Serpent” ?
The researcher came up with an accurate connection between the
“shamanyk” phenomena and the human DNA.


“There are other balancin’ nodes for Montauk, such as the Atlantis time
implosion, Cydonia (the pyramid/ face complex on Mars) etc., one of which
is under the Pentagon called the Ram-Set, and the other at Easter Island.”
There’ s also a “tear in time made by the incidents at Cydonia, Atlantis
and Montauk.”
Let’ s have a look in  .
Courtesy of dr. Boylan, who filtered the available pictures (thanks to
“agent Fascado Locke”) of the Pentagon 9-11 event, we can see a flyin’
object to the upper right of the fireball appeared in the moment of the blast
(pentagon_firstblastalonecut). It seems to have a door hatch
By watchin’ ,
we can emprove the vision over the facts surroundin’ the Pentagon 9-11
The white spot to the right of the fireball (enlarged, solarized,
expanded color range, lighten and contrast several times) is made by objects
resemblin’ the barrels of a variety of guns, one above the other in tiers.
In the lowest object that is outlined in red (
tyranemoux_wtsptgunshipslarge  ), which seems to be a barrel of a huge gun extendin’ right, seems
to be seen kind of “a dimensional shift”, electromagnetyk radiation  makin’
a warped field effect and time tunnel, sort of “space” within “space” that
makes a large arena. We can see it better by watchin’  .
The blue object to the immediate right of the fireball is a large tunnel
(“time machine” effects surroundin’ the craft – makin’ a spherykal field
effect) with huge columns – shift in time and space, ledin’ to the interior
of the circular ship.
Do you notice the lady (dressed in last century clothes) sittin’ on the
left under the columns, time warped by the craft ? (
tyranemoux_photo3cuttunnelcra  )
I wonder who that feminine presence could be ?
Now watch  tyranemoux_snakeromphoto4nit . It looks like a malevolent
embryonic’ fetal skull-baby demon flyin’ the “thing”. Accordin’ to dr.
Boylan, “it’ s a feral manisola plasma ball comin’ in to f*ck the Pentagram up !
You see it’ s so easy for the “black magicians” to pull that kind of shit
off. The Pentagram (Pentagon) is a negatyve vortex anyway, so they just
conjure up that little nasty godlet and “abracadabra !!!” Presto !!! It’ s
like attractin’ flies to horse shit.”
Thank you, dr. Boylan, for the poetykal expressin’ of the whole
bull-shit. I’ m for real, the words express the true meanin’ of the whole stuff…

There’ s also a miscellanuous move caught on camera, several men caryin’
a mysterious rectangular box-shapped object, while the rescue
It seems like the “shadow-box” was previously situated on the direction
where the EMF ray came from.
What EMF ray, you ask ?
In  www.  ,dr. Boylan proved “they used an empulse weapon”. You can see
the wavy lines distortin’ the field thru electromagnetyk radiation to the
surroundin’ area and buildin’ by watchin’ pentagon_et3cutoutcircularenlar
,  pentagon_et3cutoutcirculsolarlg , pentagon_et3cut2444  and
pentagon_et3cut2solar444 .
So, there goes the neighbourhood…


Accordin’ to a psychic source from New York, “the Montauk time portal”
was currently shut down in late february 1998.
And, accordin’ to Ananda (  ),

Ananda :

“We also note here, however, that those chosen to do the work, were aligned to the codes of agent 007, or Dr. John Dee, Earl Kelly, Sir Francis Bacon ( ! – my note), Lord Vere and others, who in their attempts did not successfully establish the same “Andromeda Contacts” of alchemist Roger Bacon ( ! – my note), or SION’ s and the (1st uninfiltrated Templar’ s Bertrand de Blanchefort, whose Chateau de Blanchefort in the Rhadai region of the Pyrenees, Southern France, is directly overlooked by this constellation, with Capricorn (of alchemy) and Pegasus (the Extra- Temporal PHIlosophers Stone Vehicle, Lapis Stellis Excellis), who assembled the Emerald Tablet texts of Djehuti, through the Persian Masti/ Magi and SAFA alchemists, with the Egyptian and Hellenistyk cypher, in Sumerian base. And made his own Dark Room technology, and caves of alchemy for the Grail Ark Temporal Star Gate Operations. The same Andromedians who link with Merlin Ambrosius of Powy’ s and Aurelius Ambrosius.

It was these “contacts” that lead to the Flammel and Fulcanelli successful alchemical completion, just before de MON infiltration, of the hidden MONad god of the MONarchy, the A-MON of Egypt…

Agent 007 and opened another door, and Flammel’ s recordings of openin’ the Star Gates, via the books of the SAFA alchemist Kyot, were not successfully deciphered for the Andromedian Omega.

As I said before, would you believe the man really knows what he’ s talkin’ about?

(Always remember: paranoia is asymptotic to the TRUTH…)

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