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“In vino veritas.”

As a student, Mircea Eliade asked his master Nae Ionescu (a drinker I think was tryin’ to catch on Rasputin, who died poisoned – through his cigarettes – by Martha Bibescu);
“Yo, teacher, I’ ve got “metaphysical perplexities”. ” Nae Ionescu answered instantly: “Drink.”


None other psychic ever got the performances obtained by Ted Serious. But, in the meanin’ to unblock his “functional barrier”, he used to consume important quantities of alcoholic drinkin’, his conduct disgustin’ the board of examiners.

Durin’ a 1972 Denver, Colorado, experiment (by the initiative of professor Sigmund Palewsky), The medium Ted Serious drank more than 12 beers. He got a first “psychic photo”, and then more 10 photos, and finally, he came up with several images on a TV screen, in a few seconds “standard-time” –

Get my drift?

Star Wars surprise!

The 1987 Jason- Society membership

Courtesy of Jan van Helsing

I really mean this, rest in peace William Milton Cooper

Jason-Society is a high degree of the “Illuminati” and it’ s the next step of the “skull & bones” order. Jason group is a “scientific” organization subordinated to the Jason-Society and to the USA government, meant to develop some secret projects.

Accordin’ to W. M. Cooper, Majesty-12 involves 19 persons, includin’ dr. Edward Teller and the 6 scientists of Jason-Society.

The 1987 membership of the Jason-Society is :

– Henry D. I. Abrabanel – Institute of Oceanography
– Curis G. Callan Jr. – physician of Princeton University
– John M. Cornwall – physician of the University of California, Berkeley
– Russ E. Davis, – Scripps Institution of Oceanography
– Patrick Henry Diamond – physician of the University of California, San Diego
– Freeman J. Dyson – professor of Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University
– Stanley Flatte – physician of University of California, Santa Cruz
– Michael H. Freedman – mathematician of University of California, San Diego
– Richard L. Garwin – phisicyan of Thomas J. Watson Research Center
– Peter M. Banks – professor of electric engineering’ of Stanford university
– Kenneth M. Case – Professor of Rockefeller University and of Institute of Nonlinear Studies, University of California, San Diego
– Roger J. Dashen – the University of California, San Diego
– Alvin M. Despain – professor of electric energy, University of Southern California
– Sidney D. Drell – adjunct-director of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
– Douglas M. Eardley -physician of Theoretical Physics, University of California
– Norval Fortson – physician of University of Washington, Seattle
– Edward A. Friedman – physician specialized in plasma of Scripps Institution of Oceanography
– Murray Gell-Man, owner of the Nobel price in physics, California Institute of Technology
– Marshall N. Rosenbluth – physician of University of California, San Diego
– Malvin A. Ruderman – professor of astrophysics, Columbia University
– Jeremiah O. Sullivan – physician, director of programs at Arms Control Disarmament and International Security, University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign
– Sam B. Treiman – president of Physics Departement Princeton University
_ Kenneth M. Watson – physician of University of California, San Diego
– Frederik Zachariasen – physician of California Institute of Technology
– Oscar S. Rothaus – mathematician of Cornell University
– Paul Steinhardt – physician of University of Pennsylvania
– Charles H. Townes – Nobel price owner in physics, University of California, Berkeley
– John F. Vesecky – professor of electric enginery, Stanford University
– Herbert F. York – physician, ex-director of the University of California, San Diego
– Marvin L. Golderberger – director of Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
– David A. Hammer – physician of Cornell University
– Jeffrey A. Harvey – physician of Cornell University
– Jonathan I. Katz – physician of Washington University, St. Louis
– Joshua Lederberger – geneticist researcher and Nobel price owner, president of Rockefeller-University
– Gordon MacDonald – principal researcher of Mitre corp.
– Richard A. Muller – physician of University of California, Berkeley
– David R. Nelson – physician of Harvard University
– Robert Novick – astrophysicist of Columbia University
– Francis W. Perkins Jr. – physician of Princeton University
– William H. Press – professor, physician and astronomer of Harvard University
– Michael C. Gregg – oceanographic, University of Washington, Seattle
– William Happer – physician, Princeton University, president of the Jason-Society
– Paul Horowitz – physician, Stanford University
– Steven E. Koonin – physician, California Institute of Technology
– Robert E. Le Levier – vice-president of EOS Technologyes Inc., Santa Monica
– Claire E. Max – institute of Geophysics Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
– Walter H. Munk – geophysicist, Scripps Institution of oceanography
– William A. Nierenberg – ex-director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography
– Wolfgang K. Panofsky – director of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
– Allen M. Peterson – professor of electric engineering’, Stanford University
-Burton Richter – director of stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Nobel price owner

Accordin’ to the same source, Edward Teller was a member of the Jason-Society.

And, eight members of the directin’-bureau of Jason-Society are also members of MJ-12.
William Happer (J-10) and dr. Edward Teller (J-12) are members of MJ-12. It seems like MJ-12 and Jason-Society forms the “Committee of the Clear and Present Danger”, aka “5412 Committee”.

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Thank you, Jan Udo Jurgens, aka Jan van Helsing.

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