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The realm : The Green Dragon

Motto : “Marmoten invadern Germany !”

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As you can see, it’ s the short version of the “Green Dragon Order”
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Accordin’ to James Shelby Downard, “for a time the Fitzgerald’ s lived
near the former site of the Green Dragon Tavern,established around 1680 and
demolished for the widenin’ of a street in 1820. The Fitzgerald home was
on Hanover Street and the Green dragon Tavern was on Green Dragon Lane (now
Union Street). The tavern boasted the “first lodge room of Freemasonry in
America”, the St. Andrew Lodge located within the tavern proper.
In the mysticism of the Chinese tongs, the Green Dragon is a death
symbol. A symbol of the dragon is worn on a ring or held in the hand of a
“hatchet man”. The Green Dragon is supposed to impart the notion of a “lycense
to kill” for it signifies that the murder is an affair of “honor” : the
Green Dragon is the guardian of the god-with-a-thousand-eyes who protects
the sanctity of the third heaven.”

The history of Britain is veiled in green.
Merlin is intricately connected to the green dragon symbol.

Here’ s the profecy given by Cathbad the Druid:
“When the Green Dragon has taken his place once more upon Tara’ s hill;
and The Sacred Isles be as one in Blessed Peace; and the ancient prophets
stand once again upon Sion’ s hill; then shall and shine into the hearts
of men: then there shall be an end to Saturn’ s rule.”

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An important member of the “Green Dragon” was Rasputin. The “skoptsy” sect, where Rasputin came from, was a Shubb- Niggurath cult, in southern Russia. Rasputin even initiated Vyrubova, his collaborative, in this miscellaneous order.

Rasputin also became a member of a very powerfull european “black
lodge”, “Die Bruderschaft des Schwarzen Lichts” / “The Brotherhood of the
Black Light”, an occultist german organisation, ruled at the time by Gunther
As a result of Wepple’ s death, in 1920, Walter von Scholl got in charge
; ten years later, he gathered all the german occultistyk societyes under
the sign of the zwastyka, by subordinatin’ ’em all to the Thule society,
while the whole german occultistyk structure adopted “the left hand path”
(“black magyk”).
Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA), The Central Bureau of Reich Security,
had its “VIth Section” (external SD), which had in fact 9 departments
(instead of the “oficial version”, who only recognised 8 of ’em…) ; the 9th
department, oficially ruled by Heinz Jost (chief of the whole “VI
Section”), was in fact leaded by Walter von Scholl.

In 1933, this book appeared on “Editions Berger- Levrault” in Paris.
Teddy Legrand’ s (some sources considere the name as a pseudonym of the
socialist journalist Pierre Mariel) wrote the most comprehensive history
of the “Green Dragon Society” : “Les Sept Tetes du Dragon Vert” / “The
Seven Heads of the Green Dragon”.
The research shows that both fascism and communism were brought in the
outer courtesy of the Green Dragon Society, controlled by the Green Men.
Trebitsch Lincoln, quoted by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, cleared
that up, by linkin’ the Thule Gesselschaft (founded by a freemason and
oriental follower named baron von Sebottendorf) to the Society of the Green

As you know, Hitler was directly colaboratin’ with a tibetan monk who
was wearin’ green gloves. And, the russians found in Berlin a large number
of corpses dressed in nazi uniforms, himalayan origined, who were
(accordin’ to “The Berzin Archives”) tibetan Agarthi adepts assistin’ the nazi
The suicidal technique, hara-kiri, used by these fighters and a few
others signs showed that most likely they have been “kalmyk mongols”.
Durin’ history, a large group of kalmyks migrated west from Dzungarya
region of East Turkistan between 1609 and 1632. They settled in Russia along
the lower Volga, where it empties into the Caspian Sea. Then, in 1763
czaryna Catherine II the Great invited almost 30 000 germans to settle in the
Volga region to the north of kalmyks.
After the “communist revolution” in 1917, many kalmyks remained loyal to
the czaryst forces. Before the “Red Army” broke through the Crimean
Peninsula at the end of 1920, about 20 kalmyk familyes fled across the Black Sea
and relocated in Warsaw, Poland, and Prague, Czechoslovakya. A much larger
number of ’em settled in Belgrade, Serbya, and smaller numbers in Sofia,
Bulgarya. The communists severely punished the remained behind kalmyks,
beheadin’ 10 000. Then, Stalin killed almost 60 000 kalmyks.
After the nazi invadin’ the Soviet Union in 1941, Goebbels invited to
Berlin several prominent kalmyks from Belgrade, Paris and Prague to help
with the propaganda campaign.
In the early autumn of 1944, facin’ the imminent russian invasion of
Serbia, many Belgrade kalmyks fled to Munich, Germany; a learned buddhist
teacher and several monks accompanied ’em.
The kalmyk soldiers in nzi uniform were in Poland and Croatia, not in
Germany. No tibetans were among ’em and they didn’ t conduct “occultist’
ceremonyes for a nazi victory.
In 1951, kalmyks held in german terirory settled in Munich, at the time.
You can find the whole story in “The Berzin Archives – Mistaken Foreign
Myths about Shambala”.
Also read “The Berzin Archives” – “Russian and Japanese Involvment with
the Pre-Communist Tibet: The Role of the Shambala Legend”, just to get
deeper understandin’ of the “kalmyk connection”.

Accordin’ to the romanian researcher Traian Romanescu, by beginnin’ with
the Vth century jewish ethnyks settled in China.
Meanwhile, those ethnyks got tipykal asian features. The “chinese jewish
ethnyks” are known as “chiaos”. Their cahal is located in Shanghai.
The Montauk debunkers Peter Moon and Preston Nichols noticed that the
“chiaos” story was kept almost secret along history.
You should know that Mao’ s wife was a “chiao” and also that the
well-known Li “illuminati bloodline” is in fact a “chiao bloodline”.
Therefore, the actual president of the communist China is Li Peng is a
Does this explain a few promiscuous facts, or what ?

More “chiaos” became mandarins within the chinese imperial court.
Accordin’ to the romanian researcher Mioara Cremene, there was an order
of the mandarins called “The Double-Headed Dragon Order”, which had as a
symbol… a double headed-snake.

Sounds familiar ?

Just read Ananda’ s and .

Does this remind you of anythin’ ?

As you can read in – “The pure brethren of Basra – Isma’ili, Yezidi, Sufi”, among the branches, emerged from the Sarmoung school, there were the Nestorians.

As we know courtesy of the french researchers Gerard and Sophie de Sede, the Nestorians developed several monasteries in Tibet and they were involved in the “Prester John kingdom” mission, previously discussed in “Star Wars V “. So, there’ s a new connection: Nestorians –  Tibetan Nyingma contacts through history…

Another shadowy subject is Maimonide’ s “sabaeans”, closely linked to
the Agartha mythologem.

Just read,, and . The conclusion of the research is pretty interestin’, ain’ t it?

It seems like Maimonides’ s Sabaeans didn’ t even exist!


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As you can see now, “the peacock angel” is closely linked to “mahachohan” – mostly through Aleister Crowley…But, remember who Azazel is?

As you already figured it out, there’ s a promiscuous historical and ideally dynamic that permitted to the “green dragon order” to infiltrate the “Nyingma school”.

The timin’ and the shadowy side-bars between several events happenin’ these days in Romania, Irak and Ladakh are too obvious, while the link to a miscellaneous 2012 event is more than suspect.

A major “cosmic event” comin’ from the Alcyone region is supposed to happen, but the Alcyone reptilians work directly for the “black magicians”, while several participants to the Macchu-Picchu mediumical convent were “possessed” by unknown “reptilian unseen entities”…

It’ s a little too congruent.

“And isn’ t it ironic, don’ t you think ?” (Alanis Morissette – Ironic)

To be continued (Star Wars IX to come)…

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